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It looks like Sarah Palin is under Troopergate investigation because of a sociopath

John McCain, candidate for United States president, surprised everyone by naming Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska, as his running mate. Regardless of what you think about her political views, Palin had a reputation as a squeaky clean reformer—at least until “Troopergate” broke in July.

According to the Anchorage Daily News, Alaska legislators voted on July 28, 2008, to hire an independent investigator to explore whether Governor Palin, her family, or members of her administration pressured the former Public Safety Commissioner, Walt Monegan, to fire a state trooper.

The trooper in question, Michael G. Wooten, is the ex-husband of Molly McCann. McCann and Wooten are locked in a bitter child custody battle. McCann is Governor Sarah Palin’s sister.

Palin at first vigorously denied that she dismissed the public safety commissioner because she wanted Mike Wooten fired and the public safety commissioner didn’t do it. “To allege that I, or any member of my family, requested, received or released confidential personnel information on an Alaska State Trooper, or directed disciplinary action be taken against any employee of the Department of Public Safety, is, quite simply, outrageous,” Palin said in a statement that was quoted by the Anchorage Daily News.

But the dismissed commissioner said that Todd Palin, Sarah Palin’s husband, showed him the findings of a private investigator the family had hired, which accused Wooten of “a variety of misdeeds including drunk driving and child abuse,” according to the New York Times.

It soon came out that members of Palin’s staff had made more than two dozen inquiries to the public safety department about Wooten, although Palin claims she played no role in them. Then an audiotaped conversation between Frank Bailey, the state director of boards and commissions, and Lt. Rodney Dial, of the public safety department, was released by Palin.

In the conversation, which took place in February, Bailey said in part, “Todd and Sarah are scratching their heads, ”˜Why on earth hasn’t this, why is this guy still representing the department?’ He’s a horrible recruiting tool, you know.”

Sarah Palin on Michael Wooten

Here’s the backstory to Troopergate:

Molly McCann filed for divorce from Michael Wooten on April 11, 2005. On the same day, McCann filed for a domestic violence restraining order, and her father, Chuck Heath, called the Alaska State Troopers to complain about Wooten. The complaint initiated an administrative investigation into Wooten’s behavior. If the claims were substantiated, Wooten would be in violation of trooper conduct standards.

With the brouhaha about Palin’s recent firing of Commissioner Walt Monegan, Wooten has actually permitted the release of his personnel records. The Anchorage Daily News posted 14 documents, totaling 482 pages, including e-mails and transcripts of police investigation interviews.

Among the documents is an e-mail written by Sarah Palin. Back in 2005, the Alaska State Police started investigating Wooten, but his wife’s family was frustrated about the slow progress of the inquiry. On August 10, 2005, Palin, who at the time held no public office, sent the following e-mail to Col. Julia Grimes, who was then director of the Alaska State Troopers:

Dear Colonel Grimes,

It is my understanding that you are aware of problems within the Alaska State Trooper family that stem from one of your officers, Michael Wooten. My concern is that the public’s faith in the Troopers will continue to diminish as more residents express concerns regarding the apparent lack of action towards a Trooper whom is described by many as being “a ticking timebomb,” and a “loose cannon.”

Mike Wooten has continued to boast about incidences regarding his unethical and illegal actions that reflect so poorly on the Troopers, and appears to relish in the fact that he can “do anything because I’m a Trooper,” as he’s proclaimed to people who question his actions.

Let me share again with you just a few of the many episodes in Wooten’s recent past that have been discussed with Wooten’s supervisors after the episodes were publicly discussed by Wooten with many in our community who are left scratching their heads regarding Wooten’s poor reflection of the Trooper mission to prevent loss of life and property as a result of illegal or unsafe acts. (These are just a few, as I have received many calls and comments over the past four years about Wooten’s questionable actions and his relationship with my family. Wooten is my brother-in-law, but this information is forwarded to you objectively, and I trust it is received and considered by you objectively.)

March 26, 2005. Officer Wooten was off-duty, drinking at the Mugshot Saloon in Wasilla when he pulled out his Trooper badge and demanded the bartender (Mr. Chris Brightbill) remove a patron whom Wooten disliked. The bartender knew Wooten was off-base with his demands and subsequently testified that Wooten was out of control, was abusing his position and authority and should not be in the position of a licensed Trooper, as he believes Wooten is a “loose cannon.” (Private Investigator Leonard Hackett, interview and statement of Brightbill on 6/27/05.) Wooten eventually left the bar, was pulled over after a REDDI was called into Trooper dispatch after the caller observed Wooten driving drunk, and Wooten was pulled over. (Ironically, Wooten has been a member of your DUI Task Force and is featured in your television DUI Task Force PSAs.) The trooper who pulled Wooten over is Officer Dave Harrell. He has served as a subordinate to Wooten. He did not cite Wooten for drunk driving, but merely gave Wooten a ride to a friend’s house after responding to the REDDI. Wooten then called his wife (Molly McCann), explained that he was over the legal limit, and his wife picked him up at the friend’s house and warned Wooten that his drinking and driving would “catch up with him” as he continued to disregard warnings about his drinking and driving practice in our small town. Wooten told others about this incident as a braggart way of reminding others the he is “untouchable” as a Trooper.

Around this time, Wooten rode with his girlfriend, Mrs. Angie Johnson, home from another local bar after another night of drinking. Mrs. Johnson was pulled over by a Trooper for suspected drunk driving. Acording to Wooten’s account of the evening, he leaned over from the passenger window and demanded the responding Trooper to turn off his recorder and not cite Mrs. Johnson. She was not cited for the DUI. Wooten subsequently bragged about this incidence to others, including Steven Menard, again casting doubt in the public about the sincerity of the Trooper’s mission.

