Ohio man charged with killing his ex-girlfriend and crashing his car with her body in the trunk

Roy Owens Jr.

Editor’s note: The victim of this horrific crime was the cousin of Lovefraud contributor Dr. Amber Ault. In her cousin’s memory, Dr. Ault hopes to help others by offering her book, “The Five Step Exit,” for free. 

Linnea Satterfield, 56, of Elyria, Ohio, was reported missing by her sister on July 17, 2017. She had recently left the home that she shared with her boyfriend, Roy E. Owens Jr., 56. Neighbors and family members say Linnea was trying to escape an abusive relationship.

Two days later, Owens was arrested in Darke County, Ohio. He’d been driving in a ditch by the side of the road, wearing only his underwear and socks, and crashed into a pole. In the trunk of his car, police found Linnea’s body.

Owens is accused of beating and stabbing Linnea. He tried to cut his own throat and wrists when he was arrested, but the knife was too dull. Then he tried to hang himself while in custody.

Owens had previously been convicted of domestic violence in Missouri and served two years in prison. He also has a history of survivalist leanings, keeping a large amount of ammunition and cash on hand.

Bail has been set at $10 million. Elyria Municipal Court Judge Lisa Locke Graves ordered a competency examination of Owens.

Police: Man crashes car with ex-girlfriend’s body in trunk, on

Murder suspect Owens to have competency exam; bail set at $10 million, on

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