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Victim loses to a con artist, and then to the courts

“A victim of crime shall be treated with fairness, compassion and respect by the criminal justice system.” So states the Crime Victims Constitutional Amendment, added to the state of New Jersey constitution in 1991.

New Jersey also has a 14-point Crime Victims Bill of Rights (NJS 52:4B-36), which expands upon the constitutional amendment. Among its provisions, crime victims and witnesses are entitled to:

  • Be treated with dignity and compassion by the criminal justice system.
  • Be informed about the criminal justice process.
  • Have inconveniences associated with participation in the criminal justice process minimized to the fullest extent possible.

The Bill of Rights sounds good, but it hasn’t done much for Trish Rynn, formerly of Ocean City, New Jersey. She was scammed by a seasoned con artist, Dennis SanSeverino, and now feels she is being further victimized by the New Jersey courts. It is a classic case of Legal Abuse Syndrome.

Con artist pleads guilty

Dennis SanSeverino took Rynn’s home, cleaned out her inheritance and left her with credit card debt. Rynn went to the police, and the Cape May County Prosecutor’s office, to its credit, investigated. They determined that the money SanSeverino took from Rynn added up to $318,240. Although he was originally charged with theft by deception, a second-degree crime, he pleaded down to theft by illegal retention, a third-degree crime.

On August 26, 2006, SanSeverino was sentenced to five years probation and ordered to pay restitution of $275,000. Judge Carmen Alvarez ordered him to pay $1,000 per month for six months, and then increase payment to $2,000 per month. He was barred from entering casinos and ordered to get treatment for gambling addiction.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, SanSeverino’s lawyer requested lower payments, citing his client’s lack of employment. Judge Alvarez didn’t buy it. “I find his unemployment status to also be a con,” she said. “If you violate probation, there’s no question in my mind I will incarcerate you.”

But then SanSeverino was convicted of bouncing two $25,000 checks at an Atlantic City casino and sent to jail. He was sentenced to 270 days, but only served 66 days.

Still, it was enough for the judge to temporarily reduce the monthly restitution. She ordered SanSeverino to pay $6,000 by October 2007.

By the deadline, SanSeverino had paid $5,700, Trish Rynn says. A violation of probation hearing was scheduled for that month, and Rynn, confident that Judge Alvarez would take action, did not attend.

But Judge Alvarez was no longer on the case—she’d been promoted. There was a new judge, Raymond Batten, and the hearing was postponed. And somehow, the nature of the hearing was changed from a violation of probation to a request to reduce restitution.

Lovefraud publishes case study

The victim, Trish Rynn, was understandably upset. She believed SanSeverino was hiding money. After all, a few weeks before pleading guilty in Rynn’s case, the con artist had sold two homes, valued at $865,000, for $45,000. Then, two weeks after being released from jail, he bought them back for $1 each.

SanSeverino’s violation of probation hearing was rescheduled for February 7, 2008. Three days before it, Lovefraud published the True Lovefraud Story about Dennis SanSeverino. It detailed the money the con artist took from Trish Rynn, along with his real estate scams.

After publication of Lovefraud’s story, SanSeverino’s court date was postponed until February 15, 2008. Then the hearing was moved up to February 14, 2008. Rynn not notified—she only found out when she called to verify the date. By that time, it was too late for her to arrange to take the day off from work so she could testify. Rynn requested a postponement.

Hearing moved up again

The violation of probation hearing was rescheduled for March 28, 2008, then moved up to March 26, 2008. Again, Trish Rynn was not notified, and only found out when she called to check a week before the originally scheduled date. She immediately called Cape May County Assistant Prosecutor Meghan Hoerner, who prosecuted the original case against SanSeverino. According to Rynn, Hoerner said the date might change yet again, and that it might be heard by a different judge. The prosecutor promised to call Rynn with updated information. For days, Rynn heard nothing. Then Hoerner left a message the day before the hearing, which Rynn did not receive, stating that it was on.

But Rynn had already called the Cape May County Office of Victim Witness Advocacy at 4 p.m. on March 25, and had already learned that the hearing was indeed scheduled for the next day before a new judge. Rynn immediately called the new judge’s chambers and spoke to his assistant, asking for permission to be heard on the matter. Permission was granted.

No more advocacy

For some reason, this seemed to infuriate Assistant Prosecutor Meghan Hoerner. The day of the hearing, right before Rynn was to leave for the two-hour drive to Cape May Court House, she received an irate phone call from Hoerner. Because Rynn had spoken to the judge, the assistant prosecutor said, the case would not be heard. It would be rescheduled—perhaps for April 30, 2008.

Furthermore, Rynn says Hoerner told her that she could no longer speak to the Office of Victim Witness Advocacy. She would be advised of the new court date by mail. Rynn was actually glad to hear this, because she’d never received any notification by mail.

The next day, Rynn called the Office of Victim Witness Advocacy to confirm the new hearing date. According to the its website, the services provided by office include “information on the status and disposition of the case in which you are involved.” But sure enough, the advocates refused to speak to her.

Notification did not arrive in the mail. And while the hearing date kept changing, Rynn was receiving a pittance of restitution from Dennis SanSeverino. Instead of paying $2,000 per month as originally ordered, the con artist was paying just $100—when he got around to paying at all.

Letter campaign

Disappointed and angry, Rynn sent a 12-page letter to the New Jersey Attorney General, the U.S. Attorney for New Jersey, the Cape May County Prosecutor, various New Jersey legislators, women’s advocacy organizations and media outlets. She told the entire story, including the fact that Assistant Cape May County Prosecutor Meghan Hoerner instructed the Office of Victim Witness Advocacy not to speak to her.

“The defendant, Dennis SanSeverino, has managed to play with our legal system because he can,” Rynn wrote. “And quite frankly, I no longer want to hear people within the system say that it is a ‘failed system’ and ‘it is what it is.’ That is having no integrity. Taking the loser’s way out—we need to fight for our rights! ”¦ While the prosecutor’s office gets their win and Dennis SanSeverino gets his win, the victim is the loser! That is just not acceptable to me and should be the same for all of you whom I am addressing here. For the whole of America! Our legal system has no integrity because the leaders within our system are out of integrity!”

Rynn got some responses. One northern New Jersey legislator called her and asked her why she didn’t get a lawyer. (Hello? Because she had no money!) A representative of New Jersey Senator Jeff Van Drew, who represents Cape May County, called and said the senator would send a letter to the attorney general on Rynn’s behalf. He would also look into sponsoring legislation.

Passing bad checks

In mid-April, Rynn checked blog comments related to the 2006 news story about Dennis SanSeverino’s sentencing. Much to her surprise, she found a comment from “MPM” in Sewell, New Jersey. “Dennis is a new tenant of mine and always behind in rent. Any suggestions?” MPM wrote.

Rynn posted information about SanSeverino’s upcoming violation of probation hearing. Then MPM wrote, “He also wrote a check with NSF – Fidelity Investments.”

The check had apparently been drawn on the investment account that SanSeverino had conned from Rynn. He’d wiped out the account years earlier, so it seemed that SanSeverino knowingly passed a bad check. Which is illegal.

Rynn called the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office and asked to speak to the investigator who originally worked on the case. She wanted to inform him about the bad check. The investigator had previously told Rynn that SanSeverino was seen in the Harrah’s casino in Chester, Pennsylvania.

By going into the casino, SanSeverino violated the terms of his probation. And by passing a bad check, he committed a crime, which also violated his probation. Maybe this, Rynn thought while she waited on hold, would be enough to get SanSeverino put in jail.

The receptionist came back on the phone and said that, per instructions from Meghan Hoerner, the investigator would not speak to her.

The landlord, in the meantime, will be in court on May 1, 2008, to begin eviction proceedings against Dennis SanSeverino and the woman with whom he is living.

Nothing left to lose

So Rynn has continued to write letters. She sent them to the investigator, Judge Raymond Batten and yes, Meghan Hoerner.

“I don’t understand why they’re keeping information from me, not letting me speak to anyone and hiding court dates from me,” Rynn said to Lovefraud. “I should have a right to know. I think it’s just terrible.

“I care about what’s right, and I feel that the things I’ve pieced together make me sure something is wrong,” she continued. “I’m just going to tell it like it is and let the cards fall where they may. I have nothing to lose. I’ve lost already.”

Dennis SanSeverino’s violation of probation hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, April 30 at 1:30 p.m. in the Cape May County courthouse. At least, it is for now.

A request for comment sent via e-mail to the Cape May County Prosecutor, Robert Taylor, received no response.

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Ox Drover

Whoever these “public servants” are, whose salary is paid by RYNN, should be fired, disbarred, and HORSE WHIPPED IN PUBLIC.

Government “employees” should not be allowed to RE-victimize this poor woman, and to aid and abet the criminal.

How about some more NATIONAL MEDIA HERE? (the sound you hear is my blood boiling!)


It is interesting, do all lawyers say that “it is what it is” about the legal system? Is it like a common way of saying saying it? I heard an exactly the same phrase from my divorce lawyer “it is what it is” about the family law.

I think the truth about the legal system is that “it is what it is” – very very long, very very expensive and it serves no justice. It was that way thousands of years ago, it will be that way forever. Whoever has more money, more connections usually wins, victim stays victim. It is a business, it serves money interests.

All those public servants are suposed to serve the public, in fact they never do. Nor police, nor courts – when it comes to real problem. Congress and presidents serve business and not the public. CPS serves business and not the child.

I was talking to one professor from Stanford once, we talked about science and medicine, he said a very good thing – “the best thing to treat a disease is to prevent”

I feel sorry for Trish, I think the best thing I am going to do is to simply call the office and express my opinion to Meghan Hoerner about the situation. And I urge everyone else to do the same. Or may Be call the media or somehow bring the media attention…


I read the story today and after reading the two comments I weaped….I didn’t know how much pain I am holding onto…Thank you for being human…for having feelings…….I don’t need you to feel sorry for me…..I am strong…..I told my story to Donna Anderson because I know this man will hurt more people…my life today is about what I can do to make a difference…If Dennis had gone to prison with his first crime…I would not have run into him. He was on probation for a Larseny when he met me. I have learned a difficult lesson….but today I am interested in making legislative changes…if possible….and finding a new way to live my life!


