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When psychopaths compare notes

Lovefraud recently received an e-mail from a reader telling us about discussion on another Internet forum called PsychForums. Here’s what he wrote:

Found an interesting set of postings. On PsychForums. “Craving for Antisocial Behavior.” With postings between four psychopaths. Arguing for various positions With general agreement that society has infringed on them. And so deserves the revenge. Sounding like people are viewed similarly to enemy combatants. And deserve what they get.

Alternate view is that people’s revulsion against psychopaths is understandable. That people don’t want bad things to happen to them. So don’t be a fool and don’t get caught or cry unfair. There are plenty of ways to enjoy life without having to risk jail to get it.

Seems to sum up the psychopath side of the story fairly well.

If you want to know how these psychopaths think, read their discussion:

PsychForums: “Craving for Antisocial Behavior”

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Henry, Did you go to eat too?

See, that’s what I get chatting with you folks on the other time zone … I eat first, then hours later, you figure out that you’re hungry and then go grab a bite.

Yum, yum everyone … I’ve got to do dishes now. (LOL).


One of our victims, after her Cyberpath experience – became a domestic violence counselor. (Kudos for her making lemonade out of lemons!) But one of her ex-clients was sociopathic and despite her trying to get this ex-client appropriate help before ending the relationship — the ex-client went into a narcissistic rage.

What did the ex-client do? FOUND her Cyberpath and the 2 of them hooked up to pepper the internet with false, libelous and threatening messages against this victim/ counselor and her family. She was only able to get the police to listen only after she issued a restraining order.

And the ex-client? When the FBI contacted her she said (like they all do) the counselor started it! LOL. BTW, this ex-client? Was found to be harassing no less than 5 other people online and still at it as of this writing. The Cyberpath? Still at it as well.

The Cyberpath is listed on this site by ANOTHER of his Victims. (not the counselor) (also we no longer recommend Dating Psychos to anyone) The ex-client posted about the counselor (totally incorrect information) as “disenchanted” at the site:

Sound confusing… well if you can figure it you can see the confusion & havoc these predators reek on everyone around them!

Friends?: My N has tons of acquaintances that he calls friends. They’ve known each other for years, some decades, but none of them ever visited. Most of them are work related.
The people he does have close to him, and I use that term very loosely, are all alcoholics – every one of them. His brother and wife, his best friend and wife, his sister and husband, his drinking buddy and his gal are serious boozers…If he slips up in front of them, the worst they might think is that he’s not a nice drunk sometimes, but generally they’re all bombed and don’t notice. He also makes sure that he’s always “helping” them in one way or another.

Cell phone?: Good God! N always had it, it was almost always on. He often didn’t answer calls or would wander into another room. I laughed when one of the OW, “just a friend now”, called yelling at me and I pulled his cell bills; he was busy.
I later realized he was calling three women at a time, including her, and seeing which one would say yes first.
I also realized that whenever he called someone “Kiddo” on the phone; it was another woman. It was one of his names for me.
And, the silly git kept the hotel bill!

I just emailed him the link for these crazies. Told him it was a place he could finally fit in. LOL

Of all the self-proclaimed P stories I’ve seen; these actually seem real…real creepy. Good to know.

It’s a fascinating look into what’s going on between their ears. You can’t view the human race the same way after reading that. They’re out their all right.

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