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Quarterback Michael Vick possibly in trouble again

Almost a year ago, Lovefraud wrote about Michael Vick, the NFL quarterback who was convicted of running a dog fighting ring, released from jail and hired by the Philadelphia Eagles.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) objected to Vick’s reinstatement in the NFL. They wrote to Roger Goodell, league commissioner, stating that the quarterback fit the profile for antisocial personality disorder.

Last year’s Lovefraud article asked the question, Can Michael Vick change his behavior?

The answer, unsurprisingly, may be no.

Unlike most sociopaths, Michael Vick is subject to a very public probation. Everyone knows he did time. Everyone knows that for him to keep his job, Michael Vick had to do more than stay out of trouble. He had to become a role model.

30th birthday party

On June 24, 2010, a 30th birthday party for Michael Vick was held at a nightclub in Virginia Beach. This wasn’t a quiet celebration. The event was promoted by a company called Star Quality Entertainment. Anyone who bought a $50 ticket could attend.

Shortly after 2 a.m. on June 25, a shot was fired outside of the nightclub. Quanis Phillips, Vick’s co-defendant in the dog fighting scandal, was shot in the leg.

Michael Vick initially told police and the NFL that he had left long before the incident. Then the club’s surveillance video showed that Vick and his entourage left only about three minutes before the gunfire, and they went in the direction that the shots emanated from.

No one is saying that Michael Vick fired the shots, or that he was at all involved. But it certainly seems that in telling his version of the events, Michael Vick lied.


So is the big redemption experiment a failure? Michael Vick was paid $1 million by the Eagles last year. He barely played. Over the course of the season, he completed 6 of 13 passes for 86 yards and one touchdown. He ran for 95 yards and two scores. Most quarterbacks do more than that in one game.

If Vick stays on the team, he’s scheduled to earn $5.2 million this year.  But rumors are flying that he’ll be cut. At least one Philadelphia sports commentator said that if Michael Vick lied about anything regarding this incident, he hasn’t met the criteria of being a “role model” and should be let go.

So even with a $5.2 million job hanging in the balance, Michael Vick couldn’t walk the straight and narrow path. Why are we not surprised?

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Ox Drover

You ought to be able to tell when this man is lying, HIS MOUTH IS MOVING!

What REAL “Celebrity” throws a party where anyone off the street can get in for a $50 cover charge? unlessit is for some charity event, but I think for Vick “charity” begins with himself and no one else. DUUUUUH?

I don’t care if he threw 100 touch down passes in 2 games and ran 1,000 yards–the man is TRASH. All caps TRASH!

The fact that he fought dogs shows he has NO EMPATHY, OR MORAL COMPASS. He is therefore NO hero and should not be held up as a ROLE MODEL for anyone. There are alreafy enough BAD role models for youth as it is, he does not need to be another one. He’ll end up like OJ in prison before his life is out is my guess. I think he should be there for what he has already done, not with a sports contract. I think thre should be something that TRUMPS athletic ability–and that should be A MORAL COMPASS– he has an Amoral compass.


Michael Vick…..Man of the year! (SPIT!)
Too bad he didn’t have a better aim at his co-def……that would have been a service to society… spath dead….one spath indefinately imprisoned. (Two spaths eliminated from society at once! HA!)

He’ll get rewarded next year…….

Ox Drover

How about PSYCHOPATH OF THE YEAR! ? Well, I take that one back, I’m voting for Joran for STUPID Psychopath of the year. Vick can win the Piece of TRASH of the year award though. How about that, EB?


“Under the terms of his probation and his NFL reinstatement, Vick is not allowed to associate with felons. Presumably, there were no background checks on patrons who coughed up 50 bucks for his party. Phillips may not have been invited, but he was there and reportedly became involved in an altercation with Vick.

Lawrence Woodward, Vick’s attorney, said Phillips was ejected from the club. Guadalajara spokesman Allen Fabijan told the Daily Press in Newport News, Va., that no one was ejected during the event.

Woodward said Vick was “long gone” before Phillips was shot in the leg in the parking lot. Fabijan said security video shows Vick leaving at 2:07 a.m. The shots were fired at 2:10 a.m. “from the direction” Vick’s car traveled.”

Read more:

So, the shots came from the direction Vick’s car traveled.
What are the odds?!?!?!

It seems like there are always these types of discrepancies in the sociopath’s “story”.
Socios have the worst luck ever!! 🙂

Why the Eagles organization decided to prop this guy up as a role model is still beyond me.

Michael Vick is a Loser, and I don’t believe he is capable of changing.
If he is, he has not shown it.

And the IDIOT AWARD goes to the Eagles organization, and whoever gave Vick the Ed Block Courage Award.

