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Like most sociopaths, Casey Anthony will crash and burn

Much of the United States erupted in outrage at the news that Casey Anthony was acquitted of murder. Bloggers and citizens asked: What was wrong with the jury? Couldn’t these 12 people see through her lies? Even if they had been sequestered for the trial, the media had been reporting her loose relationship with truth for years.

Read Casey Anthony’s top 10 alleged lies on Investigation Discovery.

Lies, however, do not prove that Anthony committed murder. Even Wendy Murphy, the feminist lawyer who vociferously supports battered mothers and abused children, predicted that Casey Anthony would walk. Why? The prosecution did not have proof, beyond a reasonable doubt, that she committed the crime.

Read Wendy Murphy: Why Casey Anthony will be acquitted, on

Psychologists have had a field day with the case. The Psychology Today website has 17 posts, by various experts, on the topic. They’ve covered many aspects of the case, including Why do moms kill? and The science of jury selection.

Visit Not Guilty: The case of Casey on

Lovefraud readers are probably in agreement that Casey Anthony is somewhere on the narcissist-sociopath-psychopath scale. How did she get that way? She had to inherit the genetics from somewhere in her family tree. Then, since the origin of sociopathy is a mixture of genetic and environmental factors, her dysfunctional family probably played a role in the development of the disorder. Maybe she was, as the defense claimed, abused by her father.

In the end, we don’t know how Casey Anthony acquired her sociopathic traits. But I am fairly confident in predicting that at some point, because of her sociopathy, Casey Anthony will crash and burn.

Sociopaths as failures

As a group, sociopaths tend to be failures. They end up with health issues, financial problems and legal problems. They usually die sooner than people who are not personality disordered.

Just this week, I’ve received news about three of our True Lovefraud Stories:

James Montgomery: My ex-husband, who now lives in Australia, tried to hook up with a woman a few years ago and invited her to visit him. She did, and was not impressed. When he fell asleep on the couch, she snuck away and never talked to him again. The woman just saw Montgomery at a train station and reports, “He’s the size of an elephant, has a long white beard and dresses like a hippie.” So much for the guy who promised me that we’d be living “in the lap of luxury.”

Brian Ellington: I hear about this guy more than anyone else profiled on Lovefraud. The most recent news is that he was arrested again in New York City on June 11, 2011. The charges: drug possession with intent to distribute.

Anthony Owens: A commenter submitted this to the “Fight Bigamy” blog: “Bishop Anthony Owens passed away in a hospital on Tuesday, July 05, 2011 in a hospital in Memphis, TN. Funeral services is incomplete at this time.” Anthony Owens was not yet 40 years old.

So although sociopaths have highly inflated opinions of themselves, usually the charade falls apart. I’m sure that sooner or later, Casey Anthony will screw up on a large enough scale to put her out of circulation. Even sociopaths who skated for a long time eventually failed. Look at O.J. Simpson. Look at Bernie Madoff.

I would just like to seem them fail sooner, and with less collateral damage to the rest of us.

UPDATE 7/15/11:

Just got more information on exactly how James Montgomery was “dressed as a hippie.” Apparently there are hippie communes where Montgomery now lives in Australia, and my source speculates that he has joined one because that’s the only way he can afford to live. Here’s what she said:

He was wearing: red/orange pants, hippie sandles, caftan like long top to ankles in multiple colours, big round glasses with pink lenses, long scarf draped around his neck and over his shoulder nearly touching the ground and a hat which looked like a beanie.  A long white beard probably about 12/15inches long and I would say weighing about 150 to 175 kilos or more (330 to 385 pounds).  Imagine a man 6ft 2ins tall 175 kgs and wearing that get up!!!

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Thanks Donna for some welcome news regarding Casey Anthony and I totally agree, She will slip up at some later stage but at what cost to the rest of society. I was following the trial closely enough and felt there was sufficient evidence to convict and was sickened at the verdict. I could not look at her face and it brought back the crazy feelings of my own experience….that feeling They are getting away with stuff because people are actually too normal to see through the shallow affect….most people would assume she was damaged or a victim of some terrible previous abuse at the hands of her father or parents…but maybe her parents were the victim of her psychopathy….I don’t know but it sure isn’t making sense, or adding up…in fact it’s a crazy making jumble of lies so consistent with psychopaths.

Twice Betrayed

While P’s do slip up, they also lose a lot of their P snaring ability as they age, which takes them down. Loss of physical attractiveness, due to their lack of self control, really shows up in middle age. They are so pleasure oriented and deny themselves nothing that food/drugs/alcohol, decadent sexual behavior etc start to really deteriorate their bodies. That starts to depress the P, causing more self-medicating and the circle begins. Also, I’ve noticed many no longer sleep/rest well. I would believe that’s a direct result of their behavior ‘haunting’ them, for lack of a better word. Many turn to drugs to rest/sleep. So, while they ‘get away’ with many things ‘up front’,’chickens do come home to roost’. Reap what they sow. They finally are so insane from lack of peace/rest and ability to ‘con’ to get their ‘fixes’ off other people they exist in their own self made hell.

The thing P’s don’t see is: “It ain’t over, till it’s over.”


Bulletproof and Twice Betrayed:

You two have hit the nail on the head. Bulletproof hit it by saying that they are getting away with everything because people just don’t see it, don’t get it. That one I struggle with big time; drives me crazy to see that no one around them gets it. But then Twice Betrayed makes me see that they are miserable really and I know this. My X spath didn’t sleep much and probably because he is tormented. He still looks really young though despite being 44 and drinking a lot and also in good physical shape without working out. I’m not sure at all how he is pulling it all off…maybe he just has good physical genes, I don’t know, but it WILL catch up with him and I think he knows it. I think it’s why he keeps his family around because at least then when he crashes and burns he will have them if no one else. That’s my theory anyway. And here’s what I always wonder…don’t they run out of people to con at some point? I mean especially like my X spath…he does all this crap at work. Well, there are only so many people at work which is making me believe that he is probably starting to plot his next move as to where he is going to be next. The company tends to move executives around so he’ll have new meat to pursue.

