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Two men guilty of killing their young children out of anger towards the mothers

Jeremy Brent Cramer, 38, of Lacey, Washington had a confrontation with his wife, Nataliya. She wanted him to clean up his act. Cramer took their almost 4-year-old son, Broderick, and left.

He drove until he ran out of gas in Montana. Then he took the child, smashed his head with a rock, slashed his throat and dismembered the body.

On April 4, 2014 Cramer was sentenced to life without parole.

Washington man gets life in prison in son’s death, on

In New Jersey, Arthur Morgan III was angry with Amani Benton for breaking off their engagement. So he took their daughter, 2-year-old Tierra Morgan-Glover, strapped her into her car seat, weighed it down with a tire iron, and threw her into a creek.

Morgan was found guilty by a jury on April 3, 2014. He smirked and winked for the cameras.

N.J. dad who strapped 2-year-old in weighted car seat, threw her in creek, convicted of murder, on


found guilty of killing his two-year-old daughter. He strapped h

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This is one of my biggest fears, that someday he will kill my child or myself. Or take my child out of the country just to cause me pain.

Vicki Kuper


Be careful not to let him know about your biggest fears. As I’ve said here before, a psychopath will do their best to make all of your fears come true, to cause as much pain for you as possible.

Take care and be safe,


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