Young woman jailed after falsely accusing father of rape

It’s not a sensational case, but it says so much about sociopaths.

In June, 2009, Emma Marrill, a young woman from Camberley, in the United Kingdom, accused her father Phillip Marrill, of raping her. Her father was arrested and held in jail for 22 hours, protesting his innocence.

For six months, Emma told the police a “litany of lies” about the rape. Finally, she admitted that she made the entire story up. Her father was cleared, and Emma was charged with perverting the course of justice and ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Last week, the 21-year-old woman was sentenced to a year in jail. Interestingly, her defense lawyer told the court that Emma Marrill had antisocial personality disorder. “Such a condition is characterized by impulsiveness and outbursts of anger,” the lawyer said.

Read the news reports of the case:

Lying woman made up rape claim against father, on

Woman jailed for false rape claim, on

Case analysis

There’s not a whole lot of information in these two articles, but there’s enough to state the following: This young woman engaged in typical sociopathic behavior, and she was sent to jail because of it.

Emma Marrill launched a smear campaign against her father. She didn’t get along with him, so she decided to cause trouble with the rape allegation. She made the claim to her boyfriend, anticipating that he would “have a go” at her father. Instead, the boyfriend went to the police.

Then, instead of admitting that she made up the rape story, Emma insisted it was true, telling more lies to elaborate on the original lie. Her father, in the meantime, worried about losing his job. My guess is Emma couldn’t care less about that.

Finally, the whole thing collapsed, and Emma admitted her lies.

The court ordered her to get a psychiatric evaluation, and the diagnosis was antisocial personality disorder. Emma’s defense lawyer apparently wanted this to be a mitigating circumstance: I can imagine more of what he said in court—it wasn’t Emma’s fault that she told these vicious lies, because she had a mental problem. She shouldn’t go to jail for her actions; she should get treatment.

Luckily, the judge didn’t buy it and sentenced her.

Good for Judge Neil Stewart. I wish more sociopaths would face real consequences for vicious lies that damage another’s reputation. Usually, they get away with it.

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Skylar, well you are smart enough to use one of those phones, I still have trouble with a pen and paper! LOL My fancy phone died, so I went to Wal Mart and got a $15.00 go-phone and put my sim chip in it and it makes PHONE CALLS but it doesn’t bake bread, groom the dog, or take pictures…and as far as I know it doesn’t recognize my voice or anyone else’s it just transmits them in phone calls…and I don’t think it types either. LOL

Yea, MiLo, you just sit right there, honey, the bus will be along any time now.

You know, I really did love my little demented patients, and even some of the really crazy ones—you know sometimes I think dementia is God’s way of making old age bearable, because we can live in the good times and not remember the bad ones….sort of like as we get wrinkles, our eye sight goes bad so we can’t see them.


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Oxy 32 pounds good for you. Good thing you didn’t throw those jeans out last time you cleaned.

Sky – I can’t imagine how long it would take me to learn how to use one of those phones. I tell people never to leave a voice mail on my cell phone because I can never figure out how to retrieve it. It took me a long time just to figure out how to answer it, I kept hanging up on people because I couldn’t hear them (I was listening on the wrong end). honest !!


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Ox Drover

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The low sodium (salt) part was terrible, I was ADDICTED to salt, but now I am enjoying finding new ways to make things I like without salt, just herbs and spices and such. Also have to PLAN AHEAD for every meal–I can’t just open a box or a can, add meat and be done. Have to plan ahead and read labels and such. But I’m actually coming up with some great new dishes and some new versions of old ones.

But I am no longer bored with cooking so have new ideas and trying new things.

I just made up my mind that if I am going to live WELL, as well as LIVE LONGER, I need to get my head out of my arse and do what I have told patients to do— and that is eat right and exercise. I have been the ULTIMATE HYPOCRITE and now it is time to stop that sheet and ACT RIGHT! DO RIGHT! There is no one to “police” me but ME! I am the only one with the consequences so it is up to me to make the decisions and DO IT!


May I suggest that for weight loss, small frequent meals are best.
They keep blood sugar stable, without the swells and dips that lead to uneven energy and fat accumulation.
Making sure that your five a day of fruits and vegetables are consumed first thing helps too. By midday, I have met that quota. It is not left to chance.
Some form of exercise needs to become a daily habit, just like a daily shower or the morning coffee.
I am trim and very fit. My work colleagues come to me with requests for weight loss advice, work out plans, etc.

Ox Drover

Thank you trimama,

I’m actually pretty fit for a fat old woman! LOL and I have professionally given nutritional advice for decades until I retired after my husband was killed in a plane crash here at our farm/airport. With the chaos of my son, the deaths in our family, and my depression I started “treating myself with cigarettes and food”—so I gained 70 pounds, not health, so now I am getting lifestyle back to a good one. Quit smoking, cutting down oon calories and I do eat frequently small meals and snacks between means and am losing 1 to 2 pounds a week, also low sodium as well so my blood sugar and blood pressure are fine now and I am feeling much better. It is a LIFE STYLE CHANGE not just a “diet’_–and like the not going back to smoking cigarettes, I am NOT going to fail this. I have made up my mind and I will do what I know is right. I am becoming very stubborn and goal directed to LIVE WELL…THAT IS THE BEST REVENGE!

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