Courage my ass.

Ox Drover

Hey, Rosa, when did you get “Courage” your ass? What color is he? What a cool name!!!!! Are you going to ride him or drive him? Hey, when Erin B and Fat and Hairy and I go for our cross country jaunt, you and Courage your ass can come with us! LOL


I hope BET includes this latest incident in Michael Vick’s reality TV show, “The Michael Vick Project.”

After all, it does not get any more REAL than this. 🙂

Maybe they could do a 2nd season of “The Michael Vick Project”, and rename the “reality” series, “Back to Prison with Michael Vick.”


I really cannot believe the Eagles or the NFL took him back. Sickening, really. But as expected, he’s self-destructing anyway and will be gone next year I feel sure.

Sad part is out of the public eye he’ll continue his cruelties, as we all know too well, so many do.

No sympathy at all for those who exploit and torture animals; the only line between torturing animals and people is fear of getting caught or fear of having your own butt kicked. So easy to hurt helpless things, what a man he is. NOT


Wow so this is who we want as role models in society – dog torturers and murderers and now potentially drive by shooters? I say drop him in the middle of the roughest neighbourhood in LA and see how he fares without all his millions and throngs of fans … let him see how real drive bys happen.

There should have been more public outcry about this case – it just shows our treatment and attitudes towards animals … they’re lower class creatures who can be used and abused by those who are more powerful. It baffles me as to how he kept his position on the team.

We shouldn’t be surprised about the lies – as we all know socios lie like other people breathe – even looking you dead in the eye. They have no shame, no remorse, no conscience and no soul. This should be the final incident to dump his ass to the kerb – what will it take for that to happen? Does he actually have to murder someone??

romanticfool no more

He’s been boycotted on Facebook since he was let out. Well, we boycotted Nike for endorsing him. Our point was that at no time was this guy EVER a good role model, and they were endorsing a crook and a sociopath. Their form letter said just because they gave him tons of free NIKE stuff to wear, didn’t mean they endorsed him. Uh, yeah, this is the message we want sent to our kids. If I had the money I’d put up a bill board showing a scruffy Vick being led off in cuffs wearing his NIKES under Large Lettering saying Wear Nikes and be as cool as dog killer Vick! As long as they throw money and fame at him nothings going to change. He’s got the pattern for a killer. Glad I don’t live anywhere near him.

Ox Drover

If you look at the “media” reporting on the “celebs” you will see that MOST of the “in set” and the popular artists are doing things that are NOT good role models,, but they still sell their music and their tickets and look “really cool” like MJ dangling the baby over the rail, or sleeping with children in his bed. I could name 1000 “celebs” that demonstrate in their lives that they are drug addicts, psychopaths, sexually amoral, and totally pieces of crap!

Oh, don’t want to leave out OJ!


Oxy, I was on a blog a few years back with the Michael Vick case was alive and well … All the sports freaks were ranting and raving about giving this creep a break (that he did his time) and all the animal lovers were saying that the courts were to light on him, that they should have fried the rotten bast***! It’s incredible that this is another OJ in the making …. already on the assembly line. I blame the NFL for keeping this bad behavior alive and well so they can make $$$$. They should have been thrown in jail along with Vick … for insisting young men knock heads with others as sport.


Sidebar Note regarding sociopathic athletes:

Elin Woods is reportedly getting as much as $750 million in her divorce settlement from Tiger…..the largest divorce settlement in sports history.

The caveat is that Elin cannot speak publically about Tiger’s infidelities.

That’s more justice than a lot of us get, at least in terms of $$.

I hear the men at the fitness center where I work out saying that she doesn’t deserve all of that money, because she did not “earn” it….Tiger did.

Comments like that infuriate me, because Elin could have contracted HIV or AIDS from this sociopathic cheater, unbeknownst to her, of course.

Elin was the one at home taking care of the children, while Tiger was out doing whatever he pleased.

So, yes.
In my opinion, she deserves every penny.

But, I’m looking at the situation from a different context than these men who still see Tiger as “a hell of a golfer”, and are willing to overlook his personal indiscretions.

Speaking of giving these athletes a break, Tiger is not only getting a break….some people (mostly men) are willing to completely look the other way when it comes to his personal life…as long as he keeps WINNING on the golf course, that is.


Rosa, believe me when I write this … women from all over the world are not only watching Tiger carefully, they are watching the user men/women and advertisers who support this psycho! Nike who? LOL.

Tiger is the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to anti-social personalities coming out of the closet for all to see they live among us. The entire world got to watch a Narcissist (at least) at his saddest hour. The moronic sports nuts may support him, but their wives do the shopping. Need I say more?