Wooten drinks excessively and has showed extremely poor judgment and disregard for others’ safety with this practice of drinking and driving, including on Jan. 19, 2005 drove home drunk; Jan. 23, 2005 drove home drunk after Super Bowl party in Anchorage; Feb. 6, 2005 in Anchorage leaving the Sullivan Arena’s WWE Pro Wrestling event, drove very drunk as he drank Crown Royal straight from bottle, brought the Crown Royal into the Sullivan in PowerAde bottle and petrified his stepson who was with Wooten in the vehicle; Feb. 12, 2005 in Wasilla; Feb. 13, 2005 drove drunk in Big Lake (leaving Call of the Wild Bar, next day so hung over he had to call in sick to Trooper Headquarters); March 13, 2005 drank at least three beers in car while driving family home from Glennallen snowmachine trip, driving over the speed limit and scaring his wife and kids who begged him to stop drinking on the drive home. Wooten’s consumption of alcohol while driving with small children in his vehicle (as witnessed by his wife and stepson, Molly and Payton McCann) is deplorable. He’s even left a friend’s home in his Trooper car, waving with beer in hand, again drinking and driving in an arrogant public statement declaring he is above the law (as witnessed by Adrian and Marilyn Lane).

Editor’s note: At this point some of the e-mail is cut off. The next paragraph appears to refer to an incident in which Wooten illegally shot a moose.

meat, so dropped the animal off at his father-in-law’s house (Chuck Heath) and never returned to even pick up the meat after Mr. Heath processed it for him so it wouldn’t go to waste. Mr. Heath delivered the meat to Wooten’s house after Wooten showed no intention of retrieving the meat. This hunt was witnessed by Wooten’s wife and Wasilla Police Officer Chris Watchus. Wooten continues to brag about the strings he says he pulled to get this transfer, where he says he’s bored, but “the free hunting trips and Cabella credit card make it worth it.” He’s recently stated he’s determined to get on with the Anchorage Police Dept., due to his boredom at Fish and Game, although APD officers whom Wooten has shared this with have let others know that he wouldn’t make a good APD officer.

Another example that Wooten likes to share with others regarding his unethical and illegal hunting techniques involves a wolf hunt where he illegally chased down the animal with his snowmachine to kill it unfairly. This was witnessed by Chuck Heath and his hunting partners.

Wooten’s total disregard for the safety of others was blatantly apparent when he shot his 11-year-old stepson, Payton, with his Taser gun. My 14-year-old daughter (Bristol Palin), was terrified as she witnessed this incidence, and pleaded with Wooten not to follow through on his intended action of “letting Payton feel what a Taser can do.” Wooten “offered” to shoot Bristol with the Taser after Payton was knocked over by the shock and Bristol continued to protest Wooten’s action, and he followed up by offering to spray them both with pepper spray so they could “feel that, too.” Wooten’s wife aggressively protested during the Taser gun incident, she cried, he calls her and Payton “f****** pussys” for protesting.

Wooten’s physical abuse of his wife is documented in their pending divorce case. He pushed her down on more than one occasion, including when she was holding their one-year-old son. Molly has been very reluctant to bring the physical abuse to light because Wooten’s temper causes her to believe he’ll be even more physically violent towards her, and others in her family whom he has threatened to “bring down,” with the revelations. Wooten’s gun, car and badge were evidently taken from him while a DVRO was in effect this spring, that turned into a No Contact rule between the parties and Wooten brazenly shows off his Trooper equipment now that he has it all back in his possession.

February 17, 2005. Wooten’s marital infidelity surfaced publicly after his Trooper-sponsored trip to Idaho “for official business” on Jan. 28, 2005 included his married girlfriend’s accompaniment. When confronted with this affair that others in the community were talking about, Wooten threatened to kill his wife’s father, Chuck Heath, if Mr. Heath followed through with his offer to help Molly by getting an attorney to help her if they were to divorce. Wooten’s words were, “I will kill him. He’ll eat a f****** lead bullet, I’ll shoot him” if our father got the attorney to help Molly. I heard this death threat, my 16-year-old son heard it (Track Palin), Molly heard it, as did their small children. Wooten spoke this with his Trooper gun on his hip in an extremely intimidating fashion, leaving no doubt he is serious about taking someone’s life who disagrees with him.

Other recent examples of Wooten’s abuse of authority include Spring, 2005. Wooten refused to pay a fine at the Mat-Su Borough Landfill when told his uncovered load would cost him a $5 fine. (Private Investigator Leonard Hackett interview and statement 6/28/05.) Wooten introduced himself as a Trooper, was agitated and trying to be intimidating (indicated by Landfill Manager Mr. Greg Goodale, and Goodale’s subordinate who had to deal with Wooten that day). Wooten eventually paid the small fine after trying to get out of it because of his Trooper status, and after the Landfill Manager had to be called in to settle the dispute caused by Wooten. This type of incident has resulted in citizens calling me, assuming there is something I can do about an abusive and intimidating Trooper who is giving the State of Alaska such a black eye.

Wooten has threatened to “bring down” anyone whom he dislikes, or anyone who would support his current wife (his third) during their divorce. When asked by Molly how he would accomplish this, Wooten states he can trump up charges against anyone and “I’ll be believed by any attorney or judge in this state because I’m a Trooper.” Specifically, on April 4, 2005, Wooten was counseled by my husband (Todd Palin) to join Molly in acting civilly and with maturity during their divorce – for the sake of the nine kids they and Wooten’s girlfriend have between them all – and who are adversely affected by these circumstances. Wooten evidently took umbrage with the advice and that day told Molly she’d better “put a leash on your sister” or he’d “bring Sarah Palin down.”

Wooten has threatened Molly that she’d better not talk about any of this, as he claims he has “bugged her phone” and, using his State investigation equipment, knows everything she’s doing and saying. Molly is justifiably extremely intimidated and scared for her and her kids’ safety.

April 11, 2005. Wooten did not show up for work, where he was to be served a DVRO. Sgt. Burke Waldron talked to Wooten’s wife and encouraged her to get the DVRO, though Molly was scared to death that Wooten could, and would, destroy her if she did. Molly was told that Judicial Services would handle the DV “in order to keep things a little more confidential.” Molly expressed concern that even those in Judicial Serves may know Wooten (as Wooten continually reminded Molly that he had the court system and personnel on his side because he was a Trooper), and Molly was told that since they do know Wooten, Molly needed to “stay safe and be protected.”

Julia, as lifelong Alaskans, my family and I and concerned community members who have witnessed your employee’s actions still want to have faith in the Alaska State Troopers. But with recent public disclosure of abuses in the Trooper organization, and our own knowledge of Wooten’s blatant disregard for the laws he is hired to enforce, our faith is waning. I feel strongly that Wooten is a loose cannon. He’s a ticking timebomb, as others describe him, and I am afraid his actions do not merely reflect poorly on the State, but his actions may cause someone terrible harm.

