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The Recovery Poem – ‘I could not care less’

Woman with arms raised at sunset on the beachEditor’s note: This poem of recovery was written by Lovefraud reader, Arpinsandie. (To clarify the first line, a “6th form pupil” is a British term roughly equivalent to a high school student.)

By Arpinsandie

You cheated on your first wife with a 6th form pupil and groomed pupils

You lost your family because of your behaviour

You blamed your wife

Your second wife found real love through your abhorrent lies anger rage and dominance

You blamed her

The 3rd – long term partner – Me

You tried to control destroy by lying cheating verbally assaulting bullying a classic case of narcissistic behaviour

I dumped you

You will blame me

But then be proud you are an A1 sociopathic robot

Who has lost wonderful people

Carry on your family will see you for what you are when your money is gone

You will blame them

I despised you but I am happy that nightmare ended

I woke up I’m happy with a fellow human who doesn’t punish or hurt

My life is warm and now fulfilled especially sexually I have thawed from your ice  

Real love lust and desire are human

I survived your cold barren world

You were not real but a counterfeit poison evil lying cheat— an unhygienic robot

Not insults just describing you

Feel free iceberg   Go ahead tell who ever believes you as you act the victim again Lie again what’s one more?

Blame me blame anyone but yourself

I could not care less lol

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