Stolen Valor Act ruled unconstitutional

All those impostors who lied about being in the military when they weren’t, lied about earning medals of valor when they didn’t, have just gotten a get-out-of-jail-free card.

A federal judge in Denver has ruled that the Stolen Valor Act, which made it illegal to falsely claim any military decoration or medal, is “facially unconstitutional.” The law violates the First Amendment right of free speech.

Great. Now military impostors like my ex-husband, who told me that he won Australia’s equivalent of the Congressional Medal of Honor, so that I would believe he was a responsible and trustworthy man, are free to lie all they want. Lying about military service is protected speech.

This is outrageous. As I wrote back in February in Stolen Valor v. First Amendment, the problem isn’t just that these liars dishonor the achievements of those who actually served. They usurp the regard of true heroes in order to deceive people.

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Buttons, I think some of them are on the appeals courts!

Dear Donna, THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! Basically, this judge said it’s OK to lie about being in the service and yes, devalue those who are truly heroes.
I believe this is a touchy subject for me right now as I have 2 nephews serving our country as I write this; one in Afghanistan where they are being bombed almost daily. I pray daily that all of our men and women come home safe and sound. THOSE who are allowed to do this are insulting what my nephews and everyone else serving our country are doing for this country and right now, I’m taking this a bit personally. I’m PISSED right now and Donna, I can only imagine… It’s nothing more than the government telling these idiots it’s OK to lie. Oh yes, I am VERY MAD!

Cat, I share your outrage. The spath son is one of the perpetrators of Stolen Valor. He claims to be a decorated combat Veteran and has forged military documentation to support his claims. He has also managed to generate some sort of financial benefits from these false claims, and it’s apparently just his guaranteed right of free speech???

When I discovered his forgery kit that he left in my home, I became physically, and violently, ill. Immediately, I thought about the courageous men and women who served, and are serving, and the fact that they are living in harm’s way on a daily basis. I then thought about those beautiful young human beings that were burned and blown apart, destined to live the rest of their lives in pain, misery, and emotional trauma. Then, I thought about the souls who would never celebrate another birthday, get married, or hear the sound of their baby laughing, ever again.

The grief that I experienced is indescribable – that I gave birth to someone who would perpetrate such a heinous act was more than I could bear. I was so ashamed that my own offspring would figuratively spit in the faces of all of those men and women who DID serve.

Yes, I’m outraged. I’m disgusted. And, I’m apalled that such a ruling would even be entertained, much less passed. What has our society come to?

Brightest blessings, and safety blessings for your nephews. God bless them.

Dear Buttons,
I am so sorry for you that you have a son who is one of these disordered individuals who seem to think this is OK to do. I can only imagine as a mother the pain that has to have caused, and still is. Please remember that it’s not YOU who has done this; it was a conscious choice made by your son. And we all know that the best parents in the world can have a child such as your son. It’s not you, hon. It’s him. And I’m thinking there’s nothing you could have ever done to prevent this from happening. Go easy on yourself. Hugs!

Buttons, your post was beautiful. You described all of the brave ones I thought of as well. And those who have written these false documents take so much away from those who have given the ultimate sacrifice, those injured and those who are in harm’s way now. One of my nephews is on his second tour of duty and we do pray daily for him. Many do not know what our men and women are experiencing in these hellish places.

This new law has given these disordered individuals the right to take away from the value and service of those who are serving this country and it’s OK TO DO THIS? NO, NO AND NO! It’s laws like this that make us question our judicial system.

And Donna, I think of you and all that you’ve been through and I can only imagine how this has affected you. WE all know, however, that just because this law has been passed, it does not make it morally right to do this and therein lies the difference.

Buttons, HOW can he get benefits from a false document? I’m curious about that.

Nora, just read your post and agree with Matt and the others…exposure!

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