It is my understanding that months ago you were made aware of Wooten’s problems. Wooten’s supervisors, the Alaska State Police Standards Council, and others in positions of authority are aware of these circumstances. So the question begs: Is it acceptable for an Alaska State Trooper to use his badge and power in these aforementioned ways? Granted, Trooper Investigator Ron Wahl was sent to ask questions regarding some of these incidences, but his selective questioning and his personal responses to answers given (and his assurance that it’s Wooten’s Union that prohibits certain lines of questioning) makes one wonder about the seriousness taken here. Wooten does not tell the truth. He intimidates people and abuses his position. I don’t know what more can be said, except that considering just a few examples from those I’ve shared with you (namely, the death threat against my father who is merely trying to help his daughter escape a horribly abusive relationship, the illegal hunting, and the drunk driving!) all would lead a rational person to believe there is a problem inside the organization.

Sarah Palin

P.S. Again, Wooten happens to be my brother-in-aw, and after his infidelity and physical abuse of his wife (my sister) surfaced, Mike chose to leave his family and has continued to threaten to “bring down” anyone who supports her. I would ask that you objectively consider this information, disregarding my sister’s pending divorce from Wooten, as I have objectively separated the divorce and Wooten’s threats against me and my family with the fact that the Troopers have a loose cannon on their hands.

Can anyone say sociopath?

In my opinion, Sarah Palin’s description of Michael Wooten is the description of a sociopath. To see if there was any more evidence supporting my opinion, I looked up Alaska court records about him. Here’s what I found:

  • Jan. 5, 2001—Wooten was found guilty of careless driving.
  • June 6, 2006—The Alaska USA Federal Credit Union took him to small claims court and won a default judgment against for more than $2,500.
  • August 27, 2007—The marriage of Angela D. Johnson and Michael G. R. Wooten was dissolved. Yes, he married and divorced again since the divorce from Molly McCann.
  • April 28, 2008—Alaska USA Federal Credit Union won another judgment against him for $18,942.72.

So in addition to lying, intimidation, physical violence, abuse of power, drunk driving and threats of retaliation, Wooten has financial judgments against him and another marriage and divorce.

State Police investigation

In its story entitled Is Wooten a good trooper?, published on July 27, 2008, the Anchorage Daily News summarized the complaints lodged against him in 2005 that implied conduct unbecoming of a state trooper:

Troopers eventually investigated 13 issues and found four in which Wooten violated policy or broke the law or both:

• Wooten used a Taser on his stepson.

• He illegally shot a moose.

• He drank beer in his patrol car on one occasion.

• He told others his father-in-law would “eat a f’ing lead bullet” if he helped his daughter get an attorney for the divorce.

After the investigation, Wooten was suspended for 10 days. Col. Julia Grimes wrote Wooten a letter to inform him of the suspension. In it, she elaborated on the results of the investigation and described previous infractions in his file. Grimes stated, “The record clearly indicates a serious and concentrated pattern of unacceptable and at times, illegal activity occurring over a lengthy period, which establishes a course of conduct totally at odds in the ethics of our profession.”

The police union, however, protested, and Wooten’s suspension was cut to five days.

Wooten’s revenge

Yesterday, the McClatchy news service, which supplies articles to newspapers throughout the country, published a story about Troopergate. It begins, “The first serious scandal in Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s administration has roots in a family feud.”

Describing Sarah Palin’s concerns about Mike Wooten as a “family feud” trivializes what seem to me to be extremely legitimate concerns about his behavior, and legitimate concerns about superior officers who refused to fire him.

The problem, of course, is that people do not understand the nature of a sociopath, and do not understand how dangerous Wooten is. The police union gets involved, Palin’s political enemies get involved, and they characterize the whole issue as the governor abusing her power to extract revenge against a cop because of a family feud.

Regardless of what happens in the presidential election, I’m worried that if people believe that version of the story, Mike Wooten might actually make good on his threat and bring Sarah Palin down.

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Thank you! Very interestingi reading!


Let’s be clear and also keep it in context. It not a worm like Wooten that singularly threatens (if indeed it does) the Governor. Don’t give him more power than it seems he’s already abused. In this case, it goes beyond people recognizing a sociopath.

I think it speaks first and foremost seemingly to what has become this country’s SOP. Hidden behind the moralistic mask of protecting individual rights, the pursuit of truth seems to get lost in lieu of the effectiveness of the presentation to the powers that be, with the option to be used and/or abused. One of the most detrimental abuses of power that fuels this, is the media.

America has become a land of smoke and mirrors, spin if you will, instead of liberty and justice for all. In this case, I hope the truth is presented. But more importantly, I hope the public can recognize it. In this process, mental health professionals have another opportunity to educate and publicize the traits of sociopathy and the smoke and mirrors these monsters are usually allowed to promote.

Thanks for posting the details, Donna.



Interesting to me was the “bringing down” comments. Mine said this many many times, and I’ve read others who have said their socio made similar comments. Also the lack of responsibility in paying bills or obligations is another biggie. Mine would sometimes literally throw bills in the trash without paying them (unless they were something like court fines that was gonna keep him out of jail). With a guy like the one in this article, in a position of authority over so many people, there is no telling how many people in general he has used his badge against and applied his “bring down” mindset to and screwed over, in addition to his family. It is mind boggling how much a socio can get away with without any action taken against them.

OK- we can call the debt, the divorces, the indedelity “superficial”
BUT MY GOD – and I even wondered if teh step-son had been a criminal….BUT NO, he ‘s eleven:

Wooten’s total disregard for the safety of others was blatantly apparent when he shot his 11-year-old stepson, Payton, with his Taser gun. My 14-year-old daughter (Bristol Palin), was terrified as she witnessed this incidence, and pleaded with Wooten not to follow through on his intended action of “letting Payton feel what a Taser can do.”

Tasered an eleven-year-old. Thanks for this Donna- it’d be nice if “psychopaths” became a societal ill focused on upon by the Mccain/Palin admin. I imagine poster in the public library…outlining what to look for….The world would be different if there was just a little public education about psychopaths.