Unfortunately I know all too well that Trish’s story is all too sadly true. May we never accept that the judicial system “it is what it is”. . . it will never be better if we don’t expect better.

Ox Drover

WEll, I will in no way equate my “rape” by the criminal justice system (isn’t THAT an oxymoron?) but I got shafted today.

I was on the vice e mail list, that is ARkansas’ victim notification of any change in the status of an incarcerated offender. Okay, they sent me an e mail that the Trojan Horse P came up for PAROLE consideration (after only 45 days for each year of sentence) I contacted the VIce folks, very nice lady, and was told that I should contact the parole board.

The nice lady at the parole board told me that TH would be getting “case file review” not a HEARING for parole, and that if the case review went well, then a hearing would be scheduled and I would be allowed a 15 minute presentation to the parole board. I was also allowed to send in a LETTER to the parole board to be included in his file. I spent WEEKS researching his previous crimes (child molestation of an 8 yr old, 11, yr old and 14 yr old, habitual robber, burgular, VIOLENT offender, multiple drug offenses, etc. and the statistics for reoffense in all of these plus his VIOLENCE WITH A FIRE ARM AGAINST MY SON, etc.

I was informed that the results would be available from the parole board today, to see if and when he got a hearing.

Well, GUESS WHAT FOLKS—he had one PERSON review his file and he was also granted the hearing and GRANTED PAROLE.

I called the nice lady at VICE again and she told me what had happened after checking it all. I then re-called the parole board and asked to speak to the parole board member who granted his parole.

I have not heard from them yet (it was late this afternoon when I called)

Well, for here on in the plan is:

1) speak to the parole board member and see if I can get th ruling reversed.

If that doesn’t work. (possible but not likely)

Then PLAN B:

Go to the Governor’s office and speakk to whomever I can get to speak to (it will be someone I am sure, Arkansas is not that big a state that you can’t get in the door)

A) inform them of the situation, and the name of the parole board member.

B) inform them that I will go to the media.

C) if I get no response, then I will go to the media, all 3 television stations, and the state-wide newspaper.

If none of this produces any results, then AFTER his parole, I will speak to HIS PAROLE OFFICER, and make the situation clear that there is a GRAVE danger in this man toward my family. Request a no-contact order as part of his parole. If this is not granted, then I will need to go back to court to receive one. Also see if it is possible to have him placed on a leg monitor for the duration of his parole.

Assure the parole officer that if there is any problem that I will be back on the front steps of the capitol with the media, screaming HIS name. (this tactic worked quite well with another sexual predator that was released from prison and rejoined our living history group and got a job at the local museum dealing with CHILDREN) I got him forbidden to be in our group by his parole officer and fired from his job. It makes me furious that that kind of person can get a job working with kids and NO BACK GROUND CHECK. Grrrrr! that is the sound of my blood boiling and my teeth grinding!

Since he is a registered sex offender and his level was “assessed” Arkansas as “non violent”—approach the assessment board (I have already done this once) and see if I can get it raised.

Since he is a registered sex offender and his address is PUBLIC INFORMATION, then I will need to have someone (friend, not me, in case he might see me) take his mug shot, and rap sheet of MULTIPLE CONVICTIONS, 15 PAGES LONG, WITH ABOUT 5 CONVICTIONS PER PAGE to all his neighbors and warn them that a SEXUAL PREDATOR is living in their neighborhood. Whatever town he is in, also send a copy to the local newspaper and to the local law enforcement agencies, as well as speak to the Sheriff and the Chief of Police personally.

If he has a job, that will also be on the sexual predator map, and a copy of his rap sheet should be mailed to his supervisor.

He has apparently NEVER HAD PAROLE that he didn’t get busted back on, so I have no fear that he will be long out of criminal activity, so as long as I can make sure that he is MONITORED, REALLY monitored by his PO maybe he will not be able to be out long before he is reincarcerated for another crime. I just don’t want it to be attacking another child.

Everyone in our family has a concealed carry permit for a side arm, and are quite proficient in their use. I won’t live in terror of this man, but I will take whatever precautions I can to make sure that he does not “go unnoticed” by the law and his neighbors.

But I sure did feel “kicked in the gut” that the parole board reviewer (single) did not pay much attention to my carefully drafted letter.


TrishNJ – be strong! I wish you the best!

Ox Drover

TrishNJ, (((Hugs)))) and God bless—put on your “big girl panties” and go get’em.

Excell4Success is right, as long as we quitely accept the judicial system for “what it is” it will never improve.

My late husband used to say “all progress is made by DISSATISFIED people” and he was right. If we accept what is not satisfactory without a fuss, things never change. They may only change slowly if we put up a fuss, but they may change some at least and help some person in the future.

Freedom is not “free”—and someone fought and/or died for every “right” we have today. The Good Lord knows that there are “enough of us” that maybe together we can make a difference

For what it is worth, I am going to keep working on keeping the Trojan HOrse-P in prison, or keep him closely confined on Parole or you will see me on CNN–they may be hauling me off in hand cuffs but I will be waving my picket sign as they do. LOL (nah, I’m not going to get arrested, I had to promise my boys I wouldn’t even use any swear words!But at least I can RANT here! LOL)

TrishNJ–what is the name of the office, address, phone number, and person to whom letters should be addressed for your cause. Legislators, Congressmen, Governor etc. and they had better got get a trailer truck to pick up their mail.

How about news media? I’ll write a group of letters or make telephone calls for you…how about it ladies and gentlemen? Let’s snow them with paper and BRIGHT LIGHTS



I don’t feel confident in my ability to write an effective legal letter but if you write one, I will copy and paste it and send one with my signature.

I would be happy to, honestly!


Ox Drover

I’m leaving here to go pick up a friend from the train station 60 miles away but tomorrow when my head is more clear (if it is after a night of no sleep! LOL) I will see what I can come up with. They need to VARY some, so they don’t look like “form letters” so maybe we might come up with several suggestions from several people and then everyone can just cut and paste or copy them, change a few words etc.

If we could also get some of our friends off the blog to send some over their signatures it might also help. If each of us could get 10-20 letters sent with various names we could paper storm them.

When Blue Cross Blue Shield screwed over my friend who was critically ill with leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant that they were trying to get out of paying for BY SENDING HER TO WASHINGTON STATE from ARkansas instead of here locally, we did a web page and paper storm, and I made a couple of phone calls as her “primary health care provider” (not bothering to tell them she was ALSO my close friend) just giving them a “heads up” that they might want to get an 18 wheeler to pick up the mail—it worked too.

I also told them that she had a tape recording of one of their employees saying “Wel, you can appeal it, but it won’t do any good” (she did) I thought the head honcho was going to choke on his tongue when Ii told him that! In Arkansas it is legal to tape conversations even if the other person doesn’t know it, as long as ONE party does know it.

My friend is a very persausave person and has taught me a great deal, she knows her way around the system so I will recruit her advice on the wording too. She is great, and a great word smith as well.

BTW, she is 8 years out from the Leukemia and doing great! When we admitted her off the street into the ICU we didn’t expect her to live 24 hours. Spent a year in the hospital with every complicationknown to medical science, any ONE of which should have killed her—so We can confab a bit about all this and come up with some semi-form letters if we can get addresses and names. Maybe someone knows someone in national media they could call. Go the whole route. Give us all a “cause” to work on–make that SOB wish he didn’t have a zillion mad women on his tail! LOL

Retirement looks like it might be “fun” for me, now that I’ve got my back bone back, maybe I can take up “causes”—starting with this one and my Trojan HOrse P and his parole.


I am not a very political person so I wouldn’t even know what are the appropriate threats to make.. HAHA… not really threats but you know what I mean.

I will do what I can. It sounds like you understand the situation far better.


Thank you all for your support,

If you want to write a letter please write it to cape may county prosecutor Robert Taylor the link is in the article above…The case is tomorrow 4-30-08 at 1:30 pm you can contact Victim Witness too that link is in the article too. I have learned from a contact I have at the FBI that my best bet for justice at the moment is to write to
New Jersey Attorney General Anne Mulgram
The Office of the Attorney General
Hughes Justic Complex 8th floor West wing
25 Market Street
Trenton, N.J. 08625-0080

Oxdrover….I’m sorry for your situation too. You need to call your state attorney General and tell them your situtation. Than you need to write a letter asking them to investigate the matter. It is their duty to investigate when asked by a victim. I would encourage you to look up your state “statutes” concerning Parole and Parole board hearing and case file reviews you can probably do it on line….read all you can before you write your letter! You will be surprised! They probably haven’t done things on the up and up…I have learned the state Attorney General is the office to contact for (crimes against the state) The Federal attorney for the State is for Federal Crimes….I have contacted all of them!

Good Luck and keep it posted!

Ox Drover

Thank yo0u for that information TrishNJ, will fire off some letters later today–Aloha, I will put my “sample” letter on here and then you can change it a bit and use it as an “example” if that will help you—Okay ladies and gents! START YOUR COMPUTERS!!!! Let’s let’em hear us ROAR!

Thank you for your advice I will proceed with that direction, I think in ARkansas the Governor’s office, as well as the media might be the 2nd line of defense too…they sure don’t like the media light shone on it! (((hugs))))

What ever happens, I am NO longer his victim, and am back in “fighting mode”—my son D said to me after overhearing my telephone conversation with son C (who WISELY I believe, fled to another state at least for now) in which I told son C that “I WILL NO LONGER LIVE IN TERROR.” Son D told me that he was glad to hear me say that, because he doesn’t want to have to leave our home, everything we hold dear, our community, our friends, and our life style.

We all have concealed carry permits for handguns, know how to use them,, and are prepared to do so in defense of our lives. TH-P knows this too, and the logistics are such that with video survelience etc. and the lack of resources that TH-P has which will hinder him quite a bit, etc. we should be relatively safe, but we have MADE OUR STAND.

My ancestors fought off the Jayhawkers, and the Bushwhackers for this land in the 1860s, the Union troops, their outlaw neighbors, the boll weevil, the dust bowl of the 1930s, the depression which lasted until 1960, and the crooked politicians and carpet baggers—I’m not going to let one man run me off now.



