What you need to know to get a restraining order against a sociopath

Lovefraud Continuing Education webinar
Obtaining Injunctions Against a Sociopath
Presented by Megan Lyons, Esq.
Tuesday, Aug. 1, 8-9 p.m. ET • $25
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Sometimes sociopaths will not leave you alone. The involvement is over and you want to move on, but the sociopath is stalking you. Or, you can’t totally escape the person — perhaps you have children together — and the sociopath uses every communication and exchange as an opportunity to harass you.

An injunction or restraining order can help, but because sociopaths are so slick, it can be difficult to convince a judge that you need it.

Attorney Megan Lyons will address all of these issues in her upcoming webinar. She’ll explain:

  • The basics of getting a court injunction
  • Cost vs. benefits of pursuing an injunction
  • Ways to protect yourself in addition to an injunction
  • What courts know — and don’t know — about personality disorders
  • Organizations that may be able to help you

If you want a restraining order against the sociopath, you need this information. Sign up today!

Obtaining Injunctions Against a Sociopath

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