Like most sociopaths, Casey Anthony will crash and burn

Much of the United States erupted in outrage at the news that Casey Anthony was acquitted of murder. Bloggers and citizens asked: What was wrong with the jury? Couldn’t these 12 people see through her lies? Even if they had been sequestered for the trial, the media had been reporting her loose relationship with truth for years.

Read Casey Anthony’s top 10 alleged lies on Investigation Discovery.

Lies, however, do not prove that Anthony committed murder. Even Wendy Murphy, the feminist lawyer who vociferously supports battered mothers and abused children, predicted that Casey Anthony would walk. Why? The prosecution did not have proof, beyond a reasonable doubt, that she committed the crime.

Read Wendy Murphy: Why Casey Anthony will be acquitted, on

Psychologists have had a field day with the case. The Psychology Today website has 17 posts, by various experts, on the topic. They’ve covered many aspects of the case, including Why do moms kill? and The science of jury selection.

Visit Not Guilty: The case of Casey on

Lovefraud readers are probably in agreement that Casey Anthony is somewhere on the narcissist-sociopath-psychopath scale. How did she get that way? She had to inherit the genetics from somewhere in her family tree. Then, since the origin of sociopathy is a mixture of genetic and environmental factors, her dysfunctional family probably played a role in the development of the disorder. Maybe she was, as the defense claimed, abused by her father.

In the end, we don’t know how Casey Anthony acquired her sociopathic traits. But I am fairly confident in predicting that at some point, because of her sociopathy, Casey Anthony will crash and burn.

Sociopaths as failures

As a group, sociopaths tend to be failures. They end up with health issues, financial problems and legal problems. They usually die sooner than people who are not personality disordered.

Just this week, I’ve received news about three of our True Lovefraud Stories:

James Montgomery: My ex-husband, who now lives in Australia, tried to hook up with a woman a few years ago and invited her to visit him. She did, and was not impressed. When he fell asleep on the couch, she snuck away and never talked to him again. The woman just saw Montgomery at a train station and reports, “He’s the size of an elephant, has a long white beard and dresses like a hippie.” So much for the guy who promised me that we’d be living “in the lap of luxury.”

Brian Ellington: I hear about this guy more than anyone else profiled on Lovefraud. The most recent news is that he was arrested again in New York City on June 11, 2011. The charges: drug possession with intent to distribute.

Anthony Owens: A commenter submitted this to the “Fight Bigamy” blog: “Bishop Anthony Owens passed away in a hospital on Tuesday, July 05, 2011 in a hospital in Memphis, TN. Funeral services is incomplete at this time.” Anthony Owens was not yet 40 years old.

So although sociopaths have highly inflated opinions of themselves, usually the charade falls apart. I’m sure that sooner or later, Casey Anthony will screw up on a large enough scale to put her out of circulation. Even sociopaths who skated for a long time eventually failed. Look at O.J. Simpson. Look at Bernie Madoff.

I would just like to seem them fail sooner, and with less collateral damage to the rest of us.

UPDATE 7/15/11:

Just got more information on exactly how James Montgomery was “dressed as a hippie.” Apparently there are hippie communes where Montgomery now lives in Australia, and my source speculates that he has joined one because that’s the only way he can afford to live. Here’s what she said:

He was wearing: red/orange pants, hippie sandles, caftan like long top to ankles in multiple colours, big round glasses with pink lenses, long scarf draped around his neck and over his shoulder nearly touching the ground and a hat which looked like a beanie.  A long white beard probably about 12/15inches long and I would say weighing about 150 to 175 kilos or more (330 to 385 pounds).  Imagine a man 6ft 2ins tall 175 kgs and wearing that get up!!!

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Twice Betrayed:

You are right…they do NOT think like normal people. They are so skewed. But I do know and have observed they will ALWAYS do what is best for them! It’s never about anyone else…it’s always about them. You have to watch every single move with someone like that. They always have an ulterior motive. It’s just trying to figure out what it is!

Louise, trying to figure out what their “motive” is is next to impossible unless you just sum it up as CONTROL….

They actually do things that are STUPID and lead to bad consequences for themselves, but they do not learn from those Errors in judgment or those bad decisions. They never “get it” about what went wrong because they refuse to accept that THEY did something that resulted in consequences, it is ALWAYS SOMEONE ELSE’S FAULT. Their plans, they think, were FAULTLESS.

Casey anthony does not get it that she spent 3 years in jail because she killed her kid, it was someone else’s fault. And, since she did “get off” from the death penalty, she blames I am sure her mother for calling the cops, but she “showed that witch, didn’t she?” (*her thoughts)

You are right they DO NOT LEARN from their mistakes. I will give an example.

Ex spath would drive recklessly. I would tell him he would not be able to stop in an emergency. Sure enough he ended up in the ditch, wrote off his car. Derrrr!

I found our out that he had written off at least 4 vehicles the previous year!!

Spath blamed the other driver/ice on road/brakes (you name it, he blamed it) The fact was that it WAS his fault but he would never admit to it.

So, no, they do not learn from mistakes.

As soon as he had another car he was pulled by the cops for speeding DERRRR!!!

Yea, Candy, EXACTLY!!!! He was a GOOD driver, I’m sure HE thought! All the wrecks were some one else’s fault.

(head shaking here) it never ceases to amaze me just how much trouble they get themselves in and how the rationalize it as not their fault…but at the same time, I RATIONALIZED putting up with them and giving them more and more chances…LOL So I guess it is NOT just psychopaths that don’t learn from their mistakes, ALL of us to one extent or another are the same way. A FEW of us do eventually get it though and STOP repeating the same mistakes….at least I am now making NEW mistakes. LOL

New mistakes Ox – yes, I guess we learned a hard lesson. School of hard knocks.

Spath (who never learns) puts me in mind of a moth and a hot lightbulb. Moth flies onto the bulb (ouch!) moth flies onto the lightbulb (ouch!) moth flies onto the lightbulb (ouch!) ROTFLMAO

What part of the world is Montgomery hanging in at the moment? Would be great to see a photo. The creep of my association has just about run out of variations on facial hair styles. This might work for a while to outwit facial recognition technology but not forever. Last seen wearing a massive handle bar moustache. Cannot wait to catch a future glimpse of him posing as a feral. Like the creep, Montgomery may indeed be working part time as a Santa, watch out boys and girls.

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