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My Bill Cosby experience: Did I dodge a bullet?

Bill CosbyA Lovefraud reader asked me to write about the Bill Cosby scandal. A total of 27 women have publicly come forward to tell their stories of being sexually assaulted by the famous comedian.

A complete list of the women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault, on

As I read the accounts, I kept seeing virtually the same story, over and over.

Many of the women were young models and actresses who claim Cosby made a pretense of offering them career advice. One woman, however, was a 19-year-old waitress who said Cosby offered her a ride home and then assaulted her. Another woman was 19 when Cosby approached her in a gift shop at the Las Vegas Hilton, where he was performing, and invited her backstage. She says she was drugged, and woke up to find him having sex with her in the green room bathroom.

At this point the shocking realization hit me: This could have happened to me.

Atlantic City Magazine

Donna Andersen attended a business association Christmas party while editor of Atlantic City Magazine. Left is her brother, Doug Andersen.

Donna Andersen attended a business association Christmas party while editor of Atlantic City Magazine. Left is her brother, Doug Andersen.

From 1978 through 1982 I was editor of Atlantic City Magazine. It was my first job out of college.

The job sounds more prestigious than it was. Casino gambling had just become legal in New Jersey, and Atlantic City’s first casino opened a few weeks after I graduated from college. Atlantic City Magazine was a startup publication. I was not only the first editor; I was the first employee.

I had majored in magazine journalism in college, and founded a campus magazine. But I think the prime reason I got the job in Atlantic City was because I was in the right place at the right time.

Arranging the Cosby interview

Atlantic City Magazine frequently published interviews with the headline entertainers who performed at the casinos. Sometime around 1980, when I was 24 years old, Bill Cosby, who regularly appeared in Atlantic City, agreed to be interviewed.

I needed to finalize the time and place where our writer would meet the comedian. But Cosby wasn’t available he was playing tennis with a casino executive. So in this era before cell phones, I drove over to the indoor tennis courts.

After making the arrangements with a casino PR person, I, along with a few others, watched Cosby play tennis.

As the game was coming to an end, Cosby announced that he wanted to go to the White House Sub Shop, which was famous for its subs. But he didn’t have a car. So as the casino folks were trying to figure out how to get him to the sub shop, Cosby pointed at me and said, “She’ll take me.”

Driving Bill Cosby

I was astounded. Everybody looked at me, and I said I could take him.

So, when Cosby finished playing tennis, we got into my car. The car was something plain and white that Atlantic City Magazine rented for me certainly not what I assume the TV star was accustomed to driving in.

I was star struck. During the 15 minutes that it took to drive from the tennis courts to the sub shop, I tried to engage Cosby in conversation. He didn’t say much. But he did spit out the window.

When we arrived at the sub shop, I stopped the car, let him out and drove away.

It never occurred to me to go in with him, be a groupie, order subs, or make sure he got back to the casino. That’s how naïve I was.

Dodged a bullet

Later, realizing that I’d let an opportunity to make an important connection slip through my fingers, I berated myself for my stupidity.

But now, after reading the accounts of all the young women who claim that Cosby assaulted them, I can’t help but wonder if the same thing could have happened to me.

Maybe Cosby assumed that I’d go into the White House with him, and drive him back to the casino. Then, perhaps he would have invited me backstage. I know I would not have questioned his intentions. I didn’t understand then that rich, famous, powerful men took advantage of young women.

Had Bill Cosby done the same thing to me that he allegedly did to all those other young women, I know one thing. I would have been severely traumatized.

So perhaps I was lucky that I drove away.

More info:

Everything you need to know about the Bill Cosby scandal, on

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This is one of the most disturbing media reports I have heard in my entire life. Bill Cosby, a perv? A molester? A rapist?
It shocked me when I first read about it. Even having endured a spath and NPD/BPD.
There are just no good guys left 🙁

House is right–“Everybody Lies”.

And maybe, just maybe, it’s not just that I have so many FN issues in my head; maybe, just maybe, ANYONE can get caught in the hell of a EVIL person.


Quote: “There are just no good guys left.”

I do understand how you feel. I too was sorely disappointed to discover that Bill Cosby, of all people—that guy who made us all laugh so much with his wonderful humor—was just another stinking rapist. There’s no way we can ignore what twenty-seven womeh have to say about him.

However, in spite of Bill Cosby, there’s plenty of us Good Guys left. And there always were. We’re actually a majority. So please don’t lose heart! If you’re looking for one, there’s a Good Guy out there for you, somewhere.

Even though WE ALSO have a great sense of humor—well I do, anyway—we’re just not CEEE-LEB-rities, that’s all!

Look for us in the grocery store… or on the street… or anywhere that REAL ORDINARY PEOPLE can be found! 😉 We hide in crowds, yanno! We just don’t make an exhibition of ourselves the way those CEEE-LEB-rities do. But we’re out there. Hope your life goes better for you in the New Year!


In this case, I think your guardian angel was watching out for you Donna.

I have been horrified when reading about Mr Cosby. I am very sensitive about pedos, although def sexually molested, my pedo was in a terrible car accident before he could penetrate me with his penis. I always thought an angel protected me.

I worked at Cedars Hospital from 1985 onwards for years, it’s a celebrity hospital. We’d hear about “the industry”, and I remember being told to stay away from Mr Cosby, that he was NOT like who he appeared to be on TV. He had a reputation of being cruel and cheating on his wife. So during those opportunities to meet him, I stayed away. (I did meet Danny Kaye and James Stewart, both were very kind to me.)

I’m just saying, Bill Cosby has ALWAYS had the reputation, it’s just now getting traction. WHY is this scandal being believed NOW when he got away with it for so long? And geeesh. His behavior towards the women accusing him? It’s the behavior of a sociopath. SICK SICK SICK. Those poor women, and YES I do believe them!!


I agree that Donna’s guardian angel was looking out for her!

I believe Cosby is guilty of what he is being accused of, and I’m appalled at his behavior today – he clearly believes he walks on water and is used to being treated as such.

I think in the pre-internet days when this happened, it was easier to keep it quiet”it seems pretty obvious that industry insiders knew what/how he was, but outside of that, it just didn’t get around. He was a money making machine and the powers in charge wouldn’t have wanted that to change. The women were incidental, unimportant. It’s all sickening.


I’m sorry, I was disjointed in my message. If true, Bill Cosby did to these women what Pedos do to their victims. There is the helplessness, that no one will believe you, that YOUR reputation is forever damaged while they go on to whatever good things life gives them. And you have to pretend that the rape didn’t affect you if you ever want a life, if you ever want to be something that is NOT damaged. Bill Cosby is accused of using people as objects, not as lovers or affairs (although he did that too) but using women as unconscious receptacles for his semen. The degradation must be so very awful. Talk about NO JUSTICE for rape victims? Well, maybe there is a tiny bit of justice after all, because NOW people SEE HIM as the predator, as a cold, soulsucking, calloused RAPIST. And yes, this is written assuming he is what they have said, with no trial or evidence, because… their words RING TRUE, and his behavior RINGS like that of a sociopath.



I did smile at the fact you just dropped him off. LOL He must have had a stunned look on his mug as you drove off.

Missed interview and missed opportunity:
That type of missed opportunity nags at us for a long time. Case in point: About the same time you were at the casino, I had moved from NJ to San Diego. A friend and I drove to Los Angelos and got a map from the corner kid that sold a booklet that mapped out the movie stars’ homes.

We went to find Jack Nicholson’s house. and we did. The gates were open and in we went. A party was going on and we were welcomed as guests. Our hostess said Jack would be down soon, that he was in a conference upstairs in the bedroom.

Well, I wanted to stay. I didn’t think of consequences as I was star struck. We stayed for a while, sitting on his couch and talking small talk and then my friend became very scared and made us leave. I kicked myself for not staying. I never got to meet him although he was right there.

Not saying Jack was a bad guy. Just about missed opportunities. But we might have escaped a terrible outcome. Mine might have been at the hands of others. Being so young and naive, we left ourselves wide open.

Unfortunately, I had other bad experiences because I was not looking for dangerous situations. But arming young woman and young men with the knowledge of predators in real life is one of my jobs. I just was trying to explain this site and sp’s to a young man who doesn’t understand why women stay for a while or longer with an sp. At least he will be aware….and he is starting to get it. and not blame the victim….

Glad you escaped and understand how you might have lamented that missed opportunity….and I am pretty sure that Cosby sure did…..


Donna, I think your self protective instincts overpowered your conscious objectives of career and meeting a “famous” person. Spitting out of the window while riding in someone else’s car might just seem disgusting but it sounds like it was a red flag since you remember it so well after all of these years. It sounds like he might have been testing you by behaving the a too familiar, uncouth and power flaunting way of disgusting trashy men. He would have had a handkerchief or apologized otherwise. Maybe it just took a long time for you to realize it. And it took a long time and a lot of rapes to get him nailed. What a tragedy for all of the women he used and demeaned deliberately and with malice in his unfeeling. I am so glad you just let him off and drove off. You put him in his place in a small but obvious way. Be proud of it.


I posted above but wanted to add that spitting in public actually can be regarded as symbolic act of contempt.

True to what Delores said above: ” testing you by behaving too familiar, uncouth and power flaunting way of disgusting trashy men”…


still reeling

Totally agree re: the spit. When I read that, I said to myself, “A socio or sicker.” Basing that on the fact that we now know he’s a rapist and a certified pervert. He hates women. Of course he spit and probably wanted to spit right on Donna. He has no conception of personhood or decency and never has. I am much more disgusted and disappointed in a man I thought was humane and caring (and not because he was Cliff Huxtable) than I was of the path. I knew the path was nuts and inhumane from the very second I laid eyes upon him as he acted like a jerk right away. But as we all know, that changes.


“Left is her brother, Doug Andersen.” So your brother is Santa Claus 🙂 How nice to know. I always wondered if Santa had family. OK, just kidding, I can tell who your brother really is. Nice photo!

As far as dodging a bullet, evidently yes, that seems to be the case, based on your description. The interesting question is why. Predators pick their targets very carefully. I would hypothesize that you did not meet his criteria for someone he could control and take advantage of against your will. You weren’t even close. His clue was simple – you left him standing there! From his perspective you would have made a terrible next target, based on the little he knew about you. That’s probably why he didn’t later on track you down, unlike the reports of other young women whom reports indicate he went out of his way to later track down and rape. He probably mistook your self-stated naiveté as indicated by your leaving as someone who would stand up to him. None of the women seem to have stood up to him, at least not initially. That seems to be part of his pattern, and you did not match that description. My best guess is that’s why you dodged the bullet.


NotWhatHeSaidofMe, You are so right about being used as a sperm receptacle. That is what was done to me by the psychopath I married, a respected attorney, haha. He took what was supposed to be beautiful and loving and turned it into a degradation and humiliation of body and soul. I tried to say no and he told me that it was my duty as his wife to have sex with him whenever he wanted it. I suppose it was accepted as legal back then to force sex on your wife. It took me years to realize that it was rape, abuse and a cruel power game for him. Worst of all, he intended it to be that way to harm me. He had no interest in healthy sex. I kept him away from my children as much as possible but it took me over 30 years to report him to the police when he showed too much interest in my grandchildren. You are so correct, his actions were like those of a pedophile and instinctively, I knew it. This is why I am so adamant that we must stop Islam, it is legalized rape and slavery of women.


I spent the majority of my professional career in higher ed. Mr. Cosby appeared a few times at one of my employer’s campuses. The gentleman who oversaw the theatre asserted Mr. Cosby was one of, if not the rudest, most demanding performers he’d met during his 40 years of employment at the university. I was very disappointed to learn he was a bully and sadly, am not the least bit surprised by the recent allegations of rape and sexual assault.

still reeling

Famous folks often act out seemingly because they can’t handle fame. I would never have believed that of Cosby. Now, of course, it all makes sense. I think he’s too sick to admit to himself what he’s done and what he is. How that woman stayed with him all this time must have to do with money and/or the family. I cannot fathom. If he lived in reality, he’d come clean. He’s probably psychotic as well as a socio and g-d knows what else.


