12 years later, Phil Haberman still pretends to be military

Phil Haberman, right, as a volunteer rescuer after Hurricane Harvey in Texas. (Reuters/ Jonathan Bachman)

Sociopaths just don’t quit. Back in 2006, Lovefraud profiled Phil Haberman, who claimed to be special forces (a lie), claimed to have suffered war injuries in Iraq (a lie), and convinced the military to pay him money he didn’t deserve (the truth). Over the years, Lovefraud has periodically heard from people who had tangled with Haberman. He frequently created fundraising campaigns for sick or injured dogs that were nothing but scams.

Well, Haberman was still at it during Hurricane Harvey, which struck Texas in September. He showed up as a volunteer rescuer, convinced authorities — at least temporarily — that he was military. He took charge of a dozen volunteers, shut down a highway, launched rescue boats, and flagged down a helicopter for an airlift — all the while dragging a journalist and photographer around to record it.

You can’t make this stuff up. Read the news coverage:

Taking charge in U.S. flood zone, a rescuer inflates his record, on Reuters.com.

Here are Lovefraud’s previous articles about Phil Haberman:

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By the way, Haberman is wearing a black Special Forces t-shirt. My ex-husband, James Montgomery, who also pretended to be Special Forces, had the same t-shirt. You can buy them in the gift shop at MacDill Air Force Base.

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The guy is a pig. A big fat liar. Nothing more.

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