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Young woman jailed after falsely accusing father of rape

It’s not a sensational case, but it says so much about sociopaths.

In June, 2009, Emma Marrill, a young woman from Camberley, in the United Kingdom, accused her father Phillip Marrill, of raping her. Her father was arrested and held in jail for 22 hours, protesting his innocence.

For six months, Emma told the police a “litany of lies” about the rape. Finally, she admitted that she made the entire story up. Her father was cleared, and Emma was charged with perverting the course of justice and ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Last week, the 21-year-old woman was sentenced to a year in jail. Interestingly, her defense lawyer told the court that Emma Marrill had antisocial personality disorder. “Such a condition is characterized by impulsiveness and outbursts of anger,” the lawyer said.

Read the news reports of the case:

Lying woman made up rape claim against father, on

Woman jailed for false rape claim, on

Case analysis

There’s not a whole lot of information in these two articles, but there’s enough to state the following: This young woman engaged in typical sociopathic behavior, and she was sent to jail because of it.

Emma Marrill launched a smear campaign against her father. She didn’t get along with him, so she decided to cause trouble with the rape allegation. She made the claim to her boyfriend, anticipating that he would “have a go” at her father. Instead, the boyfriend went to the police.

Then, instead of admitting that she made up the rape story, Emma insisted it was true, telling more lies to elaborate on the original lie. Her father, in the meantime, worried about losing his job. My guess is Emma couldn’t care less about that.

Finally, the whole thing collapsed, and Emma admitted her lies.

The court ordered her to get a psychiatric evaluation, and the diagnosis was antisocial personality disorder. Emma’s defense lawyer apparently wanted this to be a mitigating circumstance: I can imagine more of what he said in court—it wasn’t Emma’s fault that she told these vicious lies, because she had a mental problem. She shouldn’t go to jail for her actions; she should get treatment.

Luckily, the judge didn’t buy it and sentenced her.

Good for Judge Neil Stewart. I wish more sociopaths would face real consequences for vicious lies that damage another’s reputation. Usually, they get away with it.

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Ox Drover

I agree with your analysis, Donna. Years ago a friend of mine had exactly the same thing happen. His 16 yr old daughter claimed to her BF to be a virgin, then when she had sex with him and he knew she wasn’t, she said “Oh, yea, well I am except my father raped me.” The BF went to the police and my friend was arrested…fortunately his daughter also eventually came clean and admitted what she had done but my friend ended up in the hospital with the physical effects of stress.

Sometimes kids get between one lie and telling another to cover up the first one and they aren’t full blown psychopaths, but other times their lies are like this girl’s apparently were, to get her boy friend to “have a go at” (I am assuming that means to beat daddy up) which is pretty much I would say more in the psychopathic scope than in just the one lie to cover another one range. I too am glad that this young woman got some jail time and a “record” to her name and that her father was vindicated.

It was interesting that she finally “gave up” and admitted she lied, so many of the psychopaths will continue to hold on to the lies and never give up.

The psychopaths facing REAL CONSEQUENCES though doesn’t change them in the future.

I found it interesting that the father “forgave” her…wonder how long before she does something like this again to him…I hope he eventually gets it that forgiving her and giving her another chance isn’t going to help either her or himself.


I can see where this is going – NOT GUILTY, by reason of Antisocial Personality Disorder – Wasn’t it Flip Wilson who used to say “The Devil Made Me Do It” ?

Thank God she confessed.

raggedy ann

Oxy, you said:
“Sometimes kids get between one lie and telling another to cover up the first one and they aren’t full blown psychopaths, but other times their lies are like this girl’s apparently were, to get her boy friend to “have a go at” (I am assuming that means to beat daddy up) which is pretty much I would say more in the psychopathic scope than in just the one lie to cover another one range. I too am glad that this young woman got some jail time and a “record” to her name and that her father was vindicated.

It was interesting that she finally “gave up” and admitted she lied, so many of the psychopaths will continue to hold on to the lies and never give up.”

