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Mom still presses for answers in daughter’s death

Katherine Morris

Katherine Morris, a victim of love fraud.

Kathy Morris, a 22-year-old who was about to graduate from the University of Maryland, was found dead on May 6, 2012. Authorities ruled her death a suicide.

Her mother, Rev. Marguerite Morris, believes the investigation was botched.

Kathy had secretly married a U.S. Army soldier. Rev. Morris believes the soldier married her daughter just so he could collect more money from the Army, which is fraud.

“She had all the documentation about the fraud and the next day’s she’s dead,” Rev. Morris told the Capital Gazette. “And that’s one reason why I push.

Mother of apparent suicide seeks answers, on

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The tragedy these creatures cause is so alarming and when they get away with it it is heartbreaking and terrifying. This poor mother, she knows the evil that killed her daughter and is being ignored by the legal system. It certainly sounds like motive for murder and whether it was murder or suicide, he is guilty. When will the military, colleges and law enforcement get it? That is the question we ask, but we know that too often they do get it and are complacent in the rape and murder of women to protect their own reputations. It must stop and we must help stop it.

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