Your story is unbelievable. You are a very kind and strong person to want to help prevent other women from facing the same horrific situation you have. I have lost incredible amounts of money to not one, but two P’s, and am currently in court with involvement and collusion of both. It can take a very long time until the courts learn the truth and actually punish these monsters for their crimes. Until then, we have to take care of ourselves, above all else.

It sounds like you are moving forward and finding the right people to contact in the “system”. Although I’ve found there are many crazies in the court system who should be selling hot dogs on a corner than making life changing decisions for people they aren’t willing to listen to, there are also logical, intelligent people who are willing to help. There are many of us out here, just like you. You are not alone, even though it may seem like it sometimes.

Understanding and accepting how gullible, trusting and naive I am was key in making sure it wouldn’t happen again. No one will ever take advantage of my generosity again — no matter what sob story they come up with!

The way the court system has treated you and your case is pathetic. I will write, as some of the other women are doing. I hope it helps you, and other women seeking justice, in some way.




keep the faith and don’t give up. Go to and look for civil rights groups in New jersy. Look for women’s advocate groups. That is what i am doing. And I am going to turn my horrible experience into something positive – i am going to try and legistlate for a change in the law by working with other grassroots organizations. I refuse to be a victim which is hard when you are continually victimized by the justice system and complacency of people. I am also using my experience to transform my justified anger into emotional intelligence with a singular focus on contribution. Accepting what is yet focused on making a positive change for society. I have actually grown emotionally from all of the cruelty and injustice.


Donna, What was the outcome in court on April 30? Trish, I sent an email and hope all turned out well. Stay strong.


Hello everyone,

I haven’t been able to post because I was away a couple of days. Well to update you about what happened. There was another big hearing prior to mine that was taking more than 1/2 a day. I did ask Meagan if I could be heard at the hearing. She said she would ask the judge. She never spoke to me again….but I’d rather that than lip service. The judge heard the states argument…pretty much that he was ordered to pay $2000per month at this time. He paid $9025 in total and he is behind $24,000. It is 1 1/2 years into his probation…I don’t know if they adjusted it for the time he was in prison. He has a five year probation. His attorney Mr. H Parker Smith argues that he did make good faith payment by last october of $5700 and at that hearing it was determined that there was an unreasonable burden on the Defendant to pay and he was aproved for a 5-A which is a public defender…he went on to say his employment potential is limited…because he is a criminal. (but right after he was granted this he was now only able to pay $100…and if lucky $200 per month)

Can I tell you…when I heard his attorney say there was an unreasonable burden on the defendant….my blood was boiling…..I kept saying…what about me and my family….my daughter who has to take student loans for college….and when she is finished they will be $60,000 for undergrad school. He is making less than a student loan payments. And they take into consideration his living expenses first….and Meagan is not going to dispute any of that for me…I’ll talk to you further about that. While I can go live in a room for $600 per month to make ends meet he can go live in a house….

Than the judge spoke and he said he was not very convinced about his ability to earn and to do more things to earn more money! He talked about the relaxed sentenced he received and the restitution being part of the plea bargain. He then said “I sense that Dennis knew he would be here!” after that he asked if the Victim was in the courtroom and I raised my hand and he asked me to come forward and he told me he had read all of my letters very carefully quite a few times….He very sternly said, if I am to write a letter to him…that by law I had to carbon copy it and send it to the prosecutor and to his attorney and the probation officer. I said I would in the future. At that time I addressed the courts with the new knowledge I had about Dennis owning his own business. I left it at that and a new court date was set for May 15th at
9:00 am.

The next day I went to Woodbury court to meet Dennis Landlord…we had made arrangements as Dennis was being evicted. There is a link to that Topix Blog in Donnas article above. What I was to learn did not even surprise me….Dennis is the same….a con artist….no therapy…no Gamblers Anonomous is helping him. And it seemed like he and his fiance were trying to set this poor man and his family up for the next kill! I don’t know if I should reveal this story or not…but he told me he felt he was being set up for a law suit! I will leave it at that. The man was a gentleman…he said I helped Dennis and Nicole out in the begining…he got a friends van so he could move their furniture for free…and Dennis left the tank empty when he returned it. When he spoke to me he was frazzled…and obviously upset….but he was also a very strong guy. Dennis and Nicole were making alligations that the apartment was full of mold. The man said the apartment was immaculte and that he had even put a brand new washer/dryer in their for them.

He told me more about Dennis and Nicoles business….He gave me their business card. D&N Painting and Cleaning…He said they hooked up with some complexes and they get new apartments ready to be rented. He said he hooked him up with a Doctor Friend of his to do some painting and Dennis disrespected the man’s family calling just at the end of the job and asking the children about the Dad getting the money to him. The wife was upset called him and told him my husband always pays his bills and he will call you back when he is back in town next week. This is how Dennis is, he doesn’t care about anybody but himself and he certainly doesn’t care about children….he has proved that already with my daughter and Soraya’s…..he crossed boundaries and he doesn’t give a damn.

The landlord went on to tell me that he witnessed Dennis and Nicole fighting about $500 that Nicole gave to Dennis to give to the landlord and she was irate and started yelling about Dennis Gambling!!!

I bet he is Gambling….and the prosecutors office should be on top of that with the casinos and the gaming board! That is another violation of probation…and the landlord gave me a copy of the check he wrote from a Fidelity Investment account. I was told by Francis Noonan, the probation officer, that the landlord needs to go to the local police dept. with the check and file a report…and to let them know he has done this before. He said this was the only way they could get him. I told the man and after court he did go to the police and they said he had to write a certified letter to Dennis…I didn’t quite understand that. I don’t think the man will persue it any further….but he did get his eviction in 10 days.

Thank you to all for all your support….I want to say to “healing” that I have learned that when you are in a difficult situation….do not be afraid and cowar….I could have….but I thought if coward….what kind of person will I be living the rest of my life as….also I felt dead on the inside. And the truth of the matter is I took chances….knowing there are both bad and good people out there….and when I say bad….I don’t just mean “criminal”….some people are bad because they are lazy and disinterested…my boyfriend calls them crepe hangers….just talk talk talk about nothing….and do nothings…….so I took the position to fight them all….with what I know….I know about integrety and honor and what that means. I am spiritual and caring and there is a higher court that all of these people must answer to. The “good” people in the system, I believe they move from a higher place than themselves….I believe in that place…so powerfully….because “God” is there….I know some people find this to be a little crazy…but that is because they just don’t know. You know what you know is right and some people will do what is right….because they are in sync. They will rise above the clicks….you just have to hold people accountable….I also did research on line looking up statutes reguarding restitution and plea bargaining in NJ….and I talked to my lawyer. I hold everyone accountable now…even my lawyer….when you take an oath to uphold the law and service a client you should be accountable….I learned before I hire an attorney ask them if they have malpractice insurance….explain to them in a nice way why you want to know….if they don’t want to tell you than bye-bye..
….thanks again everyone for the ((Hugs))!



Hello again,

I’ve heard back from the Landlord Mr. M. He went to the Deptford police and spoke to the chief…who told him that he had to send a certified letter to Dennis regarding the bad check. Yesterday I was so happy when I spoke to Mr. M and asked him if he would file a police report about the bad check which is what I was told by the probation officer….The police chief was right….I called aroung more and here are the New Jersey Criminal laws reguarding Bad Checks: 2C:21-5 Bad Checks

A person who issues or passes a check or similar sight order fot the payment of money, knowing that it will not be honored by the drawee, commits an offense as provided for in subsection c. of this section. For the purposes of this section as well as in any prosecution for theft committed by means of a bad check, an issuer is presumed to know that the check or money order (other than a post-dated check or order) would not be paid If:
a) the issuer had no account with the drawee at the time the check or order was issued or
b) payment was refused by the drawee for lack of funds, or due to closed account, after a deposit by the payee into a bank for collection or after presentation to the drawee within 46 days after issue, and the issuer failed to make good within 10 days after receiving notice of that refusal or after notice has been sent to the issuer’s last known address. Notice of refusal may be given to the issuer orally or in writing in any reasonable manner by any person.
(1) a crime of the second degee if the check or money order is $75,000 or more
(2) a crime of the third degee if the check or money order is $1,000 or more but less than $75,000
(3) a crime of the fourth degee if the check or money order is $200 or more but is less than $1,000.
(4) a disorderly persons offense if the check or money order is less than $200.

What is so frustrating to me and Mr. M said the same…they make it hard for the good people….it’s too easy for the criminal…you have to figure out all these rules….and Mr, M said he doesn’t have time for this…he is a business man trying to care for his family…kid’s in college….He said he didn’t want to chase after Dennis. I asked him if he was afraid of Dennis he said certainly not….He is not at all afraid of Dennis…..He said he didn’t want to chase after him….because he will be out of the apartment in less than a week! I said if I could find a way it would be easier for you do it….he said most certainly…yes!

This is what I go through….just thought I’d let you know….sometimes it’s good news and sometimes not….but I continue….I feel like I’m hitting a brick wall today…..but tomorrow the wall may be broken down. Lately I’ve been dedicating alot of time with it but it doesn’t always consume me…I just feel it’s so close to an arrest.


Anneka is not my real name, I got it from a sci fi series.
Where it said that “Dennis SanSeverino took Rynn’s home, cleaned out her inheritance”, I felt I simply HAD to respond, because this is EXACTLY what the man calling himself the executor to my parents estate is doing, AND tried to force me to appear to have a mental illness into the bargain.
It began in 1992, right after I watched my father die of a massive heart attack, right in front of my disbelieving eyes, he then quickly got a psychiatric assesment done on me, which turned out SO VERY BAD, it appeared as though I was unable to live an independent life, outwith a care environment, which I have since proven to be inaccurate, he then sold BOTH my parents houses, right out from under me, without my knowledge or consent, he also took over and liquidated my late father’s scrap metal business, again, without my knowledge or consent.
My father had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what kind of person the executor would turn out to be, while my father lived, he pretended to be his best friend, pal, buddy, shoulder to cry on, etc., etc., etc., but AFTER he died, I soon found out the kind of person he really was, believe me!



