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Victim alerts others about con artist Brian Ellington

Eve Hawkins of Queens, New York City, first contacted Lovefraud in absolute frustration. She said her ex-boyfriend was a con artist, she brought 200 pages of evidence to her local NYPD precinct, and the cops did nothing.

I asked Eve to tell me a little more about her story. To my surprise, she sent me an 8,000-word narration: How she met Brian Ellington. How he wormed his way into living with her. The stories and lies Ellington told. How she struggled to get rid of him. How she finally succeeded.

Eve’s story captured the confusion, mixed emotions, anger and frustration known by anyone who has been targeted by a sociopath. Her story was so passionate and so well-written that I decided to publish it as a case study. Read it here:

Brian Ellington combines sex and fraud

Eve builds a website

Eve took another step. She purchased the domain name and built a website. She posted information that she had collected about Ellington, like his arrest record and fake resumes. Eve also purchased a few Google ads related to the lies Ellington kept trying to tell.

Within seven days of going live, two other women whom Ellington had scammed contacted Eve. And through one of the women, Eve found a whole group of people that Ellington had conned. Needless to say, they were angry.

Ellington, in the meantime, found out about Eve’s website, and he was angry. So he went to the police—the same NYPD precinct where Eve had filed numerous complaints—apparently to complain about the website. The cops arrested Ellington and charged him with aggravated harassment.

Ellington is supposed to appear in court sometime in the future. What are the chances he’ll show up? I don’t know.

Eve is glad that the police have taken action. “I want to thank the New York Police Department who called to let me know they are listening to me,” she says.


The police were concerned that because of, Ellington could accuse Eve of harassment. So they recommended that she take the website down. Eve has removed the information that she had posted about Ellington’s history.

“I want to state that the intent of what I have personally published was to help the public protect itself,” she says. “I want to apologize if I said something that overstepped boundaries because I do respect the law and other people’s rights.”

Still, the website has been effective.

“I have had a huge response from victims that have come forward as a result of the website,” Eve says. “I consider these people to be additional victims. They tell me Brian was living on their couches and borrowed, or tried to borrow, money. They tell me he was exaggerating and lying about what happened when I kicked him out. One woman told me he stole cash from her purse, as he did with me.”

Eve has been told that Ellington was seen spending large amounts of cash. Since Ellington hasn’t worked since August 8, 2006, she wonders where he got the money. To anyone who has run across Ellington, Eve says, “Please do not give him any money and watch your credit.”

Information works

I think Eve has done a wonderful public service in exposing Ellington. And I find it frustrating that she is supposed to remove the true information that she published because Ellington might feel harassed.

Excuse me, but who is the victim here and who is the criminal?

It’s almost as bad as the Phil Haberman story—the victim tells the truth, and a judge orders her to stop talking.

Ellington is not violent, so the chances are slim that he’s going to do any jail time. That means he’ll soon be looking for someone to give him a place to live and pay his expenses. The only defense people have against someone like Ellington is information.

At least one woman Googled Brian Ellington’s name, found Eve’s website, and got out of a relationship with him before she lost a lot of money. That’s the power of information on the Internet. And in these cases, it’s the only thing that really works.

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The events you have described are too familiar and your reactions have offered hope to many.

I personally have been trying to corral another serial psychopath. This psychopath, too, has been like teflon to law enforcement. What about victim rights? I want to prevent more victims! What can be done? I have already found 5 confirmed victims in 4 states and Canada!


After a reported year spent attempting to scam golfers in the north carolina area with his other reported methods and additionally posing as a semi-pro or pro level golfer betting up to $1000 per hole of golf played (Money he obviously didn’t have), and a number of reported suspected cash and property thefts attributed to him, police were called a number of times and angry victims/attempted victims were reportedly upset/searching for him/loudly demanding justice – Ellington appears to have jumped states again.

Ellington was arrested June 2, 2008 in New York city on the outstanding December 2006 harassment warrant. He was also charged with a new crime, larceny and criminal possession of stolen property from a reported victim in the Bronx date May 31, 2008. Ellington was additionally charged with disorderly conduct on June 24, 2008 in Manhattan, New York City.