I think she stayed with him because of money, but it has occurred to me she might be afraid of him.

When my ex told me he had been accused of harassment by two different women at his office and he said they were lying, just trying to ruin him, the first words out of my mouth were “if you didn’t do what they said you did, then you must have done SOMETHING, because women don’t put themselves through the process if there wasn’t truth to it.” Turns out, I was right.

still reeling

Good point, HM. Something that did not cross my mind at all. He’s so daunting and crazy, who knows what he’s threatened her with over the years. That terrifies me for her. Beyond horrendous.

So true re: your ex. There’s generally some truth to any rumors of that nature. Yes, there are exceptions, but generally by jealous female paths or narcs! Awful. Just awful.


Did you watch the clip where he was intimidating to the interviewer after the interview was over but the cameras were still rolling?

Everything about his mannerisms, his facial expression, his tone of voice, seethes “I”will”not”be”questioned”period”. He’s gotten away with what amounts to murder for decades, and he believes his own propaganda. He believes he can intimidate anyone, and they will back off. So far, it’s working for him, but he’s dangerously annoyed.

I’m scared for his wife too.


There are lots of reasons why someone would stay.
She might have accepted the affairs but can’t deal with the cog dis that he’s a rapist.
She has had some benefits over the years… she’s had status, and celebrity. She’s had POWER herself.

She’s from a generation that does not divorce so easily.
She’s avoided being trashed like his other victims have been trashed.

Fear is certainly possible. Powerful people can make trouble “disappear”.
She might be a rescuer, and enjoy “saving” him from those accusers.
She might be a narcissist herself and uncaring about what is done to others by Bill.

The list goes on.

I know I stayed with a sociopath because by the time I figured out he was a cheat and a liar and a conman but… he had swayed my daughter to his perspective and I would NOT leave her (my father was a pedo, with my childhood history, there was NO way that I was leaving MY daughter to the custody of my ex). I didn’t find out that all his attributes fit a sociopath until a couple of years after I finally left him.

I think the most likely reason people stay is that they are caught in a Betrayal Bond.

They simply are in denial. And it generally takes getting hit over the head with an emotional or real two-by-four to begin to see reality for what it is, and break free.

To onlookers, people experiencing Betrayal Bonds look like they are making bad choices. But it’s actually the significant power of our brain chemistry to cleave us to our mate. We simply don’t internalize the sinister characteristics that are right in front of our eyes.



I remember The cosby show. He was thee ‘Dad’. A Dr. in a perfect functional large family. Respected and loved by children. He created a dream on screen.
If anyone spoke up with allegations at that time, i can totally imagine they would be mocked and slandered as money greedy opportunists.
Its so strange! My late father was in criminal psychology. Did not want us watching that show as kids. He said cosby was a pervert and hates children which is antagonistic to the ideals of the show. (I wander what he would say about my expath)


Heart1 Did your father ever explain to you why he concluded Cosby was a pervert and hated children? It would be interesting to know what his reasons were from the standpoint of a criminal psychologist.


I was in my tweens. He was intelligible and articulate in conversing with people. He said he could read people like a book by their actions and physical behaviours in the first few minutes. He passed away in my early 20s but when we where warned, it was in simple laymens terms. I vaguely remember him analzying Cosbys actions onscreen(acting) comparable to seeing his regular persona on news and interviews, and he picked up on the slight irregularities that are familiar to a psychotic allure.( Even when acting they maintain a certain aura of their own persona). And described what he thought he was. But as a child, it was almost too complex for me to understand. He predicted alot of people correctly. He was all over TV evangelists and presidential figures. But I wont get into that.


Did any of you watch the video interview with him and his wife ? I think it was NPR but don’t quote me on that. Toward the end of the interview the journalist inquired about the recent allegations. That part of the video gives us a pretty clear glimpse of his pathology. He is dismissive and attempts to stake out the high ground by his condescending assertions. When he assumes they are finished with the interview the camera continues rolling while he applies pressure to edit that part out. He has the audacity to target the ethical/journalistic integrity of the institution and the interviewer. This shows behind the mask of the bully. This is a good example of paramoralism in action. Sickening. And I was a fan.


To his victims: I believe each and every one of your accounts of Cosby horrible abuse against you. I think it is important to realize that going up against an evil man like Cosby can not be done alone it must be with all his victims. With a large group you have power against him so stick together no matter how different your personalities and lifestyle are there is power in numbers. Just look at the African herds of animals that stick together because they have a greater chance of survival verse standing alone.

I have prayed that you would find your way to Lovefraud and other sites like this one where you can educate yourself on what appears to be Cosby’s personality disorder, also for you find support and have some type of closure.

To Donna: I literally was holding my breath reading your post, so thankful that you dodged a bullet by leaving him at the sub shop that day. The fact that he pointed to you and said that you would take him (without him asking if that was ok with you) is proof to me that he had sized up the group and pick his next target victim. He seems to be masterful at initial grooming of his victims as he appears to be “nice” and “trustworth” and shows special attention the first time they meet so that the victims will return to his hotel room during a next meeting with him under false pretenses so you leaving him that day prevented him from coming up with a reason to invite you back to his hotel room for say a one on one magazine interview in the future.

I am so glad that you wrote your account Donna for several reasons but the main reason is that when any (hopefully all) of his victims search the word Cosby sociopath it will guide them to your wonderful site.

As for Cosby he appears to fits the traits of psychopath with narcissistic personality:

he grooms his victims by appearing “nice” & “trust worthy and shows them special attention.
he isolates his victims from a group ie Donna’s story or other stories where he moves the target victim away from their family/friend/coworkers

he intimidates, bullies, and manipulates reporters or anyone else that attempts to expose his dirty secrets

he turns the tables and makes the woman or reporters feel bad for bring up such history = guilt tripping them

he shifts blame to the victims

he hides behind his lawyers, PR people, his wife, his daughter

news reports this week state that he has hired private investigators to dig up “dirty” on the victims that have come forward = classic sociopaths smear campaign in the making

he has a history of being rude, controlling, intimidating and abrasive from everyday people he meets

he has pathological abusive behavior

major power & control issues with drugging his victims

He selected a character for his TV show that was the complete opposite behavior to his real behavior but the sick part is he selected his characters as a doctor but not just any doctor but a gyn/obn doctor..a doctor that would look at woman’s private parts in real life…this to me was not by accident but by a man who is sick and twisted. His character in his mind was a good cover if he ever got caught no one would believe the victims.
all serial rapist are sociopaths/psychopaths and most child molester fall into this category. 70 – 90 % of sex addicts fall into this category as well.

As for Cosby’s wife:

She is living a true nightmare behind closed doors and while she is in public she puts on a smile but behind closed doors she is most likely emotionally & mentally broken down by her husband on a daily bases. He is her cult leader mind controlling/brain washing her so she does not leave him. If a man is this abusive in public he is extremely abusive behind closed doors with his own family. Hopefully one of her closest friends/family will guide her to a good domestic abuse counselor so she can finally free herself from his brain washing, mind control and abuse.

It’s extremely telling that not one person in the Hollywood has come out to support Cosby who has been part of that world for over 50 years. Why have they not come out? because they know all these victims are telling the truth about him they have witnessed his behavior and/or hear the rumors for years. Even his own friend Huge Hefner did not say anything in his comment about how great Cosby is or that Cosby would never do such horrible things to woman.


What an interesting story!

Outrageous behavior toward someone they just met is a test. They are looking to see your reaction. That’s probably what spitting out the window was about…. the first attempt to see whether you’d be properly polite and ignore his offensive act.

Had you said something like, “Yuck, don’t do that out of my car,” it might have signaled a barrier to him. Obviously, star-struck young women don’t generally behave that way, but he wanted to gauge you.

Some sociopaths seem to be even more excited about overcoming obstacles so an outspoken reaction does not necessarily stop them. Rather, it signals them the lay of the land. We are often left with a sense of having been manipulated, even in a small way, when we first meet a psychopath.

My son’s roommate told me a story about first meeting my son’s father that, knowing what he’s like, I fully understood. (Ill call him) Steven was at the apartment putting a bookcase together when my son and his father walked in. His dad was carrying his jacket across his shoulder and he placed it directly on the framework Steven was working on. In his early twenties and not wanting to offend, Steven ignored his rudeness, but his actions always stuck with him, just as Cosby’s spitting out the car window stuck with you.

We often miss those first cues that could otherwise tip us off as to the character of the person we’re dealing with. The psychopath tests our “offensiveness” tolerance from the moment they meet us.



Joyce, wow, this brought back a memory I had completely forgotten.

My ex and I worked in the same department but our duties didn’t overlap much, if at all. I saw him in weekly staff meetings, or around the office. Our building had an open staircase that you could see straight down from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor. One day I was heading up the stairs from the 1st floor when I heard a sound like someone was going to spit from above me and I looked up and he was standing up there, leaning over the railing and grinning at me. I recall laughing and continuing up the stairs. Prior to that, I doubt I’d exchanged more than two or three sentences with him. I was a female in a mostly male profession and had spent a lot of time out in the field and a lot of crude stuff just rolled off my back (you got used to it back in the 80’s before laws were in place).

After we got involved, he told me that the day he had made that noise and I had laughed, he knew I was “cool” and he wanted to get to know me better, since most women would have reacted very differently.


In the psychopath’s dictionary- Cool- Someone polite enough to overlook bad behavior. Good victim material!


still reeling

Astute comment Joyce. Certainly held in my situation. First time I met the socio, he tested me with a very flirtatious comment at the end of a job interview. I was caught completely off-guard, completely tongue-tied at this unexpected and outlandish “question,” served up with, yes, just as HM’s path, a grin. I sure wish I had had my wits about me and reported his a** immediately to his management. But, as I always say, he chose well. I, too, “passed the test,” just at you did, HM.
Excellent “victim material” Joyce. Excellent.

@HM, somehow can’t respond to the post you left earlier re: whether or not I caught the Cosby interview. I did see part of it and had similar feelings to yours. I think he’s so ill, he thinks he did nothing wrong. Camille is probably being coached by many lawyers, therapists, etc. She is protecting herself, kids, grandkids, etc. I still wish he was innocent, but actually, after reading Donna’s letter, I am 100% sure he’s a rapist and very, very ill.


Still Reeling, I’m with you – I wish I had reported him when he did that spitting thing, but he had this going for him – his wife had just died from cancer – and I felt sorry for him. In fact, that’s why I accepted his invitation to lunch, thinking he could use a friend.

I was supposed to meet him at a certain restaurant, and when I walked in 10 minutes early, he was already at the bar, eating. I walked up and said, hey, I thought we were supposed to meet at 1, why are you eating already? His response? Women are always late, I was hungry, so I decided to go ahead and eat.

Sadly, I passed that test too.

still reeling

HM, hope this comment ends up in the right place as there is no “reply” beneath your comment. Anyway, if you see this, please know I hear you loud and clear. And I reacted to path’s behaviors just as you did, making excuses for him, “he has so much to lose, he has a young child, wife, big job, so he must be crazy about me to put all that on the line.” That was a lot of mind-boggling admiration and attraction for me to just dismiss. I would have used wife’s demise as an excuse as you did, knowing full well that spitting and grinning was at best childish and at worst, not the kind of behavior a grieving or pretending to grieve husband would display!
After awhile I asked him, how he could be so calm and collected, smiling and joking when his marriage was in trouble and he was about to lose his job as well. He said their therapist told him he must learn to compartmentalize in order to survive. Of course, I believed him.
When I got sick of his inconsistent, insane behavior, I told him I was done with whatever it was we had, this pathetic excuse for a friendship or whatever it was and I thought he was psychotic. I had NO idea about sociopathy at the time. He said he as very “complicated.”
Today, as I said on another thread here, I still feel so angry, empty and gyped when I think of him, knowing all there is to know about sociopaths now. There’s still a little voice inside that says, “You were too old, not pretty enough anymore, not smart or clever enough. That’s why nothing ever happened between you. Now, you’ll never know what’s it’s like to walk together, see a movie and discuss it, go to a concert, etc.”
In reality, he got himself fired, lost his marriage and I hope his kid because he is NOT father material, other legal problems as well. Yet, I still feel gyped. How pathetic is that? I know how sick he is, I understand that he is incapable of any humanity at all, and still……
I believe that had I reported his pathetic a** as we have stated here, I would have felt in charge and not be feeling those loose ends that will never tie up. Because he got to walk out first, even tho fired, I feel like the one who was left. I was trying to find a new job just because I know myself and wanted to leave him behind. He wouldn’t have cared AT ALL but in my mind, I would have ended things, not him.
Hope 2015 is a good year for you, HM.