Ox Drover

And we wonder why our country is in a freaking mess!

I hope this doesn’t impact on Governor Palin for trying to protect her family from this “psychopath”—but you know, it is unfortunate that many times the person who is DEFENDING themselves and their family the best way the can from such psychopaths is the one who is PERSECUTED as being “unethical”—-people in a high political office who use that position to try to do GOOD are slammed for being “bad” and the psychopath’s “RIGHTS” ARE PROTECTED. As far as I am concerned ANY ONE of the things he was “convicted” for, like not paying his debts etc, was MORE THAN ENOUGH REASON TO TERMINATE HIS POSITION AS A STATE TROOPER.

Well, at least is she is VP of US we (victiims) will have someone in the White House that DOES GET IT—she just got my VOTE! I was sitting on the fence before, but now I am clearly ON HER SIDE.

It is no wonder that “they” don’t want her in Washington, she knows what a psychopath is and guess what, she is willing to take’em on! TOWANDA!!!!!


What amazes me the most is how people like this (Wooten) are pointed out all the time and nothing gets done about it. These are the people that we encounter at work that we shake our heads at and say, “they must have something on someone at the top in order to be still here.”

Donna, thanks for sharing this information with us. This is the type of article people need to read. I don’t know about you, but I’m more inclined to want Palin as VP knowing how she went to bat for her family. Isn’t it important to look at how one treats their family to get a good idea of their character? Now we need to know how she treats strangers, chidren and animals LOL.


Smoke and mirrors, pretty much sums it up. Truth stands on its head so much these days. Maybe I’ll vote for McCain after all, now that my son is home from the war *winks*


Two issues here.
(1)Yes the brother-in-law does sound like a P and we all want this disorder to be recognised BUT (2) Does that give a so called ‘reformer’ claiming to weed out corruption the right to use her position to out him? NO, that’s abuse of power – a very P Trait. Remember the governor from New York?? Eliot whathisname.
The rest of the world is so sick of these self righteous, corrupt hypocritical, gun slinging, pro life (ha ha) Republicans.


Hey, watch the republican bashing Miss Swallow .. 😮

I knew when the MSM was spinning this on it’s head that there was a good reason this man was being investigated. It just seemed all too familiar with the fingers being pointed at her instead where they likely ought to have been.

Thank you for more background information on this “trooper”

No matter what your politics this man is an abuser. I wouldn’t call HER a “p” at all…trying to protect your family by reporting someone like this isn’t out of bounds at all.

There are a lot of so called “reformers” out there and none are perfection personafide but, yes I think this man is a P, and yes I’d try to protect my family. The issue with a P is not what someone did to stop them necessarily. It’s calling them out that matters and holding the P accountable for abuse. Nothing else compares to that importance.


Spitzer, Democrat.

Ox Drover

Alaskan Senator under investigation for NOT REPORTING A BRIBE. Not for taking it mind you, but foro NOT REPORTING IT. He is being prosecuted too. CRS and can’t remember his name, but he is a REPUBLICAN.

I an an “equal opportunity” political hater! I hate both the Dems and the Repubs! We need a third party of ANY kind to keep the suckers in line, and my personal opinion is that most of them have already sold their Narcissistic souls to the devil in order to get anywhere in politics at or above the county level (BTW I live in an Arkansas county that has made the “Top Ten Counties in the US” in corruption and it is just as bad as that now and has been since 1819 when it started being settled. As late as the 1950s they beat a “reforming newspaper editor” nearly to death on the court house steps, then trumped up a charge and convicted him and were going to send him to the Pen for 10 yrs, except the ONE HONEST governor we’ve had pardoned him. People still get out of their graves every year to VOTE!

That said, I am still going to vote Republican this year because of that woman. I was on the fence, but from what I have seen of this woman, she is TOUGH and willing to FIGHT corruption like that “bridge to no where” and even her own party. I realize her state is small (population) but I think at the same time that gives her the KIND of experience we need. She is human, not perfect, but I’d vote for anyone who would know what to do about a psychopath–defend your family. Heck she didn’t shoot him after all, and I think the taser incident would have made me want to even if I restrained myself. Tasering an 11 year old for goodness sakes ought to be a “hanging offense” at least.

I’m an “Equal opportunity” politico BASHER, I think they are almost ALL CROOKS, but maybe she can handle some of the Ps in WAshington. LOL


There are P’s in every political party and I think the last 8 years is a very good example of the damage they can do in office.

I do not blame anyone for defending themselves from a P if they are in imminent danger but abusing your position of power is sinking to the same level as the P. If nothing else it shows very bad judgment by laying yourself open to charges of corruption. or that you think you are above the law. Shooting defensless animals for pleasure and denying a woman an abortion even in the case of rape does not suggest an empathatic personality. Preaching abstinence and no sex education in schools is laughable from someone with an unmarried, pregnant 17 year old daughter. To me, the words of caring, ‘squicky clean politician’ just don’t match Sarah Palins actions and what she stands for.

It would be hilarious if MCain did win, then you’d have a geriatric and two beauty queens in the White House. Just what America needs!


Is it abuse of power or is it just that BECAUSE of her position someone actually LISTENED to her instead of dismissing her as a histrionic revenge seeker?

In our court rooms, it’s not justice, it’s a contest of who has the better (more expensive) attorney.

On our ballots, it’s not democracy, it’s who had enough money/power/influence with people with connections. The last 3 elections I’ve watched the debates and the conventions and thought to myself, “Is this REALLY the best America, OUR AMERICA, has to offer?”

Palin is nothing more than pandering to the women vote- it’s not because anyone in the political process gives a rat’s heiney about change and the general American public. They will be just fine and dandy resuming “status quo” after Jan 20th. Doesn’t matter whether she is a “good” choice or a “bad” choice. I actually think she’s kind of a kick butt kinda gal- not that it really matters. As usual, the political process comes down to a “choice” of the lesser of 2 evils- be assured, if EITHER party WANTS their candidate(s) elected it is to serve themselves, not us.

The politicians aren’t going to solve anything- The American PEOPLE are the heart, soul, and future of this country.


My post was a factual correction, not to give a political slant. I don’t think Lovefraud should be used as a political platform, but we certainly can use it as a public example.

