My wife was diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder, delusional disorder, and schizophrenia, but I wouldn’t change a thing

Lovefraud received the following letter from a man who posts under the name of “outvth3fog.”

I thought my past 12 years with my 10 year old son’s mother was bad. Well, anyone’s worst nightmare became reality in March of 2016.

Rewind to summer 2015, to when I had that gut feeling that I was being wronged by her.

I didn’t understand things then the way I do now, but she would accuse me of having affairs without having anything to make her think that. It made me suspicious of her, especially when she would demand my phone after getting out of work, which I willing gave it to her.

Here we were again the same process, that I thought was over. After so many lies and cheating I fell in love like never before. I was proud of my family and would never jeopardize my family.

My mother was saying things that baffled me. Finally she spit it out, after I begged her to tell me. While I was at work, my wife, my best friend, had another man in my house, which explains her accusing me if it.

I tried to settle it by talking to my woman, but she would tell me to get over it.

She started saying he was stalking her. Months later, she was saying there are cameras in the house. Then they were in the bushes, then  to us being on a secret TV show.

I come home one day to an empty house. I call her over and over, until she finally answered, telling me I needed to change and that people were trying to kill her.

I did get our son back. Few days later, I got served with a stay away order, being accused of rape and emotional abuse, and served with family court papers for custody, which she wanted sole custody.

She’d call me leaving voicemails, telling me how her current guy friend that she moved in with, that I never knew about, had murdered his sister and buried her in the basement. The end of the world is coming and that our son and myself were going to die while she stays behind to help God rebuild.

Unknown​ to me, she moved to different county, where she called the police, saying I was stalking her which, ended up putting a warrant out for me and I ended up turning myself in. By that time the stay away was over. Luckily I brought the court papers showing so, because it wasn’t in their system that it was over.

At the court hearing for custody, which was after stay away order was dropped by the judge, I asked for her to be mentally evaluated, which took her forever to do. Before she was diagnosed I had figured she had developed schizophrenia and thought she was narcissistic or sociopath.

Half a year later, and at last court date, I found out her diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder, delusional disorder, and schizophrenia. I got sole custody of our son, and the court agreed with me on them not having any contact at all, until she has made progress with her mental health and changing her antisocial ways.

It was devastating watching my best friend go through that and me not being able to save her. Even though she took my legs out from under me like never before, I still wanted what was best for her. Unconditional love can’t be changed, nor turned off.

I’ll never be with her ever again, but she’ll always have a special place in my heart. I know she didn’t love me and pretended to play house, but that doesn’t mean I can’t love her.

She never calls our child, not even on his birthday or Christmas. She’ll text me sometimes to say she misses me, but never her son does she ever mention.

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