News reports say British TV star Jimmy Savile was a sexual predator for decades

Jimmy Savile was one of the most well-know stars of British television. Everyone knew he was eccentric and many people apparently knew he was also a sexual predator who targeted young girls for decades.

Jimmy Savile scandal on

‘If we blabbed on Jimmy, the family would have been left with nothing’: Savile’s abused great niece tells how paedophile DJ bought his relatives’ silence, on

Britain’s Jimmy Savile abuse scandal: how could his crimes have gone unnoticed for so long? on

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Skylar…..UGH!!! I really detest the “counseling ploy” because it is a deliberate machination to cause FALSE hope that changes are on the horizon. They never look into counseling UNTIL it’s a last-ditch effort to keep up the facade.

Sure, they’ll attend a few session and look directly into the counselor’s eyes and say, “Yes, yes…..I see how that would cause problems……” The exspath went to 3 sessions that I know of. ROTFLMAO!!!! SERIOUSLY, it’s laughable! The first time he went, he apparently told the therapist that he was “addicted to technology.” LMAOLMAOLMAO!!! He told our family physician the SAME exact thing when I insisted that he submit to STD testing! (snort, guffaw, cackle) The family doc was astounded that he would be “forced” to get STD tests for being addicted to technology and TOLD me so the day after the exspath left! LMAO!!!!!!!

(slapping knee, guffawing, cackling) Are you shitting me, REALLY!? “Addicted to technology….” (snort)

PFFFFFFFFFFFT ……. laughed so hard my nose started running! LMAOLMAO

Brightest blessings


STJ, thanks for asking about my living conditions – no they haven’t changed or improved with the exception that I no longer fear being evicted. I don’t want to dwell on what I don’t have, so I’m going to face these next few days with some resolve, lots of wood, and layered clothing.

I’m still laughing at the exspath’s addiction to technology…..what an absolute DOPE.

Brightest blessings

sharing the journey


Addicted to the porn that technology provides in abundance more like. LOL

Looks like you are sure learning survivalist skills. If I ever get stranded far from home I know who to call to ensure our survival in extreme conditions.

Every step up you take will seem like luxury.

I’m rooting for you.


Yes he became believable in my eyes. At least he was trying. And did this not prove that he really loved me and the kids.!!!

Also. In thinking back, I think I suffered a bit from the Stockholm syndrome. Small kindnesses etc.

Thank God I suffered from the other syndrome this time whereas experts noted a different response to hostage taking. The prisoners held the bank robbers up to the window for the police to shoot.



STJ, he was acting out the S&M that he saw played out in his vile DVD collection at very expensive gatherings with random people of his ilk. It wasn’t just watching porn – it was living out the fantasies in very, very risky venues.

Survivalism……..yepper, and if I can make it through this winter, I can make it through a zombie apocalypse!

Sure, you suffered from Stockholm Syndrome, STJ!!!! SURE YOU DID – so did I with the first abusive exspath. “An absence of abuse is perceived as an ACT OF KINDNESS.” One of the many facets of the syndrome.

Stockholm Syndrome is ill-termed because it speaks directly to a random hostage situation when, in absolute researched fact, it is a psychological defense of ANYONE who endures abusive treatment for a period of time. There is no set amount of time to create this syndrome, but the psych communities need to REname this syndrome to bring it down to it’s core.

Brightest blessings

sharing the journey



That’s why I think the Stockholm syndrome didn’t work on me the second time around. He forgot the small kindnesses. It deteriorated into constant abuse.

A necessary tactic for it to work is the small kindnesses.



STJ, and he probably became so arrogant in his sense of control that he believed that he didn’t need those “absences of abuse.”

Bastid…..the rat-bastid….

sharing the journey


You touched my heart calling him that on my behalf.

I think you are right.


I think that words are so important. They affect how we perceive the world, abstract concepts and each other.

Therefore, I think we should change the word from Stockholm syndrome to Breadcrumb syndrome.

A starving person is always grateful for breadcrumbs, even from tables laden with wealth. Ronald Reagan used this concept in the “trickle down” theory of economics” !! (yeah, the word “trickle” is a TELL about what we would be getting in the future).

A person starving for love is always grateful for the breadcrumbs of kindness the abuser gives us, to numb us so they can continue to feel on our pain.

Breadcrumbs and Trickles, those are words I can relate to.

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