We can’t be sure if the “have a go at” part wasn’t just some theorizing by the police woman (or whoever was quoted), rather than. Without that part, my first guess would have been a desperate ploy for sympathy from the boyfriend was what caused her to make up this story and she never imagined the consequences of her lie, or the possibility that it would not remain very private. Maybe her sticking with the story initially was the panicked ongoing lying that some people do. So maybe that is consistent with her eventually fessing up, and possibly being not seriously sociopathic, or even antisocial, but perhaps “borderline”. (Remember the girl who scratched the B on her face and claimed it was Obama supporters who attacked her?)

Then again there is always the possibility that some abuse happened in the past, and she reached a breaking point in this process and wanted it to end, and this is more of a “listen forget I said anything, OK?” situation. Lots of abused people are not comfortable with their family story becoming a public matter and their parents, even the abusing one’s, and family’s lives being ruined. In this case, I am guessing the probability of this is small and assuming the police knew what they were doing and mostly understand what situation they are dealing with.

Kudos to the messed up woman for coming clean, I hope she is “helpable”.

Ox Drover

Dear R-ann,

I was more going on the professional assessment that she was “anti-social personality disordered” which is essentially psychopathic behavior with a PATTERN, not just a one-time event in telling this ONE LIE. In order to get a diagnosis for ASPD she would have had to have had a STABLE PERSONALITY with behavior that met the criteria over quite a while…not just the one lie.

That being said…I think it was actually proven that her accusations were NOT POSSIBLE to have happened…dates and times and so on. So I am not giving any creedence to her accusations of abuse.

The fact that she did confess to the cops might be like my own psychopathic son did confess to the cops about his killing his victim (they had him HANDS DOWN) but he continued to deny to ME for years that he had done it. I finally after nearly 20 years read the police report which stated that he ADMITTED to the facts in evidence and the FACTS had him nailed down for the crime. He didn’t admit to ME though…so sometimes they will “confess” even if they are a full fledged, card-carrying psychopath. Other times, they will deny deny DENY! I’ve seen my son do BOTH confess and deny, depending on who and what the circumstances are.


This happened to my husband.

Our Daughter has been in the military for 20 years in the military. She has anti-personality disorder that was diagnosed by the Military.
Our Daughter that is in the Air Force was stationed overseas with her husband and our two grandkids when 911 happened.
Our daughter asked us to come to Turkey and bring the kids home to the U.S. because there was no protection for kids during the fighting in Afghanistan. We flew to Turkey right after 911 and brought our grandkids home for 10 months until my daughter and her husband were transferred to Japan.

Our daughter and her husband came and picked up the kids and moved to Japan. We hated to see them go but that is the military and we felt they were safe in Japan.
Our grandkids a boy 9 and a girl 7 wrote us nice cards saying how much they missed us and can not wait to see us again.
In Oct my daughter called me to ask my valued opinion about a stituation. She told me a story about one of her new recruits. The recruit left her young daughter with her father for the summer. Now that her and her daughter were stationed in Japan the young girl has told her mother that her grandfather molested her during the time she stayed with him. Then my daughter asked me what the new recruit should do.

I told my daughter she should tell her recruit to call the military police immediately. My daughter thanked me for my opinion and hung up.

I would normally talk with my daughter twice a month. She wasn’t calling me so I would call her.

By Nov. when I spoke to her I could tell something was wrong in her voice, I asked if everything was Ok and she said yes. By Thanksgiving when we talked I could really tell something was wrong. I thought maybe she and her husband were having a problem.

By Christmas we would always talk on the phone Christmas morning. When I heard her voice I could really tell something was not right, I said directly,

” I can tell that something is really wrong and you need to tell me,” my daughter started to cry and she said ” Dad molested K_ _ _ _.” I said what, she proceeded to tell me that our granddaughter told her that during the time the kids stayed with us the my husband molested her. I then said she needed to talk to her Dad. She didn’t want to, I then asked her who she told this to. She then said ” Mom you told me to call the police? ” Remember Mom, you said to call the police” Immediately I handed the phone to her father. She told him what she told me and then told him it was in the hands of the law.