That said, I think we should take what we are exploring here, discernment and acceptance of reality, and practice putting it into our daily lives. Pointing fingers and throwing general accusations against anything that goes contrary to our own beliefs in an effort to manipulate and/or control was part of the behavior I experienced that brought me here in the first place. Unfortunately, it’s a part of life and it’s also how our political system seems to work. I think that solves little.

“The meek shall inherit the earth.” And meek neither means timid nor the most vocal. When we can learn to investigate and discuss fact instead of climbing up onto a perch and pointing a finger, that is when an exchange of information and real communication begins. (FYI, Ted Stevens, indicted on seven counts of failing to disclose over $250K in gifts, republican from Alaska.) Knowledge is power not only in life, but in politics too.

Glinda absolutely, “The politicians aren’t going to solve anything- The American PEOPLE are the heart, soul, and future of this country.” If we are to make things better, it begins with knowledge. Changing our political system for the better begins at home, just like changing our lives.


First, let’s get the facts correct,as stated in the article. Sarah Palin was not holding a seat in public office when she sent the e-mail Aug. 10 2005. Therefore there was no abuse of power. She sent the email, stating facts as a concerned sister and citizen, about an office of the law who was abusing his power.

Second, this article was posted to make us aware that N/P/Ss come from all walks of life. It was not posted for create a debate over political platforms and beliefs. N/S/Ps can be professional or blue collar, educators, law officers or politicians, doctors, lawyers and the like. We all need to remember this and make this the important issue.

Let us not lose site of the purpose of the article.


The controversy isn’t in Sarah Palin’s writing the letter, but the later possible political dismissal of the commissioner, I believe. Yes there are sociopaths in every walk of life, but Donna’s larger point is that exposing the danger of a sociopath is again being missed.

In usual cases people are first victimized by the sociopath, then they can generally count on the courts to victimize them again. In this case, even in a very high political circle, the danger of a sociopath is again being missed, but this time it’s not in a court battle but in media and political slants. Wooten didn’t plan it, but I’d guess he’s smugly very happy about causing the Governor and the Palin family grief, unless it backfires for him.

We aren’t mislead about sociopaths, but the general public again probably will be thanks to the media and the political hype. The lesson here isn’t a political one, but the political process does serve as an example of just how ugly opinionated hype and having to win is, whether it’s from the sociopath we know or the one we don’t. The issue is getting to the truth and learning how to protect and nurture ourselves in the process.

I did wander off the path- let me try again…

The more money/power/connections that YOU have access to, the more successful you will be in fighting off and or defeating a sociopath. Not because you are either abusing or flaunting your money/power/connections, but too often your complaints aren’t taken SERIOUSLY without them. A lack of money/power/connections will most likely result in another skewering by the sociopath- at the courtesy of the system. Unless ignoring you can cause them problems with their OWN money/power/connections, those already in positions of money/power/connections don’t want to hear it/you. And if they are ignoring you to begin with, they sure don’t remember you to try to take you apart for it later.

Most of the time, most of us and our socio inflicted pains are off the radar. Sometimes you’re unlucky enough to be “picked up” on a slow news day…or you’re trying to get into the White House. And many of us are not squeaky clean after our socio encounter. We may not have deliberately rolled in the muck with them, but there is some mud that needs wiped off.
Am I making more sense? 🙂


This is typical behavior of those working in Government and our larger private industries. My experience is that only 10% of us are mature, responsible and competent workers who do what we are hired to do. We conduct ourselves maturely and competently to complete our work on a daily basis. The rest are romper room candidates, immature, irresponsible, giving everyone lip service, never doing a full day’s work. Management listens to these immature individuals (because they are cut from the spiritually stunted clothe and never did the work to get where they are). The mature employees, responsible and functional get punished, demoted, never promoted, have to do all the work, put in their place if they decide to whistle blow on this corruption they are destroyed, no questions asked. It’s a sad, sad, sad situation when having to be bullied in the workplace because the spiritually stunted rose through the ranks and have direct impact on your employment.

Tax payers need to wake up to who is collecting high salaries in their states and private industry … while not doing the work for said salaries. Giving everyone lip service and pointing the fingers at the competent so investigations spend money going towards a goose chase. Hey, don’t shed any light on those living in the dark!

Your heroes and heroines are the whistle blowers in government and private corporation! Yet, they are the people who’s lives get destroyed and reputations buried in the mud … every day, every month, every year … and never can find gainful employment again. So, keep burying your heads in the sands and keep believing the spiritually stunted and the lies they spin for their own benefits. For the spiritually stunted are the terrorist of our world … and the are not oversees in some foreign land, they are right here in our country, in every state, every corporation, every level of government. They are the immature, irresponsible, illogical, immoral individuals that jump on or over the mature to get what they want. When they get caught … what does our courts do? Slap them on the wrist … basically telling them “don’t get caught next time” … and that is why the saga continues. Think it doesn’t affect you … think again! The spiritually stunted are overseeing the spiritually mature in our country kicking everyone in the butt if you speak out.

Here, here for the bravery of the Governor in Alaska bucking heads with an immature, angry and corrupt person. It’s not a male/female scenario – it’s a maturity and responsibility issue and it comes in many shapes, forms and sizes.



The bottom line is – should an officer of the law be allowed to enforce laws that he doesn’t obey? I think breaking the law should be reason for AUTOMATIC dismissal. There are so many ordinary citizens who never break the laws, should it be so hard to expect a police officer to obey the law? Are they that hard up for police that they have to hire criminals? That should be the bottom line. I think this law enforcement agency is suspect for not sacking this guy immediately for reckless driving & drinking beer in a squad car.

But maybe they’re all afraid of him because he threatens them all with “bringing them down” (that phrase being the most obvious indicator of someone with delusions of grandeur.).

Yeah, a teenager had sex. News at 11.

I have disliked media for years. A Russian journalist was just murdered by the Russian govt. for reporting that threatened the regime…I wonder how many telepundits in US would keep working under those sorts of threats?