Keeping Jaycee in my head for inspiration!


Good point about spaths dying sooner than most. It’s funny…my X spath told me that his grandfather died at 54 and his dad died at 54. He is convinced he is also going to die at 54. If that’s true, he has 10 years. There is definitely genetics going on there. I didn’t know his grandfather or father, but makes me wonder now if they were spaths. Hmmmm…

Twice Betrayed

Louise: 44 is still young enough to look good. I’ve noticed 50 is a major turning point in many of them. Hormones start to really slow down then. The P is usually heavily hormonally fueled. In the male P’s sexual ability begins to wane and panic REALLY sets in. Hang tight…time is on YOUR side. Yes, they always keep a small circle of family/spouses etc to run to when they are out of ‘juice’ from others. They never run out of people, because they change their area/surroundings/circumstances. Mine even hit another continent!


Twice Betrayed:

Haha, I’m not sure why I see 44 as being old already. I am 47; maybe that’s why. Mine is definitely testosterone fueled and I wondered how it wasn’t slowing down by now. I can’t even begin to imagine him in his 20s!!! Which makes me believe that he probably always has cheated on his wife. There’s no way she was providing all he needed. Anyway. I could see him panicking when it all starts to wane.

Yep, exactly! They change their surroundings all the time. Very eye opening. Mine also has changed countries. I am convinced he is plotting right now to move away from here with his job so he can have new blood.

Thanks, TB!!

Ox Drover

When you compare the casey trial to the Scot PEtersen trial….there was never any cause of death determined for Laci either….but yet the Casey jury seemed “hung up” on the CAUSE of death of the little girl which didn’t make a bit of sense to me. To me, “cause’ of death didn’t mean jack!

Unless that “smoke bomb” that her lawyer threw about her dad and her and the accidental drowning in the pool, but THAT WAS SUCH (TO ME) A MADE UP BLATANT LIE that I could have convicted her just on him saying that without a bit of evidence to back it up. It was all a SMOKE SCREEN and the jury bought it.

Proves to me that no matter how “stooopid” people can be, someone will always go lower….the interesting thing too, is that with the biological background of her lawyer, he seems to also be pretty high in psychopathic traits or at least a DISORDERED LIFE….and it is DISHONEST for an attorney to present in opening arguments what he KNOWS is a lie….he said in an interview afterward it was a “good faith” argument, i.e. he BELIEVED IT….(head shaking here) I doubt that very much, but how can you prove someone didn’t believe such a wild arse story? You can’t, of course. But that doesn’t mean I know have a pretty good idea he is full of sheet!

The only good I can see coming out of this is that I do believe that Casey WILL self destruct….and that possibly the national ANGER that this case has generated will help some children in the future. With the outrage over this trial AND the Jaycee Dugard book/interview coming out with the proof that the US and state Parole boards and the parole officers DID NOT DO THEIR JOBS, not even half way, which resulted in her being held for 18 years….maybe these two trials/stories will help put some fire crackers (no, better yet, dynamite!) under the butts of some law enforcement agencies about SEX offenders and other psychopaths.

Twice Betrayed

Louise: LOLOLOLOL! I remember when I was 29 about to hit 30, I thought I was SO OLD! AHAHAHAHA!

Well, I married one of my P’s when he was in his 20’s and he was something else. After being single thru most of my 20’s and alone, he was a love bomb! Good looking as Brad Pitt, strong as Arnie, voice like Tom Jones and sweet as sugar, I was knocked off my feet. Somewhere deep in my being a little voice said: “This dreamboat is going to become your worse nightmare.” Uh huh…..he did. That was that red flag warning I ignored. MISTAKE! Now….he’s fat, bald, diabetic, high blood pressure and has ED. Did that stop him…nope. Did himself in with a very large, domineering female with a crime family background and two VERY large sons, who would/could squash my X like a pea and my X is a big strong man. My X spends his time running and doing what the fam says. BWAHAHAHAHA! Sorry, couldn’t resist the chuckle.


I love this segment “although sociopaths have highly inflated opinions of themselves, usually the charade falls apart.”

Anyone watching how Tiger Woods life changed when his charade fell apart? It’s STILL falling apart. NO respect. Lost the thing that defined him, his ability to play mindboggling golf. Lost the people’s honor. Lost the regard of his wife/family. A joke to the world.

What a POS.

Justice for most is us just isn’t gonna happen. But it happens enough elsewhere to feel vicarious satisfaction.


Hello lovefraud family. Haven’t posted in a while. Had to get my sorry self in alcohol rehab.

I agree with Donna, they eventually crash or burn.

It is hillarious about Mr. Montgomery the fact that he is as huge as an elephant and looks like a hippie. They really have no shame whatsoever. NONE at all. There is no such thing as embarassment to them. No soul, no conscience. He will eventually pass away of something related to his only thought process in life, which is self gratification and major deadly sin (sloth, glutony).

Met another SP in rehab. I hate myself for it. I saw the symptoms, but I was drawn to the charm. He was the “loser in aluminum foil” as described by another member here. It would be life draining to tell how he manipulated me and tried to destroy me. They, (our love fraud’s) never cease to shock me.

He is in jail now for stalking me and also stealing 17 identities in my condo association. I live in the harbor and literally 10 feet from the ocean. He broke into several of the boats docked in the harbor and had the audacity to store stolen items in my parking stall. He also had stolen credit cards and checks mailed to my mailbox, which I knew nothing about because he got to my mailbox before I did to intercept these items. They were later discovered in his vehicle after his arrest. I can’t believe this happened to me again.

