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Joe Morrissey, jailed for sex with a 17-year-old employee, leads Richmond’s race for mayor

Eight people are running for mayor of Richmond, Virginia. In a poll released a few weeks ago, Joe Morrissey held a comfortable lead, with 28% of the vote. The second-place candidate had 16%.

Morrissey, a former prosecutor and state delegate, has a lot of name recognition probably because he’s in the news a lot for bad behavior.

  • Morrissey was busted for having sex with a 17-year-old assistant in his law firm. First he denied everything, then, when the girl turned out to be pregnant, married her.
  • Morrissey went to jail for fighting a defense attorney, and for beating a contractor.
  • Morrissey was cited for contempt of court 10 times, and went to jail for it.

Mark Holmberg of WTVR in Richmond calls Morrissey a “one man circus” and wants voters to elect someone else.

Holmberg: OMG: Sextin’ Joe Morrissey is leading the mayor’s race! on

Lovefraud has written about this guy before. Morrissey tested positive for the MAO A gene, which is linked to sociopathy. Lots of politicians are likely sociopathic, but with this guy, there’s proof!

The ‘warrior gene’ in action, on

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