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On Thanksgiving, the energy of gratitude


Photo by Jack Moreh

Photo by Jack Moreh

One of the most healing energies of the universe is gratitude. No matter what your situation, finding something to be grateful for can help you move forward.

This may seem difficult, especially if you’ve recently discovered that you’ve been betrayed by a sociopath. But even under these circumstances, you can be grateful that you have finally learned the truth.

My own experience with a sociopath was shattering. But one thing that was demolished was the wall I had built around myself. With that gone, I was able to move forward and find true love and companionship, and for that I am grateful.

To all Lovefraud readers, thank you for your contributions to our collective healing. Together, through our hard-won wisdom and compassion, we help each other to become better and healthier than ever.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Donna, Iagree. Gratitude is a healing energy.


It took me a LONG time to feel any gratitude about anything, except that I WAS divorced from him, no more verbal/emotional/sexual abuse, no more overwork on that farm. I could now come and go as I wanted to, wear hair, dress, talk and feel feelings and emotions without harsh judgment/rages/tantrums (usually over trifles)..THESE things I was grateful for. But, as I learned, my freedoms came at a high cost: estrangement(s) by 3 grown sons, who blamed me for EVERYTHING and sided with HIM. Not until I ‘googled’ psychopath; bought, read books/articles, did I realize how much I have to be grateful FOR, much more than I knew before. It is much easier for me, now, to BE grateful, thankful for the little/big things that mean SO much in life. And especially for websites like LoveFraud, that teach/educate/and to move forward!! Thank YOU.


I am always amazed at how just shifting my focus can mean the difference between depression and happiness. Gratitude is one of those things that can make the shift instantly. Acceptance is another, and generosity is yet another. Making a choice about something can also shift energy because it is very empowering. I’m also amazed at how letting others know who grateful I am for them brightens their entire day. We need so much more of this in the world.


I’m grateful for information about psychopathy being available today with and Sandra Brown. I was in a relationship with a psychopath in the 70’s and there was no information.


Grateful I have a new modem since the old one stopped working!!!


Grateful for the library computer. Frontier is a lousy Internet provider- no customer service, no conection for 5 days. no reconnection in sight. Will find new provider.


Grateful for and hope you all give yourself a lovely Valentine’s Day.


Grateful for lovefraud.


Grateful for lovefraud and the information here.

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