My husband a retired Police officer asked who he could contact to straighten this out. He contacted the military police which had turned it over to the town police. He made an appointment immediately to speak to the detective handling the case. He agreed to take a lie detector and said he had never ever touched our granddaughter. My husband passed both lie detectors tests. I showed the detective the cards that our granddaughter send her Papa saying the she missed him and wanted him to come to Japan to see her. I said to the detective if he did anything to my granddaughter she sure shouldn’t want to see him again. The detective took copies of the cards that my granddaughter wrote to my husband.

Even though he was cleared 100% by the law enforcement my husband was still upset. He could not believe this could be happening to him. I suggested for him to get hypnotized to prove to himself he never did anything inappropriate. He got hypnotized and went over the times when supposedly this could have happened. My husband heard himself talk and could hear that he never touched our granddaughter inappropraitly..

I never doubted my husband and now he knows he never did anything to our granddaughter.

This was finally over. We called Japan to tell our daughter and her husband on the results of the investigation and the test that her father had taken, thinking our daughter would be relieved to know her father never did or would harm his granddaughter. When I talked to my daughter and told her she just changed the subject. I was confused, but thought maybe she just didn’t want to talk about it again.

The following years my daughter’s masked started slipping. I finally saw she was someone I did not know.

I realized that she had had my granddaughter go through all this just to hurt her father, for what reason? Now we know she doesn’t have to have a reason she just takes people down in her life and then disposes of them.

My husband had a heart attack a month later because of all this stress.

Now we both have really realized over these years that she is a real cancer to our family.

Our daughter has tried to hurt everyone in the family, pitting one against the other, lie after lie.

She had destroyed her own marriage of 17 years and has turned family members against us.

I finally understand when she told me years ago ” Mom, people are just like wallpaper to me” now I know what she meant, She has no feelings toward people.

It is very sad for a mother and father to know that there is nothing out there that can make our daughter well.


Dear, dear HurtMom ~

Your post has me crying, because it so resembles what my husband and I live with. “It is very sad for a mother and father to know that there is nothing out there that can make our daughter well.” So true, so true. No matter what they do to you, no matter how they attack you and hurt you, they are still our children and there is NOTHING we can do (or anyone else can do) to make them well.

While my daughter never went to authorities, she posted story after story on her social websites, taking turns accusing not only my husband, but also her brothers of sexually abusing her. She also accuses us of physically abusing her.

Something my daughter would do (still does) is “steal” another person’s situation and use it as her own, to make the most convincing lie. I wonder if there may have originally been a mother she met in Japan who’s daughter had been molested and that actually prompted her call to you for advice. Then somewhere in her twisted, distorted, manipulative mind she decided to “punish” you and your husband with similar accusations. Ofcourse, this may not have been the case, but it just jumped out at me as something MY daughter would have done.

Again, I am so sorry, I understand and pray that you and your husband find some peace.


Thank you for your understanding. At least it makes you feel that you are not the only one in the world that is going through this. The feeling never go away.
We fear our daughter now. You should never fear the baby that you brought into this world.
Two years later she transferred to Calif. She said she wanted to be near us
. She told me she wanted to be near me during my operation. I went to the hospital for colon surgery. Had to spend 10 days in the hospital. When I woke up in my room my daughter was sleeping in the bed next to me. She said she was going to stay and help me. I was out of it and thought how nice. After 3 days on an epidermal the Dr. transferred me to morphine drip for pain. I was awake when they were changing the pain medicine. The morphine made me sleepy. The next thing I remember is jumping up trying to breathe and wanted to run. Alarms were going off and I saw my heart- rate monitor reading 190. My daughter jumped up and ran around the bed and grabbed me under the arms and pulled me back on the bed when all the nurses came running. They saw her holding me down and asked her what are you doing. They couldn’t figure why the alarms were going off or why I was going into cardiac shock. The nurses kept asking her what is happening when my daughter said to the nurses, “Maybe her pain medicine is off” sure enough the button was turned off. Her word against the nurses. The nurse had record of turning it on.
I was crying and asked to have my daughter call my husband, she said “No, it’s late and he is sleeping” I passed out from the shot the nurse gave me.
Later on when I remembered this incident and asked my husband if our daughter told him about it, he said she said the machine had a malfunction and it was no big deal.
I am not telling this to scare anyone, I just want people to know that a person that does not have feeling can do something like these incidents. Just beware they do not have feeling like we do, they are sick. We do not know if they want attention or they really want to hurt us.

