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Scammers posing as soldiers

It’s an epidemic—con artists stealing photos of soldiers from online profiles, setting up fake Facebook pages, contacting women, proclaiming their love and asking for money.

Read Soldier impersonators target women in web scams on

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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Ox Drover

I’ve seen several articles about this sort of scam and how some people have been conned of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS….it so happens that sending money to people I meet on line or even people I KNOW is NOT my vulnerable spot….but I have been HAD JUST AS BADLY, so I’m not going to cast stones at these (mostly) women who have fallen for these (to me) “obvious” scams. What scam each of us would fall for is different from person to person, but we can ALL BE HAD I think—in fact I think the reason most of us are HERE IS BECAUSE WE HAVE BEEN HAD BY A SCAMMER of one kind or another.

I am glad that the word is spreading though and maybe more people will be less vulnerable to these on-line creeps, but the “love bomb” still gets too many of us even off line. The psychopaths use it because IT WORKS a lot better than the “hate bomb.”


This does not have to do with soldiers but a possible money scam.

There was a guy I met on line who I just casually talked to. We had what I thought was a very innocent flirtation going.

The interesting thing is we connected because of an in house live chat feature. I chose Religious Chat. We started talking, or so I thought, because we were close to the same age. He may have chosen Religious Chat so he could get someone “nice”.

He started sending me a short on site email every day. I didn’t hear from him for a week so I sent him an email. He said that he was so upset because he had just found out that he had Leukemia. I prayed for him. He thanked me for the HOPE.

It never occurred to me to send him money. He said he was upset and was going to be in the battle for his life. He told me the two procedures he was going to have to go through and what kind of Leukemia he had. I had no reason to doubt him. I still don’t actually, but he was waiting for insurance approval.

Finally, he dropped off the board and I lost track of him. I later found him on another dating site and my emotions went off the chart. I was so happy to see him ALIVE……because of my prayers. Well, he tells me a little different story this time. He said that he had been through hell and was going to the next step of treatment but needed just a couple more thousand dollars to meet the co-pay. He was not consistent on what his procedure was. I have a good memory. It still didn’t bother me. We started exchanging regular emails and then a couple of phone calls. I called him once and he was a little surprised and said that his daughter was coming over. I had been so emotionally high that I felt a little odd. I talked to another male friend about it who was also on online chat. He had a different take on it which I honestly didn’t pick up. He thought that this guy had a scam going about the Leukemia. I tend to agree with him NOW. I feel so stuuuupidddddd! LOL I never sent him any money and he never asked but he had this unusually built in stationary on his email like “Our love”. Believe me I was not taking any of this any more serious than an innocent flirtation and then a concern for his health. He did live in the US and I did talk to him on the phone in which he had a regular land line phone.

In case the guy really does have Leukemia I will not call him any names, but I did quit talking to him. As I was on two different dating sites I later found a picture that looked similar to his but located in a different state. Can’t remember if he was using the same name.

Anyone else run into this guy? He was supposedly living in Florida.

By the way I am not on any any dating sites now. The last flirt I received on Zoosk before canceling was from a Nigerian Scammer.


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