Mischele Lewis on the front page of the Philadelphia Daily News!

Mischele Lewis

Mischele Lewis on the cover of the Philadelphia Daily News.

Lovefraud has followed the story of Mischele Lewis, of Florence Township, N.J., who fought back against William Allen Jordan, an bigamist and international con man. Jordan is now serving time for fraud.

After reading media coverage about her plight (the original story was written by  Donna Andersen for the Daily Mail), New Jersey Assemblyman Troy Singleton, D-Burlington, wrote a bill to make “sex by deception” illegal.

Yesterday, Mischele was on the cover of the Philadelphia Daily News, interviewed for a story about the bill. Here it is:

Watch out, lovers who lie! Sexual assault by deception could become a criminal offense, on

Will Allen Jordan, aka Will Allen, on



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Mischelle, I think it is just incredible what you and others like Donna Anderson & Lise-Lotte Lublin (one of Cosby’s victims helping to get a bill passed changing the Nevada state of limitations for the criminal prosecution of sex crimes to 20 years from 4 years) are making a positive difference for our society.

It so empowering to see that you and others on your darkest days are able to muster up the strength to say enough “I am going to make a difference now for future victims of these evil people”.

Wishing you all the best with regards to the passing of this extremely important bill. Lets hope the NJ law makers are smart enough to realize this is such an important law that needs to be passed for the protection of our society from sociopaths.

Keep us posted!

Thanks Jan! I am trying, but it’s proving to be a trying process. Of course there is a lot of social push back, but it’s a hard concept for a lot of people to grasp their head around, but NJ would not be the first state to pass such legislation. It already exists across the country, it just has to be accepted as a new norm. 20 years ago people gave a lot of push back about gay marriage and now it’s widely accepted. It’s all a matter of pushing for what you believe in and waiting for society to catch up. Do I want this to take 20 years? Heavens no, but I don’t think there is any stopping it.


Donna and my LF friends,
How do we, as the victims help to get this passed in our states?
I truly feel the pain of the victims of this horrible person and all of the spaths that have us posting her almost daily?
Ant recommendations would be helpful as I barely have energy to deal with my day to day life because of the nightmare I have to keep a secrete because I feel like I will be judged that its my fault for being with him.
Its over but the aftermath is still painful.


I’ve been grappling with this issue for some time. Donna brought Mischele’s case to my attention a couple of months after my book on rape by fraud was launched. We both accompanied Mischele to the police when she filed her report, so they would take her case seriously, and we both published information about her case.

The publicity got the attention of the Assemblyman in her area, Troy Singleton, and he drafted the law that’s now pending in New Jersey. I’m currently working with cases in a few states in the hope that we’ll see similar results.

You can help get the law passed in New Jersey by signing the petition to support it. It currently has 420 signatures. We need a great many more! Here’s the link: Please spread the word to your family and friends as well as through your social media.

Another recent post here on LoveFraud introduces “Truth in Romance Day,” on June 15th. It was specifically designed to help raise awareness. Please help spread the word on that as well so that society will begin to recognize sex scams as the defiling act that they are.

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