Can someone tell me why they have the most DISGUSTING ticks in the world? Me and his sponsor were just discussing this the other day. His sponsor is someone that he also victimized going into business with. Again, it would be a hundred page letter to tell you about the shocking things he did to both of us. Well anyway, he used to twist the very end of his penis. He didn ‘t wear underwear so most of the time he did this, he would have his hand in his pocket to do it in order to hide this disgusting habit. But I once saw him do this when he didn’t know I was watching and he was like in a trance and using the computer (which I thinkg he was doing identity theft at the time). It was disgusting and disturbing to see this.

His sponsor told me that his neighbor called him one day while he was over helping him fix a fence and said she saw him eating a sandwhich by her house and “groping” himself. He was doing the twisting of his penis thing when he didn’t know anyone was watching.

I don’t know, I just noticed in the SP’s I’ve encountered the fact that they have some sort of a disgusting nervous tick going on.

Yes, eventually, they crash or burn. They only live for the moment, which is why they are so reckless.

Ox Drover

Dear TD processing 1,

Well glad you got into rehab, but it is like “jail” I think, not a good place to meet someone for a relationshit. LOL

Sounds like he was “strange” all the way around….glad that you got away from him before more bad thins happened.

Congratulations on your rehab…I quit smoking and that was my “rehab”–still want once now and then but have made up my mind I will not give in….now is the diet and exercise rehab along with low sodium living!~ So we all have some things we need to do to help “rehabilitate” ourselves after the encounters with the psychopaths.

Welcome back to LF!


Thank you Ox Drover.

One day at a time darling.

In another life, I will blog about the update on my little girl and my current situation with my little boy, who is turning 5 soon!

Thanks for the welcome back.

Ox Drover

TD, Yep, it is one day at a time, but I find as more One-days go by it gets easier and I get stronger. Nicotine is my drug of choice, and even now after about 2 years I still get hit with the “urge” once in a while, but as long as I relaize I am doing this for ME not someone else, I can resist. Funny (odd) how you can get alcoholics off of booze, and addicts off of other drugs but they still want to smoke! LOL I’ve seen to AA meetings years ago that looked like the fire department needed to be called there was so much smoke! LOL


Twice Betrayed:

HA, too funny!!! Isn’t it weird how sometimes the more gorgeous they are the uglier they get?? Hahaha!!! Sounds like yours got exactly what he deserved. Crime family background? Whew, he really got himself into some trouble!

Twice Betrayed

Louise: LOL=you are so right! ;p


Twice Betrayed:



tdpprocessing1- Yes let me share with you in the laughter and mirth at the elephant shaped spectacle of Montgomery in another disguise as long bearded Hippie LMAO….mine had a beard too towards the end, I think it was to hide behind as I stared into the abyss of his eyes..he had a moustache too…Last seen beard and moustache shaved off, smart new layered haircut looking pristine in a new disguise as he suryeyed the new hunting ground….yes He is young but his time will come too when He will crash and burn…what a pleasant feeling and prospect.

Still bitter, It’s not half as raw as it used to be. Casey Anthony’s face brought it all back….Hello to Ox-Drover still sounding as strong as ever! just to say The Casey Anthony trial nearly killed me to watch…absolutely nerve shreddingly crazy for me anyway as I listened to everyone in my circle defend her and say oh well that’s the way it goes…I shake my head in bewilderment at the power of stupidity!


I have no doubt that Casey Anthony is a sociopath… all the experts can debate as much as they want the fact of the matter is that the jury EXPECTED more than they were entitled to know… cause of death, exact time of death, exact location of death and the strangest one yet is they expect to walk away knowing WHY she did it… that is something that has never once been answered in any murder case ever. Cause of death is never available in a bones only case, DNA would have told them nothing since they would have had to rule out the entire Anthony family as “expected” DNA to find on Caylee, as to when and where… they learned it happened in or around the Anthony house within a 4 hour time frame… without a video of the murder or a coroner at the site at the time of passing this is something that cannot and is not ever answered with that much precision – within one location and a four hour time frame is extraordinary evidence that is much better than most murder trials… the jury’s verdict was not based on REASONABLE doubt but their belief that they needed proof beyond ALL possible doubt. That’s not the way our jury system is supposed to work. The way our system is supposed to work can be seen in the Lacy Pederson trial where there was no cause of death, no exact location of death, no exact time of death and to this day Scott Pederson has never told anyone why he did it… but the system worked because that jury understood the difference between ALL POSSIBLE doubt and REASONABLE doubt… If juries continue to think this way no one could ever possibly be convicted of any crime without a video and audio recording of the murder. But that said… there is something for those in power in our judicial system to learn… will they? That remains to be seen. Maybe the next “go-round” with Casey or the one after that or the one after that… may turn out differently but only if jury members understand the difference between reasonable and all possible doubt. Jose Baez did not win this trial – he could have told the jury she was abducted by aliens and under their belief system they would have concluded that since there was no video tape to refute it they would have possible doubt… I mean really, who knows if aliens exist? This jury would have found her not guilty no matter what Jose Baez said or did… he didn’t win, he got lucky. What would be most fitting is if Casey continues to turn to him for representation in all future cases. If she does this… she will take him down just like she drew so many into the deep, dark vortex of her sociopath behavior. We can only hope for karma…


It was stated that sociopaths come from environment and genetics. I am of the opinion that they come from being shamed as children. Has Donna or someone wirtten on this? I am of probably less than read up on the subject…

I agree that if Casey Anthony was culpable she will probably do something to do herself in- in the near future.

Although my father prevailed until he died at 82 of being one of the worst.