You need a lawyer…You may have been depressed and with anxiety when your father died…This man needs to be investigated….it sounds like he may have gotten legal guardianship over your estate….I would get a lawyer first….call a criminal law firm and make sure it is a firm….because through my experience they are more organized and together and that is what you want….if they cannot help you ask them to refer you to a litigation attorney…..they should only take a % of what they win…..bring a strong friend with you if you need to! And go to 5-10 different attorneys if you have to….do not give up….get your answers….it is better to live knowing the truth! Believe me. To this day I have never been told what he did with the money he got from the sale of my house… think the investigators would tell me…no….I have to sue civilly…..and because there is no money left in his estate….they will not take it on a contingency basis (%) and I have to pay hourly….I just cannot afford it right now. I would love to have a proper judgement of what I truly lost which was closer to $800,000….because he doesn’t deserve to ever have anything in his name….and it would serve “some” justice… know he would always have to keep his money with someone else….because these people have to have control….when their money is in someone elses name they give up their control….plus what if that other person dies? where does the estate go then….maybe then I will get it….you just never know….this is God’s Land….I do alot of praying…but I don’t hope for money….I give it to my Father in heaven….and I have to be realistic about my life….It helps me to move on….I fight because it gives me my “life” back….I don’t count on the money….it took a long time for me to get to a place where I feel strong again….when I look back at the years that have gone by I see how much I have grown…you just have to keep doing for you….and part of gaining strength is to fight for your rights! And than do the daily things you need to do to be healthy again! I wish you all the luck and I will pray for you…when you hear the saying God helps those who help themselves…..that doesn’t mean helping yourself to other peoples estates….that means be proactive in your life….do not give up….be strong and expect justice….you may not get it all the time…the way you want to….but it does come! Because there is a higher court. I am a Reiki/massage therapist….I suggest you find someone who does Reiki in your area….find a master to work on you….we have a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies….reiki is God’s light that heals all of those bodies for us! It is truly amazing…a massage client of mine turned me on to it as she was healed of final stage breast cancer with only 4 months to live. She became a Reiki master and she is cancer free now! look it up on line


No matter what the suspected outcome of a case against a sociopath may be, I believe action needs to be taken. I was recently involved in a criminal case against an accomplished sociopath, with a number of arrests during his lifetime, but only a few convictions (which were not brought up in court!). He even has warrants for his arrest elsewhere, and this was not brought up in court either!

Of course he and his witness lied in expert fashion during their testimony and made every effort to make me look like a nut case. It must have worked, because the case was dismissed. The judge did look at him and say, “I know you’re not innocent in all of this, but the law requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt.” My question? If she KNEW he wasn’t innocent, was that not beyond a reasonable doubt? She didn’t say, “I THINK you’re not innocent!”

I plan on writing a letter to the judge, but I know he is now protected from being prosecuted for the crimes again. (fraud and larceny)

However, just knowing that he had to go through the arrest process, pay an attorney and then the chastisement from the judge is some small consolation. Still, I don’t know how his lies trumped my truth on the stand.

Since I know he doesn’t file tax returns, I’m sure that will catch up to him eventually.


I went through so many lawyers, I lost track of them all, I phoned advice agencies all over the UK, all I got was a huge phone bill, even a PI came up empty.
Now his people treat nme in ways that would, if I told what they were, the people I told, would think I had a mental illness.
He once had me put into a mental home, by having me harassed without proof, evidence or witnesses, forcing me to display the symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia, which I never had, just temper tantrums, which I think we all have.


Hi again,
It’s easy to say “get a lawyer”, it is not that easy. (Hello? Because I have no money!)
I only get £1,000,00p per month, sterling, I have no idea of the equivalent in dollars, the idea being that I should create the impression that I am unable to cope on that, then I get put into care, or somewhere where I am looked after and under tight control, and he gets control of the estate, charming man, right? OH MAN, MAKES ME WANT TO PUKE RIGHT UP!!!!
I also have text, taken from instant messages, chat rooms and from phone calls he had with someone else, but I thought that putting them here, would be too long winded and borng.
I am well aware this might sound strange to you, but I am surrounded by the executor’s people, and they have taken to waking me up, after a short time of sleep.
This morning, in fact, I timed it, they let me sleep for just over an hour, before waking me up suddenly, pulling me out of a dream as well.
I think they feel that some sort of resolution is near, and they do this, so that even the slightest irritation from them, will be blown up by me, into over-exaggerated and outlandish proportions, basically, so that I would be unable to do anything about it personally.
I feel I must tell you the truth of what is going on here.


My God….I don’t know how the law works in the U.K. If you are being deprived of sleep….they may be doing this to make you appear unstable….this is horrific…..If they were truly caring for you they would not be torturing you! MY family is Irish and many live in the U.K. And I know that they are very old school thinking. Mental Health care is so misunderstood…..Therapy for depression and anxiety is so important to the patient. Just like mending a broken leg! My therapist once said to me that usually the person in the family receiving therapy is usually the healthiest!
You have to stand up for yourself…..Depression and anxiety are normal reactions to a parents death….when you were put into care were you diagnosed with anything? And what? Get all your medical papers together! Tell your doctors that these people you say are depriving you of sleep and make sure he puts that info in your medical file. If you are able to care for yourself than tell him you can. Tell him you want these people away from you…for your own health. Depriving sleep is not a part of your medical therapy….I can understand if you are depressed, someone trying to wake you up after a good 8 hours of sleep….but not anything other than that! Do the norm and go to bed at a reasonable time and get up at a reasonable time….
Remember I don’t know about your mental health….you haven’t disclosed that…..I’m not asking you to….but be aware and honest with yourself…..go on line and read about these things….help yourself as much as you can….take your medication…..I’m sure the doctors are trying to help you! But you have to help yourself too! If you fight these people they are going to make your life miserable! It seems like they have control….because of your health….but you need to get your health and control back by actually “being healthy”. Go get some Reiki sessions…call around to people who are training….tell them your situtation….you can get it done free….as new students have to practice….let them practice on you! It is wonderful and healing! we consist of more than just the physical body…there is an emotional a mental and a spiritual body….It seems to me you need healing….And as far as the legal part of all of this….do not talk to any of those people about it! But when you do get stronger… may want to go to your prosecutors office and tell your story to them….and be very organized….collect all your information….in the U.S. I think that would be considered a “Theft by deception”…..but the difficult part of this is that he may have gotten a legal diagnosis of your mental health and he may be your legal guardian….and he may be a “bad guy”…..but your in a bad situation…..and you need to get strong! Remember that we are all being something at all times….whether it be….loving, caring, joyful, relaxed, healthy, Great, powerful…or the negatives..angry, upset, crazy, vengeful…etc…..I learned this from a coarse I took….you can chose what you want to be in life… when you find yourself being one of negatives…. at that moment ask yourself what’s going on….take full responsibility for yourself… if you are being angry because someone upset you than take a stand for yourself and your health…and tell yourself that you are the possibility of just the opposite of what your anger is about! For instance you may be angry because someone is playing head games with you…and you don’t like it… my reaction is to get angry….(that is what they expect from you)…so stop for a minute and say to yourself how could I “be” here… could be great and powerful and transforming…..and stand as that….and guess what….you rise above other peoples negativities and you walk away and when you truly stand in that space…you are healthy!
I am very sorry for what you are going through….and I want to believe in your health…..but you are in tough situation….and this guy may have set you up…..and he certainly doesnt care much if he is having you woken up every hour for no reason! You need to write this all in a diary…even if it is on this blog! Write me back…I hope I am some help to you.


Oh Trish,
As soon as I saw your reply, my eyes filled with tears and I cried unrestrainedly, I wanted to reach through my monitor and hug the air out of you for believing me.
If I use this like my own blogger, I think the founder would have some choice words to say to me, none of them polite, either, but anyway, I have my very own blogger, if you are interested, I have created it to record my thoughts, feelings, ideas, theories, guesses and hypotheses, it is on this url :- , whether this will come through as a hyperlink, I have no idea, I have never done this before, but even a copy-and-paste url would do.


“You have to stand up for yourself”..Depression and anxiety are normal reactions to a parents death”.when you were put into care were you diagnosed with anything? And what”

The executor wanted me in care IMMEDIATELY after I had watched my father die, so I had no chance whatsoever to grieve for my father, I instantly had to go on red alert, to keep my freedom and independence, only a medium would understand this, but, had I not gotten a dream message from my late father, I would never have known a thing, and I am grateful for this.

I was put into the mental homer in 1993, and there they diagnosed me with paranoid schizophrenia, I take NO MEDICATION WHATSOEVER, beyond chemist bought items.

“If you are able to care for yourself than tell him you can. Tell him you want these people away from you”for your own health.”

Easier said than done, Trish, he jolly well KNOWS I am normal and sane, but he does not want anyone else to know this, for this would remove his power!


I’m sorry you are upset…..I do feel for you….I was not diagnosed with anything as serious as you….I have situational depression anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder due to the seriousness of the situation. I was never in a care facility.

So Paranoid Schizophrenia is very different…and you do need medical attention. I also understand that you have socialized medicine in the U.K. and my question is were you diagnosed before your fathers death or after and was it in your fathers will that this man was to be your legal guardian. I’m trying to help you sort things out a bit. In this country the state would have taken your estate and you medical bills would be paid throught that.

I cannot help you. except to tell you to put things into order so you can go to the proper channels for help…the law! Maybe he is doing the wrong thing with your estate only the law can investigate this….just keep talking to your doctor about getting healthy first! I’m sorry for all your pain.


“and you do need medical attention.”

No, Trish, I am so very sorry, but those people had me harassed in a specific way, to force me to CREATE TH4E IMPRESSION that I have this, when it never existed to begin with.

“was it in your fathers will that this man was to be your legal guardian.”

A legal guardian here is only for people suffering some form of mental handicap, I do not have this, as I have satisfied the social work department the executor forced me through, that I could live independently.

