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LOVEFRAUD TO THE NEXT LEVEL: Here’s why we need to educate high school students

I’ll be presenting information about sociopaths to students in two New Jersey high schools next month. A blog posted recently on Women Explode reminds me why I am doing this. Although the author referred to the callous boy she was with as a “Psychotic Frog,” he doesn’t sound delusional. He sounds like a classic sociopath. At least she escaped, and the story has a happy ending.

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Thanks for posting this. I too encountered my first sociopath ( albeit, female ) at around her age ( 13 for me, I believe ) and it lasted throughout most of highschool until I firmly implemented no contact ( yes, at the tender age of 16- even whilst having to see this N everyday! ) after stumbling upon information about Narcissists.. or it was really rather general but I listened to my instincts and did not engage with any form of communication with her, however much she ( and you bet she did ) tried to break that.

I am glad that she found peace with herself.

Ox Drover

How sad, and unfortunately, how common is this situation.

While I applaud Donna’s programs to the schools, I feel that there is such a HUGE NEED nationally, and in every school that a bigger platform is needed. I’d like to see Donna with a NATIONAL PLATFORM as well as the local ones.

I would like to see information presented to not only the individual schools, but to the TEACHERS at national conventions, the school counselors, and the principals and superintendents.

I would like to see Donna and Liane get a program together to present to the NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION membership for a wider distribution of the information, or possibly work with some of the “anti-bullying” groups and other groups who are fighting dating violence among teens.

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