Ellington has three scheduled court apperances: July 24, 2008 in Queens to answer to four counts of aggravated harassment; August 5 in the Bronx to answer to Larceny and Criminal Possession of Stolen Property Charges; and August 20 in Manhattan to answer to disorderly conduct charges.

From the NYC webcrims online database:
QUEENS Criminal Court
Docket 2006QN064460

Arrest Date: November 16, 2006
Arrest Time: 12:30
Incident Date: October 8, 2006
Incident Time:

Case Related Numbers
Criminal Justice Tracking Number: 58559225P
NYSID Number: 935186R
Arrest Number: Q06662484
Charges: 4 Counts Aggravated Harassment 2nd Degree
Part & Date Judge Calendar
Section Court
Reporter Release
Status Arraignment
Type Hearing
Type Docket
AP1, July 24, 2008 Pending No Type
AP1, June 4, 2008 MARGULIS,I Pending DRIVER, Released on Recognizance Desk Appearance Ticket CASE CONTINUED (ADJOURNED), RETURNED ON WARRANT
AR2A, December 11, 2006 ZIGMAN,A Pending CAVANAGH, Not Arraigned WARRANT ORDERED
BRONX Supreme Court
Docket 34063C-2008
Defendant ELLINGTON, JAMES B Appearance Date scheduled for August 5 2008
Law Code and Code Section/Subsection
PL 165.40 00
Charge Detail
A Misdemeanor, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge
Indictment Count: 2

Law Code and Code Section/Subsection
PL 155.25 00 *** TOP CHARGE ***

Charge Detail
A Misdemeanor, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge
Description: PETIT LARCENY
Indictment Count: 1

NEW YORK Criminal Court
Docket 2008SN089943
Defendant ELLINGTON, JAMES B Appearance Date August 20, 2008 Manhattan NYC
Law Code and Code Section/Subsection
PL 240.20 01
Charge Detail
Violation, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge

Ellington may be using aliases with Italian sounding last names to avoid detection, including “Brian Fazzari” “Brian Fazari” “Bryan Fazzari” “Brian Fazarri” “Bryan Fazari” “Bryan Fazarri”.

Independent sources have recently reported in indicating they believe that Ellington is or may be attempting his romance scamming methods on the gay male population.


I can validate that Brian was or is claiming to be a pro golfer and was living in Raleigh w/family for about 8 months to return to NYC in April ’08…yes, he was scamming golfers on the course (he openly admits this, claims “it’s part of the game”). He still uses the wallet scam, did it to me. He verbally abuses people, he was rude and mean to friends of mine but also to strangers. He’s obnoxious yet charming at the same time. He talks up all the famous people he knows and has partied with…he likes to brag about designer this and that. He also claimed to be offered roles in movies, I actually have scripts that he somehow managed to get. When he was in Raleigh, he was going by Brian Fazzari.

I can’t believe that even after being arrested yet again…he isn’t in jail yet. Please keep this site updated. I check it often to see if he has been caught. Anyone that comes into contact with this wacko better run the other way and don’t give him your phone number or email. He will manipulate you and take you for whatever you will give him. He’s a nut!


Dear fakefezhatr and LF Bloggers: What does it take to get them behind bars?

I’m not being naive when I ask this question … it seems even the ones that have high profiled cases get off scott free … and what does it say in our Bibles about “judges” …????



Wow I know who this is, he goes by the name James Ellington. Everything this women have said about him is true. I have witnessed this behavior and in fact am a victim myself. I know a lot and he is a socio-path, pathological liar, con man, thief, drug addict but will smooth talk you to death. Be very careful of this person I consider him dangerous. I last witnessed him living in NYC.

Everyone be careful, not just women.


As of 5/14/08 he has been arrested and is currently in jail. After “dating” him for the last few weeks I knew things were fishy to say the least so I began to do some research.

After being fired for lying to his last boss he began to get violent and nasty. I did some research via my phone log online and contacted three previous women who he’s been seeing (me making 4) & contacted his mother in NC who was appalled and very sorry (I do believe her) for her son’s actions.

I am currently seeking a restraining order myself from James Brian Ellington. He has stolen money, prescription drugs & con-ed his way into my home on countless occasions–NEVER AGAIN, he needs to pay for what he’s doing yet the NYPD seem to be less than concerned.

