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Self-Love and Healing Journey Day 15: DREAM

Have you ever wondered where your childhood toys are? The toys you used to play with, imagine with and dream with, what happened to them? That little racing car, the noisy steam train, that beautiful doll… Your mind is probably travelling 30, 40, 50 years back wondering about your lost toys. Well, I have lost my childhood toys too, I just don’t know where they are. But let’s think for a second, what else has gone missing with those toys… Imagination. Why don’t we dream and imagine the same way we used to when playing with our childhood toys?

Dreaming is absolutely necessary for our healing and recovery. Dreams are what will fill up that black hole in your heart and mind, nourish it with beautiful ideas, desires, inspiration and yearnings for a better future. Imagination opens doors to a kingdom of possibilities. The power of imagination exceeds knowledge in every way. Imagination has nothing to do with knowledge. Think again when you were kids, your rational mind wasn’t developed but your imagination used to take you to places above and beyond. About 90% of our brain capacity is subconscious, which is an intuitive mind we make most of the decisions with. The other 10% is the rational mind, the education and learning we receive throughout our lives.

To get your imagination back and to dream again, you have to allow your rational mind to relax, you have to stop thinking, and stay present first. Give yourself a break from that 10% thinking so that you can activate your sacret gift, the 90pc of your imaginative power. Stay curious, passionately curious to fuel your imagination, your intuitive mind and to dream again.

Follow the exercise in this session to gain a better understanding on how dreaming can help you on this self-love and healing journey.

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