Still Reeling, we believed because we were good people, sincere, and we thought they were too. We didn’t know what we didn’t know.

The job where I met him was the job of my dreams”I was second in command in a large department, was well respected and liked, had huge responsibility and was at the top of my game. I was having a blast. He was a manager in the same department, at a lower level than I was.

He started about a year after I did, and I had been there 3+ years when I got involved with him. He insisted on keeping the relationship a secret (red flag), in order to not impact our jobs (even though our responsibilities didn’t overlap) and it seemed like a good idea at the time. We became a couple quickly (red flag) and within a year, I started having trouble at work. To make a long story short, someone powerful came after me for no reason I could ever figure out. My boss ostracized me and HR made it clear that it would be in my best interest to move on. None of it made sense – my work was exemplary, the things that were being said were lies, my second in command was set up and lost his job, my duties were reduced and I was told to vacate my office and move to a closet. I refused to vacate the office and that was the day I started looking for another job. I had planned to stay in that job until retirement. During this time, my ex was my closest confidant and support. It wasn’t until after he discarded me that the pieces fell into place and I am certain that he was responsible for the mysterious smear campaign that resulted in me being pushed out of my f’en dream job.

He continued to work there, and around the time we were buying our house together, said he was having troubles with a woman filing a false claim about him. He called me one day when the house was in escrow and told me that he had had enough “harassment” and had quit that day. Again, after he discarded me, someone sent me links to newspaper articles detailing harassment claims several women had filed against the company due to his behavior, and they were shockingly embarrassing. Later I found out he hadn’t quit at all, but had been paid off to leave, to the tune of almost $100k. As a manager, he had eliminated positions to cause women to lose their jobs – women who had refused to meet his demands. The company had improved their retirement benefits right after I left, and he was able to take advantage of that too. I now know that he “dated” no less than 7 – 10 women in that office during our relationship.

My career has never been the same and he made sure I lost as much of my life’s savings as he could in the house deal. Meanwhile, he still has his home, and the value has increased dramatically in the past 3 years. He kept going without missing a beat, and is now married. I doubt he has spent one night alone since the day he discarded me.

I am on my own, trying to rebuild. It’s not easy at this age, and I know things will get better but realistically, my “glory days” are behind me. I hope I will find something that can come close to the pleasure and satisfaction that my career gave me. I completely understand feeling angry and gypped.

Wishing you a good 2015 too!

still reeling

Good God, HM. I am so very sorry. I have never read your story and I have to say this is one of the worst and most frustrating I’ve heard.
You betcha he set you up. No doubt about it. I wish for poetic justice for you. Hate to have to say that but hell, he ends your dream job in a devastating way, sits in a house increasing in value, (while due to him you lose yours and your savings), w/a “wife” (POOR thing-hope she screws him good and not in the Biblical sense).
Yes, I’d be thrilled to know he was locked up in prison or a mental institution, whatever. I don’t know how creeps like that get away with what he’s done-clearly he’s committed crimes…they were in the newspaper. I so hope he gets what’s coming to him in a BIG WAY to the millionth power.

Sounds like you and I have similar feelings about work. I also had my dream job and HM, I love work. It helps me focus on things other than myself and makes me feel productive and fulfilled like nothing else can. I lost mine to a layoff and fought like a demon. Like you, my work was topnotch, the good people were on my side but my corrupt management dumped me off. They did not care about my work, work ethic or any of the folks who tried to help me stay employed. I, too, wanted to work there until I dropped onto my keyboard and my boss knew it.
If not for that horror, I would never have known the path in my life. He hired me for my next job. God.
Listen, HM, I am so very sorry once again. I just hate your story and feel your pain.
You sound amazing and my wish for you is to find employment that allows you happiness and satisfaction that far surpasses the dream job. I know it’s out there and boy, do you ever deserve it.
Big hug and thanks so much for sharing with me.
You’re inspiring and know I’m thinking of you. I do hope that path gets slammed beyond recognition.


Yes, my sister married a psychopath. When he first visited my home, my mother-in-law was there and asked him to please take out the trash. She is petite and he is large and strong. He refused to help, apparently with some attitude. Right then, she said she knew, and she was the only one in the family who saw him for what he was in time.


Still Reeling, thank you for your kind words and support!

My ex is not likely to suffer any consequences from his escapades of the 7 years that I was with him”the women who ended up filing claims all waited too long to be able to personally sue him, and elected to settle with the company rather than got through costly trials that might have pulled him in. I really don’t blame them, I would have taken any kind of restitution from my loss rather than risk it too.

It really fries me that he company choose to pay him off to get him to leave almost a full year before he was eligible for retirement (a cash settlement plus full pay and benefits until that date) but I was high up enough in the food chain to know that that was their best method of damage control. They knew he was guilty, his boss (who had been my boss) was guilty of allowing it, and the $ cost to handle properly would have been much greater. That boss went on to be promoted to run the company. Nice.

I was through the initial shock of being discarded when I put the pieces together and realized he was most likely the source of the smear that ended my career there. I was truly sleeping with the enemy, and he used what I confided to him in confidence to take me down. The pleasure he must have gotten from that while I was in pain and completely clueless really hurts. We went on as a couple after that for 5 more years!

Although I’m 3 1/2 years out from the final discard, the home we owned together wasn’t sold until early last year, and while the time in between was spent with my sole focus on surviving, healing and avoiding the meteors that he kept dropping at my feet, I was surprised to find out that the real, deep healing of my LIFE didn’t start until I drove away from that house for the last time. Just as I was ready to take a breather, I realized there was much more work to do. It is what it is.

The kicker with these monsters is that they make sure you can’t see the forest for the trees when you’re in the thick of it and that is why recognizing it and getting out the minute something doesn’t feel right is imperative.

still reeling

HM, so glad you are out from under and that you truly felt this in your gut as you drove away.

You are so right about getting out when something feels wrong. Sure, we are all gun-shy, so to speak. I know I don’t trust anyone and am suspicious of almost any flag that even looks pinkish-white. Knowing this, I try to be rational and not jump to conclusions right away. No way I can control the way I feel but I try.

Took a job about a yr after the one I had w.path. The guy who interviewed me seemed perfect *except* for the fact that he said I would be replacing someone so beyond amazing, that it would basically be impossible to even come close to being the perfection that she was. RUN!!!!! That is a sick comment and certainly I was sensitized after path experience. I ran all right, like moth to a flame.
Yes, the young woman I was “replacing” was lovely and had a good attitude and loved working there.
I took the job for many reasons but I have admit that possibility of being abused was one of them. It’s pathetic.

This guy played me for a year and a half before I walked out. No romantic stuff at all, but basically threw me crumbs here and there, then manipulated me into doing exactly what he wanted/needed. Ranted at me about his politics (opposite of mine) even after I told him I didn’t want to talk politics and was basically apolitical. Was a misogynist, said horrible things about women (he owned the small business so no one to go to). Got nasty w/me for asking certain questions that he just didn’t like to answer. Then about once every 2 months, he’d throw me a crumb, “You know, blue is your color.”
“Anyone would love having you as a friend.” “We are so lucky to have you, and raising your salary so we can keep you around.” You betcha. I worked my a** off to shine in his narc. eyes, but he was a one-man show, only heard himself, only cared about himself, a nasty, mean-spirited misanthrope with a foul mouth who pretended to be the child-like clown for his own amusement. When he wanted something or felt he had gone too far w/his nasty, inconsistent behavior, he’d behave like a decent human being for a few minutes. Another roller coaster ride. Some of us just never learn. I became so depressed and couldn’t figure out why. Now that I’m outta there, looking back, I can’t believe I even took the damned job. Found out the reason he was so into the woman before me was because they were of the same political philosophy and sat there day after day verbally accosting all those who didn’t agree w/them.

“The kicker with these monsters is that they make sure you can’t see the forest for the trees when you’re in the thick of it and that is why recognizing it and getting out the minute something doesn’t feel right is imperative.”

I sure why I’d read this before taking that second job.


Once upon a time when I was pretty young I applied for a job that was a great promotion for me and I REALLY wanted it. The manager put me through several odd feeling interviews that I excused since I wasn’t very experienced at it, and at the last one told me he had called my references, one of them a prior boss who hadn’t seen me in about a year. He told me that this prior boss had spoken glowingly about my work product, but said that I was a “real moose” (a reference to my weight). The manager said to me that he told him I must have lost some weight, because I was no longer a moose! I’m serious, he told me that to my face! In a job interview setting!

This wasn’t enough to make me not want the job (I was around 25 at the time and pretty ambitious). The manager drew the process out for what seems like was about a month more, and finally called and offered me the job, with this comment: “you are the best of a poor bunch of candidates”. Now THIS was enough to make me turn the job down. I was hurt, and angry that he had put me through so many hoops for so long, only to insult me in the end.

The profession I am in is a pretty tight knit group, and it wasn’t long before it got back to me that this manager was bad mouthing me because I wasted his time only to turn the job down!!

Over the years, I have heard nothing about him but more bad behavior.

Moral of the story, if the flag is pinkish-white, it deserves very close scrutiny. We are conditioned to give people the benefit of the doubt, and that’s not in our best interest. So many people expect us to happily accept treatment from them that they wouldn’t tolerate for a minute before they’d be gone. I have found that being true to myself is a lonely business.

still reeling

H.M. Geez, girl, you never cease to amaze! As well, each time you post, I relate. What a HORRIBLE experience!! I’m so very glad you didn’t take that job. As well, I hate to say something this ugly but very glad you found out that that loser is exactly as he was w/you.

I have been around jerks like him before, who are totally stupid, clueless and lack social skills of any kind. Unless he owned the business, I can’t imagine how someone of that ilk would be allowed access to others at all let alone an interviewee! Unbelievable if I hadn’t experienced similar.
When some pathetics say things like, “you are the best of a poor bunch of candidates,” they have need to be sure you know they are superior. Very sick individuals. And if you called him on it, he’d probably say, “Wow, no sense of humor. Can’t even take a joke??! You’re gonna be a barrel of fun. Not.”

Then to say you wasted him time! Certainly. What else?

I’m too lazy (and tired, sleepless night) to scroll back up so forgive me if I’ve already posted this story.

About 2 yrs ago, before the job I just quit w/the narc, I received an immediate return email from a job I’d just applied for. The guy, Tom, sent me a really nice email, stating that he had hundreds of replies but my cover letter conveyed the type of personality and attitude he was looking for. We set up an interview.

He came into the room wearing a Bluetooth. Stike 1 for me. NOTHING is more important than the interviewee for him at that moment. Only exception: an emergency call he’s expecting and he tells me right away.

The interview was a visit to the Twilight Zone. He really didn’t go into the job, per se, except to say the last person didn’t cut it. They wanted someone with vision, with drive, with enormous enthusiasm (this was for a straight customer service/sales assistant job, mind you). I realized he was full of it. I think they may have already filled the job.

I tried. Asked him to describe a day on the job, duties, responsibilities. He went off into abstract blah-blah again. Then he went off into a story. But of course, he did. Makes perfect sense. His wife and their neighbor interviewed for the same job and his wife got the job over the neighbor. “You want to know why she got that job?” Well, I couldn’t have cared less, and by this time, I was getting ready to bolt. “She got the job because she took with her a very impressive portfolio which contained a program she created for her last job. She laid it all out for the interviewer and explained it fully.” I remember thinking, “Poor interviewer probably wanted to tear his/her hair out.”

I said, “Tom, are you saying you wanted me to do something like that for this interview? I’m not following you.”

He said, “You know what your problem is, you’re afraid to fail.”

