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Prison gives sociopaths an opportunity to plot and scheme

Many of us have been involved with sociopaths who committed crimes, ranging from fraud to drug distribution to murder. Many times we report their activities to law enforcement, and the authorities do nothing. (That’s what I experienced.) Or, the case is prosecuted and the criminal gets off. We are left with nothing but our frustration.

If the offense is serious enough, however, the sociopaths may be prosecuted and sent to prison. We rejoice. But throwing the bums in jail may be a mixed blessing. Yes, they’re off the street, and we can sort of rest easy—temporarily. But while the offenders are locked up, they have guaranteed food, shelter and medical care. Some have access to libraries and the Internet. And they often have the right to free legal services.

With their basic needs taken care of, prisoners have nothing but time on their hands. Time to plot, scheme—and file tax returns. Last year, the IRS detected 173,000 fraudulent tax returns filed by prison inmates, claiming $2.5 billion in tax refunds. Of that, $1.1 billion was claimed by just two inmates.

Those are the cases that the IRS detected. They don’t know what they missed.

Here are cases of prison plotting and scheming associated with Lovefraud readers:

Patrick Alexander

William Patrick Alexander, son of the Lovefraud contributor Joyce Alexander, murdered a 17-year-old girl back in 1992, and has been locked up ever since. But from behind bars, he tried to arrange his mother’s murder. He sent his former cell mate to infiltrate Joyce’s family, and she had to flee for her life.

Patrick Alexander comes up for parole this year. Joyce is fighting his release.

Mark Ledden

I recently heard from Denise Escher, former wife of Mark Ledden, who is profiled in True Lovefraud Stories. Ledden assaulted Denise on Valentine’s Day 2009, stabbing her 11 times in front of their two young sons. He was sentenced to seven to 20 years in prison.

So what has he done while in prison? Demand visitation with the boys. Denise’s lawyer got his first petition thrown out. But he’s just filed another one. He asks for mail correspondence and telephone calls with his sons, now ages 10 and 7, copies of medical and school records, and for the boys to visit their paternal grandfather. Ledden wrote:

Plaintiff believes it would not only be healthy buy (sic) helpful to have a relationship with their natural biological father, as opposed to no relationship during the developmental years of life.

Ledden does not mention that one of his sons, who witnessed the attack, was totally traumatized. And, in a letter to Denise’s attorney, Ledden blames the entire episode on drugs, which he accused Denise of taking as well. (She did not.) Read:

Mark Ledden petition for visitation with his sons

Mark Ledden letter to Denise Escher’s attorney

Oh, and because, being in prison, he is indigent, Ledden also asked for a free attorney to represent him in the matter. Denise says the court has appointed an attorney for him, one she described as “accomplished.”

Patrick Giblin

Another of the True Lovefraud Stories is about Patrick Giblin. This man was arrested because he defrauded 132 women out of a total of $320,241—money that he blew in Atlantic City’s casinos. He met them on telephone chat lines, convinced him that he loved them, and asked for money.  In 2007, he was sentenced to 115 months in prison—that’s 9.5 years.

So what has Giblin been doing? Apparently plotting his escape. Lovefraud received an email from one of his many victims. She was notified by the US Victim Notification on January 18, 2012, that Giblin escaped from the Luzerne Community Correctional Facility.

What will Giblin do on the outside? I’m sure he’ll go back to scamming women. In fact, perhaps he’s been talking to women all along from prison, and that’s how he escaped.

Hard labor

Many sociopaths view prison time as simply an occupational hazard, part of the game. Others go to prison and expand their skills at deceit, manipulation and criminal activity. They are not rehabilitated.

Perhaps prisons should get back in the practice of making inmates at least the sociopathic ones do hard labor. Then maybe they’d be too tired to plot and scheme.

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Donna, thank you so much for this article. Not only do convicts have internet access, library access, legal access, and three meals a day, but they have the opportunity to develop networks of fellow criminals to do their bidding and share previously unknown scams and techniques. They also have access to MOVIES like, “The Devil’s Rejects.” Nothing more than a visual training manual, that.

Yes. Convicted criminals would have far less time on their hands to machinate and refine new and improved techniques to commit and improved crimes upon their release, and even from within prison cells.

