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Escaped con man Patrick Giblin in the news, due to Lovefraud tip

Patrick Giblin, profiled in True Lovefraud Stories (Trolling phone dating lines, taking money from 132 women), escaped from custody on January 18, 2013. Lovefraud found out because two of his victims contacted me. I tipped off the Philadelphia Inquirer, which published a story today.

With con man on loose, victims on edge, on

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Ox Drover

[email protected] yo Go, Donna! The feds do NOT like to PUBLICLY announce “escapes” from their facility….but, let me see ow my math is. He was given 15 years in 2007(fifteen?) and he is ALREADY now in a “work release” program though he has VIOLENT offenses and MULTITUDINAL other convictions showing a LIFE TIME OF CRIME and in about HALF his sentence he is allowed to have passes????? Yea, He will get back INTO SOCIETY AGAIN FOR SURE.


Woo hoo, Donna! Good for you for getting the word out on this creep…OMG, look at his picture…he is disgusting! I am going to pray he is caught!!!


Donna……oh, what a tremendous effort it was to help these victim!!!!

I hope he’s caught in short order and locked into solitary as a “flight risk.” Oh…..for the rest of his life, perhaps.

Brightest blessings!


OxD, you’re spot-on. It’s reprehensible that this career criminal and sexual offender was even involved in a halfway house.

It may be that when he’s finally caught, he’ll be in for a long, long, long time. Hopefully, he’ll be so addled with age by the time he’s released, he’ll just sit in the bus station for the remainder of his life.


Nice one Donna, as we say here in the UK. Pity they let him out in the first place. He’d only served two years WTF. I’m very concerned about this part;

“On Monday, Giblin was charged with escape and remained at the Federal Detention Center in Philadelphia. He faces an additional three or more years on the escape charge. First, he may have to complete the full 15-year sentence if officials revoke his good-conduct credit.”

IF they revoke it????

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