Personally, I felt the Prosecution didn’t convince the jury- that’s the whole point of a trial. Remember it’s NOT ABOUT THE ‘TRUTH’- it’s a CONTEST (sadly): prosecution vs. defendant! The prosecution didn’t act like they figured out the “truth” and that, I think, is what confused the jury. Other emotionally unstable moms who killed their children were not acquitted. Is Casey worse than, for example, Susan Smith? But the public seems to be treating Casey as if she’s the worst of the worst. Susan Smith lied about what she did and acted like she was relieved her children were dead. Well, rest assured Casey will undoubtedly commit another felony- just pray it isn’t yet another child of hers. And BTW growing up with a mother like Casey, not knowing who your father is (or having a father figure), having the influence of sociopathic grand parents- just how do you expect a child to grow up “normal” with a sense of integrity and a good grip on reality? Not much! Caycee would have been raised to not respect the truth and just as self-centered as Cindy and Casey!


We ask for truth, justice, and the american way. Our justice system is set up that a jury needs proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

I did some research into the Scott Petersen case after Casey was acquitted, to find, like others that they never really had proof beyond a reasonable doubt, but the picture cast of this man to the jury seemed to be incredibly damaging. Amber Frey provided the smoking gun.

In any case, it seems altogether sad and frightening, that the focus of this entire circus got lost. A little girl was somehow badly neglected, and horrifically abused and murdered.

I also read what I could find on Jose Baez. Several interesting stories and tidbits came up on the internet. Baez was not admitted to the BAR for quite awhile, as he was a non payer of child support, to the tune of at least 10,000.00. He eventually filed for bankruptcy, and then had two bikini companies that were failures. He also supposedly flubbed the stats on his web site, boasting of winning 34 out of 37 cases while prosecuting. It was found out that he was an assistant on those cases, and he was forced to remove the information.

There was also some remarking that the original judge in the case admonished Baez for repeatedly touching Casey Anthony in a way the judge felt inappropriate.

Is it possible that Baez was enthralled by Ms Anthony himself, or that both of them have traits that are quite similar? Who knows? Media is incredibly biased so its hard to determine what truth is.

The single most damning damaging piece of information is that this young woman WAITED 31 days to tell anyone her child was missing. One would think a charge of aggravated child abuse might have stuck. I have a 23 year old and 20 year old. I can remember up until recently that I get nervous if six hours goes by and nobody checks in. That is precisely why I have a family cellphone plan. Come on people, 31 days. Doesn’t it seem like proof beyond a reasonable doubt that she acted in a way that hindered any chance of finding Caylee early on? Would you support a charge of aggravated child abuse to a parent who DOESNT report after only hours that a helpless 2 year old baby is MISSING?

Every scenario involves roughly the same kinds of abuse in some way, for all of us. She exemplifies so many of those traits. Lies, gaslighting, little or no ability to even connect to her own daughters death in that court room, fixation on the self, appearance, etc.

I was glued to the trial when I had the time. Perhaps for many of us, justice is more than justice. It helps us who have no alternative, who’s abusers run free, identify that justice can be served. Yet, no verdict that seemed appropriate for at least some of her actions.

Is it really genetics? If so, equally as strange stories erupted about her father. Its hard to say.

Any one of us who’s been victimized knows the web of deceit and lies the sociopath creates to entrap, and influence everyone around him. Smoke and mirrors done in such a way that you don’t even notice, and if you do, you’ve turned off your ability to rely on any kind of intuition.

My dad died at 86. I was a victim of some of the worst child abuse you can imagine. It hurts to even write that, but Im owning the truth of my life. I spent a great deal of time being frightened that these genes were a part of me. My mother was also equally as sociopathic as my father. It didn’t make for me developing great skills in determining when I was being snowed as an adult. There was also fear that I would become one of them, and my story is the opposite. I craved acceptance and love and a sense of belonging my whole life. In the end, I married a narcissistic sociopath. I am a year out of my marriage. Suffering from PTSD, and in therapy, I am finally identifying what I missed, I am able to see all the way through. I am also addressing my childhood, albeit VERY SLOWLY. Its strange to be 50, and not know who you are, to become a unique indivudual, that you don’t even recognize. Im changing. Its difficult, but I am bound and determined not to give them any more of me.
I made a decision this week to stop giving my ex all the credit. It is empowering, and painful, and hard to do sometimes. But I am not going to waste another moment relying on what he did, to control and take over my central life focus. He is not worth owning all my energy. I hope I can stick to it.

Watching the trial, I prayed for justice for that little girl, that helpless child, only two years old. Unable to communicate that she may have been suffering, her development would have been to trust and rely on the voice of her mommy.

I hope Caylee, wherever her spirit is, finds peace. Millions of people across the world pray her soul is at rest, and that somewhere she is running, playing, laughing, and being loved in the arms of God.


Thank you HurtTerribly: I can so relate to you. I am sorry for the pain you have had to endure. Our stories are similar. I am 60 now and had a near fatal heart attack in October, which I will always believe “IT” caused. Of course, we can sit here and batter the “IT’s” in our lives but the battle truly is within ourselves.

YAY! You are bound and determined not to give “IT” any more of you. Yes; I have been in therapy for just about five years now and not only dealing with “THIS” but my childhood as well. I was asked to sit down and write a list of all of the things in my life that hurt me and give me trauma inside. I made that list and one by one, methodically, we are touching base on them all in therapy. I have been doing EMDR along with hypnotherapy. No drugs. I want my realities head on, please.

I am grateful for your post. Mornings are the hardest for me, always waking in a pool of confusion, trying to wipe all the cobwebs away that have accumulated during the night….

Having lost a 2-1/2 year old Grandson to a vicious murder, ( he would be 14 this year), many years ago, I have no sympathy for Ms. Anthony whatsoever because you are 1000% correct, MOTHER’S ALWAYS OR SHOULD ALWAYS KNOW WHERE THEIR CHILDREN ARE! How could she not? And she gets to walk.