With that, he took a call from a sales rep, which he said was, “Urgent.” I gathered up my stuff, said buh-bye, left and wrote him a very nasty letter about leading people on, only to drop them on their heads in a bizarre and embarrassing way.

There have been many interviews and about 4 jobs since my career ended in 2010 and by the time I interviewed with that sick creep, I had had it!

OK, H.M, just had to share that nugget with you. Are you working now?


Very shocked and disappointed in Bill. We (my brothers and I) listened to Bill’s records for years (we had LPs back then).

I arranged with friends to see his comedy act back in 1969 at the Worcester Auditorium in Mass. He did his ‘my brother Russell routine’ and chatted to my friends and I.

He is a very, very sick man.

So sorry.


Donna, what a fascinating story!

First off, I didn’t know—or if I ever did, I didn’t remember—that you’d trained to be a journalist. That helps to account for the skills you’ve displayed here.

However, this is about your encounter with Bill Cosby. The first thing I noted in your story was Cosby’s arrogance in simply presuming that you’d take him to the sub shop, instead of ASKING politely like a normal human being.

The second thing was his rude behavior and aloofness in rejecting your overtures at friendly conversation. Since you were doing him a favor by giving him a ride, the least he could have done was to return the favor by being civil toward you.

Instead, what does he do? He crudely spits out of the window! I’m sure a “young, naive” person would expect a Great Star to behave with a touch of class; not like THAT!

Now we come to the interesting part. You LEFT him at the sub shop! Yes, it does sound as if you dodged a bullet that day. Good for you!

However, I still have to wonder WHY you left him at the sub shop! Doesn’t that need explaining?

Consider the facts. For one, you said you were “star struck.” Quite apart from any other consideration, wouldn’t a “star struck” person be expected to act like a “groupie” (as you said), clinging on to every opportunity to stay with Cosby instead of leaving him there?

For another, you KNEW that Cosby didn’t have a car to take him back to the casino. Even if he wasn’t a Great Star, just some ordinary person you’d agreed to give a ride to, wouldn’t you normally have waited around anyway, or at least asked him if he needed you to wait?

Lastly, as you said, you missed what looked like an opportunity for an interview. Surely too, that realization was not just an afterthought, when the interview was the very reason you’d gone to meet Cosby in the first place! Yet you abandoned that goal without a second thought, and just drove away!

Absent an explanation for what you did—as wise as it turned out to be—I can only speculate on the reasons for it.

You may have been a little “star struck”—but NOT “star struck” ENOUGH to stick close to Cosby whatever the price, as some groupies would have done, particularly in the face of his rude, crude, and supercilious demeanor.

Although you didn’t say so explicitly, I’m inferring that you were NOT impressed by Mister Cosby’s behavior. Could it be that the fifteen minute ride to the sub shop lowered your opinion of him enough that the rose-colored spectacles came off, you stopped regarding him as some Great Star to be worshipped, and started seeing him instead as no more than another human being, and a singularly ill-mannered one at that?

At any rate, the way you dropped him off at the sub shop and simply drove away is exactly what anyone would have done if they’d just given a ride to anyone whose response was both boorish and ungrateful; a passenger, in short, they’d be glad to see the back of.

Could it be, too, that despite your wish for an interview, Mister Cosby was proving to be a frustratingly un-interviewable person, not worth any further effort on your part?

And for his part, it looks as though Cosby’s own haughtiness played a role in your decision to leave him there. Had he been a normally chatty person treating you as a fellow human being, he would not only have thanked you for the ride, but made some comment if he expected you to wait for him when he was finished at the sub shop. Instead, it sounds as though he was so arrogant he “naturally” expected everyone around to WAIT on him, to hang onto his every wh im, without even being asked! Well, tough titty, Mister Cosby, here’s one gal who was NOT going to wait on you!

If I’m guessing right, Cosby was looking for a victim who was not only “star struck,” but willing to worship at his feet! Maybe you had too much self respect to go quite that far… and that’s what saved you!

Star struck doesn’t necessarily translate to groupie, although it might for an outgoing person with no boundaries. A polite, more reserved person might want to not impose, especially since he made no overture for her to stick around.

still reeling

Donna, what a chilling story. I do think you dodged a bullet. Know why? He chose you. Gratefully, things did not go as planned for him. The fact that he did not converse with you in the car is testament to his narcissism. 99% sure a run-of-the-mill flirt, trying to get up close and friendly, would have chatted you up, joked around, etc. Cosby acted like a much worse jerk in that cab. He asked to be driven by you and you concurred. Ok, he’s famous so that’s part of the reason. His fame is beside the point, as it colors all that he is and does. You did a favor for him and, of course, as with many of the girls he exploited, probably expected him to be a decent human being. It’s understandable that a guy who’s supposed to be an excellent dad, (Cliff Huxtable was supposed to be auto-biographical to some degree), great with kids as per his Art Linkletter-type show and a peacemaker/diplomat representing racial relations, would be at least polite! Instead, you got silent and spitting. Thank heavens. You dodged a bullet, my friend.
The first time I met the path, he did just about the same thing. After an interview, he insisted on walking me down to the lobby. He stopped talking at the elevator and bit my head off when I asked him a question. NO talking allowed. It felt weird and uncomfortable. When we got downstairs, he broke out into a smile and hit on me. I was so rattled, I couldn’t respond the way I would have liked to.
Thankfully, Donna, you did not get to that point or you may have ended up as Cosby’s other victims. I do believe he is socio or is there anything worse? It’s with immense sadness that I have to say I fully believe he is a vile monster.
How ironic that you crosses paths with Cosby. Some of us must have had X’s on our foreheads.
Thanks for sharing that jaw-dropper.

jenni marie

Cosby has “dead eyes”. Looking at the picture of him here on LF, if you cover up his fake smile as I have just done…… you can see it yourself, there is little to zero sparkle of a real soul. Lifeless eyes.


HanaleiMoon, wow…just shaking my head at how cunning & evil these sociopaths are in all aspects of their life. I am truly sorry that your life has been turned up side down. Hugs to you!!

My ex h did the same at his work place! Prior to that job he had been fired from two other jobs never truly telling me the truth as to why he was fired. I now realize at one work place he had an affair. But his last job he ended up having an affair with a co worker for over 2 years (well that is the amount of time he told me..truth be told I think it was much longer their office travelled weekly rotating who went on the trips).

He set his eyes on the managers job to have the power to take which trips he wanted and proceeded to get the manager fired with his manipulative lies and brain washing the CEO because the manager and other staff went to HR to let them know that he and this other coworker were having an affair (she was married too). HR call each down to their office and both lied to HR not just during one meeting but during 3 meetings. Then my ex h turned the tables and got not only his manager fired, but another coworker and was able to get another co worker demoted so that his mistress would then be in charge of her previous team leader. Of course the wife is the last to know things.

He got what he wanted he was now the manager & his mistress head of her team. They had the power and control of their office.

Eventually the rest of the coworkers had proof of the affair and both were swiftly fired for lying to HR.

This is when I found out about their affair…I had suspicion early on but never had proof and he was so masterful at spinning my head away from my gut feeling. Her husband had zero clue too. Of course my ex h went into massive manipulation mode to keep me from leaving him once I found out. He even stated that “she was the one who was after him” and that is why he started the affair. But the reality is he cheated on her too during that time…I suspected he cheated on me at least 8-12 times but my counselor believes its more like 3 to 4 times that amount..which is most likely the truth.

The ripple effect of their evil behavior is so mind blowing and sadly no one sees their covert behavior to piece together all their lies and chaos they create because the sociopath manipulates all parties to isolate them so they dont realize they are all being conned by them.

Wishing you the very best in 2015! Take care.

still reeling

Wow, Jan. I just commented above to say that these monstrous freaks of nature are incomprehensibly capable of the most complicated and plentiful covert actions. With no emotions, empathy or conscience, they are free to set and accomplish an enormous quantity of evil goals without a hitch. I’m sure the path in my life (at work) who exited from a elevator in a weird location one day, had probably just had one or more sexual encounters either right there in the building or closeby in a no-tell. He looked a little weird but didn’t miss a step with me. Said something bizarre as usual and went right back to the office. Sick piece of garbage.

Your story is mind-blowing. Unbelievable. I really am still reeling trying to comprehend how these creatures actually pull the wool so tightly over their victims’ eyes. Not just their sexual targets, but anyone they deem worthy of being conned for their own benefit.

You said a few things that truly bear repeating:

“I had suspicion early on but never had proof and he was so masterful at spinning my head away from my gut feeling.”

Boy is that ever true. Perfect description of how they so easily knock you off track. Scary, truly horrifying.

“The ripple effect of their evil behavior is so mind blowing and sadly no one sees their covert behavior to piece together all their lies and chaos they create because the sociopath manipulates all parties to isolate them so they don’t realize they are all being conned by them.”

Truly sick to live a life day after day, getting your rocks off by conning others. These “mistakes of nature” need to be locked up. I so hope we see the day that this occurs.
IMO, and I loved Bill Cosby, he is a huge socio, just immense. And he needs to pay for it. Send them all off to an island somewhere to con each other to death.


Thank you Donna for writing your personal story on Bill Cosby. It was so revealing of his ugly, arrogant and very dark side. Fortunately your close encounter didn’t end badly as it did for so many women.

I am appalled, disgusted, and sickened by this man’s actions. I never cared for him as a comedian and never thought he was funny. I hardly ever watched his show and always kept a neutral and disinterested perspective of him. For some reason his current fan base can’t seem to separate the man from the fictional character. Cosby is NOT Dr. Huxtable, the wise patriarch. Huxtable is a character in a TV comedy series that he has hidden behind and presented as his public persona for years. Bill Cosby, in real life, is a monster and a serious sociopath. Unfortunately much of society is ignorant and unsuspecting of sociopathic behavior regardless of how famous the individual might be. Years ago I remember reading something said about him from someone in the industry saying “If you’re a woman you don’t want to be alone in an elevator with Bill Cosby.”


Cosby’s latest move by his attack team is hiring private investigators to dig up dirt in the background of each of his alleged victims and attack their credibility. By doing so, they re-victimize the victims thus sending a powerful message in order to deter other victims who are thinking of speaking out that they, too, will be subjected to mass smearing, humiliation, and degradation.


His Canadian performance was vexed by protests and hecklers. Kudos’s to them and keep it up! Shame on the ticket holders still attending his shows! Gloria Allred states:

“By buying tickets, they’re helping Cosby to make a profit, and he can take that profit and he can plow it back in to paying his attack dogs in his defense team, the investigators, to try to discredit and undermine the alleged victims who come forward,” she said. “Whether or not you believe these women, why take the risk of helping him to gain more profits so that he can use them to hurt women?”

During his performance in Canada, Cosby acknowledged the rape allegations with a bad joke and, incredibly, the audience loved it. Again it shows the absolute arrogance of the man and his complete disregard for the seriousness of these rape allegations. Let’s not forget another bad joke he made in 1969, on one of his records, of his long standing desire/fantasy to drug women with Spanish Fly and take advantage of them. How prophetic of his future actions of decades to come.


Recently Phylicia Rashad, Cosby’s TV wife, stated she never saw or experienced any disrespectful behavior by him during the run of his comedy show and that the purpose of these allegations was the “obliteration of his legacy”. Of course these co-stars aren’t saying anything negative regarding Cosby, and maybe they didn’t see or experience any bad behavior while working with him. He’s not stupid. He’s a calculating sociopath. He wasn’t going to s**** where he eats and risk bad publicity for a successful and very lucrative TV series. He wasn’t going to give any co-star, budding child actors, or anybody else connected with the show cause for suspicion as to what he was really doing behind the scenes.

If these allegations are true, and I believe they are, the only legacy he’s leaving is being famous as the most prolific serial rapist in the history of the United States.


It’s never about the rapist. It’s always about the victims. The culture of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s was not yet completely accepting of women’s rights even though feminism was a budding movement. These women knew, on a gut level or were advised, people in the industry didn’t want to talk about rape allegations against Bill Cosby because he was a powerful man who could affect their ability to get work. Believe it or not, Cosby is wealthier and more powerful than the President of the United States or even Kim Jong Un. As one victim stated “he’s more powerful than God”.

