Sex crimes and punishment

Stories in the newspaper yesterday were disheartening. After reading them, I had to conclude that full-blown sexual predators are everywhere, and doing something about them will be difficult.

The first story I found was about Canadian Col. Russell Williams, an elite pilot who was commander of Canadian Forces Base Trenton, the largest air force base in the country. In 2005 he was photographed with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip. On February 7, 2010, he was charged with murdering a young woman who had been missing for almost a week.

That’s not all. Williams, considered a “shining bright star” in the military, has been charged with the murder of two women, sexual assault of two other women, and 82 break-ins. What did he steal? Women’s panties. An Ottawa newspaper reported that police seized more than 500 pairs from his home.

The charges have shocked the Canadian military. Retired Major Greg McQuaid wrote reports that helped Williams get promoted. McQuaid’s observation, however, is telling:

“I remember he had a very focused stare or look, and I was just reminded of that when this happened and they showed the photos of him and I said, there’s that look. I remember that look. It was like he’s looking through you at the back of your head,” McQuaid said.

To read about this incredible story, click on these links:

Canada top commander charged with murder, assault, on Philly.com.

The secret life of Colonel Russell Williams, on Macleans.ca. This story discusses psychopaths at the end.

Another story in the Sunday paper was about another sexual predator in the Catholic Church—this one from Brazil. A Polish priest, Marcin Michael Strachanowski, is accused of sexually abusing a 16-year-old former altar boy, and then threatening to kill the youth if he spoke of it.

According to news reports:

Judge Alexandre Abrahao Dias said that investigators found “erotic material sent to the victim via Internet to seduce him” and that the priest also took other youths to the parish house, “which he converted into a kind of erotic dungeon where he submitted them, often with the use of handcuffs, to orgies.”

To read about this case, see:

Polish priest accused of running pedophile ”˜dungeon,’ in the Montreal Gazette.

Priest charge cites ”˜erotic dungeon,’ on Philly.com.

The Canadian colonel is being prosecuted. The priest has been arrested, and the diocese of Rio de Janeiro didn’t cover up the incident. It immediately suspended the priest and expressed regret over the alleged abuse.

These guys have been caught. Given the nature of their crimes, if proven guilty, they’ll probably go to prison for a long time.

Ten days ago, a sex offender in California, John Gardner III, was sentenced to life in prison for raping and murdering 17-year-old Chelsea King and 14-year-old Amber Dubois.

California lawmakers are now considering a bill, nicknamed Chelsea’s Law, that would mandate life sentences for some child molesters and lifetime parole for others. It’s a great idea—but it will cost a lot of money.

After the first 10 years, keeping the predators in jail would cost tens of millions of dollars, according to a California corrections department analysis. But the Legislative Analyst’s Office, which provides fiscal and policy analysis to the California Legislature, puts the cost much higher—at hundreds of millions of dollars.

Read the article here:

California bill aimed at molesters would cost millions, on Google.com.

Last week, Lovefraud reported that the Supreme Court upheld a law to keep sex offenders in jail after their sentences are served. People who commit crimes like these deserve to spend their lives in jail. But is our society willing to pay for it?

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Can you tell me how you got him out and how you managed the whole thing? You seem to be in a much better place, like you haven’t given up and are embracing life. I would like to hear some of your story, our spaths seem similar and want to know how your experience during this phase, played out.

Thanks for understanding.

Also, Buttons, want to know how you would interpret this interaction with daughter and husband; She confronted him on his lying and porn use, he paused and said ” you better be careful A__, you don’t want to interfere”. He used to tell me to be careful all the time and it would shut me up. Although now, I would be like, huh? Really? Be careful of what? Telling the truth? I was such a sissy. Still trying to find the right voice.


Hope4, I’m not Buttons, but to answer your question…

If you will contact an attorney and FILE FOR DIVORCE, there will be a hearing, in which he can be ordered by the COURT to leave the home at least temporarily. HE WILL NEVER VOLUNTARILY LEAVE. Until YOU have the court put him out, HE IS IN CONTROL BECAUSE YOU ALLOW IT.

What does it matter what he says to you are your daughter? Is he going to start telling the TRUTH? If not, then why bother to listen to more lies?

Find your voice? It isn’t lost, Hope4, all you have to do is USE it? If he continues to refuse to leave (which he will) what do you intend to do? HOW LONG do you intend to keep living like this? Don’t answer ME—answer those questions to yourself?



serial killer, canadian robert pickton’s bid for a new trial was stayed. he is spending the rest of his life in prison, but the murders of over 20 women will not be tried.

canadians are calling for a public inquiry into the case (#1 on my list is why this asshole was released in the late 90’s when he almost killed a woman. oh, she was a prostitute…. btw, she fought like hell. she lived.) he went on to murder and ‘grind up’ over 30 women…many speculate that it was many more. all the women were from the eastside of vancouver. they were prostitutes, many were first nations. all lot of the reason he got away with these murders was that these WOMEN are considered unimportant and disposable. if that doesn’t make your heart break I don’t know what would.

anythign you read about this man will be HIGHLY TRIGGERING.

now that the possibility of another trial is off the table the full transcripts are available to the public. so much wasn’t available to the jury even…..there will be so much more pain connected with this evil fuckers life and murderous behaviour.

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