I think the Trooper has done more than enough that he should have been dismissed. And as for Gov. Palin, when one is a VP candidate the media and/or opposing side tends to dig up all the dirt they can anyway, with or without the Trooper socio’s help. Since Palin is in politics I’m sure she knew that and hopefully was prepared for it. The one I really feel the most sympathy for right now is the 17 year old daughter. I can’t even image being 17 and pregnant and having it splashed all over the national news and talked about. It is just MEAN spirited for media and political opponents to take a private family matter like this that has nothing to do with politics, dragging this kid into it and making her a media spectacle by splashing her face and teen pregnacy all over the tv’ and trying to make it an issue reflecting whether the Govn. is a good political choice for VP. And this has nothing to do with that particular socio bringing the Gov. down, or even with whether the Gov.’s political rep is damaged by mud slinging because like I said in a high powered election like Pres. and VP we see that, unfortunately, whether there is a socio trooper in the background or not, so Palin surely was aware it would happen. This, IMO, has to do with victimizing a kid on a much more personal level that has potential to be far more damaging than whether a person helps win a Presidential election and the child really doesn’t have much of a choice but to be caught in the middle of it. Well, like Oxy says, I got on a soapbox here.

Ox Drover

I have no doubt that the media is populated by people who behave in “psychopathic” wasy—they will cause horrible emotional and other harm to innocent people “just to get a scoop”—like reporting that girl’s preg. The reporter that did that KNEW it would damage the girl, and yet, chose to do something they KNEW would hurt someone “Just to get a story” to benefit themselves, regardless of the harm caused to this child who was already in a “world of hurt.”

An AP reporter called me after my husband burned to death in a plane crash to “get the story”—I’m not even going to repeat what I told her before I HUNG UP. The news media flogged me like I was some sort of criminal. I did end up giving a TV interview to one station who was very compassionate to me and to my son D who was burned. The rest were like VULTURES swarming over a road kill.

I was also totally suprised and how the FAA and the NTSB, both government agencies neither of which is known for their TACT, were both so wonderful and caring and compassionate to me and my family, and respectful of my husband’s memory and accomplishments. I wrote letters of recommendation to be placed into the files of all the people from those agencies who were involved in the crash investigation.

I think too many of the “reporters” are BEHAVING AS OR ARE Ps and Ns and they will “get a story” totally NOT CARING what kind of horrible damage they do to innocent people. You expect something like that from the tabloid rags, but not from “mainstream” reporters.

At the same time, I have no doubt that the girl’s mother knew that her VP candidacy would expose this so it probably didn’t come as a “shock” to her or most likely to the girl herself. It still is just nasty that the press would do it.


I did not mean that at all. I meant that in other countries Journalists are vetted through obvious dedication to truth as we see in those willing to risk their lives. Of course I donot think journalists should be executed…my God.

I mean in the US- the majority of journalists are driven by their agenda and act with impunity.


holywatersalt: Are you saying that the government SHOULD execute the media? As bad as some reporters & “pundits” are, I think it would be much worse if the US just did away with the 1st amendment.

Anyway, it seems these days mudslinging in politics is a MUST if you want to get anywhere – and all political parties seem to get into it. What bugs me is that there’s a lot of people who think it’s okay if THEY’RE preferred party does it, and condemn it when it’s done by the opponents. When really, it’s sad no matter what, but they all do it – and we keep electing people who do it.

Ox Drover

What is also sad to me, is that people whose BAD DEEDS are exposed in the media are NOT sanctioned by the public—they still buy their music, buy tickets to their movies, games, etc and no public outcry is giving against their behavior except as more excitement.

Much of the time they are NOT fired from their hit TV series after repeated BAD DEEDS and DUIs etc. They are still held up as “models” for our teenagers and others.

It seems like most political candidates or incumbents end up getting by with it and no one takes much notice. There are exceptions to that, of course, but I can name so many politicians that have “overcome” some REALLY BAD ACTS while in office or on campaign without much more than a “bit of embarassment.”

The same thing with the public’s fascination and seeming approval of BAD DEEDS by actors, sports figures, singers, etc. with nothing more than a “tisk tisk” as punishment.

Ox Drover

Political power is also used to “protect” incompetent people as well. When Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas there was a man who was State Medical Examiner. He was obviously incompetent and changed his testimony on the stand letting people who were guilty go free because he was not consistent. He also decreed that a man shot in the chest with a .45, left on the railroad track and hit by a train “died of a marijuana overdose.” ETc. There were so many episodes of incompetence that the families of the victims banded together and formed a group named “VOMIT” Victims of Malaik’s Incredible Testimony” Eventually Clinton did fire him when the press found so many evidences of this man’s incredible incompentence. It came out later that this man had protected Clinton’s mother (who is an RN) from a malpractice suit where a child had died years before.

Funny enough, the man Clinton had hired to replace his “friend” had been kicked out for incompetence in another state just prior to being hired in Arkansas. The papers were full of it for months and months here in Arkansas. The “good old boy (and girl) system” is well and still working unfortunately.


Reading over these “political” posts, I just happened to think that there was not a whole lot of mudslinging in the primaries, for once. I’m sure it’s in full swing by now, but I’m pretty tuned out ATM.


wp.. you are like me I think, sometimes I can see your tongue firmly implanted in your cheek when you post. But this is a very gentle caring site and sometimes you might be misunderstood. People here are in various stages of healing, so if you want my two cents, be gentle and share your feelings as well as your thoughts.


kat_o_nine_tales: Are you scolding me? I wasn’t being sarcastic at all. Who in a stage of healing have I been coarse to, and in what way? And why is it never considered here that *I* may be in some “stage of healing” and require some kid gloves? It’s like y’all don’t consider that I may be sensitive, and feel hurt and offended by being scolded like a child.


OxDrover wrote: “What is also sad to me, is that people whose BAD DEEDS are exposed in the media are NOT sanctioned by the public—they still buy their music, buy tickets to their movies, games, etc and no public outcry is giving against their behavior except as more excitement.”

This is my point – it IS sanctioned by the public.

Every time we vote for someone who engaged in mudslinging of any type… Every time we buy something produced by someone or some company that’s guilty of wrong-doing… we’re sanctioning it.
In our materialistic consumerism culture, most of us are guilty of RARELY, IF EVER, “putting our money where our mouth is”.

And because so many of us do… Those of us who don’t even want to, are more or less forced into it.
Like if I want to vote at all, I’ll HAVE to vote for someone who’s engaged in some kind of politicking I do not approve of.

