How to spot terrorists and sociopaths

Last Wednesday, Dec. 2, in San Bernardino, California, 14 people were killed and 21 wounded when two terrorists, Tashfeen Malik and Syed Rizwan Farook, shot up a holiday party.

Yes, I said they were terrorists, although it took American officials several days to come to the conclusion that two Muslims with roots in the Middle East, wearing tactical clothing and killing innocent people with assault rifles, were, in fact, terrorists.

Even after the FBI stated it was treating the bloodbath as an “act of terrorism,” U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch “urged the public not to jump to conclusions about the motive for the attack or the couple’s ties to ISIS,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

So Loretta, were Tashfeen and Syed just a young married couple having a bad day?

What the neighbors saw

And then there are the neighbors who saw suspicious activity but didn’t report it because they didn’t want to be accused of “racial profiling.”

One woman saw a lot of packages arriving at the couple’s townhouse, and noticed they were working in their garage late at night. She didn’t call authorities.

A man saw a half-dozen Middle Eastern men in the neighborhood before the shooting, and wondered what they were doing there. He also said nothing.

Why is there hesitation about naming this senseless killing as “terrorism”? Why were people more concerned about being called a “racist” than protecting community security?

Some have labeled it an overabundance of political correctness. I actually think the issue is bigger than that.

Evil exists

I think we don’t want to admit to ourselves that evil exists.

Government, churches, schools and advertising agencies always tell us that “we’re all created equal” and “everyone deserves a chance.” This is absolutely true for about 88% of the population.

But nobody tells us that there are exceptions. Nobody tells us about the 12% of people who are sociopaths. They live in our communities and look just like us, but have totally different life agendas.

These exceptions are not motivated by love or a desire to “live and let live.” They are motivated by power and control.

Were Tashfeen Malik and Syed Rizwan Farook sociopaths? I don’t know. But if they themselves weren’t sociopaths, they were certainly influenced by sociopaths.

ISIS is a cult, its leaders are cult leaders, and cult leaders are sociopaths on steroids.

So how do we tell the difference between someone who truly wants the same things we do, but is simply from a different culture, and someone who looks like us but has evil intentions? Our instincts have the answers.

Our instincts are our built-in early-warning systems. Our instincts are designed to notice something out of the ordinary and alert us to danger. The best thing we can do is learn to trust them.

The instincts of Syed Rizwan Farook’s neighbors were working. Unfortunately, because we are not taught to listen to our instincts, the neighbors ignored what their guts were telling them. I’m sure they now regret not contacting the authorities.

If your instincts ever trigger an alarm about someone whether it’s a possibly sociopathic romantic partner or terroristic neighbor pay attention. Even more importantly, act on your internal warning.

Your instincts are the best tool you have for staying safe and protecting others.



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I don’t know that someone who has been indoctrinated into a radical belief system is a sociopath. They believe that what they are doing is right for some cause. It’s not for power or a game or the thrill of the chase and capture. They truly believe that they are serving the greater good of x, y, z.
To sort that all through with these particular terrorists, you would have to follow it back to their beginnings.
Were they generally anti social? Criminals? There are just so many factors that play into it all.
I don’t know that if I saw my neighbor receiving packages, I would be concerned. Working in the garage a lot? Probably not. A number of middle eastern men traipsing about? Yeah, probably because I could count the number of middle eastern men I’ve seen here in the last four years on one hand. The neighborhood where these terrorists lived? I don’t know. I don’t even know how likely the cops would be to respond to a call that reported the observations that were reported AFTER THE FACT. It always seems obvious after the fact, doesn’t it?

CaN I just say, without being shallow, have you ever witnessed a truly gorgeous terrorist? No, you havent. Attractive people have so much more going on in life
Terrorists are always fugs,Usually with some sort of head injuries

Ok, without being shallow, the part about head injuries was preeeety funny.
As far as them being attractive or not, I’ve never felt an attraction to any of the, for what that’s worth, except for that one dude….can’t even remember his name, tall, white dress? OMG….Osama Bin Laden.
This is why I am no longer dating ever again. My “picker” is broken.

Yeah, OBL, I thought he was dead sexy and had soulful eyes. Broken “picker”.

Actually, the head injuries weren’t meant to be funny. Look up the change in Jihadi John after a severe blow to the head in elementary school. The Daily Mail Uk, or as we like to call it the Daily Fail b/c of poor grammar, fact checking & copious spelling mistakes. They have an extensive article re: his head injury. Depending on where the hit is, it can change a person for life. A large percentage of prisoners are actually victims of head injuries. I have a rescue cat who is decorticate. Goes into “sham rages”, doesn’t walk but displays a mincing strut. He’s basically operating off of his limbic system. Previous owner who abandoned him at shelter had him declawed, but he still has teeth! He does have emotional range, senses if you’re down & when I battled it out physically w/my path, this cat nearly ripped his face off. So path went to work with tooth marks obviously caused by not a human, but an animal. So worth the rescue as he was scheduled to be put down that week, 14 yrs.ago.

I implore you, do not approach this empathy with people paths. Paths have different brains and are a lost cause. Pedophiles, sex addicts can’t be changed. It’s not like a drinking or drug problem (crack cocaine the exception). They’re F’d for life.

Millions of people and chances at your disposal. Opportunities galore for us victims, no matter our age.

Don’t let old Hollywood standards dictate your life and self worth. Europeans don’t.

Bottom line, and you can throw this in a paths face if they suggest your expiration date b/c of age. Just retort this to shut them down


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