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Learn to use EFT Tapping to heal your life – FREE 10-day online summit starts 2/27

Natural PsycholgistIf after dealing with a sociopath you’re feeling stuck, even trapped, in your life, EFT Tapping can help you break free and move forward. It’s an amazing technique that can heal deep emotional wounds, calm PTSD, and overcome health problems. I’m not kidding.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. Tapping is what you do with your fingers, you tap specific accupressure points, mostly on your face, while bringing to mind the situation that you want to address. This changes the energetic connection between your memory or perception of the situation and specific structures in your brain. When the energy changes, your life changes.


This stuff works. I’ve used it myself, and I’ve heard from plenty of Lovefraud readers who have used it as well.

On Monday, February 27, 2017, the 9th annual Tapping World Summit begins. It’s an opportunity for you to learn how to use this technique from the most famous practitioners in the field. It’s online, and it’s absolutely FREE.

Two presentations will be offered each of the 10 days. The topic range from “Making Peace with the Past: From Resentment and Regret, to Forgiveness and Freedom” to “Relationship Drama: Tapping to Get Clear On Honoring Your Needs.”

Just for registering for the event, you’ll get two bonus presentations immediately:

  • Nick Ortner, author of The Tapping Solution, will show you how to use the technique.
  • Dr. David Feinstein, author of The Promise of Energy Psychology, will explain why it works.

I recommend that you check out the Tapping World Summit. You have nothing lose, and everything to gain.

9th Annual Tapping World Summit

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18 months ago I joined an online counseling group that I am SO thankful for. In this Christian group, we learn mindfulness and meditation techniques, and we learn a method of TAPPING as well.

So I’ve been doing tapping off and on for about a year – and I must say – IT WORKS! I really credit the tools and the training I received in this group as the catalyst that strengthened me and prepared me to see him for what he really is and get ready to leave. So seeing this article just gave me goosebumps – so thankful that the Lord brought these things in my life.

And – by the way – my psychologist that I’ve been seeing for 8 months (we started going together for marriage counseling but now that I have separated she is my counselor alone) uses EMDR therapy to help with PTSD and I believe tapping is a big part of the EMDR therapy. So if you don’t have the means to get therapy for yourself and any PTSD you may have, tapping can be “DIY” therapy – and you’ll benefit from it!

You can also see an easy method that I use here:

And I use it everyday before I start on my job search (I HATE searching for a job) and it really does make the anxiety go away – or at least lessens it to a manageble level!


I’m not seeing where to sign up for the 10 day eft course. Please guide me as I am really trying to find out if there’s a way to erase every memory good & bad & even from knowing who he even is so I’d not even recognize him if I was to see him

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