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Study reveals Mafia prisoners less likely to be psychopathic than fellow inmates

Italian researchers in Sicily released a new study revealing that members of the Mafia are less likely to be psychopaths than other criminals. The study compared 30 Mafia members in a Palermo, Sicily jail convicted of crimes such as murder, trafficking, extortion, fraud, sexual exploitation and kidnapping, to a group of 39 non-Mafia prisoners, whose offenses included murder, rape, child sexual abuse and armed robbery.

The study concluded that, according to the Hare Psychopathy Checklist Revised, none of the Mafia scored in the psychopathic range, while 10% of the comparison prisoners did. The Mafia members were also found to be less ”˜manipulative,’ ”˜Machiavellian,’ ”˜narcissistic,’ ”˜unemotional,’ ”˜parasitic’ and/or ”˜impulsive’ than the other participants.

Further, during the interviews, the Mafia inmates often expressed concerns for their children and their families, and they had never ceased to write and call them. Such expressions of attachment were less apparent among the comparison men.

Are the Mafia psychopaths? from Discover.

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Several years ago, I wrote an article on Lovefraud called, “Is Tony Soprano a sociopath?” Even though characters on one episode talked about the Hare PCL-R, my answer was no.


That study actually should not surprise us…The Mafia runs on member LOYALTY and connectedness to community and family. I grew up in the time of the Godfather movies….
Loyalty is certainly one trait that is missing in the disordered!!!


I agree that this finding is not surprising. These Mafia guys are known for their family loyalty, following rules and honor among thieves. Let us not confuse all murders and thieves with psychopaths. Many psychopaths are considered upstanding individuals.

The one who plagues me continually because we have children together is a retired lawyer, attends church, was president of the Chamber of Commerce…he even bragged to me about getting a stripper for their meeting. He has no friends, only associates. He always has to be surrounded by people. He is a Chameleon and tries to take on the colors of whomever he is with. He thinks he is popular but has not one real friend. His evil is always done behind closed door or disguised as humor creating cognitive dissonance…how could he smirk and whistle around the house after he raped me? Now I know, that is how he got his energy. He was happiest after he had been the most cruel.

Please, let’s keep the eye on the ball and not confuse psychopaths with non-psychopaths. The key to discrediting them and prosecuting them is to have a clear concise definition of their pathology and danger.

I find this information very interesting. It all makes sense, however, I have always wondered how mafia members could brutally murder someone and then go home to their families, whom they loved. They seem so split off.

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