The Lovefraud Version of the “Emperor’s New Clothes”

By Ox Drover

When we were kids most of us have heard the story of the Emperor’s new clothes, in which a very narcissistic emperor who wanted the most beautiful and wonderful clothes in his kingdom. Here is just a little bit of a different version.

Once upon a time there was a very narcissistic emperor who was very dumpy, unattractive, and had a very large nose, but he thought that if he had the most beautiful clothes in the kingdom that he would be very attractive to the ladies of the court. Even though he was a married man, he loved to have the ladies of the court admire his new clothes and tell him how handsome he was.

One day a couple of psychopathic con men were in a tavern trying to figure out a way to con someone who would be vulnerable to their scam and had lots of money. They finally came to the conclusion they would try to con the emperor.

They went to the palace one day when cloth vendors were invited to show their wares. There were people with bolts of lovely velvet material with gold stitching who showed their wares to the king, who admired it very much. Other vendors had cloth woven of spun gold and silver threads.

When the con men, who had a background as street mimes, came up to the emperor, they pretended to hold bolts of cloth in their empty hands. They explained to the emperor and the courtiers that this was magical cloth that only the honest and pure of heart could see and that would be invisible to anyone whose heart was not pure.

Of course, no one actually saw this wonderful and imaginary “cloth,” but each person didn’t want to be perceived as dishonest or not pure of heart, so everyone in the room was afraid and felt that if they were honest and said they did not see the cloth, that they would be in trouble, so they lied and exclaimed, “Oh, how beautiful!!”

The emperor, of course, did not see this imaginary cloth either, but he did not want to be perceived as dishonest or not pure of heart in front of his subjects, so he accepted what the psychopaths said as truth. He also lied and exclaimed, “How beautiful!”

The emperor sent all the honest cloth merchants away, and as they left the palace they were shaking their heads at what just happened. They admitted to each other that the emperor had been conned by the psychopaths, but were also afraid to speak up since it would make it appear they were demonstrating jealousy of the con men for getting the contract to make the emperor’s new clothes.

The psychopathic con men then agreed with the emperor to make him a unique and beautiful outfit like no one had ever seen before.

The emperor decided to have a parade the day his new suit was finished. The people were told that the emperor would be modeling his wonderful new suit of clothes and the day of the parade the streets of the capital city were lined with the peasants.

As the emperor pranced down the street with his crown perched merrily on his head, his shoes on his feet and his body entirely naked, the people of the city gasped in horror at the naked monarch they saw with their eyes, but were afraid to let anyone know they could not see the emperor’s clothes.

From the back of the crowd a small boy poked his head through the legs of the people in front and laughed out loud, “The emperor is naked!” The courtiers gasped at such an affront to the king’s dignity.

Since no one would admit that they saw the emperor naked, and the small child would not quit shrieking, “The emperor is naked!” the captain of the guard arrested the child and his parents and threw them into a dungeon.

When the child and his parents were brought before the emperor who sat naked upon his throne, the parents vowed that they could see the emperor’s lovely clothing and they didn’t know what they could do with their crazy child who continued to claim the emperor was naked.

The emperor decided that the child should be confined in a mental hospital because he was obviously crazy.

As the weather changed in the fall, the emperor called for the psychopathic tailors to create an outfit that would keep him warmer for the winter. Unfortunately no one could find them, they simply seemed to have left town.

The end.

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I honestly asked that question ,without thinking anything about her or who or what…I only just realised after your post that it would be a trigger for her. And i think one of the students or the course convenor has got to her and told her I something, because her malice was palpable. Another classmate commented on it to me too.
I must have done it unconsciously in retrospect.
I LOVE your idea of painting (psychopaths) (HER!) and calling it “angels.”
I can tell she is triggered by the word sociopath/psychopath, so maybe i will change all of the names of the works so that when she asks me I can say, “this one is called “nuturing the earth woman” or some crap like that! Yeah!

“be able to learn MORE THAN ART in this class—this is “Keeping mouth shut when you want to curse 101”³ GET AN A+”
yeah, I seem to keep forgetting that lesson that i have learned a million times! (AND i KNOW SOMEONE ELSE WITH A SKILLET WHO DOES TOO lol!!)


