Study shows how experience affects genetics

The Los Angeles Times reported on Friday an interesting study about the effects of sleep deprivation on genetics. Essentially, lack of sleep caused some genes, such as those involved in stress reactions, to be amplified. Others, such as those involved in healing, were turned down. Read:

Sleep deprivation has genetic consequences, study finds, on LATimes.com.

I found this study interesting for two reasons. First of all, some sociopaths actively try to prevent their partners from getting enough sleep, and the study points to the real health consequences of this subtle form of abuse.

Secondly, the study highlights the fact that genes can change. Here’s a key concept: We are all born with a package of genes, but for the genes to influence our bodies or personalities they have to “express,” or be activated. And whether or not genes express can depend on our life experiences.

This may provide hope for people who discover that they’ve had a child with a sociopath. Even though the child may be at risk of inheriting the disorder because of genetics, it’s not necessarily a done deal.

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