Here is some text, taken from instant messages with the executor, he is using the name SHADOW OF FINGER I am using the name JENNY HAYDEN :-
SHADOW OF FINGER: hahahahaha JEN me old mate
SHADOW OF FINGER: i gonna get you even better soon
SHADOW OF FINGER: see you end up in the nuthouse hahahahaha (so that he can take my parents money away from me, without any opposition whatsoever)
SHADOW OF FINGER: it means you will only be liked when i let you (This should indicate that if it was NOT for this person, I would be liked)
SHADOW OF FINGER: hahahahaha
SHADOW OF FINGER: JEN your getting clever but you will have nothing hahahaha
SHADOW OF FINGER: JEN i will send you mad
SHADOW OF FINGER: hahahahaha
SHADOW OF FINGER: JEN soon……..soon……there coming to take you away haha
SHADOW OF FINGER: hahahahhaah my money my MONEY hahaha
SHADOW OF FINGER: aye lassy a monster i am and i will have your wee ass soon bonnie lassie
SHADOW OF FINGER: a skint little bitch thats all you will ever be
Jenny Hayden: I HAVE MONEY
SHADOW OF FINGER: and how much more in legal fees will you have to pay JEN hey how much more hahahaha
SHADOW OF FINGER: one day i will own all as i own you
SHADOW OF FINGER: haha they all hate you
Jenny Hayden: NOT ALL OF THEM
SHADOW OF FINGER: they all will soon when they see what you sent me hahaha
Jenny Hayden: SHOW ME, YOU CON-MAN
SHADOW OF FINGER: JEN i have ways of dealing with you
SHADOW OF FINGER: hahaha you will see it soon

(And I did, here it is, I was, in fact, offline completely when this was being done, this drove me right off AOL permanently, I now use it just to go online, and use Internet Explorer afterwards)

(Here, I am using the name GENTLE GAL UK)

Saddo Vivo wacko: Viv what you put in ya nut case files today eh
GentleGalUK: Saddo Vivo wacko, i am not a nut case
Saddo Vivo wacko: O you are inocent again eh
GentleGalUK: Saddo Vivo wacko, i do not decieve
Saddo Vivo wacko: O yes u r
GentleGalUK: Saddo Vivo wacko, i never decieve people
Saddo Vivo wacko: U lieing little fruit cake of corse u do viv
GentleGalUK: Saddo Vivo wacko, I AM NOT A NUT CASE, LEAVE
Saddo Vivo wacko: U can even lie to ya self nut case
GentleGalUK: Saddo Vivo wacko, LEAVE ME ALONE
Saddo Vivo wacko: No Viv me gonna keep having a go at ya ya nut bag
GentleGalUK: Saddo Vivo wacko, leave me alone
GentleGalUK: Saddo Vivo wacko, LOOK LEAVE ME ALONE OKAY
Saddo Vivo wacko: NO VIV YOU FREAK
viv what you said to ***** was outta order
your sick nasty old trout
what did she say
she told ***** that she didnt deserve her baby thats why it died that she was a bad mother
Sick of viv: you f***ing b**ch viv ***** is a very close friend of mine how dare you who do you think you are
she did it to someone in another AOL chat room 2 years ago as well then denied it

(I was offline at the time, watching one of the STAR TREK movies, ‘The Search for Spock’, at this time)


Jenny Hayden: what you want to tell me
SHADOW OF FINGER: i am the one responsible for your downfall
Jenny Hayden: what do you mean
SHADOW OF FINGER: i know everything about you
Jenny Hayden: what do you mean
SHADOW OF FINGER: everyday i am you making them hate you
SHADOW OF FINGER: jen you are just an unfortunate victim in my little game
Jenny Hayden: EXPLAIN
SHADOW OF FINGER: and as long as you are there the game goes on
Jenny Hayden: EXPLAIN
SHADOW OF FINGER: jen you cant copy and paste there is two thousand computors in this office they will never tRACE WHICH ONE I AM ACTUALLY USING (I have added the end of this sentence in upper case, as the original was truncated, by the chat room system)
SHADOW OF FINGER: they cant cos (this refers to an AOL Conditions Of Service violation) it there is to much money involved

(This is also the executor to my parents estate, as he himself will indicate)

SHADOWOFAFINGER: Jenny, no love, am just trying to get you to see sense
SHADOWOFAFINGER: and realise that you have an illness
SHADOWOFAFINGER: Jenny, you just need to spend a few weeks in the hospital love, then with any luck you will be able to lead a normalish life
SHADOWOFAFINGER: Jenny now why would you want to take legal action against me when i am looking after your best interests
SHADOWOFAFINGER: But im not in any danger from you jenny, is that what you really think?
SHADOWOFAFINGER: guess that goes to show how ill you really are

SHADOWOFAFINGER: I am the executor of your parents estate jenny, now why and how would i get up to illegal activities

SHADOWOFAFINGER: Yes jenny you do know who i am
SHADOWOFAFINGER: but you are suffering from a terrible illness, and are not thinking straight love
SHADOWOFAFINGER: why cant you just admit it
SHADOWOFAFINGER: so when are you going to confess then jenny and admit to yourself that you are ill
Jenny Hayden: i am not pal, brb
SHADOWOFAFINGER: well jenny, when will you admit to yourself that you are ill
SHADOWOFAFINGER: and let me help you
Jenny Hayden: yeah right
SHADOWOFAFINGER: is that a confession then love
Jenny Hayden: no it is not
SHADOWOFAFINGER: oh dear sorry folks, but it looks like you going to have to put up with her for longer, she wont accept she is ill (Almost the same as the ’FAMILY DOCTOR’, “She does not understand that she is unwell”)

SHADOW OF FINGER: Jenny Hayden i am back i and i want you
SHADOW OF FINGER: yes you know me
SHADOW OF FINGER: i mess with your head once
Jenny Hayden: OH YEAH
SHADOW OF FINGER: yes and i know you jen very well
Jenny Hayden: i know who you are, what the hell do you want
SHADOW OF FINGER: i want you jen the time has come
Jenny Hayden: oh yeah, think again buddy
SHADOW OF FINGER: i want all of you
Jenny Hayden: get knotted
SHADOW OF FINGER: all the money everything your dear daddy left you
SHADOW OF FINGER: i will have it all



I am not against you…..when I talk about having therapy…..I care….O.K.
remember when I said it is old school thinking in Ireland and England…well it is because they think only “crazy” people go for therapy…buy the truth i therapy is so helpful for all people…..we have to stop putting such a negative connotation with it….some of the more informative blogs on this site are written by Doctors….please do not lower the healing aspects of therapy. Maybe you are not a paranoid schizophrenic….but you will not be able to prove it until you get another opinion by another professional. There is a reality here you need to be aware of! I’m trying to help you…but you have to know that I cannot even be sure because it’s not clear enough….that is why I am telling you to start documenting everything and putting it in files….put a story board together like a time line so you can get your facts across to the right people. Yes these sociopaths are good and they do try to make you look like the crazy, unstable person. The guy who robbed me had another fiance he robbed and he made her and her family believe she was delusional and she was in therapy over this….I don’t doubt this was done to you….I just want you to get strong and together….rise above the emotion….this is war now! Don’t engage in anymore of the BS with these people….you know what is right do it!


I know you care, Trish, very kind of you, I am just trying to get across that he KNOWS that I am healthy and sane, but he wants no one else to know it, as I said, he would lose the power he has right now.

“you will not be able to prove it until you get another opinion by another professional.”

This is the frightening part, my love, (friendly expression I use to all females, no offense or harm intended) with me still involved, he could get at whatever professional I go for and influence them against me, like the first one, he must have been hired by the executor, it turned out really TERRIBLE, man!

“these sociopaths are good and they do try to make you look like the crazy, unstable person.”

And this is the kind of person my father innocently and unsuspectingly put into the position of being the executor to his estate, MAN, if he knew what I was going through right now, I bet he would be able to teach a bomb how to explode or teach a volcano how to erupt!


Ox Drover


TRish in NJ gave you some good advice. See a professional and don’t let the executor know which one. That way he cannot get to that person to influence them. Be open and honest with them, tell them the entire history of this whole situation.

Also, dialoging with him/them online is not going to be productive. The best route by far is NO CONTACT. E mailing them or instant messaging or talking on the phone with a P only gives them satisfaction and you will never change their minds.

I hear the frustration and anger you are expressing. Sometimes it is difficult to function and plan quietly when it seems that “all the world is against you” and that you are backed into a corner. That is the time though, that you must keep your cool the most. Having dealt with several Ps intimately during my life, I know from experience that flying off the handle, having a temper tantrum, or becoming so angry you are “blind” is the wrong thing to do with these people. It makes you look “crazy” and then “sane”—it is called “crazymaking” and most of us fall for it at one time or another because they frustrate us so much.

No matter how true your story is, people won’t listen if you are not able to calmly tell them about it. Believe me I know this from experience, learned the hard way.

Plus, sometimes you just have to wait it out and the Ps will “shoot themselves in the foot”—

AGain, I suggest that you see a professional and be evaluated. Good luck and God Bless. Oxy



“See a professional and don’t let the executor know which one.”

Easier said than done, my friend, he is having my landline tapped, as this text indicates, from a phone call he had with someone else :- ‘Pity she doesnt get away on her own, easy to get to then.
Not too sure, but there was a stay away, but went on her own, and I found out too late to intervene.
I thought you were keeping an eye on things?
I am, but unless things are said over the land line, its difficult to find out anything at all.’

“Plus, sometimes you just have to wait it out and the Ps will “shoot themselves in the foot—””

Yeah right, my friend, I am 56 now, I have not got that much time left to dance around my handbag, if you get my meaning.

“I suggest that you see a professional and be evaluated.”

Like I said to Trish, I am scared of doing this again, he also KNOWS I am normal and sane, as this would indicate :- ‘because H is normal it doesnt look good at the moment, as he has done a lot of ground work saying that H has mental problems and because H has not been committed, then it throws it all on the head.
(And, because he has said this, he has sent people to force me to PROVE that I do indeed have mental problems.)’