Sure, they needed a COD with iron clad proof that Ms. Anthony did this. They had no fingerprints; no DNA; nothing to back up their claim. The jury went with THE LETTER of the LAW and not the TRUE SPIRIT of the law because it was a death penalty case. That is my take on it. They had no iron clad proof that Ms. Anthony did this to her child, just that she was covering it up. The jury has done what our world is turning into:

A cess pool of gleaming sociopaths who are void of compassion in lieu of the ‘hurry hurry’….

Yes, Caylee is with the Angels and shall hurt no more in this life. Perhaps her and my Grandson are running hand in hand, feeling the sun on their faces and never ending light.

Thank you so much for sharing HurtTerribly, you have given me validation this morning and I thank you for that.

Genetics? hahahaha – A question I have repeatedly asked and searched for an answer…to this day, the only answer I have is that they ARE BROKE IN THEIR HEADS!



Twice Betrayed

Deb: “the jury’s verdict was not based on REASONABLE doubt but their belief that they needed proof beyond ALL possible doubt. That’s not the way our jury system is supposed to work.”

Thanks for once again stating this. I’ve said this over and over.

Defense attorneys can spin all they can get by with [even if objected to or cautioned by the judge, the jury has already heard the statement and it cannot be erased from their minds, which is why many times the attorneys will throw in objectionable statements, knowing they will be struck…too late> jury heard it], including in closing arguments when they really wind it up into a dramatic spin to drive those doubts and points home to the jury. But, it’s up to the jury, if justice is to be rendered, to sift the spins and know what reasonable doubt is. The jurors are ‘instructed’ about reasonable doubt, but if the attorneys were ‘good’ at seating the jury [many use pros to tell them what type of people to sit on a jury and many are just skilled at people and can gage who they can and cannot ‘bend’ to their spin.] It’s all a huge drama with the skill of the defense attorneys to work the spin and the burden of proof on the prosecutors to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” the guilt of the defendant. The jury, sadly, is predictable in most cases, as they are just people and people can be led/swayed and most do not research what they are doing, the law or anything connected with it. The ignorance of the jurors can be determined in the pretrial challenges the attorneys are allowed. While the jury ‘pot’ is picked by random, the actual jury selection is not.

Seating the jury is vital to winning the case. Apparently, the defense used their challenges correctly for the Anthony trial.

*I’ve heard it stated that with all things considered in our judicial system today that professional juries may be needed. This can be in violation of our constitution and open to corruption, as well.

**What we need is morality, integrity, education and people interested in all of the above.


News flash: Casey Anthony will be pregnant again before Kate Middleton.



We know this to be true.


Deb, you are so right about the jury’s misuse of reasonable doubt. I was so wrapped up in this case. I watched almost every minute of it. When I had to miss it during the day, I would stay up til all hours of the night to see replays. When the verdict was read, I was crushed, I mean literally sick to my stomach, bent over, unable to function for a couple of hours. Then I began to debrief and realized I had really related and connnected this to my own experience. The lies, the deception, the ego, the treatment of those closest to her, it was so familiar. Then when she wasn’t held responsible, it brought out so many negative feelings, a little bit of depression even. It’s upsetting that so many people, and our justice system, don’t recognise sociopaths. They try to fit their actions into the same rubric as others, which doesn’t work. I wish I hadn’t spent so much time on this! I hope that we at least get the info when she does experience some of the negatives of her spath behaviors, which will certainly continue even if after a cooling off, “see how wonderful, charming, and not a killer I am!” time.


Yeah, this case just made me sick. I have no faith in our justic system now and it also brought up all the feelings of being duped…watching Casey dupe everyone and how people just don’t see it. It upset a lot of us on here because it had us relive a lot of stuff.

I think all we need to do is sit back and wait. I have no doubt whatsoever that she will be in trouble in no time. There’s no way she can’t be with a personality disorder like that. I just know that she will be pregnant within a year if not sooner and that scares me. That poor child.


I think Casey will be another Joran Vandersloot. He got away with his part in the disappearance of Natalie Holloway, but five years later he was convicted of killing that girl in his hotel room. So Casey will get hers…it WILL happen.


And some of them push them self so hard to win they fail sooner, they have almost a demonic strength in some situations, but that can only lead to early burn out and failure…..
And that mask is on tight! no matter how bad it gets they can smile and tell you they are living the life, I have about 8 years now of Notes (and Video once I knew what I was dealing with)
And demonic strength when they “have” to win or prove a point, they will go until they hurt them self and or not care about who gets injured around them 🙁

With my ex The Hormone effect is simply strange to watch, I still have to deal with it because of a child involved so I have a front row seat, she had her first at 41 and I believe that’s what set everything else in motion (like a tipping point, but the signs were there for years), she left to an internet relationship and had another by 43 and within months started to fall apart health wise, I also believe she lost one along the way but I know I’ll never hear the truth about that one? and at the rate she is burning the candle now I don’t think she has much time left to Vex my Son and I 🙁

As much can be written about the physical aspect of an SP, as there is mental. I have noticed some super interesting stuff looking back over the years at the way Hormones effect them and the side effects (and some times certain Hormones don’t) and some drugs don’t work on them also because of the way their brain is wired and the hypothalamus processes it all, but way too long to write here 🙁


anything on the father of the child? Where is he? What is he doing? What are his comments?

The sociopath I was married to hooked up with a 20year younger, married (PN) woman. Now there are two projecting their evil deeds on me. The marriage counselor we went to did not get it either. It usually takes several visits for the con to be exposed.
I do agree, that the environment, meaning his mother, aunt, frequent partners, and sister shamed him where my ex started drinking and using drugs. After that he started degrading women, using porn, risky, unnatural sex with underaged participants and grandious persona to lure new victims. He likes married women to control for sex and pimping them for money. I left when he made a pass at my 20 year old son in front of me and his brother. He is also a peeping Tom.