Asked why so many alleged victims waited so long to speak out, Gloria Allred said, “There are all kinds of reasons that women suffer in silence, and apparently Mr. Cosby is taking advantage of that.”

You have to wonder how many people knew and participated in his heinous drugging and raping activities. Someone had to supply him with the pills. Someone had to put these unconscious women back in their cars. Someone had to get them home and in their beds. He ran the risk of overdosing these women. How did he know how much drug to slip into their drinks? Who knows, maybe he did on occasion overdose some poor woman. Again, it speaks to his power, wealth and means to pay his people to support his sick actions and keep quiet for decades.


It is truly mind-boggling how this woman can “stand by her man”. Is she in denial? Has she been abused? Has he or his team threatened her? Is she brainwashed or just financially motivated? Or does she just not want to destroy the family/public image at all costs. Maybe it’s a little of everything. One can only speculate what her reasons are and what really went on behind closed doors. Where was she when all of this was going on? You can’t tell me, after 50 years of living with this monster, she didn’t suspect or know what he was doing. Whatever her reasons for turning a blind eye to his hideous behavior his legacy is her legacy and he’s taking her down with him.

Strength is in numbers and I hope more of these women who have been drugged, raped or sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby will have the courage to come forward and tell their truth.


I am in no way defending Camille but lets just assume she didn’t know we all have been frauded, i was with mine for 23 years and he works in the entertainment industry!!! but once the evidence appeared I went into deep shock and at that moment i might have even defended him”but after the shock and the smokescreen lifted there was no denying the facts. However going forward and if she continues to support him, well then we can wonder”pray she gets the help and support she needs.


US weekly Magazine: “Jay Leno is mystified by those who don’t believe the women who have come forward with accusations against Bill Cosby. The late night alum opened up about the accused Cosby Show star during a Q&A session at the NAPTE conference in Miami on Wednesday, Jan. 21…..

“I don’t know why it’s so hard to believe women,” Leno told comedian Tom Papa, who moderated the conversation, when asked about the controversy surrounding Cosby. “You to go Saudi Arabia and you need two women to testify against a man. Here you need 25.”……”


I like that Jay Leno is pointing out the absurdity of logic that multiple victims means the rapes did not happen but…
to use Saudia Arabia as an example?

Saudia Arabia? Where women who have been raped are stoned to death for their “crime”.

I think that’s the irony he’s trying to point out….. Even where morality is archaic, they’d condemn Cosby with far less victims coming forward.


Another brave victim comes forward. Donna after reading her account I do think that Bill Cosby was grooming you for a future meeting in his “hotel room”. His pattern is to get young woman to trust him with a few uneventful meets then he invites them to his hotel room where he drug & rapes the victims. So glad you just left him at the sub shop that day.

Here is Cindra Ladd article. Cindra Ladd is a former entertainment executive in the film business who currently is involved with various charities in Los Angeles. Her husband, Alan Ladd Jr., is a film producer whose works includes Blade Runner, The Right Stuff and the Academy Award-winning best pictures Braveheart and Chariots of Fire. During his more than 50-year career he also served as president of Twentieth Century Fox and Chairman of MGM/UA.

In 1969 I met Bill Cosby while working in New York for the late film producer Ray Stark. I was a 21-year-old single woman in the world’s most exciting city. He was a 32-year-old internationally known comedian and television star, one of the most likeable and popular entertainers in the business. He asked for my number and I gave it to him.

We began hanging out, took in a movie, watched television and ate pizza and hot dogs in my apartment with my roommate. He was married to his current wife and he acted like a perfect gentleman who didn’t come on to either of us, which, I have to admit, made me wonder what his objective was.

One night we were going out to a movie. We agreed to meet at an apartment that he said belonged to a friend of his. I had a terrible headache but didn’t want to cancel the evening. He told me he had a miracle cure his doctor had given him that would get rid of the headache. He went into another room and came back with a capsule. I asked a couple of times what it was. Each time he reassured me, asking, “Don’t you trust me?” Of course I did. This was Bill Cosby.

For more than 45 years I have tried to recall exactly what happened that night. To this day it remains a blur. I have a vague recollection of feeling like I was floating while walking through Times Square and watching some kind of Japanese samurai movie with him. I don’t remember where the theater was nor very much of the evening.

What I do recall, vividly and clearly, is waking up the next morning nude in the bed of his friend’s apartment and seeing Cosby wearing a white terrycloth bathrobe and acting as if there was nothing unusual. It was obvious to me that he had had sex with me. I was horrified, embarrassed and ashamed. There was a mirror above the bed, which shocked me further.

After some awkward small talk, I got out of there as fast as I could. Once in the elevator, I broke down crying, which I continued to do as I walked home to my apartment in the east 70s. It never occurred to me to go to the police. It was a different time and “date rape” was a concept that didn’t exist. I just kept asking myself over and over in disbelief why this had happened to me. Other than my roommate, I did not discuss that night with anyone for 36 years.

Like millions of people, I watched The Cosby Show at its zenith and was a fan. But as I watched Dr. Cliff Huxtable, so compassionate and kind, so honorable and wise, I could never reconcile that image with the Bill Cosby I encountered so many years ago.

Those who suffer from these types of assaults know the prison of shame, bewilderment and disbelief. Like so many victims, my way of coping was to shove the memory into the back of my mind. I only revealed nine years ago what happened that night to my husband of nearly 30 years after another woman went public with similar allegations and sued Cosby. I always thought I was the only one. I couldn’t believe he had done this to others. I told my story to our attorney, who is also a good friend, because I was considering going public then, but eventually chose not to because the case was settled.

This is the first time I have chosen to speak out about that night. It is also the last time I intend to address it publicly. I have no plans to sue, I don’t want or need money. I have no plans for a press conference or for doing any interviews.

So why speak out at all and why now? The simple answer is that it’s the right thing to do. The truth deserves to be known. As I write this, more than 20 women have come forward, many with stories that are remarkably similar to mine. In response to these brave women, I have read comments like, “What took them so long?” and “What are they after now”? I would ask these people to remember that up until relatively recently, prosecuting rape was a “he said/she said” proposition where the victim was blamed for having worn “suggestive clothing” or questioned as to why she went somewhere with her rapist.

When this happened to me, the idea of drugging someone and raping them was almost fantastical. It was years before “date rape” drugs made the news, but it was a perfect modus operandi for a predator, rendering his victim unconscious or so incapacitated as to be unable to clearly answer police questions about the incident. After having done a lot of work on myself, I realize that we are only as sick as the secrets we keep. Once those secrets are spoken aloud, even if to just one person, they lose their power. I no longer feel the shame that kept me silent. Yes, I could have told my story years ago, and in hindsight I probably should have. It’s time now that my voice be added and to finally pull the curtain back from this dark moment in my life.

Having come of age in the late 1960s and early 1970s before marrying in the mid 1980s at 37, I certainly have a history. The difference is that any other relationships were consensual … my encounter with Bill Cosby was most certainly not.

In the years since that night I have crossed paths with Cosby only once, when my husband, a highly successful Oscar-winning film executive and producer, introduced me to him. I was shaking, wondering if he would recognize me by my unusual first name. His reaction spoke volumes. To Bill Cosby, I was just another stranger.


Cindra Ladd is a former entertainment executive in the film business who currently is involved with various charities in Los Angeles. Her husband, Alan Ladd Jr., is a film producer whose works includes Blade Runner, The Right Stuff and the Academy Award-winning best pictures Braveheart and Chariots of Fire. During his more than 50-year career he also served as president of Twentieth Century Fox and Chairman of MGM/UA.


As a 15 yr old girl from a poor and abusive family, I was raped and I remember wondering as I was screaming and shrieking, “how can this man stand my voice next to his ear?” I knew I was realllllly loud. As violent as the rape was, I was traumatized more after finding out that my creepy neighbor paid the man to rape me. It cost $20 to rape a 15 yr old virgin. I worked so hard during my childhood to hold myself as different from my abusive family. I based my value on that $20 price for most of my life. After the rape, who would ever have someone who was so worthless to my family, and then not even a virgin anymore, only worth being raped. I quit trying to do good in school, I gave up on college, I ran away a lot, I tried to find love with horrible boyfriends. I just went with the flow for years, until I fell into a fantastic job and found my purpose in life, a career that saved my life as much as I saved the lives of others.

I am VERY sensitive about rape and about pedophilia b/c my father was a pedophile and I considered my creepy neighbor a pedo as well. He had propositioned me for years and I just steered clear of him. The dirty old creepy neighbor ACTUALLY thought if I weren’t a virgin, that I’d submit to him.

I confess that I still feel some rage at the one thing of value that I had being taken from me. But I accepted that no one cared what happened to me, except me. As I have said here on LF, there is NO such thing as JUSTICE. If someone receives justice, it is RARE. I would NEVER have thought so many other women have also swallowed their rapes, pushing them to the back of their psyche, getting on with life.

Look at these disgusting men who have raped and raped and raped and felt ENTITLED to rape the innocence of women. Bill Cosby used his status and his knowledge of the law to rape FAR more women than have come forward. It’s clearly his M.O.

It does NOT give me any comfort that so many women are raped, but at least I know that I was not the only one who accepted there was no justice for themselves. I can’t do anything about me, but I will NOT give Bill Cosby a pass. The testimonies are detailed, and authentic. Those who claim it’s he said/she said are revealing themselves in a litmus test… they are the ones for whom rape is okay… people for whom I will NOT acknowledge as human.


NotWhatHeSaidofMe, my heart breaks reading your story. I am so sorry that you had to endure this horrific nightmare while so young…I am at a lose for words hon…I can not even image how you picked yourself up emotionally to get through all of the pain.

Thank you for sharing your story…I hear you.

HUGE Hugs to you.


I got through with two thoughts:
1) Others have it worse than me.
2) I vowed that when I was of legal age, 18, then these abusers would not have control of me anymore. My life would belong to me.

And it did, until I married my ex. I was stupid. I thought only people like my birth family were that abusive. I had NO IDEA about covert abusers, abusers who have their own hidden agenda to harm. My family was covert, they were very open about what they wanted from me and how I “owed” them. My mother said I owed her because she was the reason I lived. That’s why turning 18 was so important to me, b/c then my debt to her was paid.


NWHSOM, I always want to give you a hug, but now more than ever.


You are an angel person. There seems to be a LOT of angel people here on LF. That’s one way I know that EVENTUALLY justice will be done to the evil ones. GOD says so.


How are things with your therapist? PLEASE, if you aren’t getting good help from your therapist and rape counselors, then get a DIFFERENT one. And as Jan7 has recommended, hormones and trauma chemistry is released in your body. I hope you are seeking the medical care that Jan7 recommends.


I am so glad to hear that you are going somewhere new. We are all pulling for you here. I know the depths of despair and can empathize, but all my feelings don’t help you a bit. You need hands on there. I am also glad you have family who love you. That makes a huge difference dearest jenna.


Let’s hope Cosby’s victims continue to come forward. Unfortunately his team of detectives may be having the intended effect of intimidating more victims from speaking out.

Recently Chloe Goins filed a criminal complaint claiming she was assaulted in 2008 at the Playboy mansion. This is significant, depending on the particular charge, as it falls within the statute of limitations. If so, there must be more victims that he assaulted within the last 6 years. It only takes one to prosecute this sociopath. According to a recent interview with her attorney Spencer Kuvin, she has a very good case but he wasn’t at liberty to discuss specifics. Of course Cosby’s attorneys fired back claiming they have documented evidence that he wasn’t in LA at the time she says she was assaulted. Aside from the 2005 settled out of court case and the recent lawsuit filed and dismissed in LA, this is the only time his attorneys have even specifically responded to a victim. It will take months for the LAPD to investigate this case which would involve the Playboy mansion (for videos), interviewing Hugh Hefner, and guests (famous and otherwise) that were present at that party.

It will be interesting to see how Bill Cosby, and his attorneys, lie and buy their way out of this one.


Comedian Roseanne Barr comes forward & states that Everyone knew in Hollywood…sociopaths keep everyone silent as their abuse continues…very sad for all of these young victims that no one in Hollywood spoke the truth about Cosby.