Ox Drover

He’s just another cheating creep, no matter how well he does or DID put the little white ball in the hole in the sod. Personally I hope his wife gets ALL his money, she has children with him, so is TIED to the creep for life one way or another.

SHE EARNED every $$$ of whatever she gets in my opinion. So he gets to pay for his playing around. It still won’t make up for what he did.

I agree with Wini and Rosa.


And don’t you love the CAVEAT?

As part of the settlement, Elin is NOT ALLOWED to speak publically about Tiger’s affairs…..ever!!

In true sociopathic form, Tiger has taken away her voice to speak.

After all, abusers never want their victims to tell, right?

That’s the most revealing part (the secrecy) about Tiger’s personality, as far as I am concerned.

At the end of the day, Elin is nothing more than an object to him….an object that needs to be SILENCED.

Now THAT’s PAR!! (pun intended) 🙂


Honestly, here is another media red herring, a classic sociopath without empathy (at least toward dogs) and at the very least a criminal who cannot learn from past mistakes. I am more interest in the sociopath whose uses success to mask his underlying disorder, such as Lance Armstrong. Sorry to go off topic…

Regarding dogs, while many heinous psychopaths were known animal lovers, Adolf Hitler comes to mind, what about individuals who specifically dislike dogs?

I ask this because not only did my ex-sociopath Jamie dislike dogs, other individuals I know with some sociopathic traits also seem to dislike dogs.

Ox Drover

Vick is typical in the Macho groups of psychopaths though, like those TOUGH “man killer” dogs. I don’t know what my P son did with it or what happened to it but first thing he did when he got out of prison the first time is get a PIT BULL PUP and named it “prescious”—he thought it was funny to say “Give the nice man back his leg, Prescious” BARF!

Anyone who wants a dangerous dog, or dangerous breed is sick—or who likes to see them fight. I can ALMOST see rooster fighting as thats what chickens do, but for dogs, or other mammals it is I think unnecessarily cruel. I don’t even approve of bull fighting though at least there is some danger to the man, but the bull doesn’t have a chance, but with the adrenaline flowing I don’t think the bull suffers much, but still, what’s the sport in dog fighting? Let Vick get in there and fight to the death with some other psychopath, I’d pay to see that fight!


Oxy, Pit Bulls, like any breed of dog are lovable with a loving person. It’s the evil within the breeder, who trains their dog to be vicious. That’s why I love the dog whisperer’s show on TV. He tells people that need his help training their pets, that’s he’s not training the dog, he’s training the owner (LOL). Most people don’t pick that up, even though he’s announces it on many of his shows.


My son has two pit bulls, they are lovable goobers. At the same time I agree with Ox, a lot of low life trailor trash get pit’s to get attention and train them to be aggresive and mean. Seem’s almost daily you here of small children being mamed or killed by them. And as sweet as his pit’s are and as good as they are with my grandaughter I wish he didnt have them..but like my son says, my weiners are mean little attack dogs, and when I have small children around I put the weiners in the back room..but most dogs should not be left alone with small children imho – I just woke up from a VIVID dream of my X – I took him back and was happy as a pig in a mud puddle..oh my.!


Oh my….is right hens!


Henry, that’s the same thing folks thought of Dobermans back in the 60s and 80s. The Dobies were the pit bulls of the day. My sister had several of them and they were the biggest babies of the dog breed. Back in the 70s, I met a guy through friends of mine that trained his Doberman to attack. He did this by beating the dog every time a potential prey came into his space. The dog was so severely beaten each time this person came into his space that the dog eventually attacked the person just so that he wouldn’t be beaten by his owner. I never saw the guy again, good thing.


Yike wini…..and here I am thinking ‘how’ can I train Holly to attack on command…..
Sure ain’t gonna try that way!

I think she’d read our emotional cues. She definately is by my side 99% of the time. I don’t think she’d like someone causing us harm…..even without the training.
She’s black German Shepard btw…..very loyal…..and (luvable)….but keep that a secret! 🙂


ErinB, German Shepards are very intelligent dogs. I mentioned my sister’s dog Brandy a few weeks back (who was a Shepard) … that could sense an anti-social personality in our midsts? Back in the 70s … when all the girls rented a house and it was party central for every male within a 200 miles radius???


hens – it’s just a detox! a few spath toxins in your system still need to be expunged.

nothing like fear to keep us from meeting new people. 😉


Thanks for the update, Donna. It seems that sports celebrities are completely immune to justice and allowed (almost encouraged) to behave badly. It’s EXCUSED because they’re so vital to the team! UGH!!!!


I like the idea of Vick being ordered to stay in PA.
You really need to keep a close eye on wild animals.

The comments following the article were great…..especially Pista, SaveALife, and JollyRancherk3.

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