HIV-positive man convicted of sex with 11 women

Ohio law requires people who test positive for HIV to inform potential sex partners. A professional wrestler called “Gangsta of Love” was convicted of putting 11 women at risk.

Read ‘Gangsta of Love’ faces decades in prison on News.Cincinnati.com.

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I think the law requiring people who are HIV positive to inform potential sexual partners about their status is a reasonable one.

I can’t remember his name but the guy in Texas who was convicted after he had long affairs with I think it was 6 women, telling each one she was the “only one” and infecting these women…he was convicted of using a “deadly weapon” and sent to prison for a long stretch.

I hope this guy gets a long stretch as well.

To me anyone who would do this must be a psychopath because they have no consideration for the lives of the people they put in harm’s way.

Which is another reason to me for NOT having casual sex with people who are not well known to you. Sure your husband/wife of 30 years could lie to you and mess around and bring home HIV, but it seems to me to be more likely with people you don’t know well.

I think calling himself “Gangsta of Love” is what Sky would call a “tell.”

Good catch, Oxy! It might very well be a tell. Did you see the smile on his face? He’ll just spread his disease in prison. sicko.

I hope every state passes that law.

Sky, in ref to..”Did you see the smile on his face?”
He enjoyed being the centre of attention? Look at me, .such a hot lurver ladeez!
Scum of the earth more like. And defended (sickeningly) by his enabling equally scummy entourage. Let’s hope the old adage “you reap what you sew” comes to him a thousand times over.

4 years this HIV paedo got, a disgrace. Justice in the UK, he’ll be out in 2, at least in the US they get lengthy jail terms.


Here’s another story about an HIV+ man, but this guy is also a pedophile…fortunately he was caught in a sting.



This THING that is the paedophile must surely be the lowest of the low. Children I teach are suffering their vile, revolting long arm effects. As a teacher I can only alleviate the suffering they have endured. Through a kind word perhaps or just maintaining a level of normalcy that school life can provide.
Gut wrenchingly heartbreaking. Words are not enough are they

Strongawoman, I agree with you, that “thing” is just that, a THING! The lowest of the low, the worst of the bad! It is bad enough that a person would prey on “consenting” adults, but to prey on those babies, who cannot choose or consent, is worse than the worst.

I hope and pray that all these monster/spath/rapist/pedophiles are put away for life in prison and never have any opportunity to harm another person!

Hosanna, sadly this one got only 4 years, despite having indecent images of children. Anyone caught with such images should get life. This ‘thing’ will be out in 2 years, and when in prison he will be kept away from other prisoners, on a special wing with others of his type. The forgotten victims, as always, are the children in those indecent images.


If it is any consolation, one of the pedi-files I knew who had the “dirty peeksures” only got 3 years, but in 2007 he offed himself after the police talked to him for something…not sure what the conversation was about, but afterward he decided it was better to blow his brains out. I agree with him, the world is better off without him.

Oxy, agreed, the world is certainly better off without him, ditto this ‘thing’. I will never understand how any adult would want sex with a child or even want to look at indecent images of children; it is just so repugnant and depraved. Perhaps, they should have the choice of, either blow your brains out or face life in jail with no special treatment and at the mercy of the other inmates ….if only!

I don’t understand the pedophile mindset either. It’s not just wrong in every way possible. BUt the thought of being sexual with a kid makes me feel physically nauseous, it’s the biggest eeww factor that I can think of. What I mean to say is, even if it was lawful, the nauseous feeling just THINKING about it would end that act…- so reprehensible to me that I don’t think of it at all except when a news story comes out. So I don’t get the attraction at all. And I feel enormous heartbreak when I see that Farking smirk of “im misunderstood, I’m innocent, I just love children” on a pedophile face, just like I see on Sandusky’s face.

Whatever those police said to that pedo, I wish they had recorded it so it could be given to every pedo and hope they’d be inspired to the same end. As bad as I think the justice system is in the USA, it is so much worse in Britain where there is NO justice for anyone but the perpetrators whose rights are more of a priority than their victims.

32 years is a long time. He could probably infect a lot of the other spaths in prison with the virus….hmmm, maybe this story will have a happy ending.

Look at the SMIRK on his face as he is lead off!

I wonder if spaths smirk as they’re being led to prison because they know they are going to get free room and board for the rest of their lives. That’s one less con job they have to pull.