Yahoo News report:

At every stop on Bill Cosby’s concert tour, protestors have made their voices heard regarding the allegations of rape leveled at the legendary comic.

The always outspoken Roseanne Barr, whose sitcom, “Roseanne,” not only dominated the ratings alongside Cosby’s “The Cosby Show” in the 1980s, but was also produced by the same company, spoke her mind when Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson visited the set of “Cristela,” where Barr is guest starring.

Cosby, through his reps, has denied the allegations and has not been charged with any crime.

Roseanne Barr Talks Bill Cosby

When Robinson sat down with Barr she asked, “You’ve been pretty vocal on social media about the allegations against Bill Cosby. Did those allegations surprise you?”

“No, because like everybody else — now I’m really [going to get] in trouble ”“ but, you know, like every woman in Hollywood — there’s hardly any hairdressers or waitresses or working women who don’t know somebody,” Barr said. “We’ve all heard it for a long time, and it surprises nobody.”

Roseanne On The Cosby Scandal: Can He ’Make It Right’?

Robinson asked Barr why she thinks women are speaking up now with allegations against Cosby.

“Well, ’cause nobody gives a damn… until a man says it. But once Hannibal Buress said it,” Barr replied, referencing Buress’ bit on Cosby, which made headlines after being captured in a clip, posted on last year.

Barr said she holds out hope for her fellow comedian.

“Maybe it’s not the end of it. … I have hopes for this great comic. I do. I have hopes that he would just make it clean, and make it, you know, make it right, and I do think he could do that,” she said.

Asked how he could make it right, Barr said, “There’s so many ways. He’s got a billion bucks.”

“And, you know, I hope he gets a lot of suggestions from people who say they care about him, of how to do that, ’cause we all want a happy ending, and a just ending,” she added.

“It sounds like you’re saying that the redemption is give the women a monetary settlement?” Robinson asked.

“Whatever it is, I hope he finds it, and I really do. I hope he finds it because, I mean, he’s a great talent,” Barr answered. “It’s too bad, but, I mean, we’re all half nuts anyway. But, I mean, we go like this, ‘Hey, I made a mistake.’ How hard is this really? Seriously.”

And does Barr think Cosby’s legacy is permanently damaged?

“I think it’s damaged, but, I mean, there’s none of us alive who can’t go, ‘I made a mistake. I had a really bad problem and I’m fessing up to it. And here’s a scholarship.’ … You know, there’s a million ways around it to go. But there’s nothing more powerful than, ‘I am sorry.'”


Thanks for this information. And here’s my response to Roseanne Barr…

No, no, no! Please Roseanne!

Doing something once, coming clean and making retribution….. that’s a mistake. Doing something 30 times, and then defaming the victims whose lives you plundered, a mistake? I used to think Roseanne was ballsy, but together. I’m so disappointed!!



I saw this on Access Hollywood last night and it was just plain odd. The total of what she said added up to zero and I’m not sure why she said anything at all. Very disappointing.


Jm…I commend Roseanne for speaking the truth now…maybe just maybe people will listen to all of these Hollywood comedians that are coming forward to tell the truth about Cosby…no one else in Hollywood is speaking out…their silence speaks volumes…this man (Cosby) has been in Hollywood for over 50 years and not one of his long time friends has come out in defense of him only his lawyer, his wife & daughter (which I am sure he manipulated both of them to do so) and one of his co stars who does not want the residual checks to stop now that the rerun Cosby show has been pulled.

I just feel so bad for these young victims at the time they were drugged/raped that no one protected them by speaking out to the magazines/tv/police…very sad but I am very proud of all of these victims for joining force and speaking their truth…that is powerful and shows that these woman are strong & courages.


I agree about Roseanne Barr…uggg. She speaks as though he just had sex with these women.

Bill Cosby did the equivalent of kidnapping dozens of women, rendered them unconscious, and while completely incapacitated raped them in whatever way he chose for as long as he chose, and because there was no DNA then, and no tests for being drugged, he ensured any complaint filed would go just as he intended, smeared them as greedy lying celebrity stalkers. SOMEBODY supplied him with the drugs. And SOME legal person taught him how to avoid prosecution. Wish there was a blue dress in someone’s closet somewhere….

But gee, all will be fine if he says “I’m sorry?”. Now why would he ever do that? His wife looked the other way about his affairs, I am sure she perceived these victims as “just affairs”.

This is a VIOLENT predator rapist. Supposedly Roseanne has a history of sexual abuse. I don’t understand with that background how she can be so blasé about it. Frankly she sounds like a crass comedian.

Finding his supplier is the key to finding him guilty of these crimes!

Someone sold the drugs to him. And I’m sure on more than one occasion, someone stood by the door so no one could get in while he did his worst.

Have you all signed the petition to outlaw Sexual Assault by Fraud in New Jersey? You don’t have to be a NJ resident for your voice to count! Please log onto and enter Sexual Assault By Fraud in the keyword, today!

Huge thanks!


I have never been a big fan of Roseanne but I do applaud her here for coming out and saying basically every woman in Hollywood knows to steer clear of Cosby…they have heard these stories for years & years about his drugging & rapping. This is why he went after young naive teenagers who were trying to break into show business = these young girls did not hear the stories.

Roseanne danced around a little bit because she has to watch out for being sued by Cosby. But what she stated if you really read the word is these victims are telling the truth & she is saying Cosby tell the truth so that these victims have validation that YES you did these evil things to them…the number one thing any victim wants from a sociopath is for them to come forward and say Yes this victim is/has been telling the truth about me. The second thing a victims wants is the predator behind bars.

Lots of people on social media have stated “if this is true why didn’t these victims come forward sooner” and Roseanne is saying WE HEARD about these stories for years & years. That is some validation for these victims.

Roseanne saying “make it right” might not be the words you choose but again she is having to dance a fine line between freedom of speech and getting sued by Cosby. Here is what she states:

“You’ve been pretty vocal on social media about the allegations against Bill Cosby. Did those allegations surprise you?”

“No, because like everybody else now I’m really [going to get] in trouble ”“ but, you know, like every woman in Hollywood there’s hardly any hairdressers or waitresses or working women who don’t know somebody,” Barr said. “We’ve all heard it for a long time, and it surprises nobody.”

Roseanne On The Cosby Scandal: Can He ’Make It Right’?

Robinson asked Barr why she thinks women are speaking up now with allegations against Cosby.

“Well, ’cause nobody gives a damn” until a man says it. But once Hannibal Buress said it,” Barr replied, referencing Buress’ bit on Cosby, which made headlines after being captured in a clip, posted on last year.


Jan7 ” I’m with you. I also think Roseanne was being “Hollywood correct” and didn’t come down hard on him simply because she still needs to work in the entertainment industry. On her show last November Wendy Williams talked about how Cosby demanded she be fired from her radio host job in 1990 when she did a hot topic piece on him discussing rape allegations.

Mark Ebner, Hollywood investigative journalist, broke a story about Bill Cosby rape allegations back in 2007 after hearing years of rumors detailing Cosby’s drugging and sexual abuse of women. It was virtually ignored by the media back then as nobody wanted to go there with Cosby.

Ebner gives an excellent interview (about 30 minutes) providing insider perspective of Hollywood mentality, media cover-ups, and how Cosby and his team have manipulated and hid the truth of his hideous behavior.

What amazes me is how this monster continues to perform with impunity. He was scheduled to appear in my city but it was cancelled. Had it not been, I’d have had the biggest sign on the street protesting this rapist. This sociopath is going to continue to do what he’s been doing, with no remorse, conscience or soul. He’s raping the public and making money doing it.


Another brave victims comes forward:

“….A former fashion model and actress says Bill Cosby made sexual advances and lewd gestures toward her on the set of The Cosby Show.

Helen Gumpel, formerly known as Helen Selby, says Cosby had her sit on a couch in his dressing room, where he handed her a drink then stood in front of her with his crotch in her face.

Gumpel held a news conference in Boston on Sunday. A Cosby spokesman didn’t immediately respond to a message seeking comment….” (full story on Dailymail


Guess I spoke too soon (post of Jan 21st). Cosby does s*** where he eats!

There hasn’t been any forthcoming information on the latest criminal complaint filed in LA against Cosby. For obvious reasons they’re keeping it very hush-hush. Hopefully the LAPD will find credible evidence supporting the victim’s complaint. If so, the wheels will turn, he’s prosecuted and off he goes to prison (and not a celebrity one, no special treatment) where he can be raped by his fellow inmates. Also, I think a part of his sentence should be that he’s ordered to set up a 100 million dollar charity fund titled “I Was Sexually Assaulted By Bill Cosby” for victims and another 100 million dollar charity fund titled “The Bill Cosby Rape Fund” proceeds for rape crisis centers across the country.

Latest Headline: “Cosby ponders buying a 3 million apartment in lower Manhattan” ( Is Camille giving him the boot? Let’s hope so.


Knownow, I have been wondering the same about the investigation. I hope that LAPD can charge him some way & that he goes to jail. All of his victims deserve to see him sitting in jail.

I hope Camille has a strong group of woman friends & family that are guiding her to see the truth about her sociopathic husband. 50 years under Bill Cosby mind control & brain washing is very hard to escape. Just like sandusky’s wife.


I wonder if Cosby hooked his wife on pills years ago so that he could control her easily.


That’s a possibility or maybe he didn’t want to “defile” his wife. Who knows she might be so brain-washed, emotionally abused, addicted to a wealthy life-style and his supposed legacy that she has lost her moral bearings, which she has. She’s a victim as well. All of America is a victim, even his supporters.


Cosby’s attorneys say they have proof he wasn’t in LA at the time of the complaint (ie phone logs etc.) Well, where is it? If so then why hasn’t the LAPD dismissed the charges? Wouldn’t put it past Cosby’s dream team to fake records placing him in NY and not at the Playboy mansion, or even destroying video evidence from the mansion.


Knownow, Cosby’s PR team & lawyers have been spinning everyones head away from the fact that he is a very sick minded man for over 52 years. So sad for all of these victims who have been coming forward for years only to be raked over very hot coals by his high paid team. This is why victims remain silent in such cases, they don’t want to deal with a lying manipulative person any further. I am glad that all of these victims have joined forces to tell the world the truth about his evil man.

As for Camille Cosby…she is a victim…this man appears to be a sociopath with narcissistic traits and we all know how they break down their victims every min of each day. She is a cult follower to her cult leader husband. So sad, I truly hope she escapes his grip asap.

I hope that the Playboy mansion does not protect him & that the LAPD finally can arrest this serial child molester rapist once and for all.


Cosby has been a cult for decades involving accomplices. All who helped, supported and enabled Cosby to continue raping for fifty years are also considered to be accomplices and habitual felony rapists. No doubt Camille and family have succumbed to his cult sociopathic evil.

Getting back to Cosby’s drugs, one of his dealers came forward back in December 2014 revealing that Cosby had scored thousands of pills over the years. Granted, it was a National Enquirer tabloid piece ( but these reports have a way of revealing kernels of truth. The drug dealer even expressed concern regarding the overdose of his victims. LAPD needs to look into the Enquirer and its source


Cosby has been a cult for decades involving accomplices. All who helped, supported and enabled Cosby to continue raping for fifty years are also considered to be accomplices and habitual felony rapists. No doubt Camille and family have succumbed to his cult sociopathic evil.

Getting back to Cosby’s drugs, one of his dealers came forward back in December 2014 revealing that Cosby had scored thousands of pills over the years. Granted, it was a National Enquirer tabloid piece ( but these reports have a way of revealing kernels of truth. The drug dealer even expressed concern regarding the overdose of his victims. LAPD needs to look into the Enquirer and its source.


Two more victims came forward today and Gloria Allred says there are many more to follow. Cosby’s guilt is beyond doubt. How many women did he sexually assault and rape? Over fifty years? Probably hundreds! We need, the public needs, to see Cosby for what he is ” a sick sociopath, violent sexual predator and serial rapist. For every victim who comes forward there are fifty more too afraid to do so. He pulled a bait and switch getaway at his last show (guilty) and has cancelled more upcoming performances (guilty) in hopes that this will just go away. This cannot go away. Our collective outrage and voices must be heard until this ugly evil monster is behind bars for his remaining days.


