Study shows how experience affects genetics

The Los Angeles Times reported on Friday an interesting study about the effects of sleep deprivation on genetics. Essentially, lack of sleep caused some genes, such as those involved in stress reactions, to be amplified. Others, such as those involved in healing, were turned down. Read:

Sleep deprivation has genetic consequences, study finds, on

I found this study interesting for two reasons. First of all, some sociopaths actively try to prevent their partners from getting enough sleep, and the study points to the real health consequences of this subtle form of abuse.

Secondly, the study highlights the fact that genes can change. Here’s a key concept: We are all born with a package of genes, but for the genes to influence our bodies or personalities they have to “express,” or be activated. And whether or not genes express can depend on our life experiences.

This may provide hope for people who discover that they’ve had a child with a sociopath. Even though the child may be at risk of inheriting the disorder because of genetics, it’s not necessarily a done deal.

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The psychopath would use me for sex and I was supposed to just lie there and be used. If I tried to participate he called me a slut and a whore. He was into necrophilia even though I was not really dead. It was the ultimate of dehumanization.


When he finished I would move over as far as I could to the edge of the bed and cry until I went to sleep. I finally said “no” to him and he told me it was his right as my husband to have sex with me whenever he wanted to. That was a big mistake on his part because I was tolerating it but it was not his “right”. That was when I really said no more! I did not realize until much later that it was rape. I suppose back in the 70’s it was only beginning to be considered rape. We have come a long way; now rape by a husband is recognized as rape.

Wow. Although it’s been years since the spath, I just realized while reading this article that this is EXACTLY what he used to do. He’d wake me up frequently in the middle of the night for various reasons. Some just to ask a stupid question that could have waited until morning. Some to scream and yell at me. Some…well, we won’t go there. He would also leave the TV blaring so I couldn’t sleep (and scream at me if I turn it off or even down), have loud online conversations at 2am (despite there being a computer downstairs he could have used), and anything else to disrupt my sleep. This is the first time I’m viewing this as part of his pattern of abuse and how he used it to control me. For years he kept me too exhausted to resist his control or to think straight and realize what he was doing. Thanks for sharing this article!

O yes: it has been 13 years of this crap and I think I am finally out of the woods now. I feel like Little Red Riding Hood and I just walked through the wicked forest with the Big Bad Wolf on my tail. Sleep deprivation – used to happen to me, too, only by phone and by online…YEARS of this crap. All the whole time, being a ‘nice person’ and giving in to the hedonistic, selfish, ugliness of the psychopath…being dominated completely. And, all of the torture, and sadness, depression, all of it, was only a BIG JOKE to “IT”. Just another one in the stable….

I was so smoothly conditioned and controlled, I never even
realized it was happening until I got away from it and look
back and I can see it all. I don’t understand HOW someone
can be so ‘set’ on evil that it just naturally flows from their

It ended in my having a massive heart attack and almost dying.
One of many proxies this animal attempted on me.

You see: I unmasked it. They don’t like it when you do that.
But: you know what? I DONT REALLY CARE.

Oh yes, men, women, wives, girlfriends, victims…
many; and they all have managed to FLASH across my field of view all these years.
Not just being stalked by “IT” but by the massive amount of ‘minions’ along the way
and “IT” having good explanations for all of it. hahaha

I wouldn’t be surprised if “I” have a TBI from all of the phone conversations..
….shouting and screaming and hollering in my ear.

ANY DEHUMANIZATION they can effect on a person was done to
me and after all these years, whether “IT” (stalking) thinks so or
not: IT IS OVER. “I” win. Period. I am NEVER allowing that
SNAKE into my world, NOT EVER AGAIN, and I don’t know WHAT
makes “IT” think I ever would….NC FOREVER BABY!!!


Betsybugs, so glad you got away from your vile sounding husband. Glad everyone posting got away. Glad I did. As Dot2 says, freaks, monstrous sub human freaks. Peace and love all we survived x

Wow – all this good info just keeps coming doesn’t it ?? You mean I’m not stupid – just sleep deprived ?? It feels like the gaslighting in my life is dissipating like early morning fog giving way to bright sunlight. It’s all so wonderful and so confusing at the same time.

My spath mother was a “night owl” and would be wildly angry with the entire household if we did not stay up until 2 am singing and dancing and entertaining her. Totally whacked out. Then because my father was a morning lark, we would all be up at 6 am to “get to work” cleaning or doing chores before school – even on the weekends. And of course we had no right to privacy in that household. She would come in any time and hit us or scream in our faces or worse with the sexual abuse. Feels so weird and yet so empowering to admit this.

I still wake up several times a night with a start. I guess I will always be hypervigilant. During my 30+ years of marriage the spath husband has knocked me out of bed on a regular basis and awakened me for sex on a regular basis. He also stays up til 2 am usually and is up at 6 am. Even when I am sick, there are the usual complaints that he is not being taken care of.

Same playbook – same experiences – same feelings. So comforting and so weird at the same time. I’m always so glad to read validating info and yet I’m always so weirded out to feel more and more like a real person.

Opalrose, you sound very real! and very determined to heal. Sleep deprivation = easier to drive us mad and break us. All the best to you in your recovery.

Tea Light – thank you so much !! Love and Prayers to you on your journey. I really appreciate every little piece that comes together for me.

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