HARD LABOR. Make little rocks out of big rocks. Dig ditches. Work dairy farms mucking out barns and hoisting hay bales all day long. A tired convict is a sleepy convict and a sleepy convict has little interest in honing new skills. They’ll just want to do their time and be released.

Brightest blessings


I just read Denise’s story and find it an absolute miracle that she didn’t need any internal repairs after the psycho broke five knives stabbing her. He needs to stay in prison forever.


Donna, wonderful. Just wonderful.

So, where is Gibling supposed to be housed, then? Disneyworld?

As much as I do NOT want to be labled a “victim,” I would be satisfied to add my name to this list if the exspath had ANY possibility of facing criminal charges. UGH.

Ox Drover

Donna, Some inmateS DO do hard manual labor at SOME institutions SOME of the time. Texas, Arkansas Mississippi and Louisiana actually FARM with them on a huge scale and use them as manual labor where modern farms would use tractors. All new inmates that are able bodied, and any inmates being punished are sent to the “hoe squads” —my son Patrick faked a seizure disorder in order to avoid going. ONce he got sent anyway, for punishment, but he didn’t stay out there long til he got his “rights” as a disabled patient to stay out of the hot sun.

He DOES ENJOY prison though in many ways because he pits wits daily with the guards, many of whom are Psychopaths themselves and when Patrick can violate a rule, however minor, or major, and get by with it he is reinforced that he is smarter and better than the “hacks.” This gives him an immense amount of pleasure on his “score card”—and when he was able to con a good looking female major into having sex with him a few years back. WOWWIE KAZOOWIE! he not only got to farkk her, he got to look down on what a stupid whore she was as well. The risk to him was minimal, but to her the risk was EVERYTHING…her freedom (for her it was a felony) her marriage, her kids, her job, her career, her name. WHY would someone risk all that to fark an inmate? My guess is she had some P qualities as well.

Yea, prison is a PhD program for inmates. Many have smuggled in access to cell phones and thus access to the internet. I am not sure that many (any?) give regular run of the mill inmates access to the internet. IN Texas they do not have LEGAL access to the internet. But guards frequently augment their small salaries by smuggling in contraband including cell phones and tobacco. Since most prisons now have gone tobacco free it has raised the price of tobacco to $1 per cigarette (the last I heard) so has greatly improved the profits…snuff and chewing tobacco have gone up as well. Used to the guards had to smuggle marijuana in order to get that kind of mark up on their product. So now they can make good money and not risk going to jail for a drug charge themselves. Few guards are prosecuted for smuggling, mostly just fired quietly….keep down bad press for the prison.

Also, just FYI….unless someone is a VIOLENT or famous offender, even when they go “missing” out of a Federal prison, this is NEVER REPORTED to the news. (don’t ask me how I know cause I can’t tell you, but I swear it is true!)



Did that female lose everything?

Ox Drover

I only met her one time in a visiting room at the prison. She came into the room and came over to where I was sitting with a contact visit and stood by the table and talked a moment. You could tell by the eye contact and expressions that they were “a couple” and I couldn’t believe the other guards in the room couldn’t see or know…..and patrick sneered, “that’s my bitch” and I have no doubt he was telling the truth.

As far as I know, they never got caught. But a female employee (a secretary) was apparently having an affair with an INMATE AND a GUARD and she and the inmate were both found dead in a closet with their throats cut. Supposedly a suicide murder. BUT my son says the major she was farking was the one that killed them both. I believe him. Liane Leedom’s X married the nurse at the prison he was held at.

I used to live close to a federal prison in Ft. Worth, a low security one, co-ed and it was not a rare event to have guards fired for being caught with inmates, and in one case an inmate “walked away” and was gone for several months and he was KILLED BY COPS in a robbery and there was NOTHING IN THE PAPERS ABOUT HIM BEING A FEDERAL ESCAPEE. In fact, if you looked at a MAP of Ft. worth, the area where this federal facility is located is BLANK. There is a federal prison in Arkansas and I was totally unaware of it until I had a guard as a patient who worked there. They keep low profiles on most of their smaller units.

State prisons are a different situation. But they are all CORRUPT in my estimation and the guards are in my opinion mostly as bad or worse than the inmates.

Oh, did a bit of research on prison stats in getting stuff ready too send to the parole board. Right now 1 in 50 Americans is on ‘COMMUNITY RELEASE”=parole, probation, or some kind of “conditional release” That means 2% of the American population.