Just heart wrenching how many young innocent women he abused.

Knownow, YES, I have read that sociopaths/psychopaths on average have 100 victims over a life time, whether a rapist, child molester, con artist type etc.

I am in awe of these incredibly brave women who have found the strength to come forward. So so Brave!!

It’s sad that so many people do not believe the victims but would rather defend a abuser because he played some TV doctor years ago. Cosby is a masterful manipulator…he set up society by playing a family man doctor on a tv show. Everything a sociopath does is intentional manipulation incase someone attempts to expose their abusive ways and Cosby is no different.

I just hope the one victim who was abused within the statutory limits can get him convicted…Cosby needs to be in prison. And his wife needs to be finally set free from this evil mans grip.


USA Today reports: Two new accusers came forward Thursday to assail Bill Cosby for sexually assaulting them, including one who labeled him a “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” personality.

The two women were produced at a Los Angeles press conference by crusading attorney Gloria Allred, who already represents some half-dozen of the nearly three-dozen women who have accused Cosby of drugging and raping them in decades past.

Allred has become Cosby’s main legal adversary, and she promises to continue to hound him as he attempts to press on with his current tour, already marked by protests, postponements and cancellations.

Cosby has denied wrongdoing and has not been charged with a crime.

“Mr. Cosby thinks that this will soon be over and that no more women will come forward,” Allred said. “He is very wrong. I still have many women who have not yet come forward but who are willing to do so in the future.”

New Cosby accusers have come forward nearly every week since about November, including some with lawyers who are not Allred.

On Sunday, it was a woman named Helen Gumpel, who said at a press conference in Boston that Cosby tried to accost her in a dressing room on The Cosby Show in 1987, when she was an actress on the show.


Today, I no longer have sympathy for Camille. She’s known for too long what he’s been doing ” the Hollywood gossip for years, the affairs, the prostitutes, the drugging, sexual molestation and rape. She’s as complicit as the people he employed to cover his heinous behavior. Furthermore, she could be legally responsible for withholding information as to his criminal activities. If I could say one thing to her it would be “distance yourself from him ASAP. If you don’t, it will come back to bite you big time”.

Linda Brown, one of the two women that just came forward, told reporters she met Cosby in 1969 in Canada and went to his hotel suite where he gave her a soft drink that caused her to black out. She said that when she woke up, she was naked next to him in bed. “I couldn’t move or speak. I felt paralyzed, he flipped me over and sexually assaulted me,” Brown said. “I FELT LIKE A RAG DOLL AND LIKE A REAL-LIFE BLOW-UP DOLL FOR HIM.”

There is no statute of limitations in Canada. Hope she legally pursues this evil man.


Hi Knownow, WOW that is fantastic news about Canada not having statutory limitations on rape! People are always putting Gloria Alred down for her news conferences but she is a fighter & a protector of women. Amber Frey was raked over the coals by the press because psychopath Scott Peterson sucked her into his evil murderous game, it was Gloria Alred that ultimately protected Amber Frey in public view & on the witness stand. Glad most of Cosby’s victims went to her. Gloria Alred is a savvy lawyer so no doubt she/her office staff have checked out all possibilities of putting Cosby behind bars. Hopefully Canada has opened a investigation into his rape case.

As for Camille, dont turn your back on her yet…she IS a victim of a extremely evil cunning sociopath (maybe psychopath). If he was drugging & raping all these woman for 50 years there is a great possibility he has been drugging his own wife too for 50 years so that she does not leave him & he could get away with his cheating. I know for myself I was just so mentally, emotionally & physically exhausted by my ex h that I did not have the strength to crawl out of the hell he put me into. I think the same for Camille. There is something about her smile that seems to be fake, not fake like she is a fake person but fake that she is attempting to keep peace with her crazy husband when they get into the car alone or go home alone after being out in public. It seems like her surviver mode response has kicked in to high gear. I put on a fake smile everyday just to survive as I lived in fear without fully understanding the depth of the fear.

Cosby is not just abusive to outsiders no way, a sociopath is abusive behind closed doors to his own family first.

Thanks Knownow for posting these updates.


Jan7” Gloria Allred would not waste her time representing clients without credible accounts of sexual abuse.

Regarding Camille, I understand she was probably victimized for decades by Cosby, the sociopath/psychopath. I also understand her reasons for not dumping him way back when (ie his public persona, children, money, lifestyle, status). I agree with you, there is something about her smile that’s not quite right. Body language experts have weighed in that her smile hides her true anger. At this point in her life she’s taking the path of least resistance ensuring her remaining years to be as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen as she’s being taken down with him. As I said before, his legacy is her legacy and it’s TANKING.

I don’t believe I was ever in a relationship with a sociopath but my last one, 15 years ago and thanks to Lovefraud, now leaves me wondering. However, I know I was a victim of a sociopathic bully employer/boss and have what I believe to be PTSD as a result. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be romantically involved with an evil sociopath. If you’re in any way trusting emotionally, physically (and perhaps financially) upon someone you thought decent and worthy who turns out to be a con artist is the greatest deceit of all. So, I do understand how Camille can be as much a victim as the women he raped.

Jan7 .. I’m sorry and truly understand what you endured with your sociopath. Just know that you are the better person and a greater soul because of him.


Knownow, thank you for your kind words, just to let you know I am a “better person and a greater soul” because of my family foundation & wanting to be a good person not because “of him” (my ex). My ex like all sociopaths wanted to destroy my soul & every fiber in my being. This is what every sociopath wants with anyone that enters their hellish world to destroy them. They hate people the feel deeply because they can not feel anything.

I think Camille got trapped quickly in Cosby’s web of deception after first meeting him….her parents did not like Cosby, did not want her to marry him as a young teenager & Cosby loved bombed Camille extremely quickly into his life & his ways. He left him several times but always went back no doubt because he is masterful with his manipulative words. I think by now she just wants some peace in the time she has left on this planet. Divorcing Cosby would be a nightmare & public smear campaign by Cosby. He is ruthless to women in public imagine how it is like with him behind closed doors. Very scary to think about.


Here is part of the NY Post article. Camilee had a Catholic background sociopaths love people that are connected to religion because they are easily brain washing & mind control as the victim wants to be a good person who will turn their cheek.

“…. The priest who married the Cosbys, the Rev. Carl Dianda, remembers well the soft-spoken and intelligent girl named Camille Hanks who attended St. Cyprian Elementary-Middle School in southeast Washington, DC, and a threadbare Catholic church a few miles away in Olney, Md.
The just-retired priest recalls Camille and her three siblings, Guy Jr., Rene and Eric, were nothing short of adorable and devout…..“The only time she missed Mass was when she married Bill Cosby,” says Father Dianda, who presided over the couple’s wedding…..She was just 18 when she met Bill Cosby, then 25 and an aspiring comic. Although he grew up in Philadelphia, he had family in Maryland he would visit often. He had dropped out of Temple University, and no one, not even Dianda, thought at first that he was a serious suitor.

“He wasn’t famous at all,” the priest said. “He was doing these comedy bits, but no one knew who he was.”

The pair met on a blind date at a bowling alley. Dianda says it was love at first sight for Cosby.
Camille was “the most beautiful girl and the nicest person,” Dianda remembers. “I baptized her brother and her sister, and she came from a really good family and, at the time they got married, I don’t think that Bill had any other girlfriends, ever.” The comedian would hold her hand, and he desperately tried to ingratiate himself with her parents, traveling from New York, where he lived, to Maryland to attend church and other functions, always schmoozing with ­Camille’s father.

“[Camille’s mother] Catherine really didn’t want her to marry Bill, and her father just didn’t want to be aggravated anymore, so they gave their blessings,” says a family friend who attended St. Peter’s Church. “Bill is wonderful in a lot of ways, but you knew right away, when he first came to our church, Camille may have gotten more than what she bargained for.”

Camille’s dad, the late Guy Hanks, was convinced that if Bill ever cheated, “Camille’s first ­instinct would be to bash him over the head with a frying pan,” she says. The long-distance relationship went on for just one year before they tied the knot in 1964.

After they married, Camille, then 19, pushed Cosby to go back to school. She wanted her husband to “have something he could fall back on in case show business didn’t work out,” a friend says.
With a background in education and business management, Camille handled the family’s ­finances. Beginning in 1966, she began having children, and the couple eventually had five.

Bill and Camille Cosby with their children.
Meanwhile, Cosby’s stand-up career soared, and he landed his first big television role in the 1965 NBC TV series “I Spy,” a show Dianda says he still watches religiously on weekends.
He went on to create the Fat ­Albert character and scored three hit movies opposite screen legend Sidney Poitier in the 1970s with “Uptown Saturday Night,” “Let’s Do It Again” and “A Piece of the Action.”…..”

The signs were all there from the beginning with this relationship and how Bill was ultimately going to treat her with disrespect. Her back ground was prime for a sociopath’s grooming and love bombing.

Camille was 18 years old….this is around the age of most his young victims too.



Another account of Cosby’s evil, told by Ruthie DiTucci, a young aid working in the Jello recording studios with Cosby. As a witness, she questions, on so may levels, why the legal system failed to address the collusion, coverups, illegal financial transactions, his accomplices, employees, attorneys and family.

She writes 2/15/2015:

“When I was a teenager, I was not one of Bill Cosby’s victims because his assistant recognized that I was a kid working in a recording studio most commonly frequented by adults.

Cosby’s assistant had mercy on me and told me emphatically that I should NEVER leave my tea, coffee or soft drink open on my desk if I knew Cosby was booked into our studio. At the time we worked for NYC Advertising Agencies whom at the time held the Food Accounts.

The JELLO account went from one agency to the next depending on which of the agencies got them the best promotion. At the time I remember the account being with two different agencies yet both agencies brought us their JELLO related production work. We were hired by those agencies to record, manufacture and distribute :30 and :60 national radio JELLO spots.

With certainty I can assure the world that what is being said about Bill Cosby by (now 33 different women) is not a myth. It is all true. It was true back then, and it continued for decades. To this day, I have always asked why Attorney Generals in all the states where Bill Cosby raped people (because they were not all women) have not applied the RICO Act to Bill Cosby as a business and his attorneys’ law firms as businesses.

If collusion and conspiracy take place in order to advance and protect a criminal enterprise, that’s all you need in order to apply the RICO Act. Who benefited from this criminal enterprise in addition to Cosby’s immediate family? All his law firms!

I can’t imagine that that all the law firms that worked on Bill Cosby cases have shredded all their documents. And what if they did? I’m sure that the law firms that represented Cosby’s victims have enough to file the RICO Act against them. I doubt that the innocent law firms that did not aid and abet Cosby’s criminal enterprise don’t want to be accused and tried for it and they will likely turn over their records rather than be charged with Cosby’s lawyers. Cosby’s lawyers may be having a huge shredding party but Cosby’s victim’s attorneys will likely give their case files and work product copies to a United States Attorney General.

I have always wondered why the authorities haven’t joined forces and gone after that criminal enterprise because the behavior engaged in although it was rape, resulted in the same result. The criminal conspiracy’s sole purpose was to protect the financial enterprise that fed them all. As in the RICO Act, collusion and conspiracy are required in order to protect and perpetuate a criminal enterprise from exposure and in order to protect the business further so that money continues to generate for those participants benefiting from said criminal enterprise.

Without exception, Bill Cosby’s attorneys (all of them) protected him in a fierce enough manner through bullying, blackmail and intimidation of witnesses that they literally enabled him to continue committing sexual assault for decades. I remember being present at the Brill Building in NYC when one of Bill Cosby’s attorneys was threatening the life of a publisher if Cosby’s name showed up in a book the publisher was handling for a NYC socialite.

Not only did the attorney threaten the publisher’s life, he also told him that he (the attorney) knew where his kids went to school.

Those of us standing in the waiting room who heard that attorney threaten the publisher and his children’s lives are still living and we are not the only witnesses to that event, there were several of us. Perhaps they are patiently waiting for all of us to die.