Good deal! You can’t fight her and “win” because she will always come out on top, right or wrong, sxhe is RIGHT if you know what I mean.

Sucking up to her, with the “Oh, great artist’e please give me of your wonderful wisdom and tell me how my painting is a piece of crap” or something to that effect (brown-nosing or ass kissiing, depends on depth perception) I did this with my x teacher who I realized was a snake in the grass, but at the time didn’t realize she was a full blown psychopath, I had just seen her UNDERMINE good students to the point of insanity!

Anyway, it worked for that one semester at least, then I changed schools. Ran into two more at the other school, but knew what I had to do and I did it. almost got kicked out twice when i confronted a resident physician who was verbally abusive to a pedi patient in front of other patients and some families. In the end, I actually won that one, because I HAPPENED TO HAVE WITNESSES and BTW knew the head knocker at the hospital we were training in and went DIRECTLY there (I had a better situation than you have, but I survived) Nervous there for a few days though.

I can laugh about it now because immediately it happened they took me into a broom clloset (really!) and threatened to kick me out of schooll if I didn’t shut my mouth. That evening I called the ADM of the hospital (BTW my next door neighbor) and told them what had happened. The NEXT afternoon these two co-teacher Ps called me in their office and told me what a WONDERFUL PATIENT ADVOCATE I WAS and HOW PROUD OF ME THEY WERE! ROTFLMAO 25+ years later. Ha ha. Interestingly enough a few weeks later one of these witches gave a lecture on ETHICS and my class, every one of them, SHUFFLED THEIR FEET VERY LOUDLY THE ENTIRE CLASS TIME as a protest, and she never said a word about it. It was so loud that not a word she said could be heard above the thunder of the shuffling, then stomping feet. ROTFLMAO I was really proud of my class that day and I never did know which other student started the thunder, but they took it up en masse. TOWANDA!!!!

Believe you me, I did not consciously bait this psycho.
I WOULD NEVER do that! I asked an honest question but now i see where it triggered her! so thankyou!
My psychopath father used to say that all the time, ” you get more bees with honey than vinegar” and not once did he EVER give me a drip of any honey. So I guss I’m not a bee.
Anyway thankyou EB, I hear what you are saying. I have other stuff in my life right now (wps)so her going on about my topics in art scares me to death. But if I tell her that she will definitely do it all the time.

Thankyou Everybody for helping me on this. It is a biggie for me. What a year! Do they ever get better?

Dear Tilly,

Yea, it does get better, you will eventually get your degree and get out of this university crap and get into the business world of crap!!! Instead of taking classes from psychopaths you can work for or with one! LOL Sorry, I couldn’t resist a little dark humor there! (((hugs))))

I’ve been working for psychopaths for years without a degree! At least I will get paid for the abuse!
Oxy! I can’t BELIEVE that you live on the same farm as your mum! that must be hideous for you…no wonder you are freakin out.


Well, the same farm it is, but the good part is that we live nearly 1/2 mile away and there is a hill and woods between our houses so she can’t see my house even with field glasses.

Nah, actually I ahve about gotten used to it I just avoid that end of the farm unless it is really necessary to go there. Actually I had been gone 3 months before she knew I was gone when I fled, and was home for 3 months before she knew it then. When one of the neighbors (must) have told her because they saw the RV parked out by the air strip she made up an excuse that “she didn’t know I was back” and there was a “strange horse” in the pasture and she wanted to check on it. Like what was she going to do RIDE IT?! She walks with a cane!!! LOL It sort of suprised me cause she got into the yard before I realized it, so it took me by suprise, but I kept my face composed while she was here and told her I “had taken care of the horse.” Then fell silent—such a LOUD SILENCE you have never heard—then she back peddled by lying and left. Have only seenher once, by accident, since then so guess except for that has been approaching two years face to face. Time flies when you are having FUN! LOL I’m not even sure of “time” any more relating to all this unless I get out pencil and paper and jot down the dates.

I’m comfortable and peaceful with NO CONTACT now, but I know there are malice and plots going on behind the scenes, so if I end up having to break NC with her in order to insure she doesn’t give/leave in her will tends if not 100s of thousands of dollars to P-off spring, which he can use to physically attack us, I will do what is necessary. There’ll be no trust or genuine relationship on my part for her though, you can bet your bottom Euro on that!!!

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