Despite the red flags – nobody bothers to take him on to hold him accountable. He does not care if he crashes. I used to feel so sorry for him for the pain he inflicted on me until I drew the line and accepted that he had choices.


Bulletproof you are BEYOND funny. But that is what they do. They disguise and fool. In addition, no shame. And his pure self gratification concept of life and existence clearly shows. An elephant? My God, I would be so embarassed to look like that. I would also immediately become anorexic if someone said that about me. But, I’m sure Mr. Montgomery reads these blogs and finds it all amusing but not embarassing and thinking of a better disguise to come up with.

Reasonable doubt. 2 key words. No reason and doubt. People that do not understand sociopaths will “reasonably doubt” that she did it. Like, was it within reason? And I doubt any HUMAN being would do that was the mindset of the jury. Therefore, she was acquitted. So sad.

My heart dropped when I heard the verdict texted to me from AM 640 KFI radio breaking news. I texted back (even though I knew there would be no response from the text) HOLY SHITTT.

In a few years, Ms. Anthony will have severe liver damage or perhaps die from an overdose or something else tragic. She WILL crash or burn as predicted so correctly by Donna. It was proved that she loves to party and she will do it to the excess in every form or fashion because that is what sociopath’s are: EXTREME.

But I only ask this one question? Why can’t we have every human being placed on a brain scan at birth to prove Dr. Hare’s findings of the evidenced fact that while awake, the SP brain wave pattern while awake is IDENTICAL to a normal person sleeping? This way, we can label and BRAND them. Oh, but then the civil rights groups will intervene won’t they?

I give up and can only vent about it like we do here.


I agree completely that CA will trip herself up again—hopefully in the not-too-distant future—& will crash & burn in some way or another. But just to twist the “she got away with it” knife a little more, there’s some speculation that her immediate future includes Baez whisking her away Sun morning to Pto Rico! And that he’s considering some sort of injunction to keep her from appearing at the depositions for Zenaida Gonzales’ defamation lawsuit. However, all that is just speculation.

bulletproof, I’m with you in wondering if her family caused her sociopathy, or if they were victims of it. I don’t pretend to know exactly what makes a sociopath. But I have heard about Dr. Hare’s & others’ theories about it being an inborn brain “defect”. Of course that would be due to something genetic. If it is detectable in a brain scan, there’s still the apparent fact that environment would be a large factor in ameliorating or aggravating it.

I just feel that, no matter how imperfect the Anthony parents were, the household wasn’t so horribly dysfunctional to account for her behaviors. My family wasn’t “functional”, & it did hinder me in my life, leaving me with behavior patterns, actions & inactions, that took me Many Years to overcome. But somehow I don’t see the Anthonys as being as solely responsible for creating the monster that Casey became…..the one who could kill her child, never report her missing, & coldly destroy her entire family. I do NOT see George as a child rapist or even REMOTELY possibly connected to his granddaughter’s death & dumping in a swamp. Lee…..well, maybe a horny teen-age boy who *might have* groped his teen-age sister once. Okay, that’s not behavior we’d hoped our teen sons exhibit, but it sure wouldn’t cause his sister to do the things she did.

tdpprocessing, on a completely different subject you brot up, I had to laff! TICS!! My SP had those, too…..the most obvious one being obsessively running his fingers over his top lip, which he wasn’t even aware of. I tried to make him aware of it, stupidly thinking that he could stop it if he could catch himself doing it, but he denied ever doing it! And the less-seen one, which was like your SP’s, was patting his penis! Just patting it like a little puppy! He did that one the most when he was laying in bed watching television, but I’d seen him do it many time while sitting at his computer. I just thot, well, he’s a brilliant, eccentric scientist & they often have odd little mannerisms. Only after I found out what he was did I realize that it was part of his brain/personality disorder!



OMG…mine did the exact same thing with running his finger over his top lip!!! I am saying OMG aloud after reading what you wrote!!! Wow.



Also, I believe Jose probably will take Casey to PR. He was born there.

I also just read that Cindy Anthony may be charged with perjury. OK, so she can be charged with perjury (I’m assuming it’s regarding the chloroform searches), but if she lied about it and CASEY did the searches, isn’t that some clear evidence???? Especially when chloroform was found in Caylee’s body??? UGGHHH…it all makes me crazy.


LOL! & OMG! How weird that they had the same tic! I wonder if that’s a common tic? That & penis-patting! Did you ever try to point it out to him?


Yes/Louise – mine would not wear a belt on his trousers. He used to push both his hands down the front of his trousers. I mean….most guys out their hands in their pockets! Then one night recently I was watching a prison documentary on TV. The guys on there stuffed their hands in their trousers!


YesIt’sMe and candy:

No, mine never patted his penis…at least I didn’t see it, but he’s so perverted, he probably does do this!!!! Wankers!!


You know…I never realized that as a tic. I just always thought he was nervous. And now I know why! I never pointed it out to him because I thought it was just a nervous habit. Whew!!! How weird is this?


Oops! Louise – I know someone mentioned it and I thought it was you! Mine was always obsessed with his willy.


Im sorry, but closing comments and all that has happened reminds me of why the jury didn’t convict Casey.
It was her dad.

I could see right through him. He did it. He did it, and his wife is covering it up, and Casey refused to get on the stand, all to protect Daddy.

No one tries to commit suicide for no reason at all. He did it, the nasty, molesting, pedafile. Look at Casey’s behavior!!! She is the classic end result of a sick , perverted, secret riddled family.

His family looked up the chloroform sites, the duck tape, the baby learning how to talk, the molestation, the ‘accident’, all classic and no surprises here. I think the jury decided the same thing . They came to the same conclusion.

