How to clear the emotional pain of your experience with a sociopath

I am so excited. Now, Lovefraud offers you a way to relieve all the painful emotions that result from tangling with a sociopath — betrayal, despair, anger, guilt, shame, grief, disappointment, depression, even PTSD.

Yes, I said even PTSD. In fact, this technique is being used to help combat veterans suffering from PTSD. It can help you.

For years, I have been recommending that Lovefraud readers check out EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Now, Lovefraud offers you a webinar on tapping that is specifically designed to teach you how to recover from a sociopath.

In this video webinar, I interview Stacey Vornbrock, MS, LPC. Stacey is a psychotherapist, practicing since 1977, who was always looking for techniques that could truly help her clients. In 1999, she discovered tapping, and has seen dramatic results when using it with her clients.

Stacey explains how to do the tapping — you simply tap on you face and a few other places on your body with your fingertips. She explains why it works. She explains how tapping can clear unprocessed emotions from events you experienced at any time during your life.

Tapping requires no visits to doctors or therapists and no medication. It is not invasive. Interestingly enough, it will work even if you don’t believe it will work. And once you learn tapping, you can use it for the rest of your life

I strongly recommend that all Lovefraud readers learn this technique. Even if you feel like you’re basically over the sociopath, tapping will help you deal with the normal stresses and disappointments of life.

I use tapping, and it is amazing. I am thrilled to share this healing technique with all of you.

More information:

How to use Emotional Freedom Techniques (“Tapping”) to recover emotionally from sociopaths


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