Ox Drover

Dear HurtMoM,

I too have a psychopathic son, mine is in prison for murder…even from his prison cell he tried to have me killed. I no longer feel he is my “baby”—the MAN who is so evil is NOT the sweet little boy I gave birth to and loved. My SON IS DEAD–the MAN is not my son. He may have “received the organs” of my deceased son, but that little boy is GONE. I even had a memorial service for my deceased son…the MAN still breathes and still hates, but my son died. I mourned him. I can now remember that beautiful little boy and laugh at the cute things he did and I don’t emotionally connect them to the evil man in prison. If that makes any sense.

Just as if my little boy had a terminal illness–cancer, leukemia, whatever—that ended his life, so it was, his psychopathy ended the “life” of that sweet little boy just like a cancer. But the MAN got the organs, but i t is NOT the boy. The boy is gone.

I’m so sorry you and your husband have had to suffer at the hands of this female monster, and sorry that her daughter is a pawn in her game, also made to suffer. I’m just glad she didn’t kill you. Don’t turn your back on her or let her close again. Keep safe! God bless you and I’m glad you came here. You are NOT alone, there are other mothers here besides MiLo. We do understand. (((hugs))))


Dear Ox Drover,
I had no idea that there were MoMs out there that have suffered as we have.
I really appreciate you stating that your little boy is gone,
it is still sad. I know I have to think like you do so I can go on. As you know how hard it is and keep thinking maybe she could get help.
I was told my situation is like a mother with a child that was born with no arms. All the wishing and hoping that the armless child could grow arms and be normal. l you have to realize that the child will never ever be normal.
My granddaughter is now 17 and my grandson is 19. Our daughter just had a baby at 40 years old two months ago to keep the guy in her life from leaving her. Just great, I will never be able to be around the little baby boy and I feel for him having a mother like her. You are right, I have to stay away from her and now my new grandson.
The older grandkids just want to get out on their own. They are tired of the crazy games. They know that their MeMa and PaPa will away be here for them.
I really do feel better knowing you both are out there.
Thanks so much for the nice notes from both of you.


Dear HurtMom,

You can’t imagine how much our lives are the same and how sorry I am that you must deal with all of this.

Because of our daughter’s “crazy games”, alcoholism, drug addiction, neglect and abuse, we are raising our 10 year old grandson. She also had another child, a girl now two. We have decided not to have this child in our lives. As you have seen, these women use their very own children as pawns against us, to get what they want or to hurt us. My husband and I could not watch this happen AGAIN, with another child. Nor could we physically or emotionally go through what we have had to go through in the court system to keep another child safe. It is so sad.

Keep being there for your other two grandchildren, they need you even at their ages.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Ox Drover

Dear Hurt Mom,

Yesterday was my P son’s 40th birthday And I had some sadness during the day, even cried a few tears, remembering the day of his birth! But that baby is gone and I must accept that…and I can do that now, though sometimes there is that sentimental tug from the baby of my memory. I can tell you though there is no sentimental tug from the evil MAN though…I have only to close my eyes to see the reptilian stare of his eyes when he is enraged because I wouldn’t do what he wanted me to. The look that would have melted steel.

