On Tinder: Raising awareness of domestic abuse

Tinder photos

Fake profile photos on Tinder to raise awareness of domestic violence (Bravo/Y&R)

Women in the Miami, Florida area who are scrolling through the dating profiles on Tinder, a location-based dating app, are seeing profile pictures that draw attention to the issue of domestic violence.

Women in Distress, a domestic violence center in Florida, sponsored the awareness campaign with fake profiles in the exact place where women are looking for potential romantic interests. The organization also created a YouTube video about  the Tinder campaign, although it has been taken down. I wonder why?

Domestic violence charity creates fake Tinder profiles for abusive men in order to show women who are seeking love online how quickly a relationship can ‘turn ugly,’ on

Thanks to the Lovefraud reader Jan7 for drawing attention to this article.

On a related topic, reports that nearly half of the people using Tinder are not single.

42 percent of Tinder users aren’t even single, on


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Excellent post.
I love that this topic is being looked at by the “Tinder Age” women. The younger women who grew up in this look for love online need to know that this is real.
I was able to view a YouTube video even though I read the original from Women in Distress was taken down.
I was horrified that some of my daughters friend from college met dozens of men on this site and slept with many of them while drinking.
My thought are that this girl is lucky to be alive as in the video you never know whats behind that picture online.
Thanks Donna and Jan7 for bringing this to our attention.

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