Cronyism is the foundation of pretty much all political offices – our current highest office being a breathtaking epitome.
And it happens down to the town levels – it’s maddening sometimes what people can get away with when they have connections with the local police dept… never mind the governor or the president.

The most brilliant comment I’ve ever heard on the matter is from “The Book” in the book “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams:

“Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.”

Now that’s supposed to be funny… but if you think about it, it’s not, because it’s true!

Frankly, I question the sanity of anyone who would WANT a political office that high, realizing what it entails for themselves & their families in terms of personal cost… but the high personal cost is probably why they can justify their wrongdoings in their mind – that they deserve it. 🙁


Oxy, as usual, you say it like it is. If you ever run for office, you’ve got my vote.

Newbies to the political arena … beware, they will set you up within the first year in office. How you ask? They will wine and dine you … have the opposite sex there for you at your beck and call … as they get you intoxicated … and if you slip once … thinking you are with political friends … they will surely video tape your adventure to use against you any time they want. Too many right siders …see site what I am referring to:

If you don’t slip up (good for you, your parents raised you well), they just make something up.


Ox Drover


You are right–I should have put the word NEGATIVE in front of “sanctioned”–a sanction can be either positive or negative.

Yes, we DO reniforce them by buying their products, voting for them etc. They do wrong and still don’t suffer any significant consequences.

We had a politician here some couple of decades ago who was convicted of taking “payments” he was Lt. Governor Jim Guy Tucker of Arkansas and he was CONVICTED and sentenced, banned for life as a FELON and not long ago he requested the Gov. pardon his past crimes so he could run for Mayor of a large city. NOPE–the Gov declined. In my opinon Mr. Tucker exibited very narcissistic behavior in all his “entitlements” the way many elected officials do. His nerve in asking that he be allowed to run for office again only underscores this N-ism.

I agree with you on your other points, who in the world would WANT to be in such an office? Under the microscope 24/7? Power and aclaim is a heady drug, though. Look at what effect it had on the Nixon family!

I have read good biographies of most of our early presidents even after the revolution when the total population was only about 3 million (less than my state has now) and the crooked politics, the infighting, the public humiliation of their private lives being exposed, etc. It isn’t any different now than it was then. They were surely NOT saints by any stretch of the imagination and politics wasn’t any different then than now, and the media was just as slanted, it just didn’t stream photos into their homes or sound bites. LOL

My own little back water county was labeled one of the most corrupt in the country in the 50s and 60s and it isn’t any better now, people still get up out of their GRAVES and go vote every major election, ANY public job is not given to anyone who isn’t related to the office holder in charge of it, etc.

Wini, I will never run for office—not even for dog catcher! LOL But thanks for the vote of confidence. LOL


wp.. I am not scolding you. But it seems like you get misunderstood a lot that’s all. I know you’re healing as well, that’s why I said to share your feelings as well as your thoughts. I don’t like seeing anyone get misunderstood or god forbid chased away here, this is our safe place.. not scolded either, unless it’s one of Oxy’s mock threats. You certainly don’t have to worry about ME, I’m just a broken person looking for help here, not a judge.


By acting like she did, or her family did, was the right thing to do. It wasn’t abuse of power. The trooper was behaving like the schoolyard bully, even a common criminal. People still don’t seem to realize that you can’t “play nice” with these types (the trooper) and convince them to reform. It ain’t gonna happen. Read people! One needs to act and act harshly if need be. I have to assume that Monegan may have had some prejudices that prevented him from acting sooner, necessitating removing him from office. Losing his job is the consequence he had to endure. Gee, that’s too bad when you defy a sitting Governor, guy. Having to endure loss of a long term job myself, I have no sympathy for defiant types suffering this fate.

A year ago when my light went on after reading about sociopaths symtoms, I realized my method of dealing with them as a class of people had to change. Being “nice” to them(aka “weak”) had to change. As a guy, I think this is easier to do when you realize they have no conscience. And by not being “nice” to a sociopath, one also starts to speak their language. And one has a better chance of getting one’s point across to them by not being “nice” when they understand consequences will be coming their way. Use your own judgement as to what not being “nice” to a sociopath means.

Ox Drover

Dear subtly_subdued,

Welcome. I agree with your “not playing nice” with the psychopaths, however, at the same time, I also advise caution.

My X-BF was a P–delux model, burned down his former (the last one before me) GF’s house—no proof that would go to a court of law, but NO DOUBT at all he did it–and quite frankly I “threatened” him in a way that he believed if my house burned that my sons would “hunt him down like a rabid dog”–which was not the case, I would never seek revenge or break the law like that or encourage my sons to—but HE DIDN’T KNOW IT. I WILL defend myself if backed into a corner and there is no where to retreat, even to the extent of killing someone if I can and it is necessary to protect my life or someone else’s life,, but under NO other circumstances. But as long as HE BELIEVED my bluff, it worked.

However, with my P-son, “not playing nice” with him is only a CHALLENGE to him, and is like the old saying about “waving a red flag in front of a bull” it is going to make him “charge” even if he didn’t have the idea before.

There is an old saying as well “If you are in a fair fight, you didn’t plan well.” I do not believe in playing “fair” with them in any way. I have no problem misleading them, if that is what it takes to get them off your back or afraid of you.

As far as Polin firing the boss of the trooper, personally, I think she did the right thing. If a public official doesn’t get rid of bad apples in his/her department then they are not running their department as it should be and I think the governor should fire them. I don’t think her actions were an abuse of power in any way. Not that others won’t see it that way, though.

The army and other armed services have what they calll “behavior unbecoming to an officer” and it covers a “multitude of sins” that can get an officer into a LOT OF HOT WATER. I think the same thing should apply to police officers of any rank or any public servant, either elected or hired.

It seems that police work seems to attract a segment of the Ps as much or more than other jobs. I gues it is the macho and power bit.



that’s all i can say…

i can see why at first glance you would believe he is a sociopath. but, the truth is, and i really believe this to the very core of my being is that he may be a jerk but he is not a sociopath by any means, no way!

sarah palin used expertly fine tuned gaslighting techniques to slander this man.

sarah palin has been doing this her entire life.

as far back as high school people have been scared and intimidated by her. people in alaska that somehow got on her bad side are afraid of her.

she is a master manipulator.

she is a sociopath. 100%

the book ‘the sociopath next door’ by martha stout could of been written about her.

