Quarterback Michael Vick possibly in trouble again

Almost a year ago, Lovefraud wrote about Michael Vick, the NFL quarterback who was convicted of running a dog fighting ring, released from jail and hired by the Philadelphia Eagles.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) objected to Vick’s reinstatement in the NFL. They wrote to Roger Goodell, league commissioner, stating that the quarterback fit the profile for antisocial personality disorder.

Last year’s Lovefraud article asked the question, Can Michael Vick change his behavior?

The answer, unsurprisingly, may be no.

Unlike most sociopaths, Michael Vick is subject to a very public probation. Everyone knows he did time. Everyone knows that for him to keep his job, Michael Vick had to do more than stay out of trouble. He had to become a role model.

30th birthday party

On June 24, 2010, a 30th birthday party for Michael Vick was held at a nightclub in Virginia Beach. This wasn’t a quiet celebration. The event was promoted by a company called Star Quality Entertainment. Anyone who bought a $50 ticket could attend.

Shortly after 2 a.m. on June 25, a shot was fired outside of the nightclub. Quanis Phillips, Vick’s co-defendant in the dog fighting scandal, was shot in the leg.

Michael Vick initially told police and the NFL that he had left long before the incident. Then the club’s surveillance video showed that Vick and his entourage left only about three minutes before the gunfire, and they went in the direction that the shots emanated from.

No one is saying that Michael Vick fired the shots, or that he was at all involved. But it certainly seems that in telling his version of the events, Michael Vick lied.


So is the big redemption experiment a failure? Michael Vick was paid $1 million by the Eagles last year. He barely played. Over the course of the season, he completed 6 of 13 passes for 86 yards and one touchdown. He ran for 95 yards and two scores. Most quarterbacks do more than that in one game.

If Vick stays on the team, he’s scheduled to earn $5.2 million this year.  But rumors are flying that he’ll be cut. At least one Philadelphia sports commentator said that if Michael Vick lied about anything regarding this incident, he hasn’t met the criteria of being a “role model” and should be let go.

So even with a $5.2 million job hanging in the balance, Michael Vick couldn’t walk the straight and narrow path. Why are we not surprised?

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Henry, that’s the same thing folks thought of Dobermans back in the 60s and 80s. The Dobies were the pit bulls of the day. My sister had several of them and they were the biggest babies of the dog breed. Back in the 70s, I met a guy through friends of mine that trained his Doberman to attack. He did this by beating the dog every time a potential prey came into his space. The dog was so severely beaten each time this person came into his space that the dog eventually attacked the person just so that he wouldn’t be beaten by his owner. I never saw the guy again, good thing.

Yike wini…..and here I am thinking ‘how’ can I train Holly to attack on command…..
Sure ain’t gonna try that way!

I think she’d read our emotional cues. She definately is by my side 99% of the time. I don’t think she’d like someone causing us harm…..even without the training.
She’s black German Shepard btw…..very loyal…..and (luvable)….but keep that a secret! 🙂

ErinB, German Shepards are very intelligent dogs. I mentioned my sister’s dog Brandy a few weeks back (who was a Shepard) … that could sense an anti-social personality in our midsts? Back in the 70s … when all the girls rented a house and it was party central for every male within a 200 miles radius???


hens – it’s just a detox! a few spath toxins in your system still need to be expunged.

nothing like fear to keep us from meeting new people. 😉

Thanks for the update, Donna. It seems that sports celebrities are completely immune to justice and allowed (almost encouraged) to behave badly. It’s EXCUSED because they’re so vital to the team! UGH!!!!

I like the idea of Vick being ordered to stay in PA.
You really need to keep a close eye on wild animals.

The comments following the article were great…..especially Pista, SaveALife, and JollyRancherk3.

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