Your situation is really a nightmare and I truly feel for you. But you must understand that any reaction you give him is his entertainment. He enjoys your suffering and your frantic attempts to defend yourself. He takes sick pleasure from your despair. Now is the time to think clearly and try to stay one step ahead. Think of all the horrible things he can do to you and plan how you would deal with that.

I know you are scared, but look at what you wrote- “UNLESS THINGS ARE SAID OVER THE LAND LINE, IT IS DIFFICULT TO FIND OUT ANYTHING AT ALL.” That is his weakness. He cannot keep tabs on you 24/7. You need to be sneaky and clever to save yourself. Having proof that you are completely sane is not to show him (because he is only saying it to set you off) but for your own purposes and the therapy will help you deal with this frustrating time.

Make some calls to therapists on your landline that you don’t intend to visit and really make an appointment by pay phone or someone else’s phone and find a therapist who understands psychopaths. Throw him off the trail for a while. That way even if he does eventually find out who it is the therapist will be able to see right through him.

But you need to stop defending yourself because just the frustration will make you seem unsettled. He is trying to drive you crazy with frustration and that is dangerous for you. If anyone else mentions it, laugh it off. That is the only way you can stop him from enjoying himself at your expense. Be calm and think through all of your actions. You must try to control your emotions because he will continue to provoke you in any way he can. DO NOT BUY INTO IT. He is not as powerful as you imagine but don’t put any dirty tricks past him and do not let down your guard.

Good luck and take care of yourself.


Well, it is really fixed this time, and I know that she is struggling, my source has told me.
Good, so you mean she is unable to manage now on that amount?
Thats right, and if she gets into trouble, all the better for us.
Well, I can not see how she can not manage, but she does like to spend, so it seems it might play into our hands.
Thats what i mean, the authorities will have to sort it out, we need do nothing, just sit back and wait for it to happen.

Yes, it seems our friend has no money or anything, and is not coping well.
So what do you do, you know you have been waiting for this, havent you?
Yes, but I am going to sit on it for a while, at least to see what other muddle she gets into.
The amount is enough for anyone, I checked it all out, in fact, more than enough!
So all I need to do is wait, if it’s seen that she can not manage on that amount, then I am proved right, she cannot manage on her own.

Ha ha ha, the amount you give is only a bit less than my wages!

I know, and all her bills are paid as well, well, apart from her phone, that is.
Let’s hope she goes to court then.
That is what I am hoping for, then the control will be given over by them, not us.
I am thinking of not doing, and then it will be put into the hands of court.
Hmm, what happens then?
Well, they would see she was not coping, and take over, perhaps care housing

Pity she doesn’t go away again, (alone) if she did, we could really put it on and get her to flip, if she does, we could get her taken away.

(This was when I was still going into AOL chat rooms, I do not, any more)

And dont forget the chat room, she is on there again, and last time, it caused a lot of hassle.
Well, I think we can handle that, I will get someone to start her up again, so she gets put out the chat room.
Well, hopefully, no one will believe her, and I hope they think she is a trouble maker.

there are still problems in the chat, and that we will keep up, another ID was used, and it is confusing everyone, also there was one that seemed to be on her side, so it made a false sense of security.
In what way?
Well, she thinks she has a friend, then boom, it all blows up.
Then she gets all upset, but at the moment she is not reacting as expected, usually she goes ape, but its not happening not sure why.

The chat went berserk again, everyone is on her back, and she lacks credibility.
Our shadow is working overtime, changed his handle a couple of times as well, so it confuses even more, some of them think they are speaking to different people, so its easy to mislead.
There was an alias in a book I read that did that.

No news from America at all?
Nope, had no replies from that either.
Thats good, will it last?
Yes, that person on our side, almost got her to move there, and it would have been handy, well out of help there, and easy got at, no-one knowing her.

(Here, he is having another person put away, an elderly man, as far as I can gather)

what about him, I see its getting to him again, yesterday the police were called, I stood back and watched, it makes me laugh how people get wound up over simple things.
Well, keep up the pressure, there is a lot of money resting on this, get him in the nut house and I will collect a good package.
What about the family?
They are in on it, never liked the old codger anyway, did they?
Well, I shall want my cut out of it, I have been in the flat upstairs and made a right noise at night, it must be driving him mad.
I tried to cause as much hassle as I could, and to honest it seems to be working.
How, what had happened, did you hear anything?
Well, it seems like our friend is going to put himself in the home at last, thinks he is going mad, so would rather be looked after.
We should get a payout soon.
What about our friend, has he settled in?
Yes, and I have the first payment.
Good, and the other matter is well settled?
Yes, and the transfer of his items are under way.
Does he know?
Of course, it is all above board.
Thats good, no come back on that at least.
Anyway, the prob with him is not rectified, at the moment, his family are smelling a rat.
Oh, how is that, thought it was sorted?
It was the money paid, but they want a cut in the home now.
Well, that wont do

She has also been to the police, I found out the other day.
How well is the transmission, how much have you managed to hear?
Its not working any more, though thats the problem, so I dont know the outcome, I can not get an attachment now.

You mean she has a site, about what?
About her life story.
Bloody hell, that is all I need
As long as she does not cause problems with that damn website, otherwise people will not trust us, and the business will go downhill.
I know, and its all legal and above board, just our luck for it to blow up in our faces, well, keep a lid on her, and get that site down, if you can, there have been so many hits (visitors), people are starting to speak about it, and its all in her favour.
Next things, she will be selling movie rights to it!
Oh yes, I dont think, at least she hasnt the sense to write a book, imagine that, a book and a website!
Your life would be total hell.
Tell me about it, see what you can do, before someone gets to see it, that will do us harm!

Here is what someone esle emailed to me, regarding the executor :-
“Many of my friends have had dodgy phone calls we dont know who from and many have been told by some man “stuart” on the phone never to deal with you, I myself was told by this same “stuart” that he could find my parents and make things difficult for them if I bothered with you again. As well as having my kids hurt if I tried to support anyone claiming to be you.”
And this was merely because this person tried to help me get out of this situation, nice person, huh? PUKE!

Sorry for boring you all with this, dear readers.


I also have some very frightening messages, that I got through email, not long after I had moved to where I am now in the UK :-


On the 26th of June 2000, I travelled to the North, to view the house that was available, but did not live up to my expectations.

On the 29th of June 2000, I moved into the X hotel, in search of a permanent place to live in the North.

On the 25th of August 2000, I moved to the Y Hotel, to continue the negotiations for my permanent home in the North.

On the 18th of September 2000, negotiations completed, I moved into my permanent home in the North.

I was working on my website, BENEFICIARY, using my Hotmail account, on the 6th of December 2000.

The first message came into my Hotmail account on the 11th.

Hi, you took some finding, but have located you now, I will definitely be in touch.

I replied:-

Please do not take offence at this, but it has been a long time, remind me of where we met, and how, etc.
As I have said, it has been a long time, and a great deal has happened since then, so forgive me if I cannot remember you as clearly as you seem to remember me.
What drove you to look for me at all, how did you find me, and most importantly, what is it that you want from me?
Forgive all these questions, but you must understand, from my point of view, this dogged determination is a little unsettling.
Please do not take offence at this, no harm is intended.
Please reply as soon as possible.
Thank you.

This message arrived on the 12th.

We were not sure when you moved, or where to, glad we have got contact again, I hope you are the person we are looking for, I will be taking a trip soon to see you, the scrappy (The executor is/was in the scrap metal trade, like my late father was) wishes you well.

This message also arrived on the 12th.

I hope you are the right person that we are looking for, I was asked to tell you that we will be visiting shortly, the scrappy wishes you well.

I replied to one of them with this: –

I will neither confirm nor deny these allegations until I have more information. Please provide me with details of the person you are looking for, so I will be able to confirm or deny it. If you will not provide me with the aforementioned details, then please do not contact me again, or I will be obliged to take further action. Thank you.

A reply duly arrived: –

You gave me your email address last week when we were on the bus. Did you not drop all your papers and say they were scrap? We talked last night on the phone. I think I have the correct person.

I replied: –

We did NOT meet on the bus last week, I did NOT drop any papers, and we did NOT speak last night on the phone. I have no idea where you got this email address from, BUT I CAN ASSURE YOU that it was DEFINITELY NOT from me. This appears to be a case of mistaken identity, so, please do not contact me again, I can assure you that you DEFINITELY have the wrong person. If I get another email from you, I will certainly take further action in this matter. Thank you.

Another email arrived: –

Not heard for a while, the conversation was epic, you sound lovely, I love long hair, I will come up as you invited me to, weather permitting, (I did no such thing) what shall I bring up, by the way, do you remember Stewart? (the executor) He is a friend of mine and says he knows you.

You really are not a nice person, the things that you said in the chat room are not acceptable. I think and so do others, that AOL should bar you. As you copy all this down, perhaps you should copy down what you say. The lies you are telling about that poor man in Glasgow are dreadful. We know him and it is you that are the problem. I quite agree that you should be sectioned (Only the executor would know this, as he had this done to me the first time) again, to make it safe for everyone.

(I had never made it known that I HAD an AMSERVE email account)

I don’t know what you are up to, but I WILL NEVER EVER GIVE UP.

Still waiting for my reply from you, a lovely evening last night, enjoyed our little chat, the others are really awful to you in the chat room, I can not understand it, but I will look after you, don’t worry.

You never replied, my friend, I am getting warmer and closer, I CAN SEE ALL YOU DO, WITH MY ELECTRONIC EYE, please reply.

I still have not got any reply from you? I HAVE THE THINGS SET UP, you were out for ages today, I thought you were never coming back, look after yourself, won’t you, my dear.

I replied: –

It took an enormous amount of courage to reply to this message. Please do not contact me again, as this message has frightened me very badly. Thank you.


(I was SO VERY BADLY FRIGHTENED, I had no idea what to do about it, I was energetically denying everything that was said, and still they kept coming, I was paralysed with fear!

I was so badly frightened, I wanted to throw the computer and everything else, straight out of the window, anything to stop those emails, but I thought of all the money I had spent on it, which I did NOT want to throw away, and looked for other ways to stop them.)

