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Outrageous lies my sociopathic ex told me — what whoppers did you hear?

James Montgomery Soldier of Fortune

James Montgomery with his fake Soldier of Fortune magazine cover.

My sociopathic ex-husband, James Montgomery, lied from the very beginning of our involvement, right through to the end. His first lies were in his online profile — age 49 (he was 55), financially secure (he had no money at all), an entrepreneur (never built a successful business in his life).

When we met in person, the lies continued nonstop. Here’s some of what I heard:

Lie: I won the Victoria Cross for my heroism in Vietnam (complete with a commendation).
Truth: He was never in Vietnam, in fact, never in the military. His commendation was forged.

Lie: I will be the next Walt Disney.
Truth: He couldn’t get a job as Dumbo.

Lie: I don’t have a gay bone in my body.
Truth: I found his emails soliciting a male prostitute.

Lie: All this will be yours (while standing in his deceased wife’s well-decorated townhouse).
Truth: The entire estate went to his previous wife’s parents. He owned nothing.

Lie: You’re the woman I’ve been waiting for all my life; I’ll never need to cheat again.
Truth: He cheated throughout our entire marriage. In fact, when he married me, he was cheating on a woman he’d been seeing for at least five years.

Lie: I drove my buddy’s car up from MacDill Air Force Base (when I asked about the black Grand Prix he drove to my house for a midnight rendezvous).
Truth: The car belonged to the above woman, who was staying with him in his deceased wife’s townhouse.

Lie: I’ve been ordered on a Special Forces mission and I’ll be gone for a couple of weeks (after the crash of TWA Flight 800).
Truth: The above woman was visiting for a couple of weeks, so he was busy.

Lie: Investing in my businesses will be good for your portfolio.
Truth: He never got any business going. He took my money and spent it on other women.

Lie: The pet store owner gave me the sugar gliders for $40 if I agreed to talk to other customers about them.
Truth: He paid $300 for each animal — money we didn’t have.

Lie: We have a contract to open a Titanic exhibit in Orlando (to convince me to move from New Jersey to Florida).
Truth: There was never a contract. I spent the last of my money moving to Florida for nothing.

Lie: I’m working a weekend shifts for the military at MacDill.
Truth: He was spending the weekends with yet another woman in Florida — his newest target.

Lie: I keep my promises (in reference to paying back all the money I poured into his so-called businesses)
Truth: He took $227,000. I recovered a grand total of $517.

In reality, just about everything James Montgomery ever said to me was a lie, although it took me a long time to unravel them. For the whole incredible story, read my book, Love Fraud: How marriage to a sociopath fulfilled my spiritual plan.

Sociopaths lie. It’s what they do.

So what ridiculous lies did your hear from the sociopath in your life? Please add to the list in the comments below.

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“I have to spend the weekend working on the apartment building” — he spent the weekend working INSIDE the apartment building – with another woman.

“I lost my phone so can’t call you until I have time to replace it” — His phone records showed he called the other woman two dozen times.

I was an Interrogator in Vietnam and after the was was called in on special cases during 9-11.” — never verified.

“You are the love of my life and we will be together forever” – meant “You are a convenient place to stay until my disability money comes in and I can con you out of an RV to live in – and anything else I might want.”


“Outrageous” is absolutely right! Some of these offenders display the most astonishing effrontery. I dare say there are enough Special Forces, ex-Navy SEALs and the like to make it halfway believable if some guy claims membership in one of those elite companies of men. But to pretend to winning a Victoria Cross in Vietnam is stretching credulity beyond all bounds!

Only four men were ever awarded the VC for gallantry in Vietnam. All four were Australian. But Major Peter Badcoe and Warrant Officer Kevin Wheatley each made the ultimate sacrifice during their outstanding acts of valor for which their medals were awarded… posthumously. A third recipient, Warrant Officer Ray Simpson, was lucky enough to get out alive. He was also awarded a Silver Star and Bronze Star by the United States, as well as the Distinguished Conduct Medal. However, he died of cancer in Tokyo forty years ago last Thursday. Requiescat in Pace.

That left precisely one. So if a guy’s name doesn’t happen to be “Keith Payne,” we know he’s not telling us the truth about winning a Victoria Cross in Vietnam! Incidentally the brave Mr. Payne was 85 years old in August.

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