DADDY did it. And everyone is keeping their mouths shut, because daddy tried to commit suicide, and Casey was going to pay the price.
Hey, good news. Daddy can be found out, and go to trial. He’ll talk. You’ll see.

Some day, it will all become unhidden. Nothing hidden remains that way.

** after posting this*** i want to share a story i just found, it pretty much is what im talking about for those who want to read this.

Here is a quote:
“It is very common, for instance for people to cope in dysfunctional ways when experiencing severe trauma by using drugs, alcohol, sex, and other ways to numb the pain. There is also the factor of dissociation. To cope, the victim often will dissociate and remove herself or himself from the pain. It is possible that the triple trauma of losing one’s child, being a victim of incest, being a child of a narcissistic family, could cause significant trauma to a young woman. Then if one added a horrific and dysfunctional directive of cover-up, what would happen to that young person?

Was there some method to the madness of the father’s suicide attempt, letter, calls to family? We are not to judge this. But, if the cover-up was not working, and his daughter was now arrested and set for trial in a death penalty case, that could cause some significant concern on his part. Could he have been concerned that the sexual abuse allegations would be brought forward? And he would be asked to testify?”

Twice Betrayed

Casey admitted to using chloroform to drug Caylee and left her in the car[most likely in the trunk] so she could go out/party. She blamed the ability to get the chloroform on her mother who worked at a health clinic. According to Docs the use of chloroform has long since been abandoned because of its toxic effects. Doc said that it could not be obtained, even by a doctor. How about ‘Zanny the Nanny’ which is drug talk for Xanax. While the father is a quirky character and certainly looks psychopathic, as does the brother and mother, for that matter, we don’t know that. Casey is psychopathic and I do not for ONE second believe that gal would take the rap for anyone, mom or dad. She’s not going to take her own rap….


Sorry, bubblewrap, but you’re wrong on a lot of things, especially that this man would murder his grandchild or even cover it up or even rape his daughter.
If you only saw the closing arguments, & didn’t watch the WHOLE trial, & didn’t follow the case from 2008 til now, you don’t know what a lot of people know.

For one thing, the chloroform searches weren’t made by “the family”. NO ONE was at home when the searches were made. Cindy & George both at work. Cindy lied on the stand & it was proven that she was at work.

There was NO evidence of his being a child molester…..that was only stated by Baez in his far-fetched opening remarks (that are Legally sposed to be DISregarded by the jury)…..only brot up 6wks before the trial began. Like you, the jury only regarded Baez’s opening, & failed to regard the Evidence.

If George was going to kill someone, why the hell wouldn’t he have killed his hideous daughter, instead of his beloved grandchild?
You want to say that he attempted suicide “for no reason”?? His precious grandchild’s bones had been found, he’d smelled the decomp in the car, he knew of his daughter’s actions for 31 days (& prior), & he had to come to terms with his daughter’s having killed the baby. You don’t think those are reasons for wanting to just QUIT??
Did you read his suicide letter? Did you see him break down in grief on the stand? (The one thing in the entire trial that brot me to tears! Even heartbreaking than Cindy’s grief-wracked sobs.)
He spent months searching for Caylee, begging Casey to please tell them where she was, to talk to the cops, to tell the truth, to talk to the FBI. Why would he have done that if he had been part of her death or dumping? Why in the Hell would Casey have sat in jail for 3 yrs, facing Murder1, if her father (the evil, murderous, child molester) had had ANY part in it?
Think, bubblewrap!!! THINK.

And one more thing I heard someone mention today—wondering why no one ever thot of this before!!! The Baby Doll. Caylee’s precious “Dolly” that Cindy testified she took EveryWhere: it was in the car seat in Casey’s car. Only Casey had had the car for those 31 days & her parents didn’t even know where she was. If Caylee had died at home, why wasn’t Dolly at home???? hmmmm


One SP in a family can cause everyone else to go bonky, there reaction was most likely to her actions. you know the one they call the “black sheep” or ” free or wandering spirit” every family has one. Cindy said on the stand “we never had control of that girl” If he had anything to do with it, someone somewhere would have seen or said something and there would have been a lot more mud slinging in his direction…. one of the body guards when she was out on bail had a good interview with Dr.Drew the other day, it was an eye opener …..


that’s true, sometimes it is just one black sheep. Othertimes, it’s more like living with the Munsters and being cousin Marilyn. 🙁


Hi all,

Reading through your blogs today makes me think about why we waste sooo much energy thinking about our ex-spaths when we know its all negative energy affecting our own energy. When we focus on the Casey Anthony case we are in a sense giving her in my opinion our energy and focus which is just what a spath craves even if it is negative energy. Because remember ,they have no conscience, no heart, no empathy, NO REALITY, so they don’t see it as negative energy ONLY MORE ATTENTION to feed their sick flesh.

What we should be focusing our energy on in our discussions is Caylee and sending her love and light. The poor baby never got a chance to know what love feels like, just like we had to endure with our ex-spaths. She (we) only got to feel the darkness of evil souls that walk this earth. Caylee deserves the attention NOT CASEY!

I am a big fan of Mother Theresa and one of her many quotes I hold dear to my heart is:

I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me.

I understand now what Mother Theresa was stating when she made this statement. She knew that focusing our attention and energy on evil ways will only create and empower more evil. BUT, if we focus our attention on peace we are creating love and light in the world. Isn’t that what Caylee deserves love and light even if its in the afterlight?

There is alot of power in Mother Theresa’s statement. I for one know because my ex-spath is darkness and evil and we waste way to much of our own time and energy engaging on thoughts of those predators who soul rape innocent loving human beings. We should be focusing on relighting and regaining our lifes back, something Caylee will never get to do.