I am feeling so slimed by this. I just want to go to church.

You know, before all this, I didn’t think much about it when somebody lied or did something wrong. I brushed it off.

Now I’m so on the alert for it because I know what it means – it’s not what they DO it’s who they ARE and I want to RUN LIKE MY HAIR IS ON FIRE.


I love his excuse.

Davis, 29, of Hyde Park, Ohio, spent several minutes at Friday’s sentencing telling the judge he’d been held up to ridicule due to the ignorance of the public about the human immunodeficiency virus.

“I was so scared to tell anyone (I was infected),” Davis said. “” because of how judgmental and how uneducated society is about this particular virus.

He couldn’t tell his partners because he didn’t want to be judged by uneducated people. That’s got to be the most spathological thing I’ve ever heard. It beats, “I tripped and fell into the boat.”


Athena, I’m feeling a bit slime-y myself. I think we may all need to go shower after reading this story! What I have taken away from it is: ABSOLUTELY NO MORE CASUAL OR UNPROTECTED SEX.

The further away I get from my ex-spath, the more convinced I am that I’ll be avoiding sex for the rest of my life.

AMEN! NEW: somehow sex just doesn’t matter after spath.

In the State of California, an HIV positive person could get life imprisonment for not informing their sex partners prior to having sex. People tested positive for HIV are required to NOT have unprotected sex and to advise all potential sex partners and those who do NOT could be charged with attempted murder. It’s not the actual negative/positive that matters, it is the intent.

Be the act negligible or intentional weighs heavy upon consideration of sentence, however, in the State of California, a positive/negative test is equal in consideration to the actual intent and that would carry 10 years from the State and another 3 from the Federal government. It can be charged and tried as attempted murder. Especially in the case of a positive test result.

There is a 3 day window of retrovirals that can be taken and after that, anyone’s guess. The psychopath who ‘dabbles’ in HIV and whom also has a sexual addiction, could become quite the virtual ‘time bomb’. How does society control these people? It’s something to really think about when dating or looking at potential sex partners.


I saw on the news last nite that not telling someone you have hpv is an assault….
talk about sex crimes – I am kinda over sex..can we just cuddle?

Wow, the more people I read about, the more I like my snakes.

Suddenly, I’ve also lost all interest in sex, even with myself. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror tonight and my boobs are starting to sag. Dang, I’m not even attracted to myself anymore! LOL

Yes, sometimes I get a glimps of myself in the mirror and I wouldnt want to have sex with me either. I have my memories and if I never have sex again I have had more sex than the average person. That is not bragging just fact. Seriously, I dont know if it’s my age and wisdom or fallout from the spath but I am glad I am not drivin to have sex anymore, I am kind of relieved that that is all behind me. I think most of us would agree sex with the spath was great. But something about the slime they leave on us changes our perspective about sex and making love..Hopefully you younger peeps can turn the experience into something positive,,as for this old hermit I am happy with my dog’s and my gardens and my memories. Sure I have day dreams and fantasies of finding that perfect partner, but like Oxy says “I have a better chance of winning the lottery” and reality is, I dont ever by a lottery ticket, so there ya go and here I am…

Henry, I just close my eyes and pretend I’m someone else. ROFLMAO.

JOKE: You know how you stop sex for people over 50? TURN ON THE LIGHTS! LOL

You know, though, sex is NOT just about being “young and pretty” or “sexy” it is about LOVING someone…and to me that is why “sex” is so satisfying when it is performed as a bonding ritual with someone you love. Just as a “rut” sex can be fun and feel good, but nothing I think is as satisfying as making LOVE to someone you love. Therefore to me, having sex and making love are just two different things.

Oxy, there’s a lot of truth to that joke, at least in my 50+ world!

I agree sex and making love are two different things but after 30 years with a psychopath who only relates to the biological component of sex, I doubt my ability to decipher who loves me and who doesn’t. Then again, like many on here I see red (and yellow) flags pop up all over the place with people so perhaps the day will come when I’ll meet someone who doesn’t own any flags. In the meantime, I only seek friends. Some of it may be due to an assault I experienced while drugged which I woke up in the middle of, unable to move and could only keep my eyes open for a very short time. What I saw traumatized me more than anything else has and I don’t think I will ever find a way to get past it.

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