The high cost of locking up sex offenders

Twenty states have “civil commitment” laws to keep dangerous sex offenders off the street after their jail sentences are complete. This year, the programs will cost a total of more than $500 million—five times the cost of regular incarceration.

Why? Because of all the behavioral therapists, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists who are treating the predators.

In Lovefraud’s view, this cost could easily be reduced, because many of the sex offenders are psychopaths, and psychopaths can’t be rehabilitated. So the solution is to help those who can be helped, and throw the rest in jail.

Read: Treatment for a sexual predator costs a whopping $175,000 per person per year in New York: study.

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Dear Benz,

There are DEGREES of children who have “no” brain, just as there are degrees of other genetic conditions or birth defects.

I have in a professional capacity known children and treated children who had essentially “No” functioning brains except enough to swallow and breathe and some of the basic physical functions who were 10-16 years old. Essentially, they had about as much brain stem as a reptile, but without consciousness. These children for the most part lie like limp rag dolls, unaware of their surroundings.

I realize the horse issue is about financial issues. I lease my farm lands to people involved in the high end of the horse reproduction and training. Most animals which went for slaughter were more for disposition than for injuries, although animals with injuries were also slaughtered. The race horse industry does produce more animals each year than it races, but many of these are sucked up by some of the jumping and show and 3 day eventing groups. Others do end up slaughtered.

It is well known to sellers that when a horse is sold at a livestock auction the animal is most likely going for slaughter and it is the same today, except now the horses go to Mexico or Canada to be killed under their local regulations.

Humane slaughter is NOT “cruelty” to animals, in my opinion, although there are those that will argue with me on that. There are people who will say that ANY use of an animal, much less killing them for food, is cruelty.

In certain Asian cultures DOGS are bred and raised as FOOD animals, and personally I have NO PROBLEM with this though I love my dogs very much. It is a CULTURAL issue, and some people who don’t want horses killed because they are “pets” want to DICTATE to me what meat I can eat, or what I can do with my horses, by inflicting financial burden on me and lowering the price for my untrained adult animals, or the old and infirm animals.

For tens of thousands of years horses have been viewed in our culture and many others as beasts of burden and as FOOD and now a SMALL group of self proclaimed animal lovers are trying to legally dictate how those animals can be used because THEY want to dictate and legislate an industry out of existence by crippling it financially. As for 75% of people being in favor of NO kill for horses, so put it to a vote, but my opinion is that those 75% of Americans who favor NO kill somehow think that “saves” horses, which in truth, it doesn’t save them at all, just changes where they get killed.

The MARKET FOR HORSE MEAT is brisk in other countries and that was why a fat horse would bring from 50 to 80 cents a pound for meat for human consumption. (less than beef, but more than pork) on the hoof.

As far as slaughtering of ANYTHING being clean and sanitary, you might take a tour of any LARGE slaughter facility and you will become a VEGAN immediatelly, that is why I only eat meat I have personally killed and processed, or from a family owned USDA plant that kills one animal at a time, not 1000 a day.

Crippling the horse industry in the US is NOT keeping these animals from being slaughtered, they are still being slaughtered, just not in US and they are having to ride further in order to be slaughtered which is in itself a cruel and unnecessary treatment (in my opinion).

I am not in favor of ANYTHING that causes animals to needlessly suffer, but at the same time I am not trying to impose my beliefs on these people. They are free to take in and feed and support all the unwanted horses in the world, but to force me or any other horse owner to sell one for $50 to someone I know is going to haul it to Mexico where it will be NON-humanely slaughtered, is unconscionable to me.

I am in a position to slaughter it myself, or just kill it and drag it off in the woods and feed the bears and coyotes if I don’t want to harvest the meat, but most people are not in that position. A friend of mine in California just paid almost $1000 to have a horse of hers put down and the body disposed of. Prior to the effrective “ban” she could have sold the animal for $5-600 and the meat would have been harvested.

I’m on the ground around these animals, and have taken in and slaughtered quite a few horses, as dog food when I bred dogs, and kept the choice cuts for myself. The animals have been slaughtered because they were: blind, injured, old and untrained, in pain from a deformity, or so viscious they were dangerous. None of them heard the gun go off. None of them suffered.

And who knows, I may not get to be dictator! LOL And yea, the “making laws and having years of litigation refining them seems to be the way of life in America.” (VERY GOOD BENZ!) is the way we seem to do things here. LOL

Arkansas just passed a felony law about cruelty to animals, but it applies only to horses, dogs, cats, etc. not to cattle, goats, etc.

The first two cases that were PROSECUTED were: A pony was badly torn by a pack of dogs roaming wild and the vet told the man to put it down. He clubbed it in the head and killed it. The state prosecuted him for “cruelty”—the jury turned him loose.

The second case was an elderly man who had an old dog with a cyst on its leg. The man didn’t have the money to take it to the vet so he removed the cyst himself, and it got infected, so the vet he eventually took it to turned him in and he was PROSECUTED. The jury let him off too.

I give my dogs their shots, sew them up if they get cut, and if My horses need stitches I do that as well, if it is within my skill set to do so….if it is too complex I would either take the animal to the vet or put it down if the bill would be too high to warrant the cost of the vet bill. That is just good sense. They are animals, not children, on which you would spend your last dollar to treat!

I know people who would mortgage their home to have a heart transplant for their dogs, I’m not one of those people though. I think that ALL animals should be treated humanely and at the point they are to be harvested for meat, or put out of their sickness or misery, humanely put down, and the carcass used in whatever way is reasonable and useful.

As for psychopaths, and “dividing” out the ones that are on the high end of the continuuim from those on the lower end, it is difficult, will always be difficult, but PAST BEHAVIOR IS THE BEST INDICATOR OF FUTURE BEHAVIOR so if their past behavior has been VIOLENT and/or SEXUALLY deviant and VIOLENT I think that ought to be a HINT that they should be kept locked up.

Using “statistics” you can “prove” almost anything as:

A man with one foot on a red hot stove and the other foot on a block of ice, is STATISTICALLY COMFORTABLE.

I made an A in statistics too! LOL Vote for Oxy for dictator in November! LOL ROTFLMAO


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