When good parenting isn’t enough

There was a time when mental health professionals were trained to see children as intrinsically good until influenced otherwise. If kids came out bad, the parents were to blame.

That attitude is changing, writes Dr. Richard A. Friedman, a professor of psychiatry in Manhattan. In reality, parents have limited power to influence their children.

Read Accepting that good parents may plant bad seeds, on NYTimes.com.

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Hi, OxDrover.

Indeed, they certainly do have choices as to how to behave.
Unfortunately, however, unlike others who suffer such maladies as addictions — who also have choices, as you point out — they have no inherent motive to make “good” or “right” choices.
Therefore, unless & until there is a treatment or cure, it is left to the rest of us to empower & protect ourselves, as we do here on Lovefraud, and as I’d like to see perpetuated in a broad public awareness movement.

For a normal person that has an addiction, his compulsion /addiction/disorder etc. usually hurts themselves (binging, smoking, cutting, drugging) . .as well as other people.
For a P/N/S/A, their addition/compulsion etc to lying, exploiting, raging etc . . . hurts the OTHER person, and BENEFITS themselves. And having no conscience . . what incentive does the P/S/N/A have to alter his/her behavior?

Sarah, some things they do that hurts others, WE can’t see a benefit for the psychopath who does it, but they have motivations we do not have, they perceive some things (rewards) that would not be rewards to us. Power, dominance, etc. So it is difficult to say what they are getting out of it. They sure do not care how badly it hurts the victim though.


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