Ox Drover

Dear blondeguirl!!!!!

Congratulations!!!!! It may not be enough “justice” but it is SOME justice!!!! Thank you for making my day! Manyof us never get any justice, so just knowing that someone somewhere some time gets SOME justice makes me happy!!! Happy for all of us, because a “Joy shared is doubled”!!!!


He is still in jail and scheduled to be in court on the 20th of May. I’m wondering if anyone else would like to show up and speak to the DA before he goes in front of the judge?

Really enough is enough and we have to stand up for ourselves but other women as well!

sherry winter

OMG, I agree, victims are quite often the one’s who get in trouble for harassment! I fell prey to a sociopath at work because my co-workers kept saying what a wonderful guy he was. After 2 yrs of hell, and losing almost every thing that meant anything to me, I have been threatened by several people above me, that telling any one about his TRUE nature, could get me fired. Excuse me, I was a victim because I believed the lie every one repeats about him. I could not possibly sit by and watch him set up victim after victim at work, by playing FRIEND, while he made sure HE was the one they turn to when they are down. He targeted me, and is using his position of authority at work to use as many women as he can in his lifetime, many who are under his authority, which is completely against the rule of conduct, but because he knows how to hide facts, and make the women think it’s THEIR idea, he’s gotten away with it for the last 35 yrs of his life. It feels awful to watch a predator like that running around free, while those he’s taking advantage of threaten you for being the TROUBLE MAKER.


dear sherry,

the situation you are in is absolutely crazy making. the staus quo is kept in place by many businesses: ones that allow men in authority to exploit it and everyone around them.

we do have a sociopathic economic model – court, exploit, dump. and those most vulnerable and who challenge the staus quo are gaslighted and scapegoated.

good for you for doing anything you can to stay sane, employed and protective of yourself and others.

Ox Drover

Dear Sherry,,
I have been discussing with a mental health professional friend the very thing you have been talking about here, about the “whistle blower” being the one that is CONSISTENTLY punished, disbelieved, and smeared.

He and I have both been in situations at our work where we have been forced to either quit or participate in unethical lthings, or to keep our mouths shut in order not to be fired. I have, and so has he, opened our mouths and blown the whistle and had the rath of the company fall on our heads, and we have also, when we NEEDED THAT JOB TO FEED OUR FAMILIES, kept our mouths shut. I know it is a terrible thing to do EITHER blowing the whistle and get punished or fired, and still NOT ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING, or to keep your mouth shut and still NOT ACCOMPLILSH ANYTHING EXCEPT FEELING LIKE A COWARD.

ALL evil requires is for good people to DO NOTHING, but many times even standing up gets you pounded into the ground and STILL doesn’t accomplish the stopping of the evil. sometimes it does, but you never know before hand I think. It becomes a question of if you want to be “Joan of Arc” and burned at the stake or not—what price you are willing to pay for truth—Jesus told the truth and even He was cruicified by the evil ones who wanted the truth quashed.


See “Ellington arrested in New York City” blog comments for all other ellington court case updates.

2006 Harrassment and subsequent Bail jumping cases have been finalized, per New York online webcrims court website ”“ Ellington pled guilty and was sentenced to 45 days imprisonment with fines also, however in the appareance section by “pled guilty” it says RoR which is “Release on Recognicance”:

Case #:

Defendant: Ellington, James B
Defendant Name: Ellington, James B
Birth Year:1974
Incident and Arrest
Incident Date:October 8, 2006
Summons/Ticket #: CJTN:58559225P
Arrest Date & Time:November 16, 2006 12:30
Arrest #:Q06662484
Officer Agency:NYPD Command:108

Attorney InformationDefense Attorney
Type:Legal Aid
Court Date:May 22, 2009 Court Part:AP1
Address:120-46 Queens Boulevard, Kew Gardens, NY 11415
Phone:718-286-2000 Assistant District Attorney Assigned:June 11, 2009

Next AppearanceDate:November 29, 2010
Court:Queens Criminal Court Part:CASHIER

Docket Sentence Description:
CVA Fee Imposed $25
Imprisonment for 45 Days
Final Order of Protection 3 Years
Surcharge Imposed $175