It is sad that someone with as much potential could choose to toss it all away, but I do believe they have choices for how they behave. I also recognize that there is nothing I can do to fix the situation and I didn’t cause it either.

No, Hurt Mom, you are not alone—and that does help, believe me it DOES help! (((hugs)))


Oxy ~

Birthday’s are the worst – our minds know the truth, but at times like these our hearts have a hard time keeping up.

Thinking of you.

Ox Drover

Thanks MiLo, It was just a blip on the radar, a short “earthquake” of low magnitude, nothing big or long lasting. That’s the nicest thing about the path I’m on now is that the things that are not really BIG earthshaking events don’t last long…it is much easier to handle them and they are over much more quickly and with less pain than in the past when I was so raw that even a “paper cut” felt like a sword thrust through my heart!

“don’t sweat the small stuff, and remember it is ALL small stuff” a friend of mine used to say and it is true for me NOW.

I use some of my new TOOLS of self talk to have a “talk with” myself about it all and about the feelings I was having and to take care of me….went for a walk, counted my blessings (of which there are many!) and “had a little talk with Jesus” as the old hymn goes! Feeling better physically and mentally, and enjoying spring being here where it will be nicer to get outside.

I’ve been by myself this weekend, too, which is a good thing sometimes…just me, myself and I.

Speaking of that,, need to get motivated and get up from here and get some work done. Still got some cleaning to do in the public parts of the house…and today is the TAKE EVERYTHING OUT OF THE KITCHEN CABINETS AND PUT BACK ONLY WHAT I REALLY USE!!!! DAY!


Oxy ~ speaking of new tools, I have had the opportunity to use the “gray rock” or as I am now calling myself the “gray haired rock” (hubby really liked that one)

The daughter got around to showing her true motives – she actually asked me to babysit the girl child. Manipulating me with words that always worked in the past “I know how much you want to get to know your granddaughter, how much you enjoy kids, how much girl child needs love of grandma” All that verbal vomit. She added you can say no if you want to. Gray haired rock, in a quiet, matter of fact type voice said – no. IT FELT SO GOOD – and she was speechless…..

I am also taking lessons on facial expressions from our 8 month old boxer puppy. I have never had a boxer before and I have been having a difficult time reading him. I can’t tell if he is happy, playful, sad, his facial expression seems frozen in a kind of “disgust” with the world. Then I realized this would go perfect with the gray rock. I’m just trying not to drool. lol

Motivated, ah yes. I like to watch that show Hoarders – it does wonders. After watching an episode, I throw out everything that isn’t nailed down.

Please send some spring this way – I think this will go down as the year of the everlasting winter. ugggg

Ox Drover

Dear MiLo,

Well we still may have a blizzard but who knows–its cooler and overcast today but no rain so far…got some a few days ago we needed badly!

I “invented” the “potted plant” (Sky calls it Gray rock) about25-30 years ago when my GF had a BF that was a psychopath and he was mad at me. I had a set of 4 maple chairs that she and I had disassembled and were refinishing and regluing them in her garage.

One day while he was gone on a vacation somewhere she and I went to his house to feed his dog and we let ourselves in through the garage with a remote instead of going through the door with a key. THERE on top of a bunch of junk were SEVERAL PIECES OF MY CHAIRS…enough to of course, RUIN THE SET with “missing pieces” and all so sly….he got even with me without me even knowing it, but then tossed them on his trash in his garage never thinking I might be there to see them.

After that I was LIVID—-so I decided to pretend he didn’t exist. If I was at her house and he was there he was “invisible” to me, and I absolutely gave NO INDICATION THAT HE WAS EVEN IN THE ROOM OR IF HE SAID ANYTHING I DIDN’T HEAR IT. It drove him crazy!!!! He would posture and scream and I would just go on pretending he was a talking potted plant.

It is the ULTIMATE NC!!!!