Long time, no speak, although I SEE YOU HAVE BEEN SPEAKING (typing) to our mutual friend, angel of darkness, good, isn’t he? Well, I HAVE BEEN KEEPING A VERY CLOSE EYE ON YOU although I have not been in contact for a while, Glasgow is such a lovely city, don’t you think, dear, I must ask you, WHO DID YOU SEND THAT FAX TO, I COULD NOT QUITE SEE THE ADDRESS, catch you again.

(On this particular day, I had actually sent a fax to someone, but now, I forget who I sent it to.)

(They tap my house phone, tap my mobile phone, link to my computer, all to see whom I have been telling what to, to let them know, whether I am a danger to them, or they are safe.)

I know you think they are your friends in the chat room, but they are not. It is to lead you into a false sense of security! They are ALL on my side, even your friend, who is supposed to help you. Ha ha, you can never win or lose me. By the way, I liked the skirt you had on the other day, it went well with your jumper. Byee.

(These messages continued, frightening me considerably, until I reported them to the ABUSE sections of the relevant email providers.

To be specific Hotmail and Amserve, and they soon stopped afterwards. which relieved me greatly, BUT, the treatment I had recieved in Glasgow, continued in the North

Ox Drover


The messages in the chat room cannot actually harm you. I suggest that you ignore them. Just not read them, not think about them. Not repost them. Sometimes reading or rereading these messages that cannot really harm us, keep us very anxious. Your anxiety level should decrease if you ignore the messages. That alone (a decreased anxiety) should help you feel better. Being anxious all the time, and wondering if someone is watching you, always makes us (humans) feel terrible. It doesn’t matter if that anxiety is caused by something real or not, the anxiety is the thing. It is like NO CONTACT helps us by decreasing our anxiety. So go NO CONTACT with all messages, past, present and future, is my suggestion. I know it may seem difficult, but NO CONTACT with the psychopaths is the only way to start to regain yourself.

I agree with Tmassar about you finding another therapist, and Aridne’s suggestion that you make your real appointment from a pay phone is a good one. That should keep it secret from everyone except you. Good luck. A good therapist can help you.

I used to regularly get email from a blank email sender line that was abusive and swearing at me, calling me names. For years. Save the messages, Anneka but don’t reread them. Save everything to a USB drive you can remove from the computer.

I was a victim recently of similar computer exploits. And they wreak havoc on the nerves, but they cannot harm you in and of themselves. Frightening, though, I agree.



“The messages in the chat room cannot actually harm you.”

It was not for the ‘harm’ context, I put them in, I put them in as to how the executor spoke to me one-on-one, and what he had done afterwards, which led to my being driven out of AOL chat rooms, never to go back.

NO CONTACT is easier said than done, as the executor, he pays all my bills, apart from my phone bills, so he HAS to know where I am, to be able to do this, one-way NC is no good, is it?

As someone else said to me once, that he will not actually harm me physically, like kidnap me or such, otherwise this would indicate that what I have said was true all along, so the anxiety is quite low, really.


I do not think they wanted to harm me physically with the frightening messages, as I said earlier in this post, just go for the nerves, and let me do all the damage to myself, manipulative, huh? What I think of the executor, well, is not very charitable, politely and VERY diplomatically put!


“I do not think they wanted to harm me physically with the frightening messages, as I said earlier in this post, just go for the nerves, and let me do all the damage to myself, manipulative, huh?

Manipulative. Cowardly.


You see, the conscience people like that do not have is precisely what they aim for with people like you (and me). They may not own a guilt function, but they know how to use ours against us.

So, my advice? No guilt, no worries, no anxiety. This man is only going to harm you through the periphery. He hasn’t the requisite guts to come face-to-face.

You’re not crazy, Anneka. I am sure you can get third-party corroboration on that. I had anxiety, PTSD, depression (well, still do) but according to my therapist, I am not crazy. Just the victim of someone dangerous. And while they may be able to convince you momentarily that you are crazy, if you feed into their illusion, you need only get away from them a bit to know the truth. Always go to people you trust, who know you well, who will give you their honest assessment, whenever you doubt yourself.

And document, document, document. Get that zip drive. It’s invaluable if you’re building a case against someone you think has access to your computer and phone line.

Hugs to you…



“They may not own a guilt function, but they know how to use ours against us.”

I AM NOT GUILTY OF ANYTHING, I was just chucked into this, unprepared, and left to sink or swim, all I have learned, I did on my own!

“Just the victim of someone dangerous.”

SURE SHOOTING I AM, MY FRIEND, like for the past few nights now, ‘Whatever they use to wake me up, must be sharp, sudden and like explosive type loud, like a hammer blow to the wall, or something, because it wakes me up EVERY SINGLE TIME, no matter how deeply I am asleep.’, this is analogous to poking a tiger through the bars of the cage, just to anger it, when the tiger CANNOT get back at you, but you can get at the tiger, CAN YOU IMAGINE THE FRUSTRATION INVOLVED, THE HELPLESSNESS????


Oh, I didn’t mean that you were guilty – just that this person was trying to use your own good conscience against you.

I am confused, though: is someone trying to wake you? I must have missed that part.

Nobody can make you inferior, or crazy, without your consent. You do not consent to their illusion, right? You do not buy-in to what they are selling. I can tell you are stronger than that, to have gone through so much and still know right from wrong, and who you are.

Take care and hang in there. And document!

Oh, also – did you get any real diagnoses? Are you suffering from PTSD or depression? The things you describe could easily cause both those problems.

I had no idea I was depressed. According to my therapist (I did it – I finally WENT into therapy this week!!) I have been depressed, low level and sometimes situationally, since probably 2004. But if you would have asked me, I would tell you I was functioning well.

Because, all things considered, I *was* functioning well.

I always have functioned well. Through the worst kinds of things imaginable.

And somehow, this belief – that I can function – this source of pride and probably some arrogance – led me deep into denial that I had any problems at all.

So not true. So the worse it got, the more I “functioned” until I’ve nearly “functioned” myself into a damned nervous breakdown. Just to prove that I can handle everything.

Jokes on me — I can’t handle everything and the more I tried to prove it, the less I could handle. That’s why I started acting-out and doing things I’d never done before in life. I was sublimating my feelings and summoning new coping devices.

And all because a long, long time ago I was critically wounded long before being able to process or understand it. Since then, I’ve just smacked band-aids on this big old festering, infected, life-threatening wound and said, “I’m fine” — until one day, very recently, I just couldn’t lie about it anymore.



“You do not consent to their illusion, right? You do not buy-in to what they are selling.”


“did you get any real diagnoses? Are you suffering from PTSD or depression?”

Nope, neither, I am too scared to go to a mental health professional, as I am still in the situation, with all due respect, you might be out of your situation, so it would be okay for you to see someone like this, but not for me.

“And all because a long, long time ago I was critically wounded long before being able to process or understand it. Since then, I’ve just smacked band-aids on this big old festering, infected, life-threatening wound and said, “I’m fine” until one day, very recently, I just couldn’t lie about it anymore.”

My deepest sympathy to you and my heart goes out to you, me, on the other hand, I cry my eyes right out, I have cried so much, through this whole thing, if crying ruined eyesight, I would be blind as a bat, by now.

Your situation wounded you, I am deeply sorry, but you got out of it BEFORE you went into therapy, right? I am still IN my situation, so you see why I cannot afford to go into therapy yet?



“I am confused, though: is someone trying to wake you? I must have missed that part.”

Yeah, sleep deprivation, trying to make me more irritable than I would be otherwise, in that state, I would turn a molehill into Everest, or the highest, tallest mountain you can think of, when ordinarily, I would just shrug my shoulders and ignore it.


I was in court yesterday…

I am so disturbed by Anneka’s life situation….I am so sorry for her.
I did a little research on “Victims of sleep deprivation”….it can cause psychosis…from an article I got on the page…it said going without sleep is intenseely stressful, with unpredictable sort and long-term effects. People lose the ability to act and think coherently. And as it leaves no physical mark on the victim, the interrogator can claim that they never laid a finger on those in charge….this article was written reguarding a new Reality TV show “Shattered”….It is a form or torture and with long-term affects that may never heal! Hallucination can kick in after two nights of no sleep. After one week you can loose your orientation and you may think the people you are speaking to are people of your past…..AND HOW DOES THAT LOOK IN A COURT OF LAW!
The desire to sleep is stronger than the desire for hunger and thirst….In one story a prisoner in Russia wrote of losing the will to resist when deprived sleep. and signed what they were ordered to sign only to get what the interrogator promised.

In a seperate story written by Sarah Ledoux “The effects of Sleep Deprivation on Brain and Behavior”….she says sleep is needed to regenerate certain parts of the body, especially the brain. With reduced sleep neurons begin to malfunction, effecting behavior. And the cerebral cortex (language processing center) without sleep remains in quiet rediness. Results are slurred speach…almost like a drunk! Your memory is also related to the Cerebral Cortex area and that too gets disturbed. They say the frontal lobe is the most fascinating section of the brain when it comes to sleep deprivation….as it is related to our creative thinking……the article goes on and on about the multiple problems related to sleep deprivation….Including hallucinations, hearing voices, loss of judgement, false memory, paranoia, fear, language probems…and objective thinking! Some people experience like a movie in their head and follow the commands of those voices they hear….It’s very scarry….since you cannot fight it without getting the proper stages of sleep!

With is I will tell you Anneka….You must get sleep when they do no know you are getting it….lead them to believe you are being tortured by them….beat them at their own game. Do a meditation where you float on a leaf down count backward to 10 until you fall into that deep REM state of sleep…..15 minutes of REM is like 8 hours of sleep….do it a few times a day! You need to rest your brain….

I am worried about you because the distress does show in the way you write to us…..but you cannot let on to those people that you are fighting back….they have to think they are winning….and I must tell you again…you have to go to a Doctor! You have to bring documentation of what they are doing to you….you have to have this put in a file….bring articles about sleep deprivation and download what you have written here and the responses you are getting….but get some sleep when they don’t know….,I am concerned about the long term problems that may occur. Again look for a Reiki practitioner….a student who will work on you for free….often when you get Reiki you fall into a deep sleep where all the healing occurs!