I am only in my 7 month spath free, and slowly starting to wake up and realize with the help of LF friends and the tools provided by this site that the yellow brick road I was walking down with my ex-spath, with the lion (no courage), the tinman (no heart), the scarecrow (no brain, no conscience), and of course the Wizard (a little man behind a curtain, Fraud), was NOT REAL! It was only a dream….a nightmare dream and I finally woke up!

Its not fair that we continue to waste anymore of our energy to these earth demons. Believe me I DO struggle everyday trying understand it and why I had to be soul raped by my ex-spath, and the fact that he justs moves on with no remorse or empathy, and he still seems to prosper and enjoy life, which sends salt to my already wounded soul. But, by me focusing on the darkness (my ex-spath) he continues to REAP my soul energy which in a sense feeds his darkness.

So when it comes to Casey Ant….I don’t even want to finish spelling her name she does not deserve it. In fact, the short form of her last name describes her best…an ANT, an insect!

To sweet little CAYLEE, the world sends you LOVE and LIGHT Sweet Angel!

Many huggs to all of my LF friends!!


Chelsea: Thank you. You certainly have put perspective on things. Everything you said NEEDED to be said and NEEDED to be heard. Emotional Vampires feed upon our very souls even though they are far away from us. But they only do so when we allow them to. If we simply refuse to participate in their ‘roadshow’, there is no further problem. (Hopefully).

I am in complete agreement with you: taking the ugly and making it ‘light’ and sending good back out into the world. I am in COMPLETE agreement with you and I think from all I have read here, I think the majority of the people here, do indeed subscribe to such a philosophy as well. It is, however, so very difficult to see the light when one is stumbling in darkness. That is why I am so grateful for LF and for genuine, caring people, who aren’t afraid to step up and step forward to help their fellow human beings.

Yes, too much time on demons and not enough on the Angels. 🙂
Mother Theresa was a woman of peace who I shall always hold dear in my heart. She was an Angel on earth.

Congrats on 7 months free! I am at 2-1/2 months for the FIFTH TIME…shame on me, believing those whines and those lies…almost at the cost of my life. Never again.

Let’s plant some flowers where the demons were buried! 😉




Your statement: Let’s plant some flowers where the demons were buried! LOL….

Congrats on your 2 1/2 months spath free! I was with my ex-spath for 4 years, then 5 months spath free, then took him back for another 1 1/2 years, and now its been 7 months spath free. Truthfully, I don’t think I regret taking him back the second time, because I have learned WAY more the second time around. The knowledge I have now (LF site) has really helped me with my healing. I don’t know how I would of managed without the support of this site, and all the LF members.

I guess you can say: The truth has set me free!

Many huggs your way Duped!


Hey Chelsea: Thanks for the response. xxoo

Yah, 9 years all total for me but most of it was mind control and congnitive dissociation on my behalf. Somehow it makes it all so much easier when you actually have explanations for all this evilness. Doesn’t it?

THIS NC bout is the fifth since November and hopefully the final. I certainly HOPE I have gotten my point across this time. If not, I am not real sure what legalities may befall it.

I MADE the ‘last reunion’ happen, actually. JUST so I could have a closure and resolution by giving “IT” the dump. After everything I have been through with “IT” over the time I have known “IT”, I at least deserved the closure I MADE happen.

I don’t regret that ‘last reunion’ not one bit but I sure bet “IT” does. Oh definitely: YES! LF has tremendously helped me as well. I was completely lost without explanation for everything that has happened to me. Nobody could seem to ever give me a ‘clear definition’ of the true core of the situation.

Yes, Chelsea: the TRUTH “IS” setting US free; unfortunately, they are lost in their lies and deceit. Nobody can help them but themselves. It’s all about choices. We must live with the choices we make.





Your statement:

Somehow it makes it all so much easier when you actually have explanations for all this evilness. Doesn’t it?

OMG it so helps me make sense of it. The way I found the LF site was, I googled all the traits my ex-spath has such as,

No empathy
No remorse
Lyer……. and the lists goes on, and bingo the LF site popped up. I began reading it and I swear I thought everyone must of dated my ex-spath. It was spooky to even read at first because he is everything on the list of signs of a spath. But it felt like someone finally understands what I have been through. I am soooo grateful for this site, and all of the survivors who help each other out through this site. I just wish we have local meetings that we could attend. Yes, its great we have communication with one another through stories and blogs on LF, but it sure would be nice to have a local meeting where people who have been with a spath can share their recovery and hope in person. I guess kinda like a battered woman/mens group. But a group for Survivors of Spaths! Who knows, some of us may live in the same city and could create a meeting.

Thanks for your support!

Huggs and smiles!



Ha: you googled it up. 🙂 Whatever works, Chelsea!
So happy you found your way here. 🙂

hahaha: yah, wouldn’t it be strange if we found out that we were all talking about the same person? 🙂 They are all so similar in traits. Yes, FINALLY someone understands. I know what you mean about ‘support groups’; that would be wonderful. At least we have each other, here, at LF. Thanks for YOUR support and input as well. I wish you love, light and happiness in your life.



@ Skylar yes yes the Adams family and everyones issues all blend together around the SP. Since we have to deal with it in different ways it slowly changes the structure of our family and thinking. That was one of my issues, my personality changed in order to deal with it and I slowly became someone I didnt even like and its been a long road back to having some joy restored …. I would come here and read the articles and posts for 2-1/2 years before I signed in here last week.
I read every book I could get my hands on and every site I could google in hope that the more I knew about my exSP the better I would feel about life or at very least “misery loves company”<—-and believe it or not, when you feel your not alone that in itself has a healing quality!
6 long years with the SP 2-1/2 years free but I am still having a hard time wraping my head around the whole thing, what happened, why it happened, what can I do about it now but I am starting to be able to joke about it now and sooner or later maybe help someone else….

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