I am proud of you for being a “gray haired rock” and also for you taking your daughter up on her offer to say NO!!!! Wasn’t that nice of her to give you the OPTION TO SAY NO? LOL ROTFLMAO I imagine she WAS speechless after having you respond to all her lead in with NO.

I figure that she will PUNISH you soon for doing so though. After all, you ARE obligated to take care of her kids when she wants you to. (well, that’s the way SHE sees it anyway.) I thank God daily that He said NO to my prayers for grandkids.

It has changed the way I pray completely. I no longer pray to God to do this or that for me, or give me this or that, or take away this or that, I just pray that He will in His wisdom do what is best for me, and that HE will know what that is and I will accept what happens as what He has decided is best. I work like it all depends on me, but I pray like it all depends on Him and the results are better than they’ve ever been. I don’t try to tell God any more what is “best for me.” I’ve quit trying to run the universe and guess what, it is still going on just like before and I don’t have to worry about it any more.

Yea, Boxers are high energy dogs too…I baby sat my cousin’s Golden “Retard” (Retriever) for the weekend last weekend, and the dog is so friendly and soooo dumb and weighs 100 pounds and when he wags he knocks things over…reminded me I no longer have patience for a 100 pound dog in the house any more with wet paws to clean up behind and to keep out of the cat’s food. Oh, well, such a reminder is good for me every once in a while. LOL


Oxy ~ I learned to pray in the same fashion. 18 years ago my Mom was dying of lung cancer. I didn’t know what to pray for. I selfishly wanted her to live, but that meant so much more suffering for her. I turned it over to God, I prayed for him to do what he felt was best. I understand.

I know my daughter will be back with another “attack”, I’m almost curious to see what she comes up with. My husband is trying to bet with me. He thinks she will become suddenly deathly ill and will have no where to turn. I guess only time will tell. In the meantime, she is quiet and that is always a good thing.

Ox Drover

Quiet is a good thing? Not so sure about that, sometimes it is the CALM BEFORE THE STORM!!! If things get too quiet I get antsy, waiting for the other shoe to fall! LOL

Everything looked bleak and bleary, out of the darkness came a voice “cheer up, things could be worse” so I CHEERED UP, and sure enough, THINGS GOT WORSE!

ROTFLMAO snark snort choke!!! Yea, ain’t it so!


You just told my life story: As soon as I cheered up things got worse.

By the way there is a difference between potted plants and grey rock.
Potted plant is what you do to them when you ignore them.
Gray rock is how you behave so they will ignore you.

Ox Drover

Skylar, I’m not sure I understand what you mean “Iraq is how you behave so they will ignore you” Oh, well…maybe I’m just dense.


Ok ~ now you’ve got me scared. Where is that bus anyways, it must be late again.


whoops I meant gray rock but I used voice recognition on my phone and it did not understand me. my phone is dense.

Ox Drover

Skylar, well you are smart enough to use one of those phones, I still have trouble with a pen and paper! LOL My fancy phone died, so I went to Wal Mart and got a $15.00 go-phone and put my sim chip in it and it makes PHONE CALLS but it doesn’t bake bread, groom the dog, or take pictures…and as far as I know it doesn’t recognize my voice or anyone else’s it just transmits them in phone calls…and I don’t think it types either. LOL

Yea, MiLo, you just sit right there, honey, the bus will be along any time now.

You know, I really did love my little demented patients, and even some of the really crazy ones—you know sometimes I think dementia is God’s way of making old age bearable, because we can live in the good times and not remember the bad ones….sort of like as we get wrinkles, our eye sight goes bad so we can’t see them.


Oh crap I thought I didn’t have wrinkles!
Why did you have to tell me?

