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Josh Duggar, scandal, and a religious cult

Josh Duggar

Josh Duggar

The media love a scandal, and the reports about Josh Duggar, of the hit reality TV show 19 kids and counting, just keep coming.

First was the report that Josh Duggar, the oldest son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, had sexually molested his sisters as a teenager. (Four of the 5 girls Josh Duggar molested were his sisters: Parents, on

Then there were reports that Josh Duggar cheated on his wife and had two accounts on the Ashley Madison cheating website. (Family values activist Josh Duggar had a paid Ashley Madison account, on

Then porn star Danica Dillon alleged that Josh Duggar paid her for sex, and he has “no remorse” for his behavior. (Josh Duggar has ‘no remorse’ for being unfaithful to Anna, on

All of this is bad. But what I think is truly frightening is the religious cult that the Duggar family belonged to.

According to media reports, they never named the the organization on TV. (I never watched the show.) But it’s been identified as the Institute of Basic Life Principles (IBLP), a fundamentalist Christian organization founded by Bill Gothard.

This organization promotes some really scary teachings like holding women responsible for men’s sexual behavior. If women are raped, it’s because they didn’t dress modestly and failed to cry out to God during the attack.

Gothard, by the way, has been accused of sexual harassment by multiple former female church members.

The Duggars and Quiverfull: Inside the extreme religious movement that teaches children are ‘weapons in the culture war,’ on

Inside the Duggars’ deep ties with a once powerful, now-scorned ministry, on


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Look at his photo. He looks so sweet, pudgie, benign. He’s a mama’s boy kind of guy, not a child molestor… right?

Josh Duggar is a poster boy for why people are STUPID for thinking they can predict a person’s TRUE character by Looking at them.

Like my ex so charmingly says to people when they challenge him on his honesty, “Me? Lie? With My Honest Face?!!” And it ALWAYS followed, they’d agree he was totally trustworthy… even when they’d admit he’d been a “scamp” to others. They figured, oh he’s too nice to be reallllly bad. They LIKED him so what he did to others didn’t matter to them, until he did it to them… and they became one of the “others”.


QUIVERFULL OF S**T: A GUIDE TO THE DUGGARS’ SCARY BRAND OF CHRISTIANITY. This is a good site for an in depth explanation of the Duggars’ extreme religious beliefs because they are different than your standard evangelical Christians—they’re followers of a particularly scary fundamentalist sect known as the Quiverfull movement, which adheres to a deeply patriarchal and highly authoritarian set of beliefs about gender and culture.


am glad you posted this link. It’s SICKENING when we realize that Josh Duggar was raised to be ENTITLED to dominate and abuse females. And when the incest was exposed, the entitlement continued, he was not held accountable. Again, I am SO SUSPICIOUS that he molested his own children. It’s what they do, after all, he’s entitled.


How this “brand” of television ever got started always puzzled me. I found the premise nauseating. Pleezeeee – 19 kids?!? Did anyone really believe there was NOT something going on in that house? When did the so-called parents gave any time for anything else besides making more kids?!?!? The network was paying these maggots to advance their particularly disgusting lifestyle!!!

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