Millions of elderly suffer financial abuse every year

Researchers conducted a phone survey of 4,000 people over age 60. Even though none of these people suffered dementia or other mental decline, 4.2 percent said they had been the victim of financial fraud or exploitation during the preceding year. On a national scale, that translates to millions of victims.

Read Financial abuse of the elderly is approaching a crisis, researcher says, on Philly.com.

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it’s funny how finding the words that definitively describe them for each of us can make all the difference. ‘Poisoned’ is the word for my n sire. so, now i know how to go about caring for myself and healing from his shit. I need to treat myself for poisoning – physically, spiritually and psychologically.

this feels liberating in the way that figuring out the best fantasy way to kill the spath did.

one joy rolling into 2012 with ammo!


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