Case Details ”“ Charges
Case Information

Queens Criminal Court

Case #:

Ellington, James B Charge Detail Disposition/Sentence
PL 240.30 1A A Misdemeanor, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge
Aggravated Harassment-2nd Deg
PL 240.30 02 A Misdemeanor, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge
Agg Har-2nd:telephone
PL 240.30 1B
**TOP CHARGE** A Misdemeanor, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge
Ag Harass-2:caus Comm To Alarm
PL 215.55 00 A Misdemeanor, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Not an arraignment charge
Bail Jumping 3rd Degree
Date Added:
09/29/2010 Pled Guilty, Imprisonment For 45 Days, Final Order Of Protection For 3 Years
PL 240.26 01 Violation, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge
Description: Harassment 2nd- Phy Contact

Case Information
Queens Criminal Court
Case #:

Ellington, James B Date/
Part Judge Calendar
Section Arraignment/
Hearing Type Court
Reporter Outcome/
Release Status

JP1 Zaro, S JURY TRIAL No Type Wise, M
Pled Guilty & Sentence Imposed
RoR Continued

JP1 Lopez, G PENDING No Type Nason,
Case Continued (adjourned)
RoR Continued

JP1 Margulis, I PENDING No Type Apicella,
Case Continued (adjourned) ”“ Temporary Order Of Protection Issued
RoR Continued

JP1 Melendez, S PENDING No Type Carroll,
Case Continued (adjourned) ”“ Temporary Order Of Protection Issued
RoR Continued

AP1 Margulis, I PENDING No Type Apicella,
Case Continued (adjourned) ”“ Temporary Order Of Protection Issued
RoR Continued

AP1 Gerald, L PENDING No Type Nevins,
Case Continued (adjourned) ”“ Temporary Order Of Protection Issued
RoR Continued

AP1 O’donoghue, M PENDING No Type Driver,
Case Continued (adjourned) ”“ Temporary Order Of Protection Issued
RoR Continued

AP1 Margulis, I PENDING No Type Nason,
Case Continued (adjourned) ”“ Temporary Order Of Protection Issued
RoR Continued

AP1 Koenderman, E PENDING No Type Nevin,
Case Continued (adjourned) ”“ Temporary Order Of Protection Issued
RoR Continued

AP1 Koenderman, E PENDING No Type Stewart,
Case Continued (adjourned) ”“ Temporary Order Of Protection Issued
RoR Continued

AP1 Serita, T PENDING No Type Apicella,
Case Continued (adjourned) ”“ Temporary Order Of Protection Issued
Released on Recognizance

AP1 O’donoghue, M PENDING No Type Silberger,
Case Continued (adjourned) ”“ Temporary Order Of Protection Issued
Bond $1 (Not Posted)

AP1 Serita, T PENDING No Type Nason,
Case Continued (adjourned) ”“ Temporary Order Of Protection Issued
Bond $1 (Not Posted)

AP1 Raciti, R PENDING No Type Nason,
Case Continued (adjourned), Returned On Warrant ”“ Temporary Order Of Protection Issued
Bond $1 (Not Posted)

AP1 Margulis, I PENDING No Type O Connor,
Arrest Warrant Ordered ”“ Temporary Order Of Protection Issued

AP1 Margulis, I PENDING Desk Appearance Ticket Driver,
Case Continued (adjourned), Returned On Warrant ”“ Temporary Order Of Protection Issued
Released on Recognizance

AR2A Zigman, A PENDING Not Arraigned Cavanagh,
Arrest Warrant Ordered ”“ Temporary Order Of Protection Issued

Ox Drover

Look at how much in the way of TIME and resources have been taken up by this person Ellington, and how little in the way of punishment has been accomplished and I imagine (though dont know for sure) and expect little or any reimbursement of costs or damages to either the government or the victims.

I agree this man may not be “Ted Bundy” but he is still causing distress to countless people, therefore in my opinion a SIGNIFICANT PRISON TERM along with restitution and costs is warranted.


