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“I encountered a serial killer and escaped”

Kylr Yust (Facebook)

Kylr Yust (Facebook)

In response to a question on Quora, a writer called “Frances Red” said yes, she had escaped a serial killer, and told the story about her ex-boyfriend, Kylr Yust:

Out of nowhere he bashed my head into the dashboard, zip tied my throat to the back of his seat, and forced himself upon me. I was traumatized, all these years we had been friends and he has never even so much as raise his voice at me now all the sudden he is beating the living crap out of me and stealing a big part of my innocence and Trust. After he was finished he Release Me From the zip tie that was around my throat. He kissed me and told me he had to do that to make sure he could trust me. That was then he told me that he had a girl and the trunk and she was dead.

The entire post is frightening. Read it here:

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A true psychopath

Lovefraud constantly reminds readers that most sociopaths are not serial killers. They are abusive and manipulative, but not murderers. I call them “everyday sociopaths.”

But some sociopaths do fit the stereotype of cold-blooded killers.

Kylr Yust, of Cass County, Missouri, is now awaiting trial for the murder of two of his former girlfriends. And this guy sounds like horrifying, evil psychopath.

Let’s start with his name. How do you pronounce “Kylr.” Is it “Killer?” Is he already admitting who and what he is?

Yust is accused of murdering two young women nearly a decade apart — Jessica Runions in 2017 and Kara Kopetsky in 2007. Both sets of remains were found in a wooded area near Belton, Missouri, on April 3, 2017.

Yust had a long history of violence against women, killing cats, stealing and drug charges. And at least four people had told police that Yust had confessed to them that he choked Kara Kopetsky, yet nothing was done.

In fact, Frances Red, who wrote the Quora post above, said she reported what happened to her to the police, and they did not take her seriously.

Authorities, in fact, all of us, all need to take reports of violence very seriously. Maybe if the police had acted after Kara Kopetsky went missing, other women would not have been assaulted and killed.

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