Ox Drover

Sky, Hey baby, I got some of the magnifying glasses (cause I can’t see well enough to count my fingers without them) and I looked up close in a mirror and I saw MY wrinkles so if I have them EVERYONE has to have them…only fair…so get over it already! LOL 🙂 You have a fat arse too…in fact I have TWO fat arses…one named Fat and one named Hairy=—oh, and a fat arse when I look behind me! LOL But I’ve lost 32 pounds now!!!! So I’m working on it! Found 5 new pair of jeans in my closet I can wear now. Never got to wear them when I bought them last year before I got to fat to put them on. Now I can wear them!!! WHOOPIE!!!!


We bought our present home (23 years ago) from an Amish couple. It did not have electricity. They could not move out for several months but they allowed us to have the heat and electric put in while they were still living there. After the power was turned on, the Amish man went into the bathroom, turned on the light and looked in the mirror. He screamed to his wife, COME HERE QUICK – I GOT OLD.

My grandson does not help my self esteem, everytime he sees one of those commercials on TV about wrinkle remover he has to say “Hey Nan, maybe you should try that”.

Oxy 32 pounds good for you. Good thing you didn’t throw those jeans out last time you cleaned.

Sky – I can’t imagine how long it would take me to learn how to use one of those phones. I tell people never to leave a voice mail on my cell phone because I can never figure out how to retrieve it. It took me a long time just to figure out how to answer it, I kept hanging up on people because I couldn’t hear them (I was listening on the wrong end). honest !!


LOL you kill me.
Congratulations on the dramatic weight loss.
I lost a half lb. 🙁

Ox Drover

Sky, the trick to losing weight I have found is NOT TO EAT SO MUCH YOUR BELLY HURTS!!!! and GO TO BED HUNGRY EVERY NIGHT, AND WAKE UP HUNGRY BUT NOT EAT MUCH, AND JUST KEEP ON DOING THAT! It has been slow, I’ve been at this weight loss thing since October 2010 so it has NOT BEEN FAST, just a pound or two a week. The hardest part was being patient about it and realizing it is going to be harder to get off than it was to put on and not near as much fun!

The low sodium (salt) part was terrible, I was ADDICTED to salt, but now I am enjoying finding new ways to make things I like without salt, just herbs and spices and such. Also have to PLAN AHEAD for every meal–I can’t just open a box or a can, add meat and be done. Have to plan ahead and read labels and such. But I’m actually coming up with some great new dishes and some new versions of old ones.

But I am no longer bored with cooking so have new ideas and trying new things.

I just made up my mind that if I am going to live WELL, as well as LIVE LONGER, I need to get my head out of my arse and do what I have told patients to do— and that is eat right and exercise. I have been the ULTIMATE HYPOCRITE and now it is time to stop that sheet and ACT RIGHT! DO RIGHT! There is no one to “police” me but ME! I am the only one with the consequences so it is up to me to make the decisions and DO IT!


May I suggest that for weight loss, small frequent meals are best.
They keep blood sugar stable, without the swells and dips that lead to uneven energy and fat accumulation.
Making sure that your five a day of fruits and vegetables are consumed first thing helps too. By midday, I have met that quota. It is not left to chance.
Some form of exercise needs to become a daily habit, just like a daily shower or the morning coffee.
I am trim and very fit. My work colleagues come to me with requests for weight loss advice, work out plans, etc.

Ox Drover

Thank you trimama,

I’m actually pretty fit for a fat old woman! LOL and I have professionally given nutritional advice for decades until I retired after my husband was killed in a plane crash here at our farm/airport. With the chaos of my son, the deaths in our family, and my depression I started “treating myself with cigarettes and food”—so I gained 70 pounds, not health, so now I am getting lifestyle back to a good one. Quit smoking, cutting down oon calories and I do eat frequently small meals and snacks between means and am losing 1 to 2 pounds a week, also low sodium as well so my blood sugar and blood pressure are fine now and I am feeling much better. It is a LIFE STYLE CHANGE not just a “diet’_–and like the not going back to smoking cigarettes, I am NOT going to fail this. I have made up my mind and I will do what I know is right. I am becoming very stubborn and goal directed to LIVE WELL…THAT IS THE BEST REVENGE!

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