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Thank you Donna!

Thank you Donna for your support of The Dandelion Spirit — and of me and my journey and everyone else here who comes to find hope and encouragement and ends up finding themselves free of an abuser because of the light you cast upon the path leading them away from abuse.

I am often surprised when memories of ‘he who shall not be named’ percolate to the top and provide me insight and understanding of where I am today. For me today, ‘those times’ are just a reminder of a time when I was very very sick. Very very overwhelmed by fear and self-loathing. They remind me to love myself, as I was then, and as I am now. To love myself for all I’m worth — as a woman who was abused. As a woman who is free to choose to live her life with peace, hope and joy in her heart today.

Choosing to do what creates value in my life today, always brings me closer to living in the light of love, joy and peace.

Being with an abuser hurts. It destroys. It tears away our peace of mind, our self-esteem, our will to live lives of integrity. Being with an abuser kills us, bit by bit, until all we know is the horror of that life.

In getting away, we get the choice — to claim freedom, or not.

Me, I claim freedom — I haven’t been online here for awhile — I sometimes forget to write about those times and how I’ve grown. I want to share my story of hope, my belief we can all be free, my knowing we all deserve so much more than the abuser could or would ever give us. I commit to being present here, every second Wednesday, sharing my story and sharing this path of hope, love and peace with each of you.

Over the years of my being ‘here’, you have encouraged me, strengthened me and given me hope. You’ve reminded me – I am never alone. I am always connected to what makes each of us such amazing and remarkable beings — the light of hope, the love of life and the peace of knowing — we are worth more than an abuser’s lies. We deserve more than being manipulated, cheated on, deceived and discarded.

We are worth love.

Thank you my friends. You give me hope, love and joy. May you live with hope, love and joy in your heart today.


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