Also, the Bureau of Justice Statistics are written in such a CONVOLUTED MANNER (and I studied statistics in school) that they are WORD SALAD and MEAN SQUAT…. but I did get enough of a quote to include in my report that Patrick as a thief, robber, illegal gun user, vehicle thief, and bugrular has a 74.5% chance of another felony in 3 years of the time he is released.




Wow. The things you said there are just unbelievable!!! Sigh.

I’m guessing the major got away with those murders?

Ox Drover

Yea, assuming that what my son said was true…I know he is a liar but he ALSO loves to have the “inside story” and my guess is that the convicts knew the truth from the get goo….they knew she was farking an inmate AND a major and when the major found out, he did them both in and the convict got the rap for a murder/suicide. So who is left as a witness? Even if a convict SAW it he couldn’t afford to rat out the major.

The female major that Patrick was “doing” as far as I know they never got caught and e ended up getting transferred to some where else.

Ox Drover

We had a female prisoner (actually several but I’ll just tell you about ONE) who had someone set up an account ON LINE and there are lots of “prison pen pals” sites….anyway, she had a photo of herself cut out of a magazine, some model on there and she said she just needed a few thousand to pay fines and get out and of course then she would be your honey bee….she was making $50+ thousand a YEAR with this scheme.

I’m not sure how the prison could stop this sort of scam but it was a big deal in the local news here for a while. The actual inmate was in excess of 400 pounds, black, not white, as she claimed and was 50+ not 21.

Back when patrick had internet access on his smuggled cell phone he was getting on dating sites as well….and the girls he talked to had no idea he was INCARCERATED.

They do learn all kinds of new things, it is the criminal PhD program with many many different things to learn for when you get out.


Years ago when I lived in a ghetto in a very bad suburb of Denver, I had neighbor who was a high profile drug dealer. I didn’t know anything about sociopaths at the time, and one day I found myself inside his apartment – don’t really remember the reason. I asked him a lot of questions. He was very open about his drug dealing. He told me that every few years he would get caught and go to prison. In prison, he told me, he would make contacts for making future drug deals on the outside. So prison was a form of social and “professional” networking for him. That was when I first started to realize there was something not quite working in the prison system.

The free medical care alone must be worth the price of admission.


Stargazer, good to “see” you!

Yeah, the medical care INCLUDES sex-change surgeries, too.

Inmates have more rights than their victims do, especially the murderers and child molesters. Once they’re convicted, they have three meals a day, a source of “income” in prison jobs, every resource available to help them “REHABILITATE,” medical care, psychiatric care, psychologial care, and conjugal visits. Their victims, on the other hand, had NO opportunity to argue their case as to why their lives should be taken from them or ruined, forever. The victims had NO process of appeals once the criminal pronounced sentence.

Yeah…… and prison guards make a shit-ton of money, make NO mistake. They make their hourly wages (some States starting salary is 60K per year), overtime, holiday pay, and all of the PERKS between the inmate deals and so forth…’s obscene. The whole thing is obscene.

Ox Drover

Truthy, SOME prisons have decent medical care. and SOME have conjugal visits…over all, the dental care is only pulling a rotted tooth, and the BARE minimum of medical care–when they get old and sick and expensive they give them “compassionate” parole for their families or the state to pay for them to keep down medical costs for the prisons.

What pushes my buttons is that there is such a difference in prisons…from horrible to worse. They make no distinction between the kids who COULD be rehabilitated and the 50+% of the prison population who are so HIGH IN P TRAITS that there is no chance for them, but they let them out on parole anyway KNOWING they will be back in 3 years or less on a new crime (Bureau of Justice Stats 2011)


And the thing that gets me is that our tax dollars are paying for this free ride and the free medical care, when I can’t even afford the deductibles on my own medical care. System is definitely broken.


I had a friend who got a job at a state prison in the medical department. I warned her not to go there – that it was a bad place full of bad people. I told her that empathy for others is absolutely not allowed there, unlike a regular hospital. She took the job anyway because the benefits were good.

She didn’t make it past her probationary period before they let her go, and they let her go in the most humiliating way possible. She was having inappropriate contact with one of the inmates, and had apparently even met members of his family on the outside. The inmate was a lifer – I still can’t get her to tell me exactly wtf she was thinking in getting involved with him.

