Psychopath and narcissist love quizzes

Dr. Dorothy McCoy, a licensed professional counselor and psychotherapist, has developed online quizzes to help you figure out if you are dating a psychopath or narcissist. The behaviors identified by the quizzes will certainly look familiar to Lovefraud readers.

Psychopath Quiz

Narcissist Quiz

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Da-aamn! It was bad enough that he was drugging me, now I really wanna barf! He did all the cooking in the beginning, now I know why I fell in love so stupidly!

He rated as both S and N, no surprise there. I’d figured out long before the end he was a N. I enjoyed those quizes, I took an extra one and I’m going to be the next Agatha Christie. Yay! The only one he didn’t score on was jealousy, I guess when you think you are perfect you can’t imagine your victim ever wanting anyone else. Although he did act like we were glued to the hip when we were at parties, enough so it was physically uncomfortable.

Ok, I expected to see his behaviors in the sick system. What I didn’t expect is that I would flash on the roommate I had when I met him. She was the one who constantly complained about her job, yet did nothing to change it. She also was Crisis Central, she could whip up a crisis every single day out of literally nothing. And you better participate in feeling sorry for her and exclaiming it loudly and repeatedly. She would always one-up any real crisis someone else was having…at least in her own mind.

Sometimes when I remember everything that was going on in my life at the time I fell for X, I’m surprised I didn’t fall for a cannibal wearing a scary red mask! I was actually living less than a mile away from Ted Bundy’s parents while he was on his killing spree in the NW, I’m sure I would have found him just my type, sigh.

Dear Kim Frederick and Onestep….. I would love to know how to access what you are referring to above about the long post on trauma bonding? I know that is what I experienced, and read the book but still need to hear how it affected others. I saved your paragraph Kim as it explains into words what I felt too….but couldn’t express. Any pointers would help. thanks.


bellangel – the original is on livejournal: http://issendai.livejournal.com/572510.html

Kim frederick;

I second your comment regarding Onestep’s post. That was my experience 1,2,3 and 4! Add with it that at the end he became my caretaker and one can see with there was such a traumatic effect.

I assessed my x-spath with the quiz and he rated a 9. However, since I did not know much about his past or bill paying habits, I did not answer questions relating to these negatively.

Quizes and tests are one thing, but when a particular question really resonates, my head is left shaking.

“Is described by others as laid back, cool, unruffled, an android.”

On several dating websites he describes himself as “chill”.

The post that one/joy made on June 8th, I hadn’t read before and I want to say that it makes SOOOOOOO much sense….and every one of those things was done to me in the “summer of chaos” by the Ps ganging up……I was CRAZEEEEEE as a sheet house rat because I was so TIRED and STRESSED and COULDN’T THINK effectively.

If you haven’t read that post, go back and read it carefully.


Oh my god how did I miss that post?
That is such an incredible post. It describes my life for 25 years.
Thank you 1 joy And oxy For bringing it to my attention.

Oxy ~ thanks for the suggestion. I had read one/joy’s post before, but didn’t REALLY get the gist of it the first time. I just re-read it and the lightbulb went on in my head.

Oh my! It’s no wonder that I didn’t know if I was afoot or horseback during the last 6 months of working at my last corporate job! They had me so stressed out with trying to train in 5 people at once AND learn a whole new part of the department. I had trouble concentrating, was exhausted all the time… It was awful! They fired 3 of my supervisors during that 6 months… I should have known I was next. Still working on getting my self-confidence back. I was devastated when I lost that job!!

Yea, sometimes posts like this one get “lost” when for one reason or another they go off the side of the blog and we don’t look at them again. I was kind of scrolling through various articles which I do from time to time and seeing what was around that was really interesting….not that most of the posts aren’t “interesting” it is just that some are more “profound” than others….and this one just hit me between the eyes.

Not so much that there was any “new” information there but that it was put in such a way that it made 1-2-3-4 sense. And I think we ALL need to be reminded from time to time that we have to have CALM in order to think—in order to have calm we have to have NC and quiet times with ourselves, BY ourselves in which to PONDER, RUMINATE and to get our feet back under us and you can’t drain the swamp if you are up to your ass in alligators and someone has set your pants on fire! LOL So the time we spend just “contemplating the lint in our belly button” is actually time WELL SPENT!


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