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The Tapping Solution: Help for overcoming the devastation of a sociopath

How do you get over the devastation of a sociopath? Some Lovefraud readers have successfully used Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping.

It’s easy. It looks funny. It can be free, if you teach it to yourself. And it works.

EFT tapping combines ancient Chinese acupressure with modern psychology. The technique can alleviate many conditions, from anxiety to physical pain to PTSD.

To see how it works, watch this documentary. It’s available free online for a limited time.

The Tapping Solution documentary


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Sohurt, this is a good documentary for you to watch…also go up to the search tab at the top and do a search on “tapping”.

Know that when anyone has a break up a large amount of cortisol is released in the body…with a abusive relationship like you endured its even a larger amount. This will cause you to cry all day, give you great anxiety, cause depression, mood swings, sleep issues etc. Check out the symptoms site on the following sites:

DrLam. com

Adrenalfatigue. org

Mialundin. com (see her you tube video)

Most victims of a sociopath have PTSD & the biggest issue for PTSD is adrenal fatigue.

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