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Press release: Lovefraud Continuing Education now offers online courses to save people from narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths and one of society’s biggest lies: “Everybody just wants to be loved”

Editor’s note: This week Lovefraud sent out the following press release about Lovefraud Continuing Education via PRNewswire. If you’re a journalist, take a look. If you know a journalist, please forward the link. Here’s the original, with video: Lovefraud Continuing Education press release.

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EGG HARBOR TWP, NJ Lovefraud Continuing Education ( now offers online courses to help people spot, escape and recover from narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths and other manipulators. Credit courses for mental health professionals also explain the truth of how people with exploitative personality disorders behave in relationships.

Those who have suffered emotional, psychological, physical, sexual and financial abuse in a relationship often seek counseling and discover that many therapists are not familiar with their experiences.

According to a survey of clients in therapy due to an abusive relationship, 36 percent of respondents said the therapist did not understand the impact of psychopathy or sociopathy on partners and family members.

Of the respondents who attempted couples counseling with an exploitative partner, 54 percent said that the therapist did not identify the individual as disordered.

Online courses from Lovefraud Continuing Education explain the realities of relationships with disordered individuals and how to recover from them. All instructors are experts on personality disorders, through research, personal experience, or both.

The courses are one- or two-hour webinars. The initial presentations are recorded, and are subsequently available on the Internet at any time. Courses for mental health professionals offer continuing education credits. The cost is $25 per hour of instruction.

Upcoming courses:

June 1 The Basics: Love Fraud and How to Avoid It

June 6, 15 The Five Step Exit: Tools for survivors to leave a psychopath, narcissist or other toxic partner, and for therapists to assist them

June 16 Sociopathic Seduction: How you got hooked and why you stayed

June 22, 29, July 13, 20 Overcoming Children’s Genetic Risk for Externalizing Disorders

June 23 What did They Want? Psychopaths, antisocials and other exploiters in romantic relationships

June 30 Escaping the Sociopath and Rebuilding Your Life

July 8, 29 Love and Exploitation: Recognizing the exploitative relationship and its impact on the intimate partner

August 4 How the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Supports Traumatized Clients in Court

August 8 Helping Lesbians Leave Crazy-Making Relationships

August 18 The Miracle in the Madness: Pathway to healing from destructive relationships

August 29 Coping with Stalking: How to overcome fear and fight back strategies from a woman who’s done it


According to expert estimates, approximately 12 percent of the population could be diagnosed with antisocial, narcissistic or borderline personality disorders, or psychopathy. That adds up to 38 million people in the United States.

Although the popular perception is that sociopaths and psychopaths are all serial killers, in truth most of them never kill anybody. They are, however, serial manipulators. These people pursue romantic relationships not for love, but for exploitation. They are not capable of love, and don’t care about love. What they really want is power and control.

Their targets usually learn this the hard way. In the beginning of a relationship, many disordered individuals are charismatic, charming, energetic and sexy. Once the targets are hooked, the relationship becomes abusive.

About the company:

Lovefraud Continuing Education is operated by (, a website launched in 2005 to teach people how to recognize and recover from sociopaths. Donna Andersen, author of, also wrote the book, “Red Flags of Love Fraud 10 signs you’re dating a sociopath,” ( which was recently translated into Spanish (

For more information contact Donna Andersen at 609-945-1384, or [email protected].


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