We actually thought, from the way that attorney spoke, that he was some kind of mobster. Imagine our surprise when we learned he was an attorney representing Bill Cosby. When the attorney came out of the office, he reached into his pocket and fearing he was a goon about to shoot us, we were visibly shaking. Instead, he pulled a small phone book out of his inside pocket and demanded that we all write down our names, where we worked, our home addresses and phone numbers in his book. To say we were trembling is an understatement.

Even today, I feel the RICO Act applies because Bill Cosby was a financial empire. His attorneys not only protected his financial empire but they drew from that trough daily and those law firms made millions by protecting Cosby’s business empire that was and is ’Bill Cosby’ still today.

Why haven’t Attorney Generals joined together and sued Bill Cosby and the numerous law firms that protected his ability to continue raping? And what about the NYPD desk sergeants that instead of handing up the rape reports and putting them through the system, instead exchanged them for 4 front row seats to a good Broadway show complete with dinner if they handed the reports to Cosby’s attorneys instead?

Why haven’t Attorneys General sued on behalf of the people he assaulted? I think it is time that as a society, we bring this discussion to the table. Consider that the many people Cosby sexually assaulted when he was in New York working at his Queens studio, still earn residuals from the Cosby show so they’re not about to talk and jeopardize their residuals.

There were many people like myself who had absolutely no power and no ability to fight the industry he was then and the powerhouse he became. He could actually use his influence to ruin people and he used it often.

Witnesses that worked where he did have waited for decades to see justice done in this case.”

Another piece DiTucci wrote 01/26/2015 is also revealing of her personal encounters with Cosby, his evil nature, and the Cosby cult cover-up. It’s too lengthy to post, but extremely revealing of Cosby’s empire. Here is the link:

FYI, the victim count is now at 38.


The widow of comedian Richard Pryor has slammed embattled Bill Cosby, describing him as a ‘piece of s***’ who ‘had sex with everything that moved’.

Jennifer Lee Pryor also branded the 77-year-old a hypocrite on the podcast ‘Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend’ in a scathing attack on the star following the resurfacing of historic sex abuse allegations against him.

The two comedians started their careers as bitter rivals, with Cosby accusing Pryor of copying his technique. However they are believed to have become friends when Pryor changed his act after two years away from the comedy scene.

‘Had sex with everything that moved’: Jennifer Lee Pryor branded the 77-year-old a hypocrite on the podcast ‘ Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend’. She said: ‘Bill ” hated Richard because he “worked dirty”. Bill worked clean, so therefore, you know-Bill’s just a f*****g hypocrite and dirty on the inside.’

‘It was a well-kept secret that Bill f*****d everything that moved,’ she added. ‘This kind of s*** that we’re finding out about is beyond. ‘I wasn’t aware of this kind of business. There are people in the business who were aware of it and they’re coming out now.’

The pair married in 1981 but divorced just 14 months later. However they tied the knot again in 2001 and stayed together until Pyror’s death in 2009 at the age of 65.

During the damning interview, she also insisted Cosby’s wife Camille knew about his alleged lurid behavior all along. She said: ‘Of course she knew. Why is she going for the “okie-doke,” as Richard would say? That’s anybody’s guess.’

Finally, referring to the state of his career, he said: ‘He’s done. Yea. He’s done.’

‘Where there’s smoke, there’s fire’: Actor Samuel L. Jackson…

Relationship: Pryor died in 2005 at the age of 65. His widow (pictured with him in 2000) claims Cosby hated him because he ‘played dirty’

Tensions: Pryor walks into the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Century City, California, He and Cosby started their careers as bitter rivals, with Cosby accusing Pryor of copying his technique


Another courages victim of Cosby comes forward:

“Former model Heidi Thomas has come forward to accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault, saying that she awoke to the comedian “forcing himself in my mouth” in Reno, Nevada in 1984. She was 24 at the time.

Known as Heidi Johnson at the time, Thomas was living in Denver and attempting to kickstart her budding modeling career with JF Images, founded by industry legend Jo “Barricuda” Farrell. In 1984, that break came in the form of Cosby, who was “looking for young talent that he can mentor” at the time.

Via CNN:

She says Maloney [an agent at JF Images] told her that she needed to go to Reno, Nevada, because Bill Cosby wanted to work with her — to coach her and help her act. Maloney died in 1997. Cosby was performing at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino. Thomas says her agent told her she would be staying there and Cosby would probably be doing the coaching in his hotel suite. Despite some protest from her mother, Greta Lee Johnson, Thomas ended up flying to Reno for the gig with Cosby. A limousine reportedly picked her up at the airport for a ride to a house outside of town owned by a friend of Cosby’s “so he doesn’t have to deal with the paparazzi” in Reno. And, from there, Cosby greeted her at the door before giving her a drink:

Thomas says Cosby greeted her at the door of the sprawling house, and later, the coaching began. She says she performed a monologue, and when she finished, Cosby asked her to do a cold read of a person who was intoxicated. According to Thomas, Cosby wasn’t impressed. Thomas wasn’t much of a drinker.

“How are you ever going play an intoxicated person … if you’ve never been drunk?” she says he told her.

She says Cosby wanted her to relax, and he gave her a glass of Chablis. Following that, Thomas says the next few hours were “foggy,” but ultimately she allegedly woke up to Cosby sexually assaulting her: Thomas says that when she woke up, Cosby was next to her in bed, naked and “forcing himself in my mouth.” She says she remembers feeling like she wanted to throw up.

Soon after, Thomas says, Cosby was getting on top of her again and referring to himself in the third person.

“I’m your friend … your friend is gonna [ejaculate] again,” Thomas remembers him saying.

Thomas also said that she was in such shock that she ended up apologizing to Cosby:

Thomas says she remembers eventually storming out of the room and slamming the door, and then apologizing for being “rude.” The next thing she can remember is riding with Cosby to his show. She says the rest of her memory is spotty: She recalls a cook offering her strawberries and having wine with Cosby before his show. But, she says, she doesn’t remember much more from the four-day trip.

Later, Thomas’ mother, Johnson, claims that her daughter called her shaken up following the alleged incident: “I remember standing in the kitchen thrilled to hear from my daughter. She was excited.” Johnson remembers making some small talk when she said Thomas said something very disturbing.

“I did something wrong and … I got away and slammed the door,” Johnson remembers her daughter telling her. Johnson says she continued trying to get more information from her daughter on the phone.

“‘Did he rape you?’ She said, ‘No, I got away.’ ”

Now, more than 30 years after the alleged incident, Thomas says that she wants to “empower people” with her story: “I was beginning to think though … that whole keeping-your-silence is a form of acceptance. It’s not supporting the women who are coming forward. It’s not helping … and if enough people make enough of a fuss, maybe we can get a culture that starts to listen,” Thomas says.

To date, more than 30 women have accused Cosby of sexual assault. He has denied the claims through his reps, and has never faced criminal charges in connection with any of the accusations.


Just yesterday, Jennifer Lee Pryor, widow of comedian Richard Pryor, blasted Bill Cosby for being dirty and called him “a piece of [email protected]#& and a ’hypocrite’ who “had sex with everything that moved”. Pryor also suggested Camille was not blind to his actions and has known more about his sexual crimes than she has let on. “Of course she knew,” Pryor said. “Why is she going for the ’okie-doke,’ as Richard would say? That’s anybody’s guess. I can guess why ka-ching (sound of cash register).”

Last week Samuel L. Jackson joined the growing number of celebrities speaking out about the sexual assault allegations against Cosby. Eddie Murphy declined to play Bill Cosby on the SNL 40 Anniversary Special claiming “he didn’t want to kick him when he’s down”. That’s a kind thing to say about a good and caring person but we’re talking about a sociopathic sexual predator and serial rapist. My guess is that Eddie Murphy wants no further alliance or connection to him which might muddy up his own legacy. As for “kicking him when he’s down”? Cosby doesn’t know what it’s like to be down. Sociopaths don’t feel and they have no remorse. Do sociopaths get depressed? I don’t know but he’s sitting on $400 million and I’m sure he’s not depressed! If anybody should be depressed I would think Camille, his four daughters and any other family members would be depressed, and humiliated, but then they stand to inherit his hundreds of millions so maybe not.


Jan7….Reading the account of these victims horrific experiences is so sickening and disturbing on so many levels. Jennifer Lee Pryor describing Cosby as “dirty” doesn’t even begin to paint the real picture of this hideous evil monster!


Knownow, I cant even imagine the hell his victims went through at the moment & then to carry their story for so many years without telling someone…I hope he ends up in court, then jail where he belongs.


Jan7 ” I too greatly want to see him in prison as I’m sure thousands of other people do. Even if he does, I can just imagine him building a Cosby cult in jail and buying off other inmates to “protect him”. I would like to see him raped in prison as many times as he’s raped these women. Now that would be true justice! Can’t wait to see what the LAPD comes up with!


Sadly even if he must stand trail because of a Grand Jury indictment, I think all of a sudden he will be to “ill because of his age” to stand trail….he is a sociopath and he will do anything & everything to not go to trial including faking a illness. But still I hope he does go to jail!


Faking illness is a distinct possibility”.wouldn’t be surprised if his evil attorneys even suggest it. They will drag the legal process out as long as possible to the point of his death. Thanks to social media the ugly truth about Cosby has been revealed BEFORE his death. You can bet a REAL tell-all book or movie is in the works.


True about “what actor would want to play him” & also true about who will show up at his funeral.

as the bible states “Truth will always prevail”….the truth is out about Bill Cosby…thank goodness.


I can also see his evil attorneys writing a legal tell-all book about Cosby disclosing everything they covered up about their sociopath client. That would be a best-seller for sure! I was married to an attorney years ago and I know, professionally and personally, he would never stoop so low as to defend someone like Cosby, but then he wasn’t a sociopath. You would think his attorneys long ago would’ve counseled him to “put it in his pants, keep it there, and keep his hands to himself” but no, he’s made them billions of dollars. Also, they KNOW he’s committed these crimes and that he’s guilty as all get out!


Knownow, his attorney is as evil as him. I was thinking the same thing there is good & bad with social media but the good is all of these victims were able to connect, join forces, get Gloria Allred involved and continue to have press conferences to tell the truth = Cosby is a serial child molester & rapist. A tell all book or movie I think in this case is appropriate to prevent him from being put on a pedestal after his death.


I can’t imagine Bill Cosby on a pedestal ” not now anyway! As far as a movie, what self-respecting actor would want to play him? I think now the number of people attending his funeral in the future has dwindled to just his family and money-mongering evil attorneys!


In order to protect his ugly legacy I wouldn’t put it past his evil attorneys to try and block a tell-all book or movie after his death. I hope Gloria Allred files a class action lawsuit against his attorneys and anybody else who colluded to cover-up his evilness thus enabling him to continue raping victims over the years.


Yes, I can see his children blocking a tv movie but also I can see them writing a book on how horrible & manipulative Cosby was behind closed doors.

I was also thinking the victims that his lawyer called “liars” etc to should sue the lawyer for deformation of character.

What a nightmare to have been connected to evil Cosby. Classic Sociopath behavior on both Cosby’s part & his lawyer. Any self reflecting lawyer would just walk away from Cosby and his checkbook but a sociopath/narcissistic lawyer would stick around for the money side and smear victim for fun.


Hi Knownow….you are correct…he “does not Know what it’s like to be down”….no otherwise he would have stopped drugging & raping woman years ago, he would have felt guilt, shame & remorse…and he would not be going up on stage now to feed his ego, he would be to embarrassed to do his comedy act. He would be hiding at home, he is not hiding he walks around like nothing happened and he/his evil lawyer are waging a smear campaign against the good people (his victims).

It makes you wonder how many men in Hollywood are getting away with raping woman in this day. It’s very sad that soooo many by standers did nothing to stop this man…all the rumors were there for the past 50 years but know one stepped in to help these victims or to stop an evil evil man from continuing his drugging & raping.

All of these modeling agency handed over young victims to this evil man (knowingly??)….that is the sickest part.


Add Heidi Thomas to the current list of 38 victims. Visit: Complete list of women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault (Updated 2/22)

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