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Introducing a FREE 30-day mind/body recovery program, created by a Lovefraud reader

Ruzanna Dinger and Marley

Ruzanna Dinger recently escaped a traumatic situation — one that many, many Lovefraud readers can identify with. While in the midst of it, she experienced worrisome physical symptoms — blackouts, heart palpitations, panic attacks. To get through her troublesome journey, she is using calming mind/body techniques and exercises. Ruzanna now wants to share her healing journey with Lovefraud readers.

Ruzanna is creating a 30-day Self-Love and Healing Video Series. When I saw her videos, I thought that they would be truly helpful for many Lovefraud readers. Ruzanna uses simple yoga and meditation techniques and movements that anyone can do — although she is not a certified yoga teacher, she has been practicing for 10 years.

Ruzanna is originally from Armenia, where she studied psychology and sociology at Yerevan State University, the largest and most prestigious university in the country. She then spent eight years in London, where she earned a degree in public relations from London Metropolitan University and worked at the Department of Surgery at Imperial College London.

See Ruzanna’s biography on the Author Profiles page.

Lovefraud will be posting Ruzanna’s videos, which are based on her in-depth research, every day. “Don’t just watch,” she says. “You have to follow the moves, no matter how simple they look, to get any benefit.”

Today we’re posting the Introduction.

To see all of the videos, go to Ruzanna’s page on Lovefraud. The first videos are at the bottom.


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I wish these would be available on DVD, so I could watch and re-watch them and listen.

Thank you both. I am glad you find those sessions helpful. If you have limited access to wifi, you may wish to consider downloading any video using (DVDs are getting old-fashioned, I would consider putting them on a memory stick or in a downloadable link in the future), so they are available to watch any time. It is also important not to simply watch them, but follow all sessions and do the exercises with me, even if you have to just sit down and close your eyes. I look forward to making the rest of the videos so you can all work on your healing and recovery more efficiently .


Really nice.

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