He is back. He is going around as James Ciarlo owner of He said he is getting bought out of company so he can pursue his golf career.
He is meeting girls on internet dating sights. He is still using his same lines that he missed placed his wallet and he lost his credit cards. He is saying he is living on the Upper East Side at 91st and First. He is also saying that he is traveling for golf and trying to get sponsored!!!
James Ciarlo as he calls himself also has been spotted in New Jersey. He continues to say that he has a hectic traveling schedule which brings him to Connecticut, Florida, South Carolina, and most recently he said he is traveling to Arizona.


He is most definitely back and I had the unfortunate luck of the draw in meeting him. Luckily I was only a victim of a stolen metro card and some cash in my purse but he gave me every excuse in the book and I knew something was off about him. As soon as I couldn’t find anything about him online I was suspicious. He claimed to be a Yale graduate, Mensa member, and famed wrestler. He wanted to bring me to the Yala gala but kept saying the dates were incorrect.

He said he lived on 91st and 1st with his roommate Vinny although when he sent me pictures around Christmas time of his tree and his pug I put two and two together that no two Italian men living in an apartment in NYC would have a fully decorated Xmass tree with wrapped presents underneath

He told me about although he was listed nowhere on their site and his name never came up anywhere. I’m glad that someone posted a blog on the Cyberfraud site because more people need to know about this guy.

I spoke with his friend who just took him to Florida for a week to golf and stay with his family, and even he had no idea and believed James Ellington to be James Ciarlo.


Is it the price of truth we have to weigh or the price of lies?


Kaymer79….what did he friend say? He really had no idea?

I was told he was living alone on 91st and 1st. Vinny was his friend in Brooklyn.

Famed wrestler….Yale never had a wrestling team!


Concerned….His friend was astonished. He’s my friend on Facebook after meeting him a few times and believed him to be James Ciarlo as well. He brought him to Florida a few weeks ago to go golfing and stayed with his parents. I just hope James didn’t steal anything from the poor guys family!!

We were going to go to his apartment one night after I kept asking why we hadn’t gone there yet and we went to a bar close by. As we started walking there he called his “roommate” and then hung up the phone and explained his roommate Vinny was entertaining a girl in the living room and he would prefer that we went to my apartment. This was the first time I ever heard of a roommate and this was the last time I hung out with him since I knew something was up. Once we got in the cab he got back on the phone and started screaming in Italian at someone. Lord knows if he even speaks Italian or if it was all him talking to himself on the phone.

He explained why his ears were so mangled and that he was a Yale wrestler. Said he belonged to the Yale club and the infamous New York Health and Raquet club and didn’t belong to anything that wasn’t prestigious.

I’m a research analyst for work and I knew something was up with this guy. I knew from not being able to find anything about him online he was either going by a different name or since he was “off the boat Italian” had a different name of some sorts.

Luckily enough he only stole some cash from my wallet and my metro card but he’s obviously up to his same tricks. He is listed on and his username is JNYC on there. I emailed the people of the site warning them and they deleted my account. Apparently they must promote predators! I’ve made it my mission to expose this person and have written letters to Dateline, NBC, Fox News, NY Times, NY1, Daily News, and CNN.


I ran into this tool while he was trying to run from a big bar tab he rang up buying girls shots. I could tell he was a liar when he bragged about his black Amex card, yellow Ferrari, penthouse unit on the water, etc…. People with black Amex cards don’t talk about them,,,,they just bust them out when it is time to pay.

Sarasota, FL arrest record. He was arrested in Sarasota in roughly May as well for trespassing. He was bailed out on the one below FYI.

Booking Number: 201400016335
Booked on: 12/19/2014 at 4:41 am
Date of Birth: 11/03/1974
Gender: Male
Race: W





I can’t even believe this guy is still out and about pulling the same stunts over and over again in different locations. His arrest record in North Carolina alone is enough to make anyone wonder how this guy isn’t in jail forever. He’s a repeat offender of domestic violence, drugs, scams, theft….etc.

I even had Investigative Discovery call me about doing a story on this loser after a woman contacted me that had been living with him for over a year in 2013. She had no idea of his real name, claimed to be a pro golfer, lied about everything….it’s just unreal.

This guy needs to be taken out to a field and shot.

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