I am thankful

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I am a survivor. And I am thankful for that.

It’s not something I take for granted because I know there are many who do not survive the abuse that is inflicted by their loved ones, trusted spouses or friends or parents. This is a hurtful experience that literally kills people. And if the wound itself doesn’t kill, then the infection that follows from the collusion of friends, neighbors, confidants, professionals, and others will many times finish off the job.

Every abuse story is a tragic one, but the stories of those who successfully commit suicide are among the most heart-wrenching of all. Many abuse victims survive in body, but are lost in other ways. Lost to the pain. Lost to drugs or alcohol. Lost to self-destructive behaviors. Lost to depression. Lost to fear and isolation.

I am filled with gratitude. I came out on the other side of the pain, suffering and darkness, still alive and somewhat sane. Whatever pain I may have, I am grateful for the capacity to feel that pain and for the ability to speak of it. I pray that my voice may help others and may work for good.

I am thankful for the life I live. I am thankful for the goodness of the people who surround me. I am thankful there are caring people like those I have seen on LF. I am thankful to be able to agree or disagree, I am thankful for all the goodness I see in the world even when it seems so dark.

Than you Donna, Dr. Leedom, Dr Steve, Steve and everyone else on Love Fraud for caring.

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yep Indie and that apply’s to everything – I will right this one down ~~~thanks

That Quote came from my Radio station Music for your SOUL !

Their slogan Is Music safe for the little ears! Please give a listen they are playing Christmass music now on the main stream but the have a rock and a hip-hop chanels too! LOVE JJ

Hey Indie,
You need to check out the late,great Bob Marley for inspiration as well as a soulful sound…
His music is timeless and ageless and so spiritual…the song “Gultiness” sounds like it’s written about Sociopaths..It’s on the album “Chant Down Babylon”…Many of his lyrics are taken from Proverbs and are so full of wisdom…His music gives me so much peace and hope (and it sounds great!!!)…

My daughter is incarcerated for manslaughter. She took the life of her best friend and boyfriend during the 10 sec of rage alot people feel sometime when they are angry. Yet I look up to her. There are so many women in the facility committing suicide and she being only 17 has been keeping strong.

Me on the otherhand is out here in the land of freedom but sometimes feel incarcerated by the sociopath in my life. We have a son together and the thought that my son will never see his father haunts me and the fact that I am trying so hard to get over the destruction he has caused in my life.

It would help if he would admit that I was his latest prey and that is who he is but he rather cut all communication and move on to the next victim without any concern for me or his son that he left behind.

Dear Janetf,

Be glad that your son is FREE of his father. Any “seeing” of his father would only have a negative impact on your son. If you know what your X did to you, can you only imagine what he COULD AND WOULD do to your son. Thank God your son is not being targeted by your X like many target their children to use as weapons to hurt their x’es.

I am sorry that your daughter took the lives of her best friend and boyfriend, and I hope that she is able to turn her life around and get control of her anger. Unfortunately, I have never seen any indication that incarceration helps anyone in any way.

Stormee: Bob Marley … WOW, you brought me down memory lane … I miss that smile he flashed.

Peace … I’m moving to the grove of his music now in my head. I still need to get his music on CD … I only have his music on albums …. remember albums? LOL.

Someone posted about this poster, so I did a search and found this article. I am thankful that I learned that there are sociopaths in our society, not being a permanent victim to one that I know.

Dear Bluejay,

Thanks for bringing this article and the comments up. I was reading them through—even my own comments. Seeing where I was 18 months out from the worst of the devastation and chaos in my own family explosion was interesting.

It was also interesting to see comments from those that were here then and have moved on. I wonder about those posters—did they heal? Did they take the S/P back? Or find another one? I hope they are able to use what they learned here. I wish them blessings where ever they are.

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