This lady was in a very bad marriage, was lonely, and had very low self esteem. She was ripe for plucking, that much I do know.


Free sex change surgery, huh? My ex, the spath, would probably be begging for a sex change surgery if I’d ever gotten my way with him. There wouldn’t be much left of his private parts after they met with my boots. Anyway, all part of a messed up system where lying and exploitation are rewarded. Look at the corrupt welfare system, speaking of people lying and exploiting. It’s very depressing for me to think about it because I really can’t be part of the solution. But I imagine for sociopaths who dislike actual work, crime pays for them, because their stints in prison are all funded by taxpayers.

Ox Drover

Having been inside prisons, not as an inmate thank God, but having visited there for nearly 20 years, I didn’t see anything that I personally would have enjoyed about either living there or working there either. The tension in the air was thick enough to be cut with a cake server.

In the visiting room the inmates eyes were continually SCANNING the room, on HYPER ALERT for trouble 24/7…


Hello everyone,
I have a question. My ex husband (still battling divorce but he is still my ex as far as I am concerned) was always very mesmirized by any program on T.V about prisons, convicts, and watch every movies that had to do with prisons, Escape from Alcatraz, etc etc.
I often wondered why ? Why did this appeal to him ? He was never in prison, that I know of. Can anyone help me with this ?



I am assuming it’s because he could relate to the level of spathiness. He was probably also learning from those shows on how to do more damage.

Ox Drover

It might also because he fears going to prison and wants to learn how to behave if and when he gets there. Many of them do illegal things.

my exspath was obsessed with exorcism. It’s because he knew he was going to hell. I think there’s a parallel here.

Spaths are always plotting and planning their exit plan.


I really should apologize for posting random comments as they happen to cross my mind, “stream of consciousness” style. Like that one on another thread about “Enumclaw” sounding like something “spelled backwards,” for instance.

Anyway, on this thread one thing that crossed my mind was in the account of Patrick Goblin—er, “Giblin,” sorry! (but I bet that jerkoff is no better than Tolkien’s evil “goblins” in Lord of the Rings, so it’s just a Freudian slip of sorts)—where I read that Giblin defrauded 132 women out of a total of $320,241, which he blew in Atlantic City’s casinos.

Now the instant I’m faced with a statement like that, being possessed of a mathematical mind, the first thing I’m compelled to do is to mentally divide $320,241 by 132, which tells me this goblin deprived these women of an average of something like $2500 apiece.

$2500 is an infuriating sum to be deprived of—in the short term it can be a serious blow for many people in straitened financial circumstances—but it’s not a crippling loss for anyone in the long term. However, what bothers me about this is what we’re not told here. I realize there’s nothing deliberate about what we’re not being told, of course. But I’ll bet my boots that this $320,241 total was not made up of anything like 132 equal amounts! I’ll bet most of these 132 victims were rooked for relatively small amounts, while the bulk of that total was made up by a tiny handful of victims who lost huge amounts—far more than they could ever make up for. It’s those I feel especially sorry for.

As for the murderer Patrick Alexander, I’m mentally working on a letter about him, and other menaces like him.

Ox Drover

Dear Red, I would GREATLY appreciate a letter to the parole board from you for my protest. (see the article here on LF about where to send it) I am very grateful for ANY AND ALL letters of protest for his release. My attorney mentioned today that he had had letters coming in which he will put with the packet of letters we are preparing for the board.

Thanks very much.


Oxy, I would like to write a letter to the parole board. I’m going to sit down tonight and do it.

I have a half-brother who has been in prison for 16 years for manslaughter. We weren’t raised together (my NPD dad took off and remarried) but I feel that he has Cluster B characteristics. I worry about him being unleashed on the public after all these years of being incarcerated. He’s been learning from the masters how to get over on people. His release date is this year.

The difference between my state and yours is that there is definite sentencing. Parole is a thing of the past.

Ox Drover

DawnG, thank you, ALL letters appreciated very very much. It is only when we let these political appointees know that SOMEONE IS NOTICING that they don’t just try to clear out the cells to save money in these hard economic times. In the end, lettingn them out COSTS MORE because of the crimes they commit.

Ox Drover

OOh, Donna, please let us know what happens in Denise’s case. I will of course keep this woman and her children in my prayers. I hope the courts have some sort of COMMON SENSE in this situation.

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