*power hungry
*intense stare (look at the photo of her where she has bare shoulders)
*uses the guise of a hockey mom to cover up her real predatory nature
*dislike, lack of feeling for, or even hatred towards all animals
*conservative views
*many people from her past are scared or intimidated by her

etc. etc.

look at the whole picture, really think about it. dissect all the clues.

a sociopath (who is so far right of george bush it’s off the map) may be the future vp or even president of the usa, if mccain were to pass on.

are you not afraid at all???

i don’t even live in the usa and i am terrified that this scary woman might be in the white house.

read the book ‘the sociopath next door’ by martha stout before you cast your vote.

pass the word on…..


I appreciated the fact that the Governor didn’t put up with guff from an anti-social ex brother-in law. I wrote too fast praising her and not thinking through that she needed to manipulate her position as Governor to resolve this personal family issue. A private citizen doesn’t have the luxury of the muscle of her office when forced to deal with similar scenarios.

I am constantly hitting brick walls put in front of me by corrupt anti-social personalities sitting in positions of authority that I need to go to their offices for help in “trying to resolve” what my EX anti-social fiance has done to my life. It’s a loosing battle having to go to anti-socials to arrest another anti-social. All anti-socials say NO. They have no depth to their personalities, no understanding and therefore could care less of my complaints and concerns. They allow victimization of individuals by anti-socials to continue. I actually spoke with a police officer for the first time yesterday who refused to return my phone calls and/or e-mails for the past year and a 1/2. Yet, insisted to tell me that he followed through for the last year and 1/2 and spoke with me several times … he refused to do his job as he insisted to tell me for the reason only a court of law could provide … using this as an excuse to not to do his job (I didn’t know police officers were judge and jury too). I kept repeating that he just do his job and leave the outcome of decisions to the courts. Of course, he hung up on me.

The anti-socials are the people who put the wrenches in the wheels of the world. The have no depth of understanding of life situations and care less about what is going on around them. They don’t do their jobs unless a supervisor is breathing down their neck for a deadline to be completed. Then you can’t rely on what they provided as a finished product.

And people wonder why government doesn’t work today?


I don’t think she is any scarier than Hillary, and I don’t know anything about her yet, but I do know I’ve never heard of a Sociopath willingly adopting a handicapped baby, and running a campaign for vice president without a nanny. I will say that Alaska does seem to have a tradition of raising “tough” and sometimes line-crossing politicians and office holders. That trooper seems to me to have been way out of line, and I think she might have just gotten angry and said, ok fine, you won’t fire him, then I’ll just fire you. From what I’ve heard, Alaska has been a sort of “final frontier” for America, and the justice there can bear a little resemblance to that of the Wild West at times. eg “Walking Tall”


hello kat_o_nine_tales,

i don’t know, i have never been scared of hillary, nor have many others. but a lot of people are scared of palin. for example: she intimidated people in her high school, people in alaska that did not agree with her were blacklisted by her, and many people (famous and ordinary citizens) are expressing that they are ‘scared’ of her. there is something about her that is scary. plus, there are many successful sociopaths that do not commit obvert punishable crimes but nonetheless commit morally apprehensible behavior under the radar there entire lives. if you read the book the sociopath next door you will understand that she fits the profile. look i am a women and i respect strong women. but, there is something different about palin. she seems devoid of all normal humanity. to me (my opinion) she is someone driven by an insatiable need (not so much a desire) but an intrinsic need for power, at all costs. she steps on the feet of all that have helped her in the past and intimidates those who get in her way, she uses her family as a backdrop to somehow prove she is like the average ordinary woman (but she is not) she is like a machine, she is the kid in the sandbox in pre-school who would pinch you behind the teacher’s back and then when the teacher turned around she would smile her biggest smile and then make it look like you were the one that started something, she has unbridled charisma, an intense psychopathic stare……….she fits all the criteria for a female sociopath in a suit. no conscience, no knowledge of what that even means, complete disregard for the environment, cruelty to animals. she fits it 100%. i have never been scared of a woman in power before i laid eyes on her. i have very strong instincts. she is not a strong woman in the vein of hillary, oprah, bhutto, etc. she is a strong woman in the vein of one who is a cruel, vindictive, power hungry machine. god help the usa and the world if mccain passes away and she is the president!!! think before you VOTE!!!!

Ox Drover

I didn’t chime in Smokescreen because I dind’t want to parcipitate a “big bad debate here”–but I am from Arkansas and know quite a bit about Ms. Hillary’s BEHAVIOR here as the wife of the gov for years, and am privy to some SCARY information on her and Bill—I label them BOTH PSYCHOPATHS.

As far as Palin “going after” her X-BRO in Law, I think, quite frankly, that any man who has used a TAZER on an 11 yr old, and exibits the kind of other behavior he has done should be fired, and not NOT FIRED because the Gov happens to be his X SIL–to me, she had an OBLIGATION to gethim fired NO MATTER WHO HE WAS.

I’m not a political left, or right, I don’t have a great deal of confidence in ANY politician. However, from what I have heard about Palin, and some of it from a friend in Alaska, I am more Pro-Palin than I am anti. She’s not perfect, but at the same time, she seems to me to be someone who HAS MORALS and stands up for them.

It is obvious to me, that Bill Clinton HAS NO MORALS, and is a habititual liar, and a psychopath, IF for no other reason (and I have plenty of others ) that Hillary would “stay” with him in the “partnership” (not marriage) that they have, proves to me that she is just like him. Her arrogance knows no limits.

Nuff said, I just don’t want to get a fight started here. The way our media spins things today, who can ever “know for sure” who is what, or who is who?


The former Governor in our state fired the sister of the opponent who ran against him for the position of Governor. That was everyone’s 1st RED flag when he took office … of what was to come, never mind the gag order he put on his ex-wife … that was well written while he ran for the first time

When caught and made to forfeit his position… the courts gave him a slap on the wrist for all the chaos he created. Now he’s a born again, gainfully employed to do whatever he is going to do. Will see if reading the Bible on his own will help. I personally think he should get help from a mental health professional for the next 20 years walking him step by step how to mature and be a responsible citizen in this country.


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