You mention that you were in court yesterday, then I seem to take over the remainer of your post, see, as soon as I am aware of what they are doing, they stop that particular thing, so now, as I know of this and how it is being done, they are not waking me up any more, but, your research is very greatly appreciated, thanks a million.


“do you work? If so, then I would definitely have No Contact with the executioner for the time being.”

Forgive me, but executioner and executor are two different things, and executioner used to kill prisoners, an executor executes, or acts on a deceased person’s Will, a document of instructions that someone leaves for the executor to act on, when they are dead.

“Have you thought about writing a book about your experience”

Well, I have started something like this, I tried to get it onto a website once, the executor found out about it and threatened the person who was putting my story onto the web for me, till he gave up, my best friend of the time, also tried, he caused her problems too, till she gave up, I COULD post it here, but it would be too long for here.

“Your story sounds quite sensational as people do not realise that such people exist.”

Thank you, my friend, good to know it is so unique.

“you no longer need to rely on the executioner paying your bills etc”

I wish this were so, my friend, I never had a job, never needed one, as my late father brought in enough money to support us all, my late mother, him and myself, I was VERY over-protected when I was younger, so I think I am at a severe disadvantage in this area.

“This guy is toxic. How long are you going to put up with it?”


“Sometimes we win by walking away.”

SOMETIMES, not EVERY time, and I imagine you have only had ONE person to handle, I not only have the executor, but an entire gang, whom he is paying as well, slightly larger, I would say.

Well, Anneka, think that being in your situation would require going to therapy. Although I know there are other issues, and the executor is trying to make a case against you. So this would complicate matters. Many people go to therapy, though. It’s not stigmatized at all in court. It’s considered a person helping themselves get over the stress of life. You just need to find someone you can trust in your life to talk with about your situation. Do you have anyone like that?

As for sleeping, have you tried to take o-t-c sleeping meds? They work wonders and are not habit forming.

Like Trish said, it’s paramount to let this person think he has “won” and not let on that you are fighting back. The more he thinks he has “won” the more satisfied he will be and then the less he will mess with you.

It’s ridiculous, but this isn’t about normal thinking. It’s about someone who is trying to harm you and your ability to minimize the damage.

Venting here is also good. It really does help to know other people can fully understand there are people in this world who aren’t of goodwill.



“it’s paramount to let this person think he has “won” and not let on that you are fighting back. The more he thinks he has “won” the more satisfied he will be and then the less he will mess with you.”

I would agree with you, but as it says in the frightening messages, the items in upper case lettering, indicate they are watching me INSIDE my home, and are aware of all that I do, so I cannot see how to convey this idea.


In court yesterday….I was so worried….the last time I was there they made the date for 5-15-08 at 9:00am saying it would be done in the am…as I explained that I had to work and that I had already lost so much money….I guess I was just asking for “me” to be considered….as I felt that the “victim” is always the looser! I faught so hard to get this far….and I will never give up for the rest of my life! The judge promissed that it would be heard in the morning.

Well from the get-go there were issues….Megan forgot her file…..they heard another two cases. Then both attorneys left the room together…I was writing everything down. They came back in and spoke to the judge. Then Megan said she was waiting on Mr. Noonan (probation officer) They heard another couple of cases. Then Dennis abruptly left the room…than Mr. Noonan came down and sat in the front row. He handed Megan a paper. He caught my eye and I smiled hello…he remained stoic…I looked away. Remember he is the only one who speaks to me in the court now. The other hearing was continuing, a couple of minutes went by and Mr. Noonan got up abruptly and left the room. At 11:30 the last case was over and Megan and Mr. Parker Smith spoke to the judge about holding the case over until 1:30pm….I couldn’t believe it….they dismissed the courtroom for a recess. Mr. Parker Smith said he had two other cases in the next room….and I rose up and said to the judge…I had explained in the last hearing that I had to go to work this afternoon….I was so flustered….He said what time do you have to work I said I have to leave here by 2:00 to get to work by 4:00 he said you can blame this on me…It’s a busy day and there are other hearings and blah, blah, blah….I should have said something about Megan being prepaired this morning! So unprofessional….but when you are brought to frustration…it’s better to say nothing…..the words just don’t come out right anyway… have to be accountable for what you do and say….and I said nothing…I left and I called my job and I called at least 10 people to get someone to cover my shift….thank God I did because they would have fired me! But I was not going to let this go without knowing what went on….I went back in the court and went to where you order minuted for court dates and I spoke to a woman, told her the case. She left the room to get me a paper to fill out. (my guess is she went upstairs to tell them what I was doing). She came back with a paper for me! I PLAN ON GETTING ALL THE MINUTES TO ALL THE HEARINGS.

Our case was heard first. And it did go past 2:00…..It went past 3:00. I have learned to take the day off of work…better to loose a day’s work than a job.

In the hearing Dennis’ attorney is making the argument that Dennis is a Gambler and has no money or assets! They ask him to the stand and they ask about all of his possible “income” He says he live at Good Intent road ( lie…He was evicted and I have the tape that says he was out on Sunday May 4. He says he works for D&N painting and cleaning….and he is paid a commission. and he makes $500/week gross. He say’s he has no car (but he drives a connecticut lic plate ford taurus) He say’s he has a fidelity checking account with only $1.60 left in it. He has no savings, no money..and nothing of personal value…no realestate…he went bankrupt,,,yahda, yahda, yahda….He said he was discharged from his bankruptcy in March of 07. Than Megan Hoerner got to question him….she went through puting on the record the NJ refinances on the property. And she made mention of the Connecticut refinances…..She aked Dennis to name the dates on the papers and the amounts. She asked about my property in Ocean City transfered for consideration of $1.00 They totaled the amounts to be $500,000 that he received…in fact…if you add the Connecticut properties it was closer to a million dollars he received. And before meetining me not one of any of these NJ and Conn properties were in his name…My money purchased all of this….but I must say Megan was doing a fair job she even asked if he gave his fiance a diamond ring and he said conveniently…IT IS HER FAMILY’S RING…HE SAID D&N IS HER FAMILY’S BUSINESS TOO…HER NAME IS NICOLE…AND SHE HAS NOT BEEN WORKING….but I must also say Dennis lied a few times on the stand….She asked him if he had any properties other than this in his life….He said no….in fact he did have properties in New haven and trumbull before and he did the same thing with those properties before he went bankrupt for his first time! This was his second bankruptcy! I know I gave Megan all of this paperwork and I know both of his bankruptcies show up on his investigative report….I have a copy of it! What was most impressive and disturbing to me was when he was asked to tell the date of the two transaction where Andrew Ross purchased these properties for $20,000 and $25,000 and the transfer date back to Dennis name for $1.00….he said March of 07…..THE DATE WAS MY BIRTHDAY…..BUT HE WOULDN’T SAY THE DAY….AND AGAIN he was aked about a north haven property that he had purchased from his x wife Marie SanSeverino for 327,250.00 on what date…..he said agian march of 03 in fact it was on my birthday. When I met him he told me he owned two buildings and two homes in Connecticut….in the past maybe but he went bankrupt….he owned nothing….and I question Maries involvement….because along with the purchase he gave he a promissary note! Because his x-fiance wrote in an affidavit which I have mailed to everyone…in the courts that he was giving Marie….$3000-$5000/month for years! She said he was violent with her (he was with me too)…she called the police and Marie bailed him outand said that Marie said she was not the first and will not be the last to call her about Dennis and she will always love her “Den” …..Marie gave Dennis a picture of her deceised dad and at the bottom was in inscription “for taking his seat”…This is no joke! There is so much more to this than people know.

So to go on with Dennis on the stand Judge Batten was very tough with his questioning….I was so impressed! he asked who Andrew Ross is and Dennis said he is a mortgage guy who buys distressed properties off people and tries to work out a deal with the bank! He said Andrew Ross put those properties back in his name without his knowledge. But he knew it was my birthday CONVENIENTLY ….anyway…..he asked him what he did with all that money and Dennis said he gambled it all away…..Judge Batten wasn’t buying it….I was so relieved…..because I know how difficult this was going to be…..Dennis had this well thought out…..Megan did a very fair job and I was so relieved…..she also asked Dennis about what he did with the money from the sale of my house and he out and out lied!……He said he baught 12 Rita ave in Bridgeport, ct. My house was sold in 02 and he baught 12 Rita from his niece Marion Vazzano in 04….and she had owned that property well before 02….and it was in distress and Dennis knew he would be going Bankrupt when he purchased that property from her and all the problems with it! There is so much more to all of this it would make your head spin!

Then at one point Dennis attorney got upset and said this is unfair to his client who we can show is unable to pay….yadha..yadha…yadhaa…..He went on to say…Dennis made poor business decisions….and Judge Batten says….I disagree with you there….He made excellent business decisions….He made some money and I am not convinced of him gambling it all away. There is no paper trail….He just took bank checks from his account…so in the end what do you think happened>>>

JUDGE BATTEN VIOLATED HIS PROBATION….I was so relieved and I was in such a fog……I didn’t know what was going to happen and I was alone in that court room….I didn’t know how I was going to be at the end…..and than he told him and his attorney that he had to pay the $2000per week and he had to come up with a payment plan for the $20,000 + arrears! Than he looked in his schedule to make a date for the sentensing….Friday June 13 was his next available date…than Megan said she had to be in another court on that date and Judge Batten said….I’m going to keep it at Friday the 13th….I like that date…..I didn’t get it until I was in my car…..that is how much of a fog I was in….I called Soraya and told her and she said…Dennis is so superstitious….that is his worse day…..I only knew Dennis for a few months until he got all my money from me…..I knew he was a gambler but I never went with him to gamble…he just talked about it…..He portrayed himself to be a wealthy realestate investor! I thought he was a normal guy! He was so clean cut and so nice and kind and loving….but the truth is he was putting on an act.

Than probation officer Francis Noonan asked me if I thought he would come up with some money by next month….I said I don’t know! I think he would come up with some money if he was forced to pay the whole arrears or go to jail….but he has to come up with a payment schedule….he may play the game again….and now no one knows where he lives… may be in another court….but I have two Judges that didn’t buy his story…..but I will fight again if I have to!

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