Psychopath and narcissist love quizzes

Dr. Dorothy McCoy, a licensed professional counselor and psychotherapist, has developed online quizzes to help you figure out if you are dating a psychopath or narcissist. The behaviors identified by the quizzes will certainly look familiar to Lovefraud readers.

Psychopath Quiz

Narcissist Quiz

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Oxy ~ thanks for the suggestion. I had read one/joy’s post before, but didn’t REALLY get the gist of it the first time. I just re-read it and the lightbulb went on in my head.

Oh my! It’s no wonder that I didn’t know if I was afoot or horseback during the last 6 months of working at my last corporate job! They had me so stressed out with trying to train in 5 people at once AND learn a whole new part of the department. I had trouble concentrating, was exhausted all the time… It was awful! They fired 3 of my supervisors during that 6 months… I should have known I was next. Still working on getting my self-confidence back. I was devastated when I lost that job!!

Yea, sometimes posts like this one get “lost” when for one reason or another they go off the side of the blog and we don’t look at them again. I was kind of scrolling through various articles which I do from time to time and seeing what was around that was really interesting….not that most of the posts aren’t “interesting” it is just that some are more “profound” than others….and this one just hit me between the eyes.

Not so much that there was any “new” information there but that it was put in such a way that it made 1-2-3-4 sense. And I think we ALL need to be reminded from time to time that we have to have CALM in order to think—in order to have calm we have to have NC and quiet times with ourselves, BY ourselves in which to PONDER, RUMINATE and to get our feet back under us and you can’t drain the swamp if you are up to your ass in alligators and someone has set your pants on fire! LOL So the time we spend just “contemplating the lint in our belly button” is actually time WELL SPENT!

Dear Oxy ~ Those damnable alligators!! They DO keep us from thinking straight that’s for sure!! And then lighting the pants on fire.. Talk about “survival mode”! Who in the heck could ever be expected to think straight with all that pressure. Thank GOD for peace and quiet!!!

(((((hugs))))) and God bless you for your wisdom and caring nature.

Dear Hope2,

God HAS BLESSED ME when I found LoveFraud! When I came here I was crazeeeee as a shiat house rat! A P-free environment helps a lot to settle us down and give us contentment and peace. Amazing how wonderful that is. I count my blessings….and include LF as one of those blessings.


Hi All,
I was directed to the livejournal article that I re-posted on the 8th by someone who posts on the blog of the dupe who is suing the spath. I had described the ‘trauma bond’ on that blog – without naming it – i don’t need that rat’s ass spath crawling over here – and one of the regular posters came back with the link to livejournal and this article about ‘sick system.’

a note about livejournal: if the online community where i met the spath had half the moral guts and anti bs policy of livejournal, they would have booted the spath and she wouldn’t have gotten away with a third of what she did. I have a lot of respect for what the moderators and site owners do at livejournal. they fully investigate any and all ‘stories’ that are suspicious, and protect their community from spaths to the best of their ability.

I was just wondering if anyone here watches “Breaking Bad.” I’m still in the midst of downloading episodes of the second season, and I was really struck by a character in the last one I viewed. (Don’t spoil it for me, but . . .) I sense that Skyler’s boss on her new job is a spath. In fact, they’re already hinting that he did something of a sexual harassment nature the last time she worked there, and she’s kind of apprehensive about his “let’s do lunch sometime” invitation.

I was so captivated by the performance of this actor that I looked him up: Christopher Cousins. His publicist did a great job of talking him up on the IMDB bio — basically saying he specializes in playing spaths. I wonder if Lovefraud could interview him. I wanted alternately to kiss him and smack him silly, the handsome devil. He obviously has some insight into the characters he plays!


Are you kidding?? I think I am Breaking Bad’s biggest fan! I even have them listed on my Facebook page as favorite TV program. Yeah, OK…so I won’t spoil it for you as of course I have already seen it all.


I didn’t give that character much thought. I saw those episodes way before I met X spath so I wasn’t in tune to those creatures then. Now if I watched reruns I am sure it would pop out at me.

Sister, you had me there for a minute when you mentioned “skylar” and you were referring to a character in a TV show not the blogger here Skylar….okay…I get it now? I just had a WTF moment. LOL

I don’t have cable so haven’t seen the show.

sister sister,
I loved that show but never got to finish watching it after the first season. (that’s where I first heard the name “Skylar” and decided to look up the meaning: protection through knowledge)
Where does one download this show?

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