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Professor talks about psychopathy

In a television show produced by the University of Wisconsin, Professor Joseph Newman talks about psychopaths. He says that a basic problem with psychopaths is attention deficit—they may see cues or threats that they should stop a certain behavior, but they don’t pay attention to them.

Watch Office Hours: Psychopathy, on

Read a scientific paper about Newman’s research, Attention moderates the fearlessness of psychopathic offenders.

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Ox Drover

VERRRRRY interesting research, Donna, thanks. I wasn’t able to watch the TV show but the article was super interesting.

It is also interesting that many psychopaths are also ADHD (which is an attention problem) and there is a high percentage of Ps that are also Bi-polar which in some instances can increase lack of impulse control and can increase grandiose thinking as well. All of which when combined can create, in my mind at least, the “super psychopath” who doesn’t look ahead at possible “failures” in his intended behaviors, and even if they fail may not be able to see himself as “unsuccessful”

Having talked to some of my P-son’s inmate friends, even they marvel how “brave” he is in the face of a 6 ft+ black guy or Hispanic guy (and I know who many fights he’s lost) but apparently now he’s got a “bluff” in on many of them that even though he’s a small white guy and they can probably whip him, they may a bigger price than they are willing to risk and will back down from an actual fight with him. However, a small white guy and especially a young one who is put in prison, if he is not willing to fight to the death and inflict pain on his attackers, will be turned out as a sex slave to be bought and sold by other inmates so I guess there is some survival impulse there as well as a lack of fear.

Intgeresting study.


Just watched the video and I find it helped me to understand my S-ex’s behavior where he would tell me…”you know how I have a one track mind when I am on a mission”. I loved the diagram of the animals and words, and I know without a doubt he would perform well at this.
I would love to have seen an example of the red/green letters in regards to fear response.


Ok, just read the article and understand how it (red/green letters) works. It is explained a lot better than in the video.
I think it serves to reinforce just how cool, calm and collected he could be in almost any situation. Only saw him get enraged one time and given the situation, it was quite inappropriate behavior for the argument he was trying to make.


okay so it’s changed from they have no feelings…… to…… they do not pay attention to cues that would lead to a feeling….whattttteverrrrr…I’m angry that we would even waste time on researching the dead people, what about the people who are alive and in mortal danger of these gigantic morons who roam the land like nothing was wrong….deeeeangggh! could we have some research for the people left mentally deranged after these monstrosity’s posing as normal….ADDHDDZWQ….who cares…get them off the planet….spend money on a big Rocket….and send em to the next universe…gettem outta mine……ooopsies a bit angry..please understand….or dont…I don’t care…well i do..but ..ah shut up bully proof


bulletproof–Am feeling your frustration!!

I just found out Sunday that my ex is now living with a woman. I was distraught at the loss of our relationship and didn’t realize what I was dealing with until months after it all ended.

I know that he did have feelings, no matter how shallow or superficial they were. What I also realize is that he has no impulse control regarding so many different things, whether drinking, gambling, spending, online addictions, etc. Although I thought I had found the guy I was looking for because he treated me so well, that turned out to be only on the surface and the true measure of a man being one of nobility and character, was the one I made him out to be, not the one he was. He fit everything I had on “my list”, or so I thought. Not after the mask fell from his face.
I just found out indirectly that he has now moved in with some woman, and word on the street as to what happened with us, is that he loved me, but it was my kids. I think he could use this as no one in his family had met my kids so he could say whatever, and they wouldn’t know that the kids were able to see through the veneer and would not forgive him the lies and deception that he fed to me and the feeling that they too had been played.
So in the last day or so, I have had to feed myself a healthy dose of all the crap so I don’t go all nostalgic and wonder how this “lucky lady” gets to have him when I couldn’t. Hmph, I only hope she finds her strength before it’s too late.



I sympathise but I would encourage you forward and into your intuitive self…and feel so sorry for the “lucky” lady because she will be played until she goes out of tune too….and you are now in the aftermath and she is in the trick introduction, the smooth interview to see how “nice” she is, how “needy” she is and how he can send her into orgasmic DENIAL…because at the end of the day she will be destroyed just like you….love light and blessings to you, keep talking and keep walking…you deserve better than that!!!

Ox Drover

Shana in this “contest” the LOSER GETS THE PRIZE—congratulations! YOU WON!!!!!!! You got to get rid of the prize jerk! WHOOPIE!!!!!!


Haha, Oxdrover.


Thanks Oxy and bulletproof!!
I know that the way to healing is through it, not over, under or around it. I am getting there, day by day.
I think it was either Dr. Laura or Oprah that said something like Don’t just be a survivor, be a victor. That’s what I intend to do! 🙂



Yay!! may the victory be yours in every way shape and form!!!

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