Psychopath and narcissist love quizzes

Dr. Dorothy McCoy, a licensed professional counselor and psychotherapist, has developed online quizzes to help you figure out if you are dating a psychopath or narcissist. The behaviors identified by the quizzes will certainly look familiar to Lovefraud readers.

Psychopath Quiz

Narcissist Quiz

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lol I have some ointment too…. roflmao

Don’t exchange ointments…….it’s taboo in the hoodoo-voodoo world.

OMg, I don’t know which thread is more disgusting right now


hmmm, sounds to me as if SOMEbody knows quite a bit about this hoodoo-voodoo stuff LMAO!!!




Onestep, I loved your long post. I really didn’t know much about trauma bonds before coming to LF, even though I did understand the dynamics of addiction. I knew by my behavior and thought process and inability to extracate myself from my miserable relationship that I WAS ADDICTED, but I never understood why, or how I got that way. The amazing thing about it was, that I never thought I was in love with him! It was the you and me against the world mentality, and a gradual wearing away of reason along with a growing sense of dependancy, and an ever increasing awareness of iimpending doom.

Thanks for your post. It goes a long way toward explaining trauma bonding. I will read your link when I finish here.

As far as Hoodoo goes: One morning, years ago when I was still married to N X hub, I got up and dressed and got ready for school. I was putting on my make-up, and screwed the lid off one of those roller- ball type lip-gloss, and found a long, kinky black hair stuck to it. Ewwwwwwww. How perverted is that?

And about menstual blood: Way back in the day when God was a woman, and no one really knew how children were concieved, menstrual blood, and breast milk were considered sacrid….I agree that to us, menstual blood is taboo, but that fact, I think is a result of patriarchy and it’s need to over throw the Godess. Just sayin’.


good morning kim – i am so with you on the goddess side. I think menstruation is amazing. i believe that it has many more reasons for being beyond having babies. i read an article about menstruation by a brilliant scientist once – and her theory was that menstruation had a ant bacterial affect on our bodies. i sat in stunned silence when i read that – like i had discovered a long hidden truth.

it is an amazing thing that we bleed and don’t die, that our bodies produce food for children – we female mammals are incredible. not sure why parthenogenesis is not the norm though.

it’s sad and potentially crippling that we are taught what we are about our bodies and how they function – everything has some stupid social meaning. my mom was a nurse, and she was extremely invasive with our private space, inc. our bodies. she turned most natural bodily functions into shames/ something she should control. she did hurt me with this stuff. but it was the 60’s and my spirit was very free when i was younger – she didn’t stop me from doing a damn thing by the time i was 12. what she probably actuallly taught me was to let others disrespect me.

i always felt good about my cycles (once i was past the societal embarrassment – thanks mom and puberty) until i started to bleed so painfully and heavily that it became dangerous to me.

i described a bit about the trauma bond (although i didn’t call it that as i don’t want the spath (who reads that other blog) to come looking for internet references to the taruan bond and find her way here) on the blog where the spath is exposed, and another poster came back with a link to that long post. I told her that in fact it is what spaths do.

i responded to your post over on Society for the ‘Scientific Study of Psychopathy, meeting highlights: Researching victimization’

have a great day kim!

Yes, I think it’s sad that we are taught to feel shame about our femaleness. Our wonderful bodies, and their natural ability to produce new human life.


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