HIV-positive man convicted of sex with 11 women

Ohio law requires people who test positive for HIV to inform potential sex partners. A professional wrestler called “Gangsta of Love” was convicted of putting 11 women at risk.

Read ‘Gangsta of Love’ faces decades in prison on News.Cincinnati.com.

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Yes, sometimes I get a glimps of myself in the mirror and I wouldnt want to have sex with me either. I have my memories and if I never have sex again I have had more sex than the average person. That is not bragging just fact. Seriously, I dont know if it’s my age and wisdom or fallout from the spath but I am glad I am not drivin to have sex anymore, I am kind of relieved that that is all behind me. I think most of us would agree sex with the spath was great. But something about the slime they leave on us changes our perspective about sex and making love..Hopefully you younger peeps can turn the experience into something positive,,as for this old hermit I am happy with my dog’s and my gardens and my memories. Sure I have day dreams and fantasies of finding that perfect partner, but like Oxy says “I have a better chance of winning the lottery” and reality is, I dont ever by a lottery ticket, so there ya go and here I am…

Henry, I just close my eyes and pretend I’m someone else. ROFLMAO.

JOKE: You know how you stop sex for people over 50? TURN ON THE LIGHTS! LOL

You know, though, sex is NOT just about being “young and pretty” or “sexy” it is about LOVING someone…and to me that is why “sex” is so satisfying when it is performed as a bonding ritual with someone you love. Just as a “rut” sex can be fun and feel good, but nothing I think is as satisfying as making LOVE to someone you love. Therefore to me, having sex and making love are just two different things.

Oxy, there’s a lot of truth to that joke, at least in my 50+ world!

I agree sex and making love are two different things but after 30 years with a psychopath who only relates to the biological component of sex, I doubt my ability to decipher who loves me and who doesn’t. Then again, like many on here I see red (and yellow) flags pop up all over the place with people so perhaps the day will come when I’ll meet someone who doesn’t own any flags. In the meantime, I only seek friends. Some of it may be due to an assault I experienced while drugged which I woke up in the middle of, unable to move and could only keep my eyes open for a very short time. What I saw traumatized me more than anything else has and I don’t think I will ever find a way to get past it.


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