Kaitlyn Conley, 24, sentenced to 23 years for killing her boss

Kaitlyn Conley

Kaitlyn Conley, 24, was sentenced to 23 years in prison for fatally poisoning her boss.

The victim was Mary Yoder, 60, of Whitesboro, New York, a chiropractor. Yoder was also the mother of Conley’s ex-boyfriend.

During the sentencing, William Yoder, the victim’s husband, said Kaitlyn Conley “had a fight with my son … and then murdered his mother.”

Kaitlyn Conley sentenced to 23 years for the death of her ex-boyfriend’s mother, on NewYorkUpstate.com.

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader, who was a relative of the victim.





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Hi Donna, can you repost your post of a letter (??) that you wrote to “the family” to understand that their family member needed support after leaving a sociopath? My family just does not get it. I have asked them to read books on the subject to they understand the hell I endured but the refuse same with